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Anti Material Particle Sydney SB 1.19.3
Narsingh Mehta & Krishna Story - Faith Sydney SB 4.9.6
SB Saptah Day 1A - Significance of Purushottama Masa Sydney BG 9.30
SB Saptah Day 1B - Perform Devotional Service with Full Faith Sydney GT Up 1.1
SB Saptah Day 2A - Dissatisfaction - Cause and Solution Sydney SB 1.1.1-3
SB Saptah Day 2B - Prayers of Queen Kunti Sydney SB 1.8.18-21
SB Saptah Day 2C - Early Life of Bhishmadev Sydney SB 1.9.32
SB Saptah Day 3A - Keshav Keshav Kookiye Sydney SB 1.5.10-11
SB Saptah Day 3B - Respect Parents and Get Their Blessings Sydney SB 3.9.5
SB Saptah Day 3C - Prayers of Unborn Child Sydney SB 3.31.17
SB Saptah Day 4A - Understanding Detachment Sydney SB 5.5.5
SB Saptah Day 4B - Lessons from Lord Rshabhadeva Sydney SB 5.5.18
SB Saptah Day 5A - Do Not Catch Dog's Tail Sydney SB 6.9.22
SB Saptah Day 5B - Make it Your Priority to Serve Krishna Sydney SB 10.31.1
SB Saptah Day 6A - Lord Rama - The Supreme Renouncer Sydney BG 2.56
SB Saptah Day 6B - Lessons from Lord Sri Rama Sydney SB 6.7.28
SB Saptah Day 7A - Mother Teaches Vedic Culture Sydney SB 4.9.6
SB Saptah Day 7B - Appearance of Lord Sri Krishna Sydney BG 4.9
SB Saptah Day 8A - Get Out of the Life of Pa-varga Sydney SB 1.7.22
SB Saptah Day 8B - Humility Attracts the All-Attractive Sydney SB 5.18.12
SB Saptah Day 8C - The Three Doors to Hell Sydney BG 16.21
Significance of Purushottama Masa Sydney SB 5.18.32
Sunanda Vidyadhar Story - Rat Race Sydney SB 4.9.6