The Powerful Influence of Time - Part 3

The Powerful Influence of Time - Part 3

Divyarupa devi dasi

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva.

This is in continuation of the transcription of class given by our beloved spiritual master HH Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj on verse 3.30.2. In previous offering when we try to acquire things more and more, we are bound to face miseries as all such possessions are bound to be destroyed with time. Now let us hear from Maharaj.

yam yam artham upaadatte / duhkhena sukha-hetave
tam tam dhunoti bhagavaan / pumaan chocati yat-krte

"Whatever is produced by the materialist with great pain and labor for so-called happiness, the Supreme Personality, as the time factor, destroys, and for this reason the conditioned soul laments."

"It is very difficult to steer clear in the material world. Always there are impediments. So if you can do that, then you will get out of the influence of tam tam dhunoti. And then if Krishna destroys, even then, we are not in trouble. Because we know that Krishna is going to destroy. So we don't lament. That is the meaning of that verse. Krishna says in 18.54 of Bhagavad-Gita,

brahma bhutah prasannaatmaa / na shocati na kaankshati
samah sarveshu bhuteshu / mad bhaktim labhate paraam

"One who is thus transcendentally situated at once realizes the Supreme Brahman and becomes fully joyful. He never laments or desires to have anything. He is equally disposed toward every living entity. In that state he attains pure devotional service unto Me."

You can only have bhakti, if you can keep equilibrium of your brain. Equilibrium should not be disturbed in any circumstances. There is a nice verse (SB 4.31.19) on how to satisfy Krishna - tushyaty aashu janaardana. Three things He has given.

dayayaa sarva bhuteshu / santushtyaa yena kena vaa
sarvendriyopasaantyaa ca / tushyaty aashu janaardanah

"By showing mercy to all living entities, being satisfied somehow or other and controlling the senses from sense enjoyment, one can very quickly satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Janardana."

These are the three things to be followed. merciful to all the living entities. That is deenanukampaanu. And in 8th canto 16th chapter verse number 21, this deenanukampaanu name is very nicely described. It is one of the Krishna's name. So we should study that verse 8.16.21. And then you will understand that Krishna is merciful to all the living entities - whether somebody follows or not, He doesn't have any grudge. And if you can keep this somehow - yena kena santustah, in any situation we are, because every situation is the mercy of the Lord. Lord sanctions, then only it happens. So if I have full faith in the Lord then any situation we are not worried. na shocati na kaankshati - They don't lament, because they are brahma-bhutas. They are attached to Krishna. And because we are attached to Krishna, we have unflinching faith and na shocati na kaankshati. We don't worry about it at all. And we don't hanker after that, and whatever comes automatically, it will come. Whatever is not going to come, will never come. This is the main thing."

Krishna willing we shall continue to hear more nectar from Maharaj in the subsequent offering. 
Hare Krishna.
Thank you very much,
Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva,
Divyarupa devi dasi.