Hearing about Lord Rama - Part 3

Hearing about Lord Rama - Part 3

Narahari Krishna das

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva. 

This is in continuation of the previous offering titled, "Hearing about Lord Rama", wherein we were meditating on the glory of hearing about Lord Rama. Now we shall see further.

The incarnation of Lord Rama is to teach mankind by His personal example, the behaviour of ideal human and King. The Bhagavata purana states that 'martyaavataraas tu iha martya sikshanam' (Lord Rama incarnated in human like form to teach the humans). So when it comes to hearing of Rama lila also, Lord Rama showed it by His personal example, by Himself hearing the Ramayana composed by Valmiki. When Mother Sita was pregnant, Lord Rama banished Her to the forest and Mother Sita was protected by Valmiki in his hermitage and she delivered two sons Lava and Kusha who later became disciples of Valmiki. After composing the great epic Ramayana, Valmiki taught it to Lava and Kusha and he instructed them to sing it in Ayodhya, while Lord Rama was performing the Ashwamedha sacrifice. Lava and Kusha started singing the Rama lila with beautiful music in different places of Ayodhya and it was attractive for everyone (sages, learned brahmanas, saintly persons and common people) to hear. Once Lord Rama saw these boys singing the Ramayana, and He was very impressed by this and asked for inviting them to His palace and asked them to sing again. Lava and Kusha sang Ramayana for the pleasure of Lord Rama in the palace. Lord Rama very attentively heard the Ramayana to set an example for others that they should also heard and read Ramayana attentively. Lord Rama said to His brothers and everyone in His court as follows. (Ramayan - 1.4.32)

shruyataam idam aakhyaanam anayor devavarchasoh
vichitraartha padam samyak gaaayakau samachodayat 

"Lord Rama motivated the singers and said to everyone, "Keenly hear this great narration from these two divine and resplendent brothers for it contains versatile words and meanings."

They then started singing and with musical instruments and with great rhythm. The glories of Sri Sitarama was heard by Rama Himself and others and it enthralled the body, mind and hearts of all the listeners there. It was a great pleasure for their ears. Lord Rama was so happy to hear the narration and said as follows. (Ramayan 1.4.35)

imau muni paarthiva lakshnanaanvitau kushilavachaiva mahaatapasvinau
mamaapi tad bhootikaram pracakshate mahaanubhaavam charitam nibodhata

"These two boys are appear to possess kingly features, but they are great ascetics. This great narration is endowing good fortune to Me as well and so listen to this great efficacious description."

By the above statement, Lord Rama conveys that hearing Rama lila will bestow the highest auspiciousness, namely invoking love of God. While hearing Ramayana, Lord Rama recognized Lava and Kusha to be His sons and they were united with Lord Rama, after this. In the same way, we are sons of the Supreme Lord and now separated from Him in forgetfulness. By hearing the glories of Lord Rama, we will recognize that we are His parts and parcels and eternal servants and can unite with Him. Thus Lord Rama Himself set an example of hearing the glories of Rama leela. Not only He set the example, but He also ensured that there are exemplary devotees who will inspire us in hearing the glories of Lord.

There are many devotees of Lord Rama who are known for hearing the Lord's glories. However there is one devotee who is well known for his great taste for hearing about Lord Rama and we will meditate on that devotee in the next offering, Krishna willing.

Thank you very much,
Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva,
Narahari Krishna das