Hearing about Lord Rama - Part 4

Hearing about Lord Rama - Part 4

Narahari Krishna das

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva. We will continue our meditation on hearing about Lord Rama.  

Nine types of bhakti in Ramalila: The following sloka from Bhagavatam (7.5.23) spoken by Prahlada Maharaja gives the nine types 

shravanam kirtanam vishnu / smaranam paadasevanam
archanam vandanam daasyam / sakhyam aatma nivedanam

"Hearing and chanting about the transcendental holy name, form, qualities, paraphernalia and pastimes of Lord Vishnu, remembering them, serving the lotus feet of the Lord, offering the Lord respectful worship with sixteen types of paraphernalia, offering prayers to the Lord, becoming His servant, considering the Lord one's best friend, and surrendering everything unto Him (in other words, serving Him with the body, mind and words) - these nine processes are accepted as pure devotional service.

In the same way, the following sloka is recited about nine types of devotional service with respect to Lord Rama in Rama lila.

dhanyaa ramakatha, shrutautu hanuman valmikabhuh keertane
sita samsmarane tathaiva bharatah sripaadukasevane
archaayam sabari pranaama karane lankadhipo lakshmanah
daasye sakhya krte arkajah tanukrita traane jataayur nava

"In the glorious pastime of Lord Rama, Hanuman is glorified for hearing, Valmiki is known for chanting and glorification, Mother Sita is famous for chaste remembrance, Bharata is known for worshipping the Lord’s lotus feet and sandals, Sabari is known for worship (archana), vibheeshana(king of Lanka) is known for offering obeisances, Lakshmana is known for servitude, Sugriva (the son of Sun god) is known for friendship with Lord Rama and Jataayu is known for offering his whole body and life for Lord Rama."

Hanuman is glorified for hearing the glories of Lord Rama. Srila Prabhupada explains in the purport of Bhagavatam verse 2.2.37 that one should go in the footsteps of great authorities in devotional service like Narada, Hanuma etc. “For a pure devotee of the Lord, any topics in relation with His name, fame, quality, entourage, etc., are all pleasing, and because such topics have been approved by great devotees like Narada, Hanuman, Nanda Maharaja and other inhabitants of Vrindavana, certainly such messages are transcendental and pleasing to the heart and soul.”

Hanuman is famous for his incomparable service to Lord Rama in terms of crossing the ocean and finding Mother Sita, carrying Rama and Lakshmana on his shoulders as a vehicle, assisting Lord Rama in the war and bringing the Sanjeevi mountain to cure Lakshmana etc., And Lord Rama many times recognized the service of Hanuman, embraced him and even expressed His inability to reciprocate Hanuman’s service. And when He asked Hanuman to chose a benediction several times, Hanuman invariably asked for benediction to constantly hear the glories and name of Lord Rama. We will see the various occasions when Hanuman chose the benediction of hearing about Lord Rama, in the next offerings, Krishna willing.

Thank you very much,
Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva,
Narahari Krishna das