Prabhupada is our Ultimate Shelter - Part 6

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis,
Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev.

This is in continuation of the previous offering titled, "Prabhupada is our Ultimate Shelter", which is transcription of the nectarean class by our beloved spiritual master HH Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj on Srimad Bhagavatam verse 2.8.4, in Hawaii in 1997. In the previous offering we heard from Maharaj

1. Read and Contemplate what you read.
2. Purpose of Bhagavatam.
3. Greatest Fortune
4. Tradition given by Prabhupada
5. Prabhupada's Miracle

Now we shall hear further from Maharaj.

6. Follow Prabhupada's Tradition: associate with drunkards; you are going to end up in pubs. You associate with woman hunters; you are bound to do the same thing. This is how, this association was established by Prabhupada and now we are all following - those who are following, to the extent they follow, they are very satisfied; this is yad vaiṣṇavānāṁ priyaṁ. yasmin pāramahaṁsyam ekam amalaṁ jñānaṁ paraṁ gīyate. ekam amalaṁ jñānaṁ - only one jñān is here. And that’s why Prabhupada had made this as the goal of his existence. He wanted to translate the whole scripture, and he knew that he does not have much time at his disposal because of the advanced age. But even then, he began and to our great fortune, he just translated upto tenth canto at least. And the devotees who tried to translate after him, they are also equally powerful as Srila Prabhupada. Two cantos also later translated by them and now the whole Bhagavatam is in front of us. This is ekam jñānaṁ param giyate.

And in order to establish this scripture firmly into the temples, he has given us instructions, that daily we must have the discussion. This is the best tradition. You’ll become what you establish in your life. If you are a family man, then you must have good traditions. This tradition is worth. 

Yesterday, some two couples came to see me. They have nice altar at home. They also carry on some morning programs. But because of the atmosphere in Hawaii, many times we freak out, you know? There is no need of it; Nice traditions have got to be established. There’s a very funny story how these traditions were. If they are not nice, there will be a bad tradition. Some tradition will be there. So, what happened, that once there was a man in Bombay and he was a pick pocketer. You know, pick pocketer? (Maharaj asking devotee). You don't know, had you been to India…?

Devotee: No

Maharaj: Your pocket should be strong, otherwise they will just cut it; dollars will be gone (laughter). This is pickpocketing, because in India, the population...there's plenty of population. As soon as you get down in Bombay, you don’t know what is happening really (laughter). Everywhere there are human beings, you know, so these pickpocketers are there. So, they know that you’re coming from Hawaii. They know that you must have dollars with you. So unknowingly, there is pickpocket; so, it was his business, pickpocketing. So, the business was booming (laughter). Daily, he was getting so much money. So, what happened then, eventually when he got rich, so much money was with him. So, he wanted to marry. So, he decided to marry then because once you have riches you must have wife. So, he decided to marry.

(Maharaj looking at a devotee) Smile…smile, with smiling face.

(Maharaj asking devotee): Do you understand English?

Devotee: Very, very small

Maharaj: “Oh, very little English” (laughter). Banana like face...I don't like. You know banana? Face banana, no. (laughter)... Melon, melon, melon (laughter)...Hare Krishna! Our Krishna smiles, you don’t have Krishna here, that's why you are not smiling. (laughter).

(Continuing with the story) So, he wanted to marry. So he thought that I am a pick pocketer, so my wife must be pick pocketer (laughter), then the business will double, it was very difficult to find a women pick-pocketer (laughter); so he moved about all over India and he could not find any wife, expert in pickpocketing. So, he went to Kolkata eventually and he got one in Kolkata, there are... (laughter) So he was very pleased; eventually they married and now the business was doubled. He was pickpocketing, she was pickpocketing and so much jewellery and gold and big house and oh! They were enjoying like anything.

So then eventually they have to have a son, a child is to come; so, they went to Krishna’s temple and both of them sat there and prayed to Krishna - "Krishna! I am pickpocketing, my wife is pickpocketing; we must have supreme pickpocketer - son (laughter); our tradition must go on." This was his tradition; So, Krishna will always say 'tathastu' - 'Alright, you will get a son who will be supreme pickpocketer (laughter).'

Krishna willing we shall try to hear further nectar from Maharaj in the subsequent offerings.

Hare Krishna.
Thank you very much.
Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva,
Sriveda and Vaishnavi