Disinfection by Deity Darshan - Part 4

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis,
Please accept my humble pranams! All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev! 

This is in continuation of the previous offerings transcribing the class by HG Devakinandan prabhuji in Abu Dhabi on 16th Oct 2011 on Srimad Bhagavatam verse In the previous offerings we saw the following:

1. Whimsical approach to the deities is to be totally avoided. 
2. Deity is non different from Krishna. 
3. Deity worship equals to behaviour and to become silent in behaviour. 
4. Disinfection by deity darshan.
5. Becoming grave in our behaviour.

In this offering we shall see the point of not asking anything from Krishna. 

6.Deity Worship should not be about asking Krishna: One devotee came and took nice darshan of the deities in Rajkot. After that, he came out and said, "Maharaj, very wonderful darshan." Immediately before Maharaj could say something, he said, "Maharaj I have bought a new car. Can Radha Neel Madhava give blessings to the car?" Maharaj said, "In the next life, do not worry. You will become a car. If your mood to come to see the Lord is actually the car consciousness and not glorification of Krishna, no problem, since you love the car so much, next life you become automobile. That's all. If you do not want to become automobile, you become driver of the car." So deity worship should not be about asking Krishna, "Please give me this. Please give me that. Please take care of this." Maharaj said, "Krishna may ask us the question what are you doing? Where is the change in your behaviour?" If Krishna wants to become the servitor of the devotees, the devotee does not have to ask Him to do that. He will do it Himself. Arjuna never asked Krishna to become charioteer. So we do not have to worry about whether Krishna will take care of us. That is not needed. The only thing needed is whether we are silent and grave and we accept with full faith that Krishna is non-different from the form He is before us. That is the key. 

Maharaj told us one story in Dwaraka. There was a famous devotee in Bet Dwaraka known as Ishvar Roy. Today also when you go to Bet Dwaraka, this story is famous. This Ishvar Roy was a very old man but despite his old age, daily he was doing nice service to Dwarakadish and his service was so pleasing because since young he continued regularly taking darshan of the deity and he will perform deity service without any motivation. The time came when he became very old and one day his legs just failed him and he could not walk to the temple to perform seva. So, in his heart, he started lamenting and he framed the picture of deity of Dwarakadish in his heart and he took darshan from within and he said, "Please pardon me, Dwarakadish. I want to walk there to do the deity seva but my legs have given way and I can't go now." In the night Ishvar Roy had a dream. He heard someone knocking on the door, banging and shouting, "Ishvar Roy, Wake up! I am waiting for you!" Ishvar Roy woke up. He thought it is a dream but the knocking continued after he woke up. So he opened the door and there standing before him was Dwarakadish. Ishvar Roy became very shocked. He said, "Am I dreaming?" The deity said, "I do not have time. Before mangala arathi starts I have to bring you to the temple because you are supposed to do service. Before the pujaris find out I must run back. Otherwise, I am in trouble. So you please come."Ishvar Roy said, "My Lord, why you have come?" The Lord said, "I have come to take you. Your legs have given way and you have prayed with so much earnestness that I thought better I come and bring you now. I have come with a bullock cart. You just put yourself on that and I will take you." There is an illustration, an old painting in Dwaraka, and Maharaj showed me that. Ishvar Roy an old man bent over and pulled in bullock cart all the way to the temple in the middle of the night. The deity came to bring His devotee so His devotee could continue his service uninterrupted and once He did that, Dwarakadish became the deity. And it was Ishvar Roy's last service and after he finished his service, Krishna gave him the benediction of leaving his last breath after taking darshan of the deity. That deity is called Dwarakanath now and He is in Bet Dwaraka. Even today people speak about how the deity came personally so that the service of His sincere devotee would not be affected and why this is so is because of the qualification of Ishvar roy. He was silent, never engaged in any other talk except doing service, always grave, never thought of anything else except Krishna and he lived a simple life so that at the end, when his body failed, Krishna lifted him and gave him darshan and in doing so whatever little material desires were left in Ishvar Roy were completely disinfected. 

Prabhuji went on to tell the pastime of Sakshi Gopal and the same shall be transcribed and offered in the next mail, Krishna willing. 

Thank you very much. 
Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Gurudev, 
Vaijayantimala devi dasi,
Abu Dhabi