Krishna Consciousness is a Fact - Part 5

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This is in the conclusion of the previous offerings transcribing the class by HG Devakinandan Prabhuji on Srimad Bhagavatam 7.6.19 in Abu Dhabi on 14th October 2011. We continue with the sixth point below.

6. That which is natural is continuous to flow: In the last offerings, we were seeing the point that which is natural is continuous to flow. In this regard, there is an episode in Srimad Bhagavatam describing to us how powerful devotional service is and how purifying it is when it is performed continuously. This episode is known as, "Diti vows to kill Indra". Diti is the mother of the demons and her husband is Kashyapa muni, a very powerful yogi and Prajapati. Bhagavatam tells us that one day Diti became so upset because her two sons Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha had been killed by Krishna when Indra and the other demigods lodged a petition to Krishna to save the demigods. So Diti was lamenting the loss of her two great powerful sons and she decided that her enemy must be vanquished. She did not identify her enemy as Krishna. So she said, "This Indra is my mortal enemy. Because of him, I have lost two of my most beloved sons. I am going to take a vow and somehow find a way to give birth to a son who is so powerful and would finally kill Indra." She decided to get a boon from her husband by satisfying him by serving him nicely.

Diti serves Kashyapa and he becomes very pleased. He told her that by the power of his austerity, he can grant her any boon. Diti served her husband but her motive was to serve so that she can get what she wanted. This is how in the material world we serve everyone. The beauty of Bhagavatam is, it teaches us at every junction, how we behave with Krishna and how we behave without Krishna. Diti did not think of Krishna at that point. So she behaved in a duplicitous manner. Diti told her husband, "Give me a son so powerful and immortal that he will be able to kill my mortal enemy Indra." The moment Kashyapa muni heard this, he became so sad because he thought to himself, "What a foolish man I have been! I have just become so enamored by my wife. Alas! I will now be implicated in the killing of Indra who is actually a great personality and who is also a devotee of Krishna. How can I be part of this transaction?" At the same time, his hands were bound because he had given the promise to his wife and he had to keep his word. So Kashyapa muni was caught. He began contemplating, "How do I work this situation in such a way that Diti will get her boon but Indra will not be killed. How to do this?" We have also been in such insurmountable situations where we are stuck between two parties that both parties want us to do something which is so difficult that if we do it, they will kill each other or they will kill us. Very often we have been in such situations. Even sometimes in our devotional family also, we are like that. One Prabhu says one thing; other Prabhu says something and both ask us, "What do you think?" We can't agree on this side because this Prabhu gets offended, we can't agree that side because that Prabhu gets offended. So what do we do? So how practical Bhagavatam is?

Now Kashyapa is in difficulty. He starts thinking. He starts lamenting first. He says, "These women are so powerful, they catch us and make us do things we do not want to do." After a while, he comes to his senses and stops blaming women. He says that "Actually, frankly speaking, it is women's nature to be pleasing and I am the fool and I got caught by her. I was thinking that she was pleasing me and I gave her the word." Now Kashyapa blames himself. This is the mark of a devotee. He first looks around and thinks everyone is to be blamed but eventually he comes to the conclusion that only, "I am to be blamed." Now he finally says, "I will give my wife a vow, a powerful one that if she continuously does it for one full year, she will ultimately get the benediction of Lord Vishnu Himself and by doing so, she will get the son she wants and eventually Krishna will make her purified." In her heart, Diti was actually envious of Indra. Now Kashyapa as a good husband was thinking, "How do I remove the envy from her heart? I can't remove it in any other way but I know one way - the devotional process would remove her envy. So I will give her this vow and tell her that if she does this, she will get a son, but eventually, this vow is to make her a Vaishnavi. It will make her such a devotee that finally she will not come to the point where she wants to kill Indra. But she will come to the point where she will become purified and not think about killing at all." So Kashyapa muni prays to Krishna. He tells Diti, "To follow the vow these are the things you must do. You must not be envious, you must not think harm for others, you must not be violent in your attitude, you must become very sadhu in behavior, you must have high standards of cleanliness both inside and outside." Srila Prabhupada writes in the purport that all these are the principles of devotional service. Kashyapa says that, "If you follow the vow without any deviation, in one year you will see Krishna and you will get a son. But if you miss anything anywhere, then your vow is broken and you cannot see Krishna." So Diti continues the vow and seeing this Indra becomes scared. Indra decides now, "I have to find a way somehow or the other that I must make sure that Diti does not fulfill the vow. If she does not fulfill the vow, there will be no child and I will be safe." So what does Indra do? He comes to the ashram telling Diti that he heard that she is performing a great vow to please the Supreme Personality of Godhead and since he is also a worshiper of Krishna, he would like to serve her in this vow.

What is Indra’s intention? His intention is, "I will find some defect and go into her womb and kill the child." Diti thought, "Even though my vow is to kill Indra, let him serve for a while. A time will come when I will finish the vow and then he will be killed." So both aunty and nephew are not being honest with each other. They are duplicitous. As the vow started, Indra is becoming worried. Finally one day, Diti forgets to wash her hands and feet, forgets to take bath and she goes to sleep during twilight. Indra says, "This is my time!" He sneaks into her womb and he sees a golden embryo. Why? Srila Prabhupada writes that unknown to her she was already worshiping Krishna. The vow was purifying her because devotional service is purifying. It is a fact. There is no impediment between devotional service and anyone who practises it. Even if he comes with a motive, he must become purified and in this case, Diti did not realize that her womb was glowing because of devotional service. Indra thinks, "What a golden womb!" He cuts the womb into 7 pieces and then divided the 7 parts into time seven which means there were 49 parts of the same womb and each part told Indra, "Dear brother, why you want to kill us? We are devotees of the Lord and your followers." How did the child in the womb become a devotee when it was sworn to become an enemy? Because the royal way Diti took was devotional service and unknown to her she was becoming purified and the child in the womb was becoming devotee, which means it was on the same side as Indra and not on the opposite side.

When Indra realized this, he decided not to kill them but protect them. He came out and fell at the feet of Diti and at that point Diti gives birth and all the 49 Maruts come out. When Diti sees the glowing effulgence each Marut is emanating, she becomes very pleased because devotional service has made her nonenvious. Devotional service has made her non-violent. Devotional service has caused her to stop thinking that she should harm others and that way she asks Indra, "My dear Indra, I took this vow to kill you. Now tell me why you are here and be honest." Now Indra has got into the womb and he got in touch with the child who is in touch with devotional service. So Indra also became purified. He says, "Let me tell the truth. I have been here to kill your sons because I thought that they are born to kill me." Prabhupada writes in the purport that because of devotional service, both Diti and Indra became friendly with each other. Whatever misunderstanding was there, it went out of the window. All simply because of devotional service. That devotional service was not even unmotivated and it was not even pure. But even in that motivation, if little bhakti is there, it is enough to purify a person’s heart. In the end, Indra went back with the Maruts to the heavenly planets and Diti continued with her devotional service and she became peaceful.

Maharaj in his notes writes that this entire episode tells us that Krishna consciousness is a fact. Actually speaking, there is no endeavor because it is pleasing all the way and anyone who takes up even a little bit of this Krishna consciousness they will become purified. When we do devotional service, devotional service surpasses us. Devotional service overwhelms us and it is so powerful that if we try to cheat Krishna, Krishna will cheat us because Krishna is a transcendental cheat. He can cheat us in such a way that we will never guess that. How many of us here have been eventually cheated by Krishna and now we are sitting here so happy that we have been cheated, whereas in the material world if somebody cheats us we can't take it and we become so angry with that person but in the spiritual world, where Krishna cheats us and we come to realize it, we become very happy. There is nothing in this world that can be so wonderful than to understand our relationship with Krishna. So the next time we think devotional service is an endeavor, remember what Prahlad Maharaj has said. Frankly speaking, our relationship with Krishna is a fact. Because that which is factual requires no endeavor and that which requires no endeavor is purity personified, therefore do not stop the flow of your devotional service. Never stop it. Never build dams or you will become damned.

We thank HG Devakinandan Prabhuji for sharing these precious realizations of Maharaj thus making us understand that Krishna consciousness is a fact.

Thank you very much.
Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev,
Vaijayantimala devi dasi,