Waking Up the Crooked Mind!

Hare Krishna Devotees!
Please accept my most humble obeisances. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev.

Govind prabhu's email was very much relevant to me! For quite a few months I have been struggling to get up at 5 am, I have had very little success. Every time the alarm goes, I tend to stop it and sleep a bit more.

It is very true that I have not been able to realize that this is an emergency. When one does not wake up in time, chanting 16 rounds only becomes a struggle and there is no time left for reading or anything else. The quality of our japa goes down when when chants later in the day.

As HH Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj has told quite often that "Treat each day as the last day of life", we should try to remember this always as much as possible.

When the alarm bell rings in the morning, the lethargy tends to overcome. A special messenger of bodily comforts convinces the mind "Take some more rest. The whole day is there to chant. After all, yesterday you did 'somehow' manage to chant your rounds even though you did not wake up in time."

O mind when will you realize the importance of waking up early?
When will you learn to obey the words of our spiritual master as topmost priority?
When will you learn from your mistakes?
When will you learn that morning is the best time to remember?
When will you learn that it is for YOUR best interest to wake up early?
O mind do not get tricked. Time waits for NONE!
Wake up ! Wake up! WAKE UP!
With love in your heart wake up and remember Krishna!

Personally I am trying this (on advice of HH Ganapati Maharajji who visits Minneapolis regularly),(seems to work with some success so far..)

"If you do not wake BEFORE 5 am, fast until you had completed all (16) rounds. (Hope the self-punishment trains the rusted mind gradually to become disciplined and trained, so that it wakes up before 5 am no matter what)."

Your humble servant,
Manohar Krishna das

Moderator's Note: HG Manohar Krishna Prabhu is a very sincere devotee living in Minneapolis, US. He has lot of personal difficulties in following Krishna consciousness but still somehow or other keeps up with the pace enthusiastically. Things are always easier when everything goes well in our material life, but the real test of our consciousness lies in how we overcome the challenges in our material life to perform our devotional service. Krishna is always pleased when we take risks to serve Him. HG Manohar Krishna Prabhu is one such devotee. He is a very soft-spoken and a down-to-earth personality who always serves in some capacity or other in developing the community in Minneapolis. He is also very generous in charity and extremely service-minded.