Solution for a Tension-Free Life

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis,
Please accept our humble pranams. All glories to Gurudev and Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev.

My brother, Manjul Krishna das, and myself, have something we would like to offer for submission (for the first time!) to the Granthraj group for the pleasure of our Gurudev and you all.

Subject: Important for Tension Free Life

The moment you are in tension
You will lose your attention
Then you are in total confusion
And you'll feel irritation

This may spoil your personal relations
Ultimately, you won't get co-operation
And get things into complication
Then you may raise caution

And you have to take medication
Why not try understanding the situation
And try to think about the solution
Most problems will be solved by discussion

Don't think this is a free suggestion
It is only for your prevention
If you understand my intention
You'll never come again into tension !!!

This "Tension" is always caused by our agitated mind. As our shastras insist, mind has to be calm, cool and composed all the time. Otherwise, it creates a great havoc. Jada Bharata Maharaja advises King Rahugana in SB 5.11.16 thus:

na yāvad etan mana ātma-liṅgaṁ
saṁsāra-tāpāvapanaṁ janasya
yac choka-mohāmaya-rāga-lobha-
vairānubandhaṁ mamatāṁ vidhatte

The soul's designation, the mind, is the cause of all tribulations in the material world. As long as this fact is unknown to the conditioned living entity, he has to accept the miserable condition of the material body and wander within this universe in different positions. Because the mind is affected by disease, lamentation, illusion, attachment, greed and enmity, it creates bondage and a false sense of intimacy within this material world.

Your servants,
Amogh Drshti Krishna das & Manjul Krsna das

Moderator's Note: HG Amogh Drshti Prabhu and Manjul Krishna Prabhu are very good devotees living in the UK. They use all their possessions in devotional service and are always eager to hear the message of Bhagavatam. They are very sincere and very intelligent and are a very good inspiration for all the devotees.