Success Formula

Dear Prabhujis and Matajis,
Hare Krishna! Please accept my humble pranams! All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev!

Nowadays everyone wants to be successful in everything. We have so many personality development courses, training people on key aspects to become successful in life. Right from a small child, to an old person, everyone dreams to become successful. Success is the key word in life. Srila Sukadev Goswami has said constant chanting the Holy Names of the Lord, as the key aspect for successful life. In Srimad Bhagavatam 2.1.11 Srila Sukadeva Goswami says to Maharaja Parikshit,

etan nirvidyamānānām icchatām akuto-bhayam
yogināṁ nṛpa nirṇītaṁ harer nāmānukīrtanam

O King, constant chanting of the holy name of the Lord after the ways of the great authorities is the doubtless and fearless way of success for all, including those who are free from all material desires, those who are desirous of all material enjoyment, and also those who are self-satisfied by dint of transcendental knowledge.

The points to be noted are as follows:

1. Constant chanting of the holy names of the Lord, following the ways of the great authorities is the doubtless and fearless way for success for all.
2. Includes those who are free from all material desires - self-realized souls
3. Those who are desirous of material enjoyment - illusory ways of life
4. Those who are self-satisfied by dint of transcendental knowledge - devotees of the Lord neither aspire to enjoy the material world nor desire to get out of it. They are after the satisfaction of Lord Sri Krishna. We are involved in so many activities in our day to day life, to satisfy our selves. But how can we satisfy Krishna ? 

In Bhagavad Gita 9.27 Lord Krishna has given us the way,

yat karoṣi yad aśnāsi yaj juhoṣi dadāsi yat
yat tapasyasi kaunteya tat kuruṣva mad-arpaṇam

Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer to give away, and whatever austerities you perform - do that, O son of Kunti as an offering to Me.

In Krishna Consciousness, we should do everything for the pleasure of Krishna. Say if we are going out for shopping, and find:
ripe mangoes - if we think, How nice it would be if we could make mango-milkshake for Krishna
nice fabric - if we think, what new type of dress we could stitch for Krishna using this fabric
decorative items - if we think how can we use them in decorating Krishna's altar
or when we plan the menu for the day's meal - instead of thinking what food we would like to eat - if we could think what Krishna would like to eat today, in this manner if we could dovetail all the activities for Krishna's pleasure, then our lives will be successful.

Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev,
Sindhu devi dasi
Abu Dhabi.