Re: Krsna's Beauty

27th Oct 2004
Narahari Krishna das

Hare Krishna,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev.

It was a beautiful mail on the Lord's beauty by Kalacakra Prabhu. I just want to add a few points to what he had posted a few days back. The scriptures compare the Lord's beauty to many of the things in this material world such as lotus, rainfall etc. Actually there is no comparison for Lord's beauty in this material world. But as we're conditioned by this material nature, we can appreciate only when concepts are explained to us with examples in this material world. So the scriptures uses those examples.These examples give only a glimpse of the Lord's beauty. The exclusive nature of the Lord's beauty is that it is eternal whereas the beauty of the things in this world is temporary. And Lord's beauty is unaffected by time. When we see beautiful people in material world, it is an observed fact that their beauty gradually withers as time progresses and when they're old, it's unpalatable to even see them. And some people look beautiful only under certain places and certain circumstances. However Lord's beauty is undimmed by time and space. And He doesn't grow old. He's eternally youthful. The sruti mantras states, "yuvāsuvāsat" (He's eternally youthful).

And another glorious feature of the Lord's beauty is that His beauty is absolute whereas our beauty is relative. In the case of the Lord, He and His form are non-different. So His beauty can't be separated from Him. His form is made of knowledge and bliss in contrast to the forms of this world which are made of material elements. In addition to beauty, the Lord is the reservoir of all fragrances and tastes. This also stated in the vedas as "sarva karmaḥ  sarva gandha sarva rasaḥ". In our case, the body is certainly not a reservoir of all fragrances and tastes. It is quite the opposite. There are things like flowers and fruits which possesses wonderful tastes and fragrances. But they also become stale in due to course of time. But the Lord's fragrances and tastes are eternal. So Lord's beauty is incomparable. And another exclusive feature of LOrd's beauty is that once a person relishes His beauty, he can pack his luggage to go back to godhead. He manifests Himself in the form of deity to all and to the pure devotees He shows His spiritual form. By seeing His deity form a person can gradually advance towards His lotus feet. However the beauty in this material world is binding. The more one is attracted to the beautiful things in this world, the more he gets entangled. This is what Srimati Kuntidevi prays, "bhavato darśanaṁ yat syād apunar bhava-darśanam". In the temples, after the decoration of the deities, a mirror is shown to the deities. There are many reasons for this. One reason is that the Lord has no match in beauty. So if He wants to see a beautiful person similar to Him the only option is to see Himself in the mirror. The vedas beautifully states, 'na tasya pratimā asti'(There is no similar person like Him).

And devotional service is also beautiful as it helps the jivas in getting a spiritual body like the Lord's and the pure devotees of the Lord are really beautiful because they award this devotional service to the living entities without any reservation.

Trying to be your servant,