SB Saptah Day 6B - Lessons from Lord Sri Rama

Bhagavad Saptah

And then he teaches us that in any case, the parents must be respected. Their vachanas must be respected.  The parents must be respected, their vachana must be respected. In Bhagvatam also this point is insisted. In this advance age and because of split families and because of so many difficulties we may neglect our parents or elders that should never be done so, as far as possible. So this thing is insisted by Lord Ram's appearance and this is how he teaches us by his own example that He could renounce the whole kingdom for His father but eventually the all the events take the opposite turn and it was the horrible story then, because he left the kingdom. That was all together a different thing and in the Bhagvatam also it has been clearly said that


putranam hi paro dharmah

pitr-susrusanam satam

api putravatam brahman

kim uta brahmacarinam


[O brahmana, the highest duty of a son, even though he has sons of his own, is to serve his parents, and what to speak of a son who is a brahmacari?](SB 6.7.28)


putranam hi paro dharmah is the main religion - pitr-susrusanam satam parents must be served - api putravatam brahman - may be child may have his own children - he may be aged child may be middle age and he may have his own son and daughters and his family, even then, in that case also, the putra must serve the parents. This is the instructions of Bhagvatam. And same thing is repeated - kim uta brahmacarinam – and those who are brhamchari, they must be serve.  And this is the teaching of Lord Ram.

And when it came to destroy the Ravana vritti, tendency….


Ravana naturally was very powerful. He was Shiva bhakta, very mystic. He could fly himself in the sky and not he alone but his whole army will fly in the sky so such a powerful man and the whole Lanka whole kingdom was golden kingdom. We may have one ring you know and we are very proud of. Our Shriya puts on so much gold and she is very happy. But this Ravana had all buildings - golden buildings the whole Lanka it was all gold. So much gold he had and even then he was not satisfied. He wanted more. He wanted this and he wanted that and that and that and that …and under the madam kamam where there is gold - lusty desires are there, falsity is there everything was there - all the five inebriety was in him. anrtam madam kamam rajo vairam ca pancamam - falsity was there - madh - intoxication was there, he had ten heads we only have one head he had five this side and five this side - very big frame twenty heads. Ohh God - he could crush anybody. Very powerful man as he was Shiva bhakta - he (Shiva) was much known as Ashutosha - immediately satisfy as soon as you pray him. So he (Ravana) had so many powers - he could fly in the sky he could go from one point to other point within no time heavenly planets - sutala - down - up any where he can move such a powerful man but he was never satisfied with so much achievement.

And eventually what happened that one day he heard that his brother Kubera has a very nice chariot and the chariot - that was not an ordinary chariot - but it was a whole city in the chariot. There were parks and building and everything - it is a full of amenities so he thought that my brother Kubera does not require this much prosperity you know. Why should he have that chariot? He should give me that chariot. So immediately with whole army he flew to that heavenly planet. Kubera is the treasurer of the demigods. He is also equally rich but not cruel like this. So he (Ravana) went and said “Brother – your chariot -I want - you don't require that chariot. I am more powerful than you, I have ten heads and you have only one head”.

So Kubera says “See don’t look at my chariot - you please control yourself.”

“No if you don't give the chariot then I will fight with you.”

And then between two brothers there was a fight for the chariot and eventually Ravana won. So he got the chariot and beautiful chariot it was, that it didn't require the fuel, no patrol - by mind it was driven. Ravana used to sit on the chariot and he used to think that I want to go to the Himalayas and the chariot will take him to the Himalayas and Ravana was so very elated that now, he is not only great king and he is a richest person but he owns now beautiful chariot also.

So he sat on the chariot and he wanted to cruise over Himalayas - you know - so he started from Assam to fly over Himalayas. So the whole Himalayas was full of Ashrams - you know - and this different yagnas were going on. So through the trees he will see the smoke. He is not interested in Ashrams. But one spot he came to and it was a bit clear spot so there were not so many trees. There one lady in the white sari - she was meditating. And this rogue – he (Ravana) is correctly known as rogue. And in our language - rog means disease this is a rudra rogam, the heart disease. So he immediately spotted that - this lady is all alone and she is meditating. So he said, “Hey wait wait this is not ashram - some lady is mediating”

So he left all his ministers flying in the air, all the army flying in the air and he came down. [He said to his men] “Don't come you stay there”.

And lone meeting with the lady is a horrible thing. Except our wife we should not lonely meet any lady anywhere. And wife also in the Vedic culture is known as dharmpatni is not kama patni. Please remember this, otherwise the couples cannot survive. So this fellow came down on the Himalayas - as soon as he came down - the first question he asked – “Are you married?”

She said “Yes I am married.”

“What is your name?” he said.

She said “I am Vedavati.”

“To whom you are married?”

“Lord Vishnu”, she said.

“Vishnu”– he (Ravana) completely laughed. He said “He is pauper. He has nothing. I have this beautiful chariot. It’s standing there, you see, its all city in there. You just marry me and I will take you all over.”

She said “You control yourself. I am a married lady. I am married and I am meditating on Lord Vishnu - don't disturb me.”

But this fellow could not control his lust. So he advanced himself and caught hold of her hair. She was also mystic. She turned her one hand in to knife and cut her hairs and he fell down on the ground.

“Ah ah”, he said. “Its nothing it’s nothing wrong”, and again got up.

And she said that “Now you have touched my body so my body is not worth for meditation. I will burn my body now”

And through mystic power she burned herself, but before she burned herself she cursed him that in her next life, “I will come back and I will be the cause of your death”

The fellow thought that “Ahhh, she is down - gone - he he he he she is burnt! What is she going to do? Who knows next birth is? Where she is born?  Where she will be?” He did not believe at all.


Then the fellow couldn't control himself. He was very intoxicated with the chariot. Just the bit of prosperity, like staying in Australia, working and collecting some dollars, gives us so much intoxication. I told you yesterday that you got down in Bombay and everybody is running and screaming and fighting with each other and you say that “Hey don't talk I am coming from Australia.”

Areey man - who asked you where you are coming from?” (laugh)

But we think that we are very advance and these are animals. This is madh - even just to stay in this planet or on this part of the earth gives us so much madh – “I am from America - you know” - big suitcase - you know – America - you know - those who come from America there suitcase is like grahasta asharam (laugh) ohhh so big suitcase “areey what happened”

“Hey hey I am coming from America”

The suitcases say you are American, just suitcase. And we are intoxicated. Five suitcases man, and man is three feet and big train of suitcases and he walks very straight - -“Hey I am from American citizen you know heyhey”. This is madh.

This madh did not stop. With one kick he (Ravana) could not understand. Then he again ordered the plane to go further. And further he went and he saw beautiful hill. You know with the snow and everything so he thought this is nice place, who is it here? So he came down there and there was Nandi, you know. Our Shiv Bhagvan’s Nandi was standing there.

So he asked “Whos place is this?”

He (Nandi) said “Please control your self this whole area belongs to Shiv Bhagavan and nobody is allowed here. This whole hill is Kailash hill and you can't really cross this hill your plane will stop.”

So he (Ravana) was ready - he ordered his plane to go and the plane stopped near the Kailash hill as soon as the plane stopped he again screaming and came down and said “Rascal who is Shiva” He didn’t have any idea.

He (Nandi) said “Shiva is very powerful. He is bhagvan - you please don't disturb him you will lament.”

“You rascal get out of my way I can just pick up this hill.”

He was very strong you know and with twenty hands - you know - he pushed 20 hands under the Kailash hill and as soon as he pushed 20 hands under the Kailash hill the hill started moving - you know - and Shiva andParvati were sitting on the top of the hill so Parvati was really disturbed. She thought that the earthquake is going on she asked bhagvan “what is happening?”

He said “Don't worry this rascal is moving the hill within a moment I will control him.”

So she again cursed him that “Because he disturbed me the women, so the next life you will die because of the women.” Again the second curse he (Ravana) had.

Then Shiva forced the hill - just he pressed the hill by his toe and the hill was very heavy so his (Ravana) 20 hands were under the hill and they were completely crushed Ravana start screaming like “wway wayyy waayyy” And Ravana’s screaming - three worlds could hear and for so many days he was trying to get out of - his hands - he could not take out and 100 years passed like this and he was screaming.

The ministers came down and said Maharaja what happened to you he said this rascal made this stone so heavy (laugh) and again screaming. So some one minister suggested him that you know Shiva prayers you know from puranas you please recite the prayers. For 100 years this rascal recited the prayers with his hand inside. He was very [miserable]. As I told you in miseries we pray very intensely so he was under intense pain loudly chanted Siva's prayers and because Shiva is aashutosh - he was easily satisfied - and he released his hands and then he (Ravana) was taken as the Shiva’s bhakta, you know, eventually. But he had got the second curse also.

And again and again because of the intoxication he was defeated but did not care for that. This is how Ravana was extremely powerful. Nobody could kill him. He got all the benedictions from Shiva that he should not be killed but he did not ask one benediction that any man should not kill me. He though man cannot kill me at all - he is just a mosquito I can just squeeze like this and he forgot to get this benediction and that's why Ram had to come as a man in the human form to finish off this and with this - every thing with Ram also being Supreme person himself. He showed that how He has to struggle in the material world because of the different modes. AndManthara particularly - she is the personified of tama - mode of ignorance and mode is ignorance immediately forces us to be envious and angry. That is definite. As soon as we are envious we are angry also. Kaykai was dancing and she (Manthara) was cursing Kaykai that you don't understand your own interest and eventually the whole incident took place and Ram had to quit. And He very nicely showed us that for Him to be a King how to go to the forest is also the same.


We living entity also - we may not have that fluctuation in our life but you never know - this - I remember the day when India was divided. Formally India was all one - you know. This Bangladesh and Pakistan they were all included - except Burma nothing was separate and there was a time when Burma was also with India. But I didn't see that time but I saw that time when Burma was separate and the whole India was one. And then it was 1947 and it was suddenly divided and we were celebrating the Independence Day and all the Hindus they were forced to leave Pakistan area from Bangladesh as well and from Punjab and Sindh and everywhere, and it was full of Indians full of Hindus I mean to say and it was so pitiable conditions that with one cloth they came from there. Within no time - if Krishna is not kind to us our circumstances may change. Every day we have to thank Him that He is allowing us to stay in Australia. He is giving us bread and butter here. Otherwise within no time, within fraction of second He can change the situation. We may be very rich at the moment - within no time we can be pauper. So that' why the life - human life - should be so conducted that in every circumstance we should be able to pass our life. We should not unnecessary increase our artificial necessity. If you increase your artificial necessities you will not be able to survive in the changing times and this world always changes, every thing changes here, nothing remains static. And our hankering is that we want everything static - that you can't do - everything changes including our body. And this for the body's sake we do all these things and the body itself changes and then what remains? Nothing remains really. You may have millions of dollars or living in a nice country or nice houses or whatever but the body changes - what can you do you can't enjoy those riches. The best way is to come to our senses in this human form of life and get attached to Lord Ram. He is a savior -Maha udhara - you know.

Best shloka we learnt when we, I remember that, we were in some lower standard moving to higher school. We were going and there was a question of selecting a second language. So there was so many list was there and I remember I looked at Sanskrit and I didn’t understand. Bhagavat-gita we were reciting at home so I thought that let me try Sanskrit. And we went in the first class. Those Gurus were really Gurus. Hardly they were paid 15 Rs per month that time - very nice dhoti kurta they will put on and they come and they taught this verse this Ramo Raj….


Raamo Raja-Mannih Sadaa Vijayate Raamam Ramesham Bhaje

Raamenna-Abhihataa Nishaacara-Camuuh Raamaaya Tasmai Namah

Raamaan-Naasti Paraayannam-Parataram Raamasya Daasosmy-Aham

Raame Citta-Layas-Sadaa Bhavatu Me Bho Raama Maam-Uddhara


Ram can only liberate us from all these things - and since then I remember this verse clearly. May be 50 more than 60 years. This is teaching - at the moment we don't have any education at all.


Prabhupada says that all children must be taught one verse and it’s a beautiful verse. This teaching must be given to all the children. That’s why we may - if resources give us - we should always utilize our resources and in trying to have some nice educational institutions or the cow protection programs. These are two programs worth in this age. There is no teaching – there is no teaching - correct education is completely absent. If somebody is trying somewhere please donate generously for the teaching institution where in Vedic culture is taught. This one verse is


maatravat para dhareshu / para dravyeshu loshtravat

aatmavat sarva bhuteshu / yah pashyati sa panditah


This must be taught to the children that maatravat para dhareshu. All women according to our age they are either mother or sister or daughter. That should be the relationship. And then, para dravyeshu loshtravat this is the second thing to be taught. That anybody’s thing is complete scratch for us. Somebody may have millions of pounds or rupees or whatever - for us its nothing. We should not touch anybody’s wealth that is second thing. And third thing is more important aatmavat sarva bhuteshu - all the living entities should be regarded as our own self. Whatever troubles us, we should never do those things. I think this sort of sentences is in Bible also “do onto others --- (Gurudev and devotees in conversation) in same way as one to do [to yourself] - something like that - that whatever you don't like please don't inflect that misery upon others.


These three things have to be taught.  Prabhupada says don't teach anything else just tell them to put these things into practice and that’s enough and then he says you may have patch of land and you farm and your living will go on. If education is there then well and good, no material education is also well and good. And teach them to be completely attached to Krishna. This is the basic education we should impart. And all these things we are learning from the Supreme person by their own example. Krishna himself need not to have any education. He also he went to Gurukul when in Mathura. He went to Gurukul and He did all the seva of His Sandipani Guru. There was no need - once he heard from Guru - all the Vedas He learnt immediately. There was no need of Him going there but they teach us by their own example. If we can imbibe some of the eternal teachings of these from the Supreme Person our life become successful. Already we are situated in nice atmosphere and these things really will carry us through.

And this way then eventually Lord Ram with all the difficulties went out to Panchavati - that place is still at Nasik. Now if you happen to go to India now Nasik is a developed city. The whole tapovan area is also very developed but even now there is temple of Surpankha is there - who - Lakshaman cuts her nose you know - Lord Ram stayed there. So many things - Godavari River is there so still that place is there. He stayed there. He went to Panchavati and stayed for long time and there this Mrugha incident happened that He had to run after that deer. Sita liked that deer very much and He went to run after - some how and other by His arrangement this incident had to take place because His main appearance thing was to destroy Ravana. So there must be some reason and this whole thing happened and in His absence Lakshaman was keeping an eye on SitajiSitaji was there. There is a gupha, cave is there they call it Cave of Sita - Sita gupha. That is also there, it’s artificially made but this place is there and thousands of people will come this month particularly. In Purushottam mass Nasikis regarded as very nice pilgrimage center.

Godavari River is there and Ramkund is there still, where Ram used to visit. They used to take snanan - that kund is also there these all these places and there is Ram temple is there in Nasik. They call is Kala Ram temple. It is carved out of one stone - such a big temple. Nearly I think it should be quarter of kilometer in size and the whole sankirtan hall whole temple is out of one stone and few stones are joined. Cement was not there they used chuna at that time, you know. You should know that some white material. And you can't see the stones. They are so [for] many years since last, I don't know may be thousand year or two thousand year that temple might be standing there.

Our temples are monuments. In Australia also the weather is not that bad. Here you are rich people, you know. Some very nice monuments we must have. Where our children are going to go? The children have no place to go. Young children and youngest children you know they should have some place to go. Some times these events are organized otherwise there is nothing to teach in our own Vedic culture which is the root of all the culture. We don't have any place here. Please try yourself to have some nice constructed temple for our future generation to go, otherwise our own children will have very bad life in these countries. They will not have anywhere to go and if there is nothing there then how this culture will be passed on. Make best of your own existence and try to strive in this direction instead to just madly getting victimized by Kaliyuga forces that is not vegetarian food and drinks and this and that. Please all these houses I don't know here but in all the advanced country every houses has bar in the house so they must be drinking at home. This is too much intoxication. And they don't sleep. Night life goes on until 3-4 o'clock and then they sleep during the day. It is anti Vedic culture, and this is destruction. And when we see our own people victimized by this it is a really, really painful site. It’s only because of the mercy of the saints and sages like Prabhupada who traveled to the west and wrote so much literature to guide us otherwise we would have completely lost. And in this way they sang the glories of Ram.


So Sitaji was completely disturbed and she forced Laxman to go so before going he draw the line and that line is known as Laxman rekha. Even now that line is drawn. I don't know whether it was a correct place or not but it is there still and he insisted Sitaji that you please do anything and everything don't cross this line. Nobody will try to touch you if you remain inside the line and eventually Ravana lured her in the form of Brahman. He approached Sitaji for begging and she came with something to give. Brahman should not go without offering something so she came out and he told her to come out of the line and this way he kidnapped. Then Jatau was the first one to see this thing. So Jatau was just flying over him. So Ravana was also going away with Sita. So he just cut Jatau's wing you know but he survived he kept his life until Ram came and he informed him and then he was dead. Eventually Ram went to the southern India and near Rameshwaram he was trying to have monkeys to come.


He has taken monkeys to fight. Without monkeys or without anything also He could have crushed Ravana but because He was in human form He was very careful to behave as a human form - human body.  And eventually He wanted to cross over so He ordered Hanuman. He was thinking that tomorrow the bridge might be ready so who has the capacity to build within night. So He called Hanuman “you come here” “Maharaj what can I doBhagavan” “Tomorrow this bridge must be ready.” Hanuman knew when Ram order to do something He gives the capacity also. So within no time the bridge was ready. Big stone - he used to bring and big mountains and he used to write Rama on it and throw it into the water and those heavy stones were floating on the water. Lord Ramchandra was standing by his side and He sees that he is wonderfully writing my name and the stones are floating. So He thought that I will try. So He took big stone and He threw inside. It went down you know - oohhh something is wrong. Again He took another stone and He threw again into the ocean - again it went down. He said what is happening - so Hanuman was watching it so he said “Bhagavan what are you doing.” hmmma hmama -- Since He was not successful He could not tell anything so he (Hanuman) said “I know Bhagavan what are you doing and you should know that this stone - I bring this stone and I write your name so stone has your association. Name is non different from Lord Rama. So stone has your association and that is why the stone can float. When you throw - when you reject then what is the chance of that stone to survive so it is bound to go down.”


The practical lesson is - do anything and everything but perform your karma in this way that Lord Rama should not reject you. As soon as He rejects there is no way we can be happy. We have to go to the hellish planets and suffer there eternally, I don't know. So this is how the ideas and the karmas they go hand in hand. So the first - mind should be completely purified and then suti yoambalam - our intelligence also should be thoroughly purified and it can only be purified by the touch of Lord Ram's name otherwise it’s impossible. As soon as you stop taking association from Lord Rama you are going to lose. You will be always contaminated in your consciousness and also by the three modes of material nature.

So Lord Ram comes. As soon as you remember Him immediately He will be here and that’s why some how or other our traditions are that in our house also we have so many pictures. There will be pictures of Lord Rama, Krishna etc. so that always see the picture unknowingly we are getting purified. And Prabhupada has given us the king process that you please get up early in the morning according to your work you should decide your self but ideally Brahma muhart starts from 4:30 - so we should be ready before 4:30 to perform some bhajan and kirtan. And this is very easy once you get used to it then - because you want to get early in the morning so you will take rest early at night otherwise we live around and when we do these things we can never progress spiritually. We may try to show we are progressing but as soon as mangal aarti is not there we are contaminated. And this is the protective cover. Always it will protect you throughout the day. Prabhupada very nicely said that give me out of 24 hours you give me 2 hours and those two hours sadhana will protect you whole day. And he is very correct.

Please - ideal is all the time we should be engaged in devotional service and we should have compassionate nature. That is what Lord is, and we are part and parcel of Krishna and Rama so we should be compassionate. We are forcing our self to be cruel that is our position. We cannot be cruel - we are full of compassion and have the compassion for all the living entities. Particularly in the later stage, please in vanprastha stage, you should have burning desire for relieving the miseries of the living entity. As it is slowly - you become useless for any material activities. Even if you wish you can't do it - so instead of wasting time in these temporary material activities what we can do - we may earn something we may amass some wealth more than that we can't do - so it is better to have few years at least from our life. We should reserve for this compassion nature and that is what preaching means. That you please get in to the pages of Bhagavatam, Ramayana, Mahabharata - learn about the Supreme Absolute Truth Krishna or Lord Rama or anybody and just try to execute this. And this is how everybody should be engaged. We call it naam hatta program - any one can come together.

That is the way that man folk will go out to work and the ladies come together and perform kirtan and because of this kirtan - bhakti - the men will be successful in their work. And all the time the main business was farming. So in farming we have to depend upon Krishna's mercy - rain fall or the water in the land. We may have well or pours or whatever so we were always depended on Him and we were always with the animals the cows and bulls and this and that and that - till that time our economy was based on cows and bullocks, the world fluctuations - market - did not have any effect on Indian economy. And even now it is a position to some extent our country is dependent on cows. But day by day it is decreasing and to that extent we are vulnerable in this economy. Before 50 years also world was fluctuating always but we didn't have any effect. In Cuba they tried this because Cuba have to depend for the petrol on America all the time and Cuban is the communist country, so they decided that we have to make our life simple, so they started using bullock carts - bullock power - and now they are completely self sufficient. They don't need to depend upon America we have to depend so much on others in India.  I don't know here also you have to depend. This country doesn't have that much of oil, so you have to depend on the countries which have oil, so they dictate their terms on us. If you are simple if you are really for the simple life [it will help you].

So much grass grows here. We mow the grass and we have to throw that grass. New Zealand is so very green country that whole world’s cows can be maintained there. Our cow protection program should be in New Zealand. Millions of cows they can survive there and nice milk butter ghee is available which is very nice for our health and ghee full food. Where is the machine which will take the grass and bring out the milk? I don't have any other machine. This is the basic of the economy. And this, with all our scriptures and Krishna Himself. This is about - this thing that our economy must be, even now in Dwarka they don't call cow - how many cows you have they - say how much dhan (wealth) you have. In Dwarka they don't ask you how many cows you have how much dhan. It is regarded as dhan and Dwarka is completely dry area but even then now there are quite a few cows and in the advance cities cows are completely banned. In Calcutta inside the city you can not keep the cow and the result is mosquitoes and other germs are increased and then we have to manufacture DDT powder to kill the germs, again in the factory. And cow dunk if it is there – it is antiseptic and that’s why I remember that we didn't have the marble floor at all. Our mother and sisters they were just spreading the dung on the floor and it was so very neat and clean very fresh. Every third day or fourth day they will do it and by hands no gloves nothing at all there used to be many times we saw their hands with the scratches. This is how our life was very simple and that's why much money was not required. Never had they dreamt to come to foreign country.


Its only when artificial necessity increases we forgot Lord Rama and completely forgot Rama and Krishna - now because we forgot -  now all the miseries we have to face and all these so called advanced countries they have some machinery to counteract these miseries but we don't have any machinery to counteract. In India it’s a horrible misery that we have industrialization and we don't have anything to counteract it. We don't have any social welfare types of office and if office is - few persons may be benefited but general mass is suffering because not coming to Lord Rama and not understanding Lord Rama. We should to the best of our ability propagate these things and somehow or the other come to this conclusion that in my life whatever I am I will propagate these things and myself I understand and I will try to propagate this things.

Please there are so many things to be told to you about Lord Rama or Lord Krishna but we are controlled by the time. I have to stop here but before we stop - somebody is there Yesterday I saw some person who was singing very nice Shri Ram chandra krapalu baja man - is he here ...he is not here .. we will sing then



Shree Ram Chandra Kripalu Bhajman

Haran Bhav Bhaya Darunam

Nav Kanj Lochan kanj Mukh Kar Kanj Pad Kanjarunam

Sree Ram Chandra.....


Kandarp Aganeet amit chabi Nav neel nirada sundaram

Pat Peet manav tadit ruchi shuchi navmi janak sutavaram

Shree Ram Chandra ....


Bhaj Deen Bandh Dinesh danav Daitya vansh nikandam

Raghu nand anand kand Kaushala chandra dasharath nandanam

Shree Ram Chandra ....


Shir Mukut kundal tilak charu udar ang vibhushanam

Ajanu bhuj sar chapa dhar sangram jit kar dushnam

Shree Ram Chandra....


Iti vadati