SB Saptah Day 8B - Humility Attracts the All-Attractive

Bhagavad Saptah

Nama Om Vishnu Padaya Krishna Presthay Bhutale

Srimate Maha Vishnu Goswami iti Namine


Nama Om Vishnu Padaya Krishna Presthay Bhutale

Srimate Bhakti Vedanta Swami Iti Namine


Namaste Saraswati Deve Gauravani Pracharine

Nirvisesha Sunya Vadi Paschatya Desa Tarine


[The next is the second part of the last day of Bhagavata Saptah given by His Divine Holiness Srila Maha Vishnu Gosvami Maharaj recorded on October 6th, 2001 in Sydney Australia.]



Then Balram tried to arrest him and bind him with the ropes, So Krishna stopped Balram, he said “No, No don’t worry. Let him go.”

Then again next time he came, and this way 17 times he came, and every time Krishna called out the whole army, and Jarasandh was left. Balram will arrest Jarasandh and he will again let loose.

So Balram was upset with Krishna he said, “You are nonsense Krishna. Every now and then, 17 times now, he is coming with a large army, you kill, and you, again you let loose him and again he will come, so why just finish him off”

So He said to Balram, “You don’t know, he is my agent”.  He said ”He brings all the sinful living entities to me, in one go I just finish everything. Otherwise I will have to visit everyone in the house.”  [Laughs] “that will be a job for me.”

This how in the world trade center also, all the sinful living entities were there, and in one go, he just finished. It’s all Krishna’s plan. We cannot blame here and there. We don’t see Krishna that is why we are beating about the bush. Nobody can do, nobody has any capacity to do anything. Its only Krishna’s arrangement and we should learn the lessons out of it that at least we should stop the unconscious killing in the form of the abortions. Never enter into it. That is the most sinful activity, and as soon as the Vedic culture is absent, these sinful activities will be there. If there is no Vedic culture, there is no Brahmanical principles, there are no regulated principles, then you cannot survive. Anybody comes and gives you something and does not care about the regulated principles, then he is nobody for us. He is enemy. As soon as you come to Prabhupada, the first thing we have to do is to get up at 4 O Clock. That is Prabhupada. And that’s why people may hesitate to come to Prabhupada because nobody wants to getup at 4 O Clock. And those who are already there, they also find different pretext to sleep. So please, it is not our legacy. Mangalaarati must be performed. You may fix your time. But try to perform. That is legacy. And that is the peculiarity. And then the four regulative principles.Knowing or unknowingly they guide us like a light house. That if you don’t follow these four regulative principles, don’t gamble, don’t eat meat, fish or eggs, don’t have any illicit connections with women, and last one? Eh, don’t intoxicate. Beer, whisky or tea coffee even. These people are habituated to take tea, but as soon as they enter the temple, they stop tea coffee also. Its unnecessary expense and intoxication. So these are like light house they guide our lives. And this is what Prabhupada gives. Otherwise anywhere you go, you can do anything, everything, and come, that’s it. And you are liberated, you are God, I am God, and they are all in illusion, God, God, GodHow many Gods we have. And we learnt that God is only one without the second. That is the Vedic teaching. So this is how, save yourself from misguidance.


And not only this, Jasasandh then eighteenth time, he was preparing, and then mean time Narad Muni was present again to create more trouble. So he went to Kalyavan. He was about twenty kilometers from Mathura. And yavan, you know, his name was Kalyavan. So Kalyavan was very powerful, and he wanted to create trouble. He said, “there is nobody for me to fight. With whom I should fight?” he asked Narada. Narada said, “Yes, you should fight with Krishna. He is in Mathura. And you can fight and you can be satisfied.” So Kalayavan appeared with mass again, with large army. He attacked Mathura. And Krishna Knew that Jarasandh now with try to take this opportunity again to attack Mathura. So then Krishna thought that we must make some arrangement, for my relatives and everybody, to be completely safe, and no human being should walk there. So Krishnaselected the spot near Dwarka, and he went all the way taking everybody, and he erected a fort, nice fort. And even now the remnants of the fort are there. Near Dwarka, near Bhet Dwarka. There is archeological department in Dwarka, and they are carrying on some research. They can’t find much… on the clear day in the sunshine we can see the walls of the fort. So this is not myth, it’s an actual fact. And Krishna, then, his relativeswere so many, that from all the coastal line, from Dwarka to Bhavanagar, its all big coastal line in Gujarat, it was all full. So Krishna wanted to have, much more bigger place to just educate this children, his family’s children. Some one lakh and seventy thousand teachers were required. So how many children should be there. So it was very large family. So he wanted houses somewhere safe, and so He erected a fort in the middle of the ocean. He requested the ocean to give 100 square mile land, and then he promised the ocean, that after I leave the planet, you can take your land back. This is how, on a lease ocean granted him 100 square miles, and therein He built a nice fort and Dwarka Nagari within no time. He had so many sky scrapers. Fortunately there were no terrorists that time to go into the skyscrapers. Like Singapore, Singapore is replica of Dwarka. Dwarka was full of sky scrappers. And you can image the prosperity. Vishvakarma had built that city.

And once everybody was safe there, Krishna came back to Mathura, And then Kalayavana was waiting shouting for Krishna. And he had never seen Krishna. Only Narada muni had described him how Krishna looks like. And then Krishna came out of the city. Without any army, without any weapons, nothing at all. And he started walking. Kalayavana could recognize that this is Krishna. So he wanted to catch him you know. And he had so many chariots, so large army, and Krishna was just walking, he was not able to catch Him. Krishna could never be arrested by atheist attitude. By our own endeavor we cannot do [catch Him]. Brahma tried to find out His source. Entering the step of lotus for millions of years. And he could not find Him. But as soon as he meditated, as soon as he became devotee, the devotional service catches Him. Bhaktya maam abhijanati.Bhakti is the only way where Krishna can be caught. Otherwise Duryodhana and Karna, when Krishna wanted to mediate between the Pandavas and Kauravas, He went t Duryodhana’s assembly, Dritarashtra was there, Bhism was there, Drona was there, everyone was there, and He requested “Please, we don’t want war at all. Just give 5 villages and the Pandavas will be satisfied.”

Instead giving any good answer. Karna, Duhshasana and Shakuni, all these three people, had a conspiracy. They wanted to arrest Krishna. But they didn’t know that by their own endeavor nobody can arrest Krishna. So they wanted to arrest Krishna and put him in jail, and forget about everything, Pandavas will loose everything. And we’ll be eternally king, they thought. As soon as they tried to arrest Krishna, Krishna was already standing outside the assembly. That how, by our own endeavor we cannot catch Him. But he will definitely appear from the lotus of your heart, if there is unflinching devotional service.


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare


And within no time, he will be with you. Gajendra in just elephant body he just chanted half name, “Govin(da), Govin(da), Govin(da)” He was not able to pronounce the whole name. And even then, as soon as He heard, He took Garuda and came back to Gajendra. This is devotional service. Otherwise on your own endeavor, you can’t do.

Kalayavana started following Krishna. And Krishna walked, walked, walked. Kalayavana, he was shouting, screaming at Him, “you are coward, you are this, I want to fight with you. Come in front of me.”

Krishna was walking, you know. Eventually, he showed that he is bit tired. So he climbed the hill and entered one cave.

And this Kalayavana thought that “This coward is very tired now, that’s why he has gone into the cave, and after going into the cave”,

Krishna disappeared. And Kalayavana was very proud. He entered the cave, and because of pride he wanted to fight with him, “Now I am going to kill Him, and now he is in the cave”

All the soldiers were standing there to look that Krishna does not flee out. Then Kalayavana entered and there was a person sleeping there. So Kalayavana thought that Krishna is taking rest. And Krishna was not there, it was His arrangement, Muchukunda was there. And Muchukunda had helped the demigods to fight with the demons for so many years. When demigods found out another commander they requested Muchukunda, without sleep he fought, for many, many years, so naturally he was very tired. So demigods told them, that you please go and you take rest. So if you want any benediction we can give the benedictions.

So he asked that “I don’t want any benediction, I am going to the cave, and I am taking rest. Nobody should disturb me. Give me this benediction. And if anybody tries to disturb me, then he should be burnt to death by my sight.”

This was the benediction he obtained from the demigods. And Muchukund was sleeping there. As soon as this one entered into it, he kicked Muchukund. And Muchukund some or other opened his eyes, red eyes, you know, because his sleep was not complete, so eyes were completely red.

By Krishna’s mercy you know our eyes are nourished by supplying the blood. Otherwise this sight will not be there. Everyday, Krishna arranges. You know as soon as car stops, you may give it to garage and they repair it, or, oil it or lubricate it or something, the same way when we close our eyes, in deep sleep, that lubrication is going on. So the eyes were red.

And as soon as he saw this Kalayavana, he was burnt to death and his army was completely morose. They thought… they did not see Kalyavana burning. They thought Krishna is finished and our Kalayavana will come back. So they returned without him to Mathura. And Krishna came out there and just finished off the army.

Then Jarasandh was waiting. Jarasandh again came running. With a large army again Jarasangh was there. But Krishna was at ease, because His whole army was in Dwarka fort completely safe away from there. And all these things, inconceivable energy he could erect everything, and he put all the population there.

And then when Jarasandh came, again Krishna decided, that he has large army so, as if He showed that He is afraid. He can never be afraid. But He showed that He is afraid. And He just wanted to run away. So He came out of Mathura again and started walking. Jarasandha started following. And again shouting and screaming that “You are coward” and this and that. Krishna went near the hill and Krishna and Balram, they climbed the hill. Jarasandh could not find Him again. So he thought that “I must destroy Krishna now. This is the chance were I can destroy.” So he bathed the whole hill by oil, must have got oil from the middle-east. [laughs] And oil was poured and the whole hill was on fire. And now he said, definitely both the bothers are dead. And Krishna by his own potency, Balram and Krishna, they jumped from the other side. In one of the Bhagavatam, we have nice photograph of that. And that is why He is known as Ranchor. Because he left the battlefield and he went away. That’s why His name is Ranchor and near Ahmedabad, there is Dakor, very nice place, wherein this Ranchorji is situated. So many people walk to the temple there, every week or every Purnima day, full moon day. They walk to Ranchorji.


These are few of the pastimes and this way, unlimited pastimes are there. The thing is, we should always remember, that unless you come to this, our anguish for the material miseries will never stop. Any other means will not work, that is for certain. You have to have unflinching devotional service to Krishna. And with this, we’ll sing one … please sing after me…


Adharam Madhuram Vadanam Madhuram Nayanam Madhuram Asitam Madhuram Hridayam Madhuram Gamanam Madhuram Madhuradhipakhyer Akhilam Madhuram

Everything regarding Krishna is sweet. Please loudly sing.

Adharam Madhuram Vadanam Madhuram Nayanam Madhuram Asitam Madhuram Hridayam Madhuram Gamanam Madhuram Madhuradhipakhyer Akhilam Madhuram

 Adharam his lips are sweet.

Instead of singing madhur regarding Krishna, you know, we sing something else.


Car-am Madhuram, Australia-m Madhuram, Dollar-am Madhuram, Wife-am Madhuram, Madhuradhipateyer dollara-am akhilam madhuram.


We completely change… please don’t change. If you change the consciousness changes. You know many times going to Singapore we have to put on the normal clothes. So as soon as you put on the clothes, you forget mahamantra. Its just clothes you know that we change from saffron to white or something, and put on some karmi clothes... [and our consciousness changes]

And that funny women in Dwarka .. because of television, our Gandhi cap is available in ten rupees. The price is ten rupees. And nice while cap you know. So the sun can be well protected. Because white color is cool. And it reflects the heat. But in Dwarka, they will buy black cap. The American flap you know. And after midnight they will put on.

“Are man”,.. I told “this flap is supposed to protect you from the sun. So there is no sun so why are you putting now?”

“In television they put after midnight.”

So this is how. Completely madness, you know. And that cap costs nearly seventy five rupees. In seventyfive rupees you can have ten white caps and change everyday, you know. But we are complicating our lives, with this material thing. Please come to this and somehow or other make life perfect. This is our request. And this way we should now complete here. [aside, … 1 o clock? Upto 1? O 2, so plenty of time is there. That’s nice.]

Once we come to this, then we have already understood, that just thinking, about the pastimes of Krishna, that itself gives us the remedy of everything. And we have so many other [stories]…

One Pralambha was there. And Pralambhasura was very expert. He was very expert. And he was employed by Kamsa. And then he was sent. He (Kamsa) said “you go, unrecognized and Krishna will never recognize you and you finish Krishna and Balram.

He (Pralambha) said, “leave it to me, I’ll do you job.”

And he went and intermingled when Krishna and Balram were playing. And this Pralambha took the shape of nice gope, cowherd boy and he entered the group. Krishna knew that he is there. But Krishna did not show that He is recognizing. As soon as he entered the group, he was completely overtaken by the, idea that now within no time, Krishna and Balram will be finished. And that’s how, we also take for granted, that “Where isKrishna?” “I don’t see Krishna” “I can destroy everything” “I don’t follow anything” “And I will go with my own life” This is always we deal. And as soon as we deal about these things, then Krishna has His own way to finish us off.

Duryodhana also thought, that “What? Krishna is an ordinary person. What can he do?” That’s why he didn’t select Krishna, when the Kurushetra war, was fixed, Duryodhana and Arjuna both went one day to ask help from Krishna and Krishna was taking rest that time. So, both of them sat. Duryodhana sat near the head of Krishna, and Arjuna humbly went and sat near the lotus feet. So generally when we open our eyes we see towards legs. So as soon as Krishna was awake, he saw Arjuna first.

And He asked “O, you are here?”

Duryodhan shouted: “No, No, I came first.”

“O you are also here? Both of you what are you doing here?”

Duryodhan said: “It is now decided, as you know, there is going to be war, between us, so we ask your help.”

So Krishna said: “Both of you must get help from me. I’ll tell you, on one side I have my whole army, and on the other side I have only …Myself, and I’ll not take any weapon in my hand. I’ll only speak.”

So Duryodhan thought: “I have plenty of speakers with me. This one will eat khicheree and will go yap, yap, yap, yap. I don’t want that. Instead, His well equipped army I’ll have and I’ll defeat him.”

So he selected the army. So there was no other way for Arjuna.

Arjuna said “Its good that you are taking army, I wanted Krishna.”

So eventually Krishna went with him.

And because Duryodhan himself was not that bad… when Draupadi ten children were killed, and Aswathama ran the Duryodhan was dying with the club of the Bheema. And he was on the battlefield. Ashvathama runningly went to Duryodhana to give the “good news” he thought.

He said, “I have finished Pandavas, because all that children are killed.”

Hearing Duryodhan said that “This is not good. Killing the persons who are behaving obnoxiously”,

They are already killed by their own sinful activities.


sa karna-duhsasana-saubalanam

kumantra-pakena hata-sriyayusam

suyodhanam sanucaram sayanam

bhagnorum urvyam na nananda pasyan

sah -- He (the Lord); karna -- Karna; duhsasana -- Duhsasana; saubalanam -- Saubala; kumantra-pakena -- by the intricacy of ill advice; hata-sriya -- bereft of fortune; ayusam -- duration of life; suyodhanam -- Duryodhana; sa-anucaram -- with followers; sayanam -- lying down; bhagna -- broken; urum -- thighs; urvyam -- very powerful; na -- did not; nananda -- take pleasure; pasyan -- seeing like that.


[Duryodhana was bereft of his fortune and duration of life because of the intricacy of ill advice given by Karna, Duhsasana and Saubala. When he lay on the ground with his followers, his thighs broken although he was powerful, the Lord was not happy to see the scene.](SB 3.3.13)

kumantra-pakena means bad advice, misdirection. That was present there in these three. And Krishna was very particular. Krishna definitely knew that if Duryodhan wins, then Bharat Varsha will be under the control ofAfghanistan. Gandhari was from Afganisthan. So Krishna did not want to do that. And that is this very nice idea. sa karna-duhsasana-saubalanam / kumantra-pakena hata-sriyayusam. When you have bad advice, bad association, dusang. As soon as the dusang is there, the result is hata-sriyaya-ayusham. Your, all opulence and life is completely destroyed. This is the effect of bad association.


Dharmam Bhajasta satatam taje loka dharman. Dharmam Bhajasta satatam, always please engage yourself in your own activities honestly. Teja loka dharman, don’t accept any other people’s activities. And with this, sevasya sadhu purushan, you please continue welcoming saints and sages, in your house. That is our culture. Or good people at least, if the saints and sages are absent. Then your house will be purified by the good association. sevasya sadhu purushan, jehi kama trishnan, kama and trishna, lusty desires and hankering of the material things, please get it under control. And the most important instruction is instructed in the third line.Anyasya guna dosha cintanam, aashu muktva. Immediately please stop, anyasya, others, thinking about good qualities or bad qualities. Most of the time, we think about the bad qualities of others and this tendency destroys our own devotional service, that we don’t know. That’s why sastra’s are very clear. Anyasya guna dosha cintanam, aashu muktvaSeva katha rasam aho nitaraam pibatwam. Seva and Katha always should be engaged in. This is a clear instruction.

And Duryodhan did not understand this. The result was, because of pride and false ego the whole race was completely wiped out.

And Pralambha did not have this idea at all. He was also asura. Those who are not sura, they are asuraSura means demigods. And demigods have all good qualities. Where, asura are without any good quality. There is nice verse in Bhagavatam, to describe this sura and asura.

yasyasti bhaktir bhagavaty akincana

sarvair gunais tatra samasate surah

harav abhaktasya kuto mahad-guna

manorathenasati dhavato bahih

[All the demigods and their exalted qualities, such as religion, knowledge and renunciation, become manifest in the body of one who has developed unalloyed devotion for the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vasudeva. On the other hand, a person devoid of devotional service and engaged in material activities has no good qualities. Even if he is adept at the practice of mystic yoga or the honest endeavor of maintaining his family and relatives, he must be driven by his own mental speculations and must engage in the service of the Lord's external energy. How can there be any good qualities in such a man?](SB 5.18.12)

yasyasti bhaktir those who have unflinching devotional service, the question is how to follow the devotional activities, within our own busy lifestyle. That is our main problem. We are very busy. Early in the morning we have to run to the job, or business or whatever. We have to maintain ourselves in this foreign atmosphere. You people know, how much penance, how much tapascharya you are doing for just maintenance and for the sake of amassing some wealth. After while, you may get used to the foreign life, otherwise it is very difficult. This he says, yasyasti bhaktir bhagavaty akincana. Please somehow or other… other people may do anything and everything, your activities should be completely purified. Those who are with Krishna or chanting Krishna’s names, they don’t go here and there and do things dishonestly. We can’t do. Hypocritically we cannot do anything. This is the way to interview the devotional service, should enter in our own material activities. So that 24 hrs a day, you don’t forget the connection with Krishna. As soon as there is no connection, we are useless. This light is shining because somehow or the other through the meter it is connected to the powerhouse. Otherwise if you cut that connection then this bulb will look like a bulb but it won’t have any potency of the bulb. You will also look like human beings. But you will loose completely the potency of human beings. You must be connected to the Supreme reservoir with the unlimited, inconceivable energies at His disposal. And then only you will be able to shine or your life will be having some meaning. yasyasti bhaktir bhagavaty akincana, those who are devotees of the Lord, sarvair gunais tatra samasate surah. All good qualities assemble in him.

This Pralamba was completely ignorant about this, because he was asuraSura, means yasyasti bhaktir bhagavaty akincana. And as soon as you become sura, that means, sarvair gunais tatra samasate surah. The king guna is that in any situation we are completely satisfied. There is no bad situation for us. Everything is good, because we have unflinching faith in Krishna’s plan and we don’t know those plans. Whatever he does, it’s always good for us. We may feel that is bad. But eventually it turns out to be good. Any situation we don’t budge at all from our own situation. Why, because our place is completely fixed with Krishna. These all flickering situations are very temporary. They come and go. And that’s why it is said that sarvair gunais tatra samasate surah. All the good qualities are assembled in him.

How Vaishnavas attain good qualities and become kalpataru?

There was one young girl I know, she was in so very difficult position, and she was staying in the temple in London. So herself, she was in completely miserable condition. But even then, in that miserable condition also, because the association was there and the devotional service was there, she was able to help other girls, to find job in the restaurant of the temple. She didn’t get the job, she didn’t want to work in the temple and get the money, but she was helping other girls to get the job in the restaurant. This is how, somehow or other, in your miserable condition also, you will have capacity to help others. And that is Vaishnavas. Brahmanas are self satisfied. That’s why they are liked by Krishna. And Vaishnavas always perform the welfare activities, for the good or all other living entities. And the greatest welfare activity Vaishnavas perform under the instructions of saints, sages, Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Prabhupada, that they distribute Harinaam. The most munificent activity they perform. And that’s why, Vaishnavas and Brahmanas are liked by Vishnu. And this is Bhagavatam verse, that why, in that miserable condition also they are able to help the others. Krishna gives that capacity. How Vaishnavas become kalpataru? How you go to Vaishnavas, you ask something and and they give it to you.

One boy I knew, he didn’t know Prabhupada, but Vedic culture see how powerful was it. That as soon he attended the age of 14-15 years of age, since then he was daily following puja in his own house. And at 5 O Clock he will get up, he will go to the river in the town, bring the fresh water from there, and with that river water, worship Krishna, make fresh prasadam, and before the day dawns, the prasadam was ready, and everything was ready, very happy. And he was very ordinary boy, working in one of the cow centers. And even then, anybody tells him to get something, he will get it. I don’t know from where he could arrange. Bhakti gives you everything. And Bhakti is not new to us. From since generations we are in this process. And because of that we have unflinching faith in it. And then you go further in this verse, and he says, harav abhaktasya kuto mahad-guna, if you are abhakta, if you are a non-devotee, kuto mahad-guna, from where are you going to get good qualities. And that is what public at large we see. Because they are misdirected, not to believe in the Lord, or there is nothing like it, so they are miserable in condition. And there are no good qualities at all. They will cheat each other. They will kill each other, everything they can do. Our population is peaceful, why, because they have the connection with Krishna, and many times we have to suffer for that. But we don’t mind, because, suffering or enjoyment is very temporary here. At the most what will happen is we will be killed, that’s all, nothing more than that. harav abhaktasya kuto mahad-guna, they cannot have any good quality, and, this was Pralamba. Pralamba did not have any good quality. And that’s why he decided on his own strength, he can kill Krishna and Balram. Proud…the demoniac quality is there, full of pride. They think they are all in all, everybody is a scratch.

Story: The proud brahmana and the humble cobbler.

There was one village you know, and in that village, there was very nice Brahmana, he was able to recite all the Vedas and all the Karma-kandi things were going on. And there was a humble cobbler, you know. He was just mending the shoes and trying to earn a living. And he was quite nice devotee. Brahman also claimed that he is also devotee, because already he knows Vedas, he knows everything. So he was very proud of himself. So one day Narada muni walked through the village. Narada muni was chanting.

He said “I am going to see Krishna. Now, I am going to see Krishna, if you have any message please tell me.”

So the Brahmana walked to Narada muni. He said, “Are you going to see your Krishna?”

“’Your’ Krishna” he said.

“Yes, I am going to see the Lord tomorrow”, (Narada) Muni said, “Any message to give?”

“Yes, ask your Krishna, when am I going to be liberated.”

He was arrogant, you know, completely 

Narada muni said, “Alright, I’ll pass on your message”

“No, not only pass on, but tell me what the answer is when you come back.”

“Alright, I’ll do it.” (said Narada muni)

Then he walked and he happened to pass over cobbler you know. So, cobbler saw that he is going to see Krishna tomorrow.

“Are you going to meet our Lord”, he said.

“Yes, yes, you have any message?”

He was very scared you know, but he asked somehow or the other. He said, “Please, on my behalf, just ask Krishna, is there any chance that I’ll be liberated?”

Takes time. Because he knew, that he will not be liberated.

“And please let me know when you come back, and how is the Lord and everything, I want to know.”

So Narada muni went. Narada muni went to see Krishna. Krishna was enjoying his own pastime.

Narada muni said, “I have two messages from one village, you know.”

He said, “What is that?”

One nice Brahmana, he knows all the Vedas, he is very learned, he has everything, and he has asked you, whether there is any chance of liberation. When is he going to be liberated? Because he is sure that he will be liberated.”

So, Krishna said, “After 100 lives he will be liberated.”

Narada muni could not understand.

Narada muni said, “Krishna, are you in your senses? The man knows all the Vedas and he is very learned, and you say 100 lives? Why for 100 lives?”

He said, “Narada, you will not understand.”

“There is another message from cobbler, he all the time mends the shoes, and he has also asked you, is there any chance of his liberation.”

“Go and tell him that he will be liberated this live.”

Narada muni was completely upset with Krishna. He said, “Definitely Krishna, you are mad now. Excuse me but you don’t have any capacity to …”, he said, “the man who doesn’t chant, do just does his work, and how can he be liberated this life? I don’t see your point at all.”

He said, “Narada, you do one thing. When you go down to the earth planet, they will ask you what is my message, so tell them, both of them, that ‘I was very busy’, so they will ask you ‘what I was busy in’, so tell them that ‘I was passing the elephant through the needle hole’ and then you will learn what I am telling.”

So Narada muni said, “This is strange again, but Krishna you know what you are doing, so I’ll pass your message.”

Somehow or other Narada muni came back, chanting again, through the village. That Brahmin was standing there.

“Did you meet your Krishna?”

“Yes, I met the Lord”, he said.

“So what was His answer?”

“Lord was very busy you know.”

“He doesn’t do anything, what was he busy in?” he said.

“He was passing elephant through the needle hole.”

“Rascal number one, fool, has he any sense? Such a big elephant cannot be passed through the needle hole. Even a child can know this. Your Krishna does not know even this much?”

Narada muni understood that this one is completely faithless, so Krishna was correct that he will require hundred times [lives to be liberated]

Then he went to cobbler. The cobbler was afraid to ask, because he knew he is not going to be liberated.

So cobbler said, “Did you see the Lord?”

“Yes, I saw”

“O, so, how is the Lord, he is alright? Everything was alright? What did you see? What was he doing?”

He said, “He was passing elephant through the needle hole.”

“O”, he said, “For our Lord nothing is impossible.”

And he was sitting under the banyan