SB Saptah Day 8C - The Three Doors to Hell

Verse Number
BG 16.21

namo om vishnu padāya kṛṣṇa presthāya bhutale srimate mahavishnu goswami iti nāmine
namah om vishnu padāya k
ṛṣṇa presthāya bhutale srimate bhaktivedānta swami iti nāmine 
namaste sārarswati deve gaura vāni prachārine nirvishesha shunyavādi pāshyataya desha tārine

jai sri kṛṣṇa caitanya prabhu nityananda
sri advaita gadadhar srivasadi gaura bhakta vrnda

Hare Kṛṣṇa Hare Kṛṣṇa Kṛṣṇa Kṛṣṇa Kṛṣṇa Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

The following is the last part of the last day of Bhagavata Saptah given by His Divine Holiness Srila Mahavishnu Gosvami Maharaj recorded on October 6th, 2001 in Sydney Australia.

So that’s why in Bhagavad Gita it is very clearly mentioned that these three things are the door to the hell, you know. What is [it]? tri-vidha narakasyeda
dvāra nāśanam ātmana (BG16.21)  
They will completely destroy your spiritual progress and kāma krodhas tathā lobhas, kāma  krodha and  lobha these will completely destroy you. tasmād etat traya tyajet - You please leave this. But Jambavan was very angry. So Krishna was standing before him. His Lord Rama was standing before him and he couldn’t recognize. He started fighting with Him. He said, “I can defeat Him and send Him away.” So he started fighting with the gadas you know, clubs they had both. And with the club they fought. Eventually the fight was so very powerful that during night also, they were fighting. For 28 days they continued to fight. The gada, the clubs, were broken then they started fighting with the trees. Eventually the forest was without the trees. Then started fighting with the fist, and this went on for 28 days. And at the end of the fight, because of the strong fist of Krishna, this one was appearing very weak. So he thought that “I should not be defeated unless Lord Rama is there.” And then he could come into his senses. That’s “Oh my Lord, you are my Rama is it.” And he recognized Him. Then Krishna told him frankly why He has come. He said that “Satrājit is blaspheming Me and I want the jewel to show him that I did not take the jewel and I did not kill his brother.” So Jambavan was very pleased and he thought over. So in the end, in the cave, in that cave in the forest, Krishna was given the jewel. And not only the jewel, but Jambavati, and married Jambavati was married to Krishna. And this is how she became the queen. And this outside the cave for 28 days they couldn’t stay there. They stayed there, the citizens of Dwarka they stayed there four days, and they went back to Dwarka. And they thought that Krishna is dead. Nobody recognized Krishna you know, as the Supreme Authority. So what happened that they were all cursing Satrājit that because of you Krishna is gone. And Krishna is finished. See the obnoxious effects of the excessive wealth -how it is creating trouble with the Lord, you know, with Krishna it creates so much trouble. How much more trouble it may create with us? Very instructive pastime. And Prabhupada is at his best to describe this in his Krishna book.

Then what happened that Satrājit felt completely cursed that because you cursed Krishna, blasphemed Krishna, Krishna went to find out. And you are, now you are the cause of His death. Satrājit, Satrājit didn’t know how to, what to do and what. In the meantime after 28 days, Krishna came back with the jewel and Jambavati. So people were very happy that eventually Krishna is all right and He has got the jewel also. So He called all Dwarkavasis to come into a conference. And then He related the truth: that this is the truth; and you are, Satrājit, was unnecessarily blaspheming me, I didn’t do anything. But this is how, these are the events. And this is how the jewel was gone and I have brought the jewel back. So Satrājit, also was there in that meeting. So He gave the jewel to Satrājit. Satrājit thanked Him and he was very ashamed you know for blaspheming Krishna. But he was so very greedy even now that he - he didn’t show any sign of handing over the jewel back to Krishna. The greed, excessive greed, and excessive greed also destroys us completely. That’s why it is said that when we take up to the spiritual life and particularly when we head the spiritual institution, we must not show these inebrieties, otherwise our institutions are going down that way. And this way, Krishna was very clear about this that He didn’t do anything. And Krishna was very happy to return because He knew that this one is greedy and He will never leave jewel with me. So it’s better to give him back. Then, Satrājit was very morose. He didn’t know really what to do. He went back with the jewel to the house. Eventually he decided that he will return the jewel to Krishna. And again he had a nice daughter, Satyabhama. He wanted to give Satyabhama also to Krishna. So the marriage will be performed. So this is how Krishna married Satyabhama. She is the queen, second to Rukmini. So the marriage was performed. And He gave the jewel also to Krishna. Krishna accepted Satyabhama and gave the jewel back again. And he was very happy that Krishna is very generous- He does not want to keep jewel. He said to Krishna that because you don’t want to keep that’s why I am keeping. Frankly speaking it was otherwise. But this is how we cheat Krishna also many times- that we want to keep our things. And that’s why it is very nicely said that Krishna doesn’t see what you give; but He, He knows what you keep. So as soon as this happened, again the series of troubles. As soon as the wealth is there. Kali-yuga is seated. jāta-rūpam jāta-rūpam adāt prabhu  (SB 1.17.39)…That is the verdict of Bhagavatam and Bhagavatam can never be wrong. Every syllable is more than correct. And that’s why this scripture is worshipped, as you are worshipping Krishna. Even now (the) when the recitation of the scripture goes on, people may understand or may not understand, but they will definitely attend. And not only that, but from the house this scripture will be carried by a suhasani on a red. And suhasani means, the lady whose husband is alive and children, not a single child is dead. All the children are alive, husband is alive that is known as suhasini. So she will carry and everybody will carry from her, who are of….[break]

….knowledge…They are only up to this body. You are alive till that your designations are there. Maybe you are the president of America; but if he is dead, then nobody will call him president. It is only till he is alive, he is known as president. All the material designations, material possessions are limited to our body. Only the devotional service goes on with you. And the thing which accompanies us after death, unfortunately we don’t have time to. And things which don’t come with us, day and night we are entangled into it. And this is special mercy of Prabhupada that he showed you that please you go on with your material things; but you be conscious that these things are only up to a certain limit up to death, and after death only harinama will accompany you otherwise nothing will accompany you. This instruction nobody gave. Nobody was very clear in terms and nobody showed us that how our life should be dedicated. Only Prabhupada showed us the practical side of those highest spiritual principles. He gave us the topmost spiritual principles and he showed us that how those principles could be very nicely followed in our own day to day life. Nobody has done so far and in future also, those who want to dedicate their lives they’ll be completely misdirected if they go away from Prabhupada. Prabhuapda was genuine in showing all these things. And he was very particular about these things. That’s why in his own presence, because of the dedication of these foreign students, foreign devotees, he could open 100 centers. And he was not managing. He was always requesting…that, please, relieve me from this management. It’ll come in my way of Bhagavatam. I want to translate Bhagavatam. So it was his job. Again he didn’t miss his own goal. He was not attracted to be a temple president or temple treasurer or whatever no, no material desire…now once we enter into these buildings, we don’t want to leave. I want to occupy the best room. I want to occupy this. I want to occupy that or that. And that is our attachment again. We may leave the attachment materially  and then again we create attachment. Prabhupada was completely transcendental to all these things and that’s why he could translate this very nice scripture for us in easy language. Frankly speaking, we don’t read his books. He talks with us in his books. And once you touch these books, for us everything else becomes tasteless. There is no taste in it then.  For our own survival, we have to be very particular about the material education. Don’t be careless, please. But convert your material education into the devotional service and know that Krishna is giving you the intelligence and whatever you are earning or whatever it, it belongs to Krishna. So this is the consciousness we create. And this is Prabhupada’s mercy. And this way ,we are very comfortable with Krishna. with all the wealth at our disposal. No inebrieties at all.

But Satrājit was not a devotee. And he was only greedy! That’s why this example is very nice for us to learn so many lessons out of this pastime. And it is truth. And that’s why remnants of the tunnel are still there. It’s not a concocted story. There is no concoction. That’s why kṛṣṇa — sūrya-sama; māyā haya andhakāra
yāhā kṛṣṇa, tāhā nāhi māyāra adhikāra (CC Madhya 22.31).  Concoction doesn’t survive as soon as Krishna’s name is there. You know you can remember one example, that we may inform here that we are flying on certain date and we’ll be at Sydney airport at this time. And in this statement, we have four defects. One, I am completely mistaken; because I can’t fly unless I am alive. And I am alive because Krishna wants. If Krishna helps me to be alive, then I may be able to come. The second thing... Second mistake I have committed is I am illusioned. I am not able to come and I have told him that I am coming. This is it. Third is, I have completely misdirected him to believe that I am coming. I can’t come unless Krishna helps me. And the fourth one is I have cheated him by telling lies. This cheating, committing mistakes, illusion and imperfect senses, all defects are present in this statement. But suppose you change the statement that “Krishna willing, I am flying in at this time. And Krishna willing we’ll meet.” As soon as you add Krishna, all these defects vanish. This is the way. 
So from our wealth also, the inebrieties vanish as soon as Krishna is added to it. Without Krishna we become Satrājit. And we have to undergo all the punishments of having excessive wealth and this is how Satrājit did not surrender it to Krishna and that’s why he had to suffer more. And we’ll see that. That as soon as Satrājit just tried this and he took the jewel back. So he took it home now. This time he didn’t keep it in the temple. He thought that somebody will again take it away. So he took it home. And it so happened by Krishna’s arrangement, that in Hastinapura, Pandavas were sent to that lac house for a change of air. Dhritarastra told them that you are very tired, so please have some holiday. And special house is prepared for you. He was cunning to tell Pandavas. Pandavas obeyed and went. Because of Vidura’s mercy, Pandavas knew truth.

And Vidura helped them there, also, sending one miner to dig the tunnel through their house. It was decided that as soon as Pandavas settle in that house, it should be set on fire and because lac was used everywhere, so highly combustible you know. And   he was definite that Kunti and five Pandavas will definitely die. So this was known to Pandavas. And the tunnel was dug. As soon as tunnel was ready- to escape, Bhima set fire to the house and it was unexpected that’s why the architect who had prepared the house and he knew the plan how to destroy Pandavas, he was also killed. And it so happened that during the previous night,there was a party in the house. And so one lady with five children had come to attend the party and she was there still in the house. So she was dead, her five children were dead. So people thought that six bodies are there, one lady’s body is there. So Pandavas are burnt. And Dhrtarastra was very happy, but to show the public he declared the mourning period and he was crying really. Inside he was very happy because his plan was successful. And his children now, even Duryodhana, will be eternally  can be King you know. So when this message was conveyed to Krishna by Akrūra, so Krishna and Balarama decided that they should go to Hastinapura to console Gandhari, Bhisma and etc. So Krishna was busy going to Hastinapura.

As soon as He left, there was Śatadhanvā in Dwarka. This  Satrājit had a bad habit. Satyabhama was a very beautiful girl. So he was promising everybody that “I’ll marry you. I’ll marry my daughter to you.” So he had promised this Śatadhanvā also that he’ll marry Satyabhama and eventually she was married to Krishna. So Śatadhanvā was his enemy. So Śatadhanvā, Akrūra and Ktavarmā these three came together. And this Ktavarmā and Śatadhanvā they really convinced Śatadhanvā to go and take the jewel and if there is any resistance, kill Satrājit you know. Conspiracy was there. Akrūra was joined in to the conspiracy because of the curse of the vrajavasis. And  this Ktavarmā was a very good devotee, but he had a bad association of Kamsa so he was also drawn into this.

Then eventually Śatadhanvā was the biggest fool ,so he went, being greedy, to get the jewel. And that time Satyabhama was also in the house of Satrājit. And at night when he came into the house he was killing Satrājit for the jewel. So Satyabhama and his mother, her mother they requested him not to kill Satrājit. He said no, no now I must finish him and Satrājit was murdered there. And then somehow or the other Satyabhama preserved his body, his dead body and went to Hastinapura to convey the message to Krishna that your father-in-law is dead. Krishna knew. It was His arrangement. But when Satyabhama released this message to Him, He was crying. Krishna cried. “What happened it’s a very bad thing How can Śatadhanvā kill my father-in-law." So they eventually, Krishna and Satyabhama prepared to come back to Dwarka. So when this Śatadhanvā heard that Krishna is coming, he was very scared. So he went running, running to his fellow conspirators. First he went to Ktavarmā, now Krishna is coming, I must run away from Him. Here otherwise He will kill me. He had an idea actually how powerful Krishna is. So Ktavarmā said, “See, I cannot help you really regarding this. I know His power, and eventually He will kill me otherwise. So you please do something else. And you go away, if you want to go; but don’t leave the jewel with me.” Then he went to Akrūra and Akrūra said, “See, I know the power of Krishna and Balarama. So I am not coming now.” But somehow or other he convinced Akrūra to keep the jewel. And then he went running in the fast chariot. And went running, running, running. Krishna and Balarama came and immediately they decided that we must find out Śatadhanvā, for he must be running with the jewel. Krishna knew everything but it’s just the pastime. So they also ran after him. Eventually they caught Śatadhanvā. So when his chariot broke in the way, so he started running on foot. Krishna also left His chariot and Balarama went with Krishna. They started running. Eventually he was captured. And as soon as he was captured, Krishna killed him alone and tried to search the jewel. He couldn’t find the jewel there. So He came back to Balarama. He said, “Balarama, we have unnecessarily killed this Śatadhanvā because he is not carrying the jewel.”  So Balarama said that the jewel might be with somebody in Dwarka then. And this created doubt in the mind of Balarama about Krishna. See this is the effect. Even the brother doubts another brother. And Balarama knew His brother is very powerful and honest, but even then the flick of doubt was there in His mind. So He  said, “Now Krishna, I am tired about this business, so You please, You go and I am very near to Janak Maharaja’s city, Mithila. So I will be his guest now for some time and I will take rest here. So, You please go now. And You search out and do whatever You think proper.”

So Balarama, because He was doubtful, He did not accompany Krishna. So Krishna understood all these thing; but it was a lesson for us that little wealth here and there, some land, something, is just a source of all misunderstanding and quarrel. In between Krishna and Balarama also that was the position.

So eventually Krishna went back; and He relayed the message to Satyabhama that Śatadhanvā is killed, but He could not find the jewel. So in the meantime, Ktavarmā and Akrūra also heard that Krishna is coming back, and naturally He didn’t find the jewel because jewel was with Akrūra. So Akrūra and Ktavarmā also fled. So Krishna knew eventually that they are gone. But then somehow or the other He invited Akrūra back. And Akrūra being very nice devotee, He was not very cruel with him. In the miserable condition, also, Krishna is very kind to the devotees. So eventually He explained to Akrūra that please, now My relatives, don’t believe that I don’t have the jewel and jewel is definitely with me. So I want to clear My name. So, please you, I don’t want jewel from you. You keep the jewel, but you just bring it and show it in this assembly, that you have the jewel and My name will be clear. And this is how Akrūra brought the jewel and showed and Krishna gave him back. Krishna didn’t mind Akrūra keeping the jewel and this is how this pastime is over. But it shows that too much of excessive possessions in the material world always bring the risk with them. And in order to avoid these risks, we have to utilize it for Krishna, Krishna’s service.

As it is as I told you, that if the wealth is not spent- for our own use, that is known as bhoga, or in charity, it is bound to be destroyed. And we are seeing now so much currency fluctuations are there at the moment on the planet. Not only that, but the whole economy is crumbling down.  And in this, we don’t know whether the banks will return our money or not. We are in that position now, very risky position. Somehow or the other, minimum amount has got to be kept we are all grhastha. For emergency we must have something. But excessive wealth please, try to utilize in the best way you think it proper. Hare Krishna.

(Maharaj sings lovingly and devotees repeat)

Hare Kṛṣṇa Hare Kṛṣṇa Kṛṣṇa Kṛṣṇa Kṛṣṇa Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Hari se badaa Hari ka naam
Prabhu se bada Prabhu ka naam

Ant mein nikala yeha parinaam
Sumiro naam rupa bina dekhe (2)

Kaudi na lage dhaam
Naam ke bandhe khichayenge (2)
Aakhir ek din Shyam

Droupadi ne jab naam pukara
Jhat aa gaye ghansyam,

Saadee khechata aaraa dushasana
Saadee Badayee Shyam

Hari se bada Hari ka naam
Prabhu se bada Prabhu ka naam

Ant mein nikala ye parinaam
Jal dubata Gajraja pukaro
Aaye aadhe naam

Naami ko chinta rahti hai 
Naam na ho badnaam

Hari se bada Hari ka naam ....
Jis saagar ko langh sake naa
Bina pull ke Raam

Kuud Gaye Hanumaan usi ko
Leke Hari Kaa Naam

Hari se bara Hari ka naam....

Wo dil waale duub jayeinge
Jinme nahin hai naam

Wo pathar bhi tar jaayenge 
Jinpar likhaa raam ka naam

Hari se bara Hari ka naam....

Jai, Jai Srila Prabhupada ki jay.

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Hope to see you again sometime.  We must stop here.