Regulated Life Gives Experience of Krishna

Srimad Bhagavatam

This is a class given by our beloved spiritual master HH Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj on Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 2 Chapter 8 verse 4 in Rajkot on 05-Dec-2008

Maharaj: Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya (3 times) (Devotees repeat with Maharaj)

Srimad Bhagavatam  2.8.4

shrnvatah shraddhayaa nityam / grnatash ca sva ceshthitam
kaalena naatidirghena / bhagavaan vishate hrdi

"Persons who hear Srimad Bhagavatam regularly and are always taking the matter very seriously will have the Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna manifested in their hearts within a short time."

It’s very easy you know. vishate, you know, vishate – what is the equivalence for vishate? Becomes manifest, this becomes manifest, He is there already. Do you follow me? That is the speciality of Prabhapada’s equivalents. He gives correct idea you know. He was always telling that, “please let me have solitude, so I have to meditate on each word.” This is his meditation. Otherwise vishate means, “to enter”. But here he doesn’t give that meaning. He gives appropriate meaning. Manifest. So manifestation means, “He is already there.” “Sometimes He manifests, sometimes, unmanifests.” So this gives us the idea that the soul and Supersoul always exist in our heart. But only when the covering of the modes of material nature, vanishes and our life becomes pure. Most pure, you know. 100 % we cannot be, because we are body. But it should be purest. If it is pure, then Bhagavan manifests. He is already there. But then we can see Him. The only thing is we have to be away from the modes.

Sevananda Prabhuji: Becomes manifest means that we can see him?

Maharaj: Manifest means, you can feel Him. Seeing with these eyes, unseen by eyes and personified by sound. So we can always feel. The thing is, now we are sitting, discussing about Him. So we are feeling Him. The other people, they don’t have time to feel Krishna. And they think that, “He is not there.” But you don’t have sufficient time, sufficient set up of your body to feel the transcendence. And Prabhupada’s mercy, he has given us 4.30 mangala arati, then he has given us chanting, some seva, everything he has given us. So, it’s all the way we are feeling. Otherwise who will do? One day we may get up at 4.30. Next day we will sleep. But day in and day out, we continue.  Because, there is something. In all over the world it is going on. So we may be mad. But the whole world is not mad. There is something there, which wakes us up at 4.30, and may be because of the bodily difficulties or whatever, we may try to lie down. But then we are not really lying down. The thing is, to feel Krishna, we must have some peaceful time. And formerly, when the kings were in charge, so one family was in charge. So they were looking at their each individual, in their territory, should be given freedom, to follow his own version. ………..So everybody had ample opportunity to follow the path they choose. So many paths you know, leading to the same thing. But the main thing was, nobody, nobody really dislike the prayers, everywhere. In mosques also, there are prayers. In churches also, there are prayers. Temples, no doubt. Then again sangas are there. Associations are there. Namahat programs are there. Everywhere the prayers are there. Prayers everybody follows. So that is the unity, isn’t it? Nobody is exception to this. That is bhagavatam. And they - shrnvatah shraddhayaa nityam - Everytime they hear somebody there. sermon is there something. They are hearing. shraddhaya – with faith. See them, with faith they hear. And as soon as they hear, what happens that once we hear, grnatash ca sva ceshthitam -  What is the equivalence for grnatash?

Sevananda Prabhuji: Always taking the matter seriously.  sva ceshthitam means seriously.

Maharaj: Always taking the matter seriously.

Sevananda Prabhuji: Always taking the matter. sva ceshthitam is seriously.

Maharaj: Taking the matter. Matter means regarding Krishna, seriously, sva ceshtitam means with our own endeavor. Then we go to the verse. We go to Bhagavad gita, we go to, but we hear first. Somebody is quoting from Bhagavad gita. Somebody quoting may be from Bhagavatam. That is our preaching. We don’t preach out of the loop you know. Always we are with the shastras. So this, particularly this process, Prabhupada very genuinely propagated you know. How he knew that we should have to feel about Him. So he gave us daily Bhagavatam class, daily mangala arthi. So unknowingly we are feeling. Somebody may turn up for mangala arati one day. But he will never forget. He says, “I came for mangala arati that day, that was beautiful you know.” So they are awestruck. Because in mangala arati, He is with all his opulences ready. (laughter). During the day time, He is idle. But in mangala arati, He is ready.  Because that is the time you know. And that is our ……... sva ceshthitam. With our own endeavours, we try to have the temple life in our house also. It doesn’t matter. There may not be any temple as we have. There is no temple.  So your house becomes temple. Because we are feeling Him. Wherever you feel Him, is His temple.

Here people, why they come here? Because they feel Him. They look at the deities and they feel Him. And at least that time, they are peaceful. Till they have darshan, that time they are peaceful.  So they say, “oh, This is nice…. (laughter). It is not that they are feeling. As soon as you see,

Sevananda Prabhuji: yat kirtanam yat smaranam yad ikshanam

Maharaj: yat kirtanam yat smaranam yad ikshanam, ikshanam – they are seeing Him. So even seeing also, is feeling Him. And that’s why, some image of Krishna must be in front of us. Otherwise we become impersonal. And impersonalism is a suicide in the spiritual matters. Because then they say that you concentrate on a dot, that is meditation centres, big dot, they have. So their murti is dot. (laughter). They have to have some murti. So that is dot. Why dot? You have nice face, you have Krishna’s face. So why to put dot there?

Devotee: Muslims, Maharaj, they also don’t do meditation?

Maharaj: No. They just meditate…

Devotee: How can they do?

Maharaj: No.

Devotee: They cannot think of nothing.

Maharaj: No. They can think about nothing. So what is the prayer about? Arey man, you are praying, there must be somebody whom you are praying. He goes without seeing.

Sevananda Prabhuji: Muslims, turn towards the mosque while praying?

Maharaj: No. Mosque is there. But there is nothing in the mosque. I was very curious when I was young. I thought that so many people go and pray there. And the mosque must be very beautiful. So once or twice, we went into the mosque. And there was only wall there.

Tejasvi Prabhuji: Painting, something, nothing?

Maharaj: Nothing, really nothing. They have nothing. And they just stand like that and pray. I don’t know really.

Tejasvi Prabhuji: What do they meditate? Allah? Allah has ears and eyes. Because in Quraan it is written. But they don’t know the form. They think if you imagine the form of the Lord, it is sin.

Maharaj: I don’t know. Some misguidance is there.

Sevananda Prabhuji:  Krishna is not imaginative. We can’t imagine. We know that Bhagavatam describes Him.

Maharaj: No. No. The higher sources have seen Krishna. Narad has seen Krishna. So according to his description and no no. But since last immemorial time, we don’t have any calculation. Since before millions and billions of years these murtis are coming on. So how can it continue like that for a long time, if there is nothing.

Sevananda Prabhuji: In a way Maharaj, the Muslims are correct, because niruktam  (SB 6.4.29) yad yan niruktam vacasaa nirupitam - niruptam………nirupitam, they don’t know. They cannot imagine. Unless they come to Krishna, they..

Maharaj: No. What happens, murtis also they have their own inebrieties. Because Krishna’s murtis are quiet nice. Everywhere Krishna temples are there.  Here so many temples also there. But the thing is, that other murtis are also there. Then one Sai baba stands. His murti comes, or some goddess is there. Durga….. So  we don’t know really. What murti we have to worship? This is again ignorance. So the Prabhupad like saint must be there always to guide us. He points us to one thing only. ekam jnaanam parigiyate. This is missing. So they hate murtis. Because they are saying that oh, whom to worship?  Shiva? Whom to worship? This nandi? Or whom to worship is the big problem. My case was also like that. I was born Vaishnava. We were following Krishna consciousness. We had in our house 22 laljis..22 gopals, laddu gopals. The whole line was there. (laughter). And we will tease our mother, I said, “really if your lalji, if He eats food, tomorrow you will not offer to Him anything.” (laughter). She was not able to explain. But she was forcing us to offer. One day my father got a new dhoti for me. So I was very happy. So I went to my mother to show that, thinking that she will be pleased. So I went to mother and said, “see I got a nice dhoti.” She said, “go and offer. I was really angry with her. I thought that only the prasad could be offered to Krishna, not anything else.  So I told, what your laddu gopal has to do with my dhoti?”(laughter). She said, “if you don’t offer, don’t come for prasadam here.”(laughter). So I just went and closed my eyes. That’s it. This is how they had faith. But explanation was not… there.

And our kali yuga mind always was doubting. Always was doubting. Blind faith was not there. But this Prabhupad knew this that kaliyuga is reaching ahead. So we people want explanations.  And that’s why day and night, he has written this. And we have to take advantage of this thing, to dissipate the ignorance. How long we are going to grapple into darkness? And Why? Then these things are available. So far, before Prabhupad, the knowledge was there. Either nobody understood, or if they understood, they didn’t want to propagate. That they had own interest. Saptaahas and this and that. They might be knowing something. But even then, they were also impersonalists. They were not personalists. Because when Krishna’s murti is in front of us, we don’t have to worry about any other thing. That is Prabhupada’s way. That murti is there. You please come, sit, concentrate and chant His name. And then again Bhagavatam says that as soon as the devotional service starts, then bhakti pareshaanubhava viraktir, these 3 things go together. Bhakti, you are starting devotional service, then with that now, we are having a class. So with this, we are experiencing Krishna. So pareshaanubhav. pareshaa means Supreme truth, anubhav, we are experiencing Him. And the third thing is because we are interested in Krishna, we have virakti, we have detachment. We are not watching television, and we don’t like to. Even if television is there, we tell, “No. first we have to read bhagavatam. Then will see.” Or these nonsensical things, we are not interested in, thinking that they are impermanent.

The same time, we have our children, we have our enjoyment, but it is regulated enjoyment. So regulated life, will give you Krishna’s presence. Irregulated life will destroy you. Irregulated. Prabhupad writes that there is no reason for any sickness. Only one reason, your life is irregulated. There is no regulation into it. Man, the school is going on. At 7.30 they come daily. So this is the regulation. So if they come 7.30, then school will be alright. And it is running on, on a time scale. So it is just quiet alright. But suppose tomorrow somebody comes at 8 o’clock, somebody come 9 o’clock, somebody 10 o’clock, how, how, how it will be? It can’t continue like that. This is the regulation.

And in life also, it should be regulated. vidheyatma regulated life will give you the anubhav, the experience of Krishna. Because we are regularly getting up at 4 o'clock, getting up at 4 o'clock, trying to remember Him, trying to chant few rounds. That is anubhav.  And grnatash ca sva ceshthitam, we make our endeavour. Why should he come all the way from Trivandrum to here? Because he was in search of it. Otherwise our existence has no meaning at all. Please and then again sva ceshthitam, you know sva ceshthitam - on our own endeavor, we have to try very hard. Unless there are endeavours, you don't get it. Man, you have to buy the marble, you have to compete with the others, you have to display it, You have to this, that, that. So much endeavour is there just to sell that one piece of stone (laughter). So how much more endeavour you require. In comparison to this, that endeavour is nothing really. At least there is something to show. And then haphazard you cannot do. You cannot keep the stone in your hand and show. No. You have to have some showroom. You told yesterday that you have to have showroom. And they have to see how the toilet looks. (laughter). And that is the show you know. Toilet is there, but they can't sit on it (laughter). In a showroom if we start using the toilet, we will not be able to enter into it (laughter). That's why it is known as show, show, showroom. (laughter).

See these things are required for the material endeavours. So how much more, we need this. That's why Prabhupad said, that please out of 24 hours just steal half an hour for you. He only asks for half an hour, and read one sloka and one purport and meditate on the points. That is enough to correct you. And half an hour we can steal. Then what happens that in our houses, particularly in India, in Bombay the flats are very small, we don't have any any place where you can sit, So many people are there, children are there, then cooking is going on and so many things are going on. So what I tell others is that, “please find out some corner somewhere and concentrate for half an hour, one hour, half an hour. That will really fulfill all your desires.” And this one boy tried this, daily he was chanting you know. Somehow are the other he was chanting, may not be 16 malas, but something. So because he was chanting, he got married, he got settled, everything, now marriage is there, he forgot everything (laughter). This is how we do, as soon as our desires are fulfilled, we forget. We go. My work is over. You look to somebody else (laughter). This is how. Please don't be ungrateful. We have to be grateful. And that is the meaning of this.

Read the equivalents.

śṛṇvataḥ — of those who hear; śraddhayā — in earnestness; nityam — regularly, always; gṛṇataḥ — taking the matter; ca — also; sva-ceṣṭitam — seriously by one’s own endeavor; kālena — duration; na — not; ati-dīrgheṇa — very prolonged time; bhagavān — the Personality of Godhead Srī Krishna; viśate — becomes manifest; hṛdi — within one’s heart.

Read the translation. “Persons who hear Srimad Bhagavatam regularly and are always taking the matter very seriously will have the Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna manifested in their hearts within a short time.”


Very good. Learn the translation by heart. Kamal, learn Kamal learn, phrase by phrase you should learn. ☺

(What are you bringing, kichdi? Bring a bottle of water.)

Maharaj: Persons who hear Srimad Bhagavatam regularly. - This regularly is very important, Who hears Srimad Bhagavatam regularly and are always taking the matter very seriously will have the Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna manifests in their hearts within a short time. See, very easy.

Murli Prabhuji: Yes.

Maharaj: It’s one sentence only. Few phrases here and there. The hearing is very important, and then taking the matter seriously. Then definitely we will have Personality of Godhead manifested in their hearts within a short time. This again what happens that we are very impatient. So you may read Bhagavatam you know.

Murli Prabhuji: Yes, that is true.

Maharaj: Really,  Krishna is there? (laughter). You bring your mind. As soon as the mind is there, He vanishes. So you should not worry about that. “I am reading Bhagavatam. Is Krishna there in our heart?” Otherwise we become sahajiya. “I am reading Bhagavatam, Krishna is here,(laughter).” And there are so many shows of this you know. They cry and they, oh, so many things, they dance and they (laughter) oh god. Please avoid these things. We should not be victimized by this outward show. Krishna is not meant for showing. Krishna is meant for realizing. He is only realized, in the sense, as soon as we are with Krishna, our dealings become very clear.

And particularly money matters. Money matters should be dealt in very clearly. Our account should be like a mirror. Otherwise there is a doubt. And doubt kills you. Doubts spoil the relationship. So that is the first thing to be cleared. Then our borrowing and lending should be very clear. The best rule is don't borrow and don't lend. I like Quraan, it is saying that, “you don't borrow and don't lend.” That is best. No worry at all. But suppose in this material world, now you have to borrow. You want to buy a house means, the loan must be there. You can't meet. Otherwise you will never have house. So if you borrow then, you please repay as soon as possible. Then there must be one rule we follow, according to Bhagavatam, that whoever we have to pay, somebody owes us something, then we should pay it immediately. And we may, somebody may owe us, so take it very slowly. Do you follow me? There in you have to be patient. He may not have, he may tell you that, “I will pay you after 2 months, or 3 months.” Just tell him that, “Please keep in mind and pay me as soon as possible. I am in need. That’s it.” More than that, we should not do.

Sevananda Prabhuji: But nowadays people don’t pay back Maharaj?

Maharaj: No, they don’t pay. When I was a grhastha, people were demanding from me also. I was in London. So I had a bit of money. So they were demanding. So what I do, that suppose if they demand 10000 Rs, so i told them that 10000 rupees, and they say that, ‘i will repay you’, they told me that, ‘i will repay you.’ And never, never. They can’t repay.  So what happened that once one lady, she was related to me and she was really in difficulty, so unless she finds out 3 lakhs of rupees, she will not be saved. To that extent she was in difficulty. And 3 lakhs of rupees that time, it was a horrible amount. But I saw that the difficulty is genuine. So I gave her 3 lakhs rupees. It was out of my capacity also. Because my whole family was cursing me. But i told i want to save her. Otherwise, she will be, her job will be gone and she will be destroyed for the whole life time. So and she promised me to give back. But hardly she gave back one and half lakh and that's it. She couldn't return at all. But i had to forgo something. But even then, i didn't mind. To that extent we worry about others. But otherwise if the situation, is not that urgent, then what i used to do that suppose some, somebody asks 10,000 rupees, i will give him 2000 rupees and i told him that, “this is yours, don't pay me back.” (laughter).

Murli Prabhuji: At least we do not think of it. We are free.

Maharaj:  (laughter) So, so many people I gave that way. That I gave whatever I could and I told them, “Please don't return back. They were happy.”  (laughter)

Sevananda Prabhuji: I have also many times, was cheated as you Maharaj. Literally i also was. I never said that them. But in the mind, I said to myself. They will say, “I will pay you back.”  “I know you will not pay. Right. Ok. Keep it.”

Maharaj: (laughter) Ok.  many times it happens, if the people are happy with the money, it is the very easy thing to make them happy. So we have plenty, we have may be more than enough, so we can make them happy. Because I was doing that. Since last 30 - 40 years I stopped everything. Otherwise it's all, because I was feeling that I also penniless. So I was in need of money. The same way people are in need of money in India. So I was bit generous here and there. But with all generosity, I didn’t lose anything. I have more, I have more I think. Even when I used to pay, I was never short of. So we feel. So paying is not bad, if you pay, somehow are the other it comes back. So this how, Krishna is reciprocating.  Because what happened was that, Prabhupada  was giving the example of this cloud you know. There are water laden cloud you know, black. They can't take any more water, because they are full of water. But if they drop the water, in the form of rain, again they can suck. So this is the process.  So you also have to drop something. Then you have something to come. (laughter).

Because somehow or the other, giving is always pleasing to us.  Renunciation is important. It is always pleasing. Without any expectation if you help anybody, it's a transcendence. It is really transcendental bliss that, “I have done something, they are happy, that's it.” So please whoever, wherever you find some unbearable difficulties, then you may not give money directly, at least give them bhoga. Atleast they will eat. You know, if you give them bananas, they are not going to sell the bananas and use money. They peel and eat. That’s it. So this is how, something we have to do. And wherever you see cows, please buy the green grass and give the cows.  So this is how we should behave. Whatever we have, bit of it goes somewhere. A percentage of it must go. Ideally half of it should go. But we will not be able to do. Our greed is there. So please nourish your greed. (laughter). And allow some percentage, allow some percentage.

And suppose you don't have anything, suppose you don't have anything, you have intelligence.  Use your intelligence for Krishna, you have labour, perform seva. That is also renunciation. Otherwise you could work outside and earn money. But you have renounced. So that is the greatest help to Krishna. The seva you know. Service is needed. And particularly this Prabhupad centers, they require so much service.  But here also, then we try to find our own ways. But please, the clean consciousness will take you to Krishna. As soon as you pollute your consciousness, you will be away from Krishna. That is the whole thing. Clean consciousness is good for us. Pollution is destructive. Pollution anywhere, it is destructive. Air is polluted, it is destructive. Water is polluted, it is destructive. Anything polluted, it is destructive. Your consciousness polluted, it is destructive. But clean thing, everything is healthy. Air, if it is clean, it is healthy. See this air, who gives this air? Nobody. We are discussing Bhagavatam, but it is not only Bhagavatam. We are having this pure oxygen. Where are we going to get? You go to the houses here or shops, it is a living death. For the whole day, they have to stop near the cars’ fumes. The shop keepers, it is surprising they don't die. Otherwise every evening, they should die. (laughter) So many fumes, we can’t stand at the road for few seconds. And people sit and relax. Yesterday we saw three bums were relaxing….  What are they doing? (laughter). They don't utilize their time, they don't utilize their body, and just, as if they are, what are they doing? This is how you know. I think we will go in the shade there? Ah, we ….… for a while we will continue, yes. Repeat the translation

Nayana priya Prabhuji: “Persons who hear Srimad Bhagavatam regularly, and are always taking the matter very seriously, will have the Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna, manifested in their hearts within a short time.”

Maharaj: Repeat. Sevananda repeat.

Sevananda Prabhuji: “Persons who hear Srimad Bhagavatam regularly, and are always taking the matter very seriously, will have the Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna, manifested in their hearts within a short time.”

Maharaj: Tejasvi repeat.

Tejasvi Prabhuji: “Persons who hear Srimad Bhagavatam regularly, and are always taking the matter very seriously, will have the Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna, manifested in their hearts within a short time.”

Maharaj: So our conclusion is that we should have Krishna manifested in our heart. So there are two things important. The first thing is, What is it ?

Sevananda Prabhuji: Regularly,

Maharaj: regularly, regularly you have to hear. And what is the other thing?

Sevananda Prabhuji: Taking the matter very seriously.

Maharaj: Many times what happens, we are so very engrossed with the material duties, that we don't pay any attention to this. Material things are going to go on. Now suppose we have some shops. Marbles - marble is already manufactured somewhere, you are buying all readymade, somebody transports it,  somebody brings it, somebody arranges, we are not doing really anything. Except collecting on money, that's it. That is your duty. But whoever does something for you, you have to give him something. So that is the only thing we do. So actually we are not doing anything. Actually we are not doing anything. So those who are lucky not to do anything, they should do this very seriously. I mean to say those lucky persons, who are always served by the labourers or whatever, they don't have to exert themselves too much. Why Krishna is doing that? Because Krishna wants you to exert yourself in these things. That's why you are given this position. Otherwise who knows you may be labourer in the shop. Why you are boss?  So Krishna has some purpose. That purpose please recognize. Otherwise the situation will change. It will not continue. If you don't utilize, it will change.

Prabhupada was giving example of the collector. Collector is given car, bungalow, so many workers, so much staff, everything, everything there, so much money, high salary, why ? Because he has to look for the district, responsible. Till he does his duty, everything is available. The day, he slackens his duty, some reports are gone, and he is sacked. The same thing applies to us also. That we are meant to go to Krishna. Otherwise why are you in comfortable situation? You maybe pauper in Trivandrum or Nepal or wherever. Why you are given this position? Why everything is ready for you? Who has the place to stay like this? Man, you go all over Rajkot, you will not find any place like this. Not a single room.  Gadadhar was telling, “When I was working, I could not get a room to rent, because his salary was 1500 rupees per month. Room cost is 2000 rupees per month. More than salary. I could not rent it. Now i am not working, and i have 27 rooms.” (laughter) One bathroom daily he is using, and even then after a month, he comes back to that. (laughter) How much and he is not working. He is serving. So till he serves, 27 bathrooms are with him. The day he slackens the service, he will be sent out to have one bathroom. And that too, very difficult. May be he has to stand in a line. Please this is our responsibility. We should be very clear about these things. And with this idea, we should be very serious taking the matter very seriously. Yes. Read the purport.

Sevananda Prabhuji:  Purport - “Cheap devotees or materialistic devotees of the lord are very much desirous to see the lord personally without meeting the requisite qualifications. Such third-grade devotees should know well that material attachment and seeing the lord face to face cannot go together.”

Maharaj: See..(laughter).

Sevananda Prabhuji: “It is not such a mechanical process that the professional bhagavatam reciters can do the job on behalf of the third-grade materialistic pseudo-devotee. The professional men are useless in this connection because they are neither self-realized nor interested in the liberation of the audience. (Maharaj laughs). They are simply interested in maintaining the material establishment of family attachment and earning some material benefits out of the profession.”

Maharaj: That’s it.

Sevananda Prabhuji: “Maharaja Parikshit had no more than seven days to live, but for others Maharaja Parikshit personally recommends that one hear Srimad-Bhagavatam regularly, nityam, always by one’s own effort and with serious devotion also. That will help one to see the Lord Sri Krishna manifested in one’s heart within no time. The pseudodevotee, however, is very anxious to see the Lord according to his whims, not making any serious effort to hear Srimad-Bhagavatam regularly and without detachment from material benefit. That is not the way recommended by an authority like Maharaja Parikshit, who heard and benefited by hearing Srimad-Bhagavatam.)”  Maharaj, there is one person in Nepal.

Maharaj:  We will do one thing. You please take this mat there. The shadow is coming you know. I will sit there. So you don't have to struggle. Take this… (Maharaj reads the word-to-word equivalents and devotees repeat after him.)

tapasi – “for my penance”, tvaam praaptavaan, “i have got you now,” deva munidra guhyam, “you are very difficult for the demigods to obtain.”  Muni- “saints and sages, indra even cannot obtai1n you. But I have obtained you.” Sing.

(This verse is from Hari Bhakti Sudhodaya 7.28 and it is quoted in Sri Caitanya Caritamrta Madhya lila 24.219)

sthaanaabhilaasi tapasi sthitoham
tvaam praaptavaan deva munindra guhyam
kaacam vicinvann api divya ratnam
svaamin krtaarthosmi varam na yaace

In the third line, he says, “I was going after the glass pieces, but I have got ratna, I got the jewel. He was really, he wanted the kingdom. So kingdom he compares with the glass pieces. Anything material is glass pieces, it is useless. So he says, “I was going for the glass pieces, but instead I got a jewel, I have got ratna.” svaamin, he says, “oh lord, krtaartosmi - i am satisfied.” varam na yaace -  “i don't want any benediction for me now.” This is devotee. Always for money or sthaan or whatever, we perform bhakti. But when we experience it, we have to become desireless, because then He is all in all.

Sevananda Prabhuji:  Maharaj, why? So it is recommended here that people should worship Krishna even they have material desires, but still in our country, in India, people still worship demigods, Maharaj. Why do they do? They can go to Krishna.

Maharaj: But everywhere, the ignorance is rampant and misdirection is there. In kali yuga more so, misdirection is there. We trust some brahmin. He may misdirect us. Because naturally, the people have full faith in somebody. Either they hear their father, or they hear their uncle or maternal uncle or somebody they hear. Everybody wants a shelter, everybody wants a shelter. So the shelter is not selfless, then they are bound to misdirect. And selfless shelter, to find out it is very difficult. So we have to depend upon somebody, to tell our things, to get his advice.

Sevananda Prabhuji:  Brahmins or?

Maharaj: Everybody. No, naturally brahmins are trusted. Because they are bit renounced. But then they had their own interest.  So some yajnas was there and something was there. So this is how we are consumed. And there is no supreme authority with us to direct us. Nobody told us to study Bhagavad Gita. Nobody never told that you touch Bhagavatam. They were discussing Bhagavatam. But Bhagavatam as if it is meant for them only. Nobody, nobody, nobody except Prabhupada told that you have to read Bhagavatam. What a misdirection was there! Since last so many years, billions of years, Bhagavatam was there, and nobody. And I was Vaishnava. This is the case of Vaishnava. So what to talk of those who are not Vaishnava? We had Krishna worship, we had everything, and Bhagavad gita we were reading here and there, but it is just like that. No. I mean, seriously we didn't take the matter at all, and regularly hearing was completely absent, regularly raas dance was going on, that was going on regularly, every 15 days raas, every 15 days raas. And that mukhiyaa (leader) will stand in the middle with a flute.  And people will (laughter). Man, please it was such a misdirection. Then those gurus also, the gurus also, they were rich, because the seminal guru system was there. So they were very rich. So they were enjoying. So they were again putting on dhoti and became guru.  Now here also there is one guru, some seminal guru is there. He is a young boy like you. He puts on trouser and suits and sits on the chair, in the temple and those who want to have his charan sparsh, those who want to touch his lotus feet, then they have to put 20 rupees note there.(laughter).  So by the time, people go away he collects 200 rupees and goes to Cosmoplex (laughter). Guru leela (laughter). Please, this is how we have, completely we have forgotten our own constitutional position, completely.

Sevananda Prabhuji:  But everybody know that, right? They know that guru’s lila.

Maharaj: No. They didn't know. But they are blind.

Murli Prabhuji: They want to be cheated.

Maharaj: Ah, yes, they want to be cheated. Prabhupada said, that you want to be cheated? There are plenty of cheaters.  And this is no ……… unless the matter is taken seriously, your lifestyle will not change, that we don't know, your lifestyle must change. Otherwise you are going to enjoy, destructive.  Because enjoying capacity eternally exist in us. We want to have sense gratification. May Lord bless us and at least in this lifetime, whatever time is left, let us become bit serious. Otherwise, there is no other way. These are all the eternal truths. You cannot contaminate and go to the uncontaminated Supreme. You cannot be conditioned and go to unconditioned.  You have to be unconditioned to approach the unconditioned. Please you have to be very clean, very clean in order to approach the cleanest.  And we have to save ourselves from exploitation. This is it. What we do that we try to, we try to take shelter you know. But then in there are so many inebrities, so many so many inebrities. The man who is giving shelter to us, if his appointment is not available to us, then what shelter it is?(laughter).  

Murli Prabhuji: Yes.

Maharaj: He must be in front of us. To what shelter you have taken? He is not seen. Our own guru, if we see, then we are happy you know. This is the mockery of the whole thing. Nobody has the intense desire to help the living entities. They want to exploit.  (Lord Shiva says to Parvati)  sad guroh durlabam devi / sishyas santaapa harakah - It is very difficult to find out the person who removes santaapa, some anxiety. And how can you have anxiety unless you sit with him or her? And then i am sorry, but so many inebrities are there. These girls, they come to take advice and then you marry your own disciples. (laughter) it is a gross foolishness. And then, even then he continuously going. He was good. He was very nice he said he took permission to marry his disciple (laughter).  Please save yourself from these things, and others may do anything. Jo Karegaa so phalegaa, those who who sow, they reap. Whatever they sow, they reap. We should not worry. But we should understand that these are the pitfalls. These are the pitfalls. And we have to be guru, everybody has to be guru. So guru must be real guru you know. That you please feel for the, you may have one disciple. Who? Gaurkishore das babaji had only one disciple, this Bhaktisiddhanta saraswati. That type of one disciple is more than enough, than to have 1000. (laughter). One, one disciple is enough if he is seriously inquisitive. And whoever it is, we have to help him. As you grow up, as you grow up, in Krishna consciousness, so you are in touch with Bhagvatam, Prabhupada’s particularly. You have read something, you have seen something. So people are bound to come to you to have advice. That is guru. You know Krishna’s plans. So they will definitely want to know. So please anybody comes to you, be very compassionate to him, to help him really.

Otherwise it is a show. Guru is dead. Nothing is there. And then we have more. If you don't take care of the disciples, why should you accept the disciples (laughter)? But wherever I go, I want 100 disciples. So this, we have left the material world and we have caught hold of the disciple. You are better. You are catching  Bhagavatam. (laughter). So you are more protected. People know that you are catching Bhagavatam. They don't know that i am catching wife. This is how. This misdirection is there. But we should not be worried too much about it. The only thing we have to worry is to go through Prabhupada’s writings. And try to put as much as possible into practice. That's it.  Always be humble and approach. Anybody may do anything. Don't worry at all. Prabhupad said that temples will be erected. They will be demolished, but so far as my books are there, again a temple will come. So books are the main thing. Temples are needed, but as time goes away. Now here we are sacrificing so many things.  We are very simple. But after 10 years, this yatra will be bubbling. So somebody else will be in charge. So they have got readymade. So they definitely will glide down to sense gratification. So then this building should be demolished (laughter).  Because the way we have constructed, they don't have any idea. Vaishnava also will be finished and somebody who are here at the moment, they are all going. So somebody will come, who didn't spend for anything, they got readymade. So they will enjoy the rooms. Who stops us in staying in 3rd floor? But we don't use it, because we know how we have constructed. We are in our rooms simple. This Murli was asking, “you didn't stay there?” (laughter) Murli liked that room. Murli enjoys that (laughter).  You should stay there.

Devotee: Yes Maharaj. He told  to me when i was going, “just take this room.” (laughter)

Maharaj: ah, (laughter) I know Murli. But he asked me, “why shouldn’t you stay?” I could have utilised. But unnecessarily, i don't have that much you know. Unnecessary. Please the thing is, things have got to be used according to their way. We have to be very simple. Otherwise if we complicate the matters, our life is complicated. And because our life is complicated, and we cannot do anything, it goes out of it. Complication must not be there. Minimum man, most of the time, I am here in the temple. So why should I stick to that room or this room or whatever? Some place should be there.. So we have one room here. So the air passes, and we have Bhagavatam class, i will sit there (laughter). Nothing  more. Please, our life must be very simple. We should not run to sense gratification. That must be the case. But sometimes, health and other purposes, they drag us in so many ways. But doesn't matter. Please tolerate. This body has to be tolerated. Unless you tolerate the body, you can’t  get anything. All these verses are worth meditating. But the thing is association adds to it, association adds to it. But we should not be struck that, “there is no association, and I will not do it. take Prabhupada’s association.”

Sevananda Prabhuji: Maharaj, when we have association it is quite easy and when we don't have association, then it is the time testing time Maharaj?

Maharaj:  Testing time. But if we don't have association, that is our ignorance. Our Supersoul is there, Prabhupad is there. So Guru is there, Krishna is there. What we lack? But we lack our own desire, intense desire, seriously taking the matter - that we lack. Whatever I studied alone, there was nobody. They were discouraging me that, “what are you reading Bhagavatam?” 7 years I read and I was sitting near the pillar, in front of the deity, and I was doing hard work. They were cursing me, “Man, the whole day, what are you doing? “(laughter).  Instead, these classes must be organized, and for the whole day, man 88000 rishis discussed this for 1000 years. And we are tired in 15 minutes (laughter). “Enough Bhagavtam, enough bhagavatam. Now we will have sankirtan.” (laughter)

Sevananda Prabhuji: Suta Goswami and rishis - Maharaj? It was 1000 years?

Maharaj:  1000 years and it was the beginning of Kali yuga. And we are already in the Kali yuga, now it should be 2000 years. Except Krishna kirtan, except Bhagavatam, Bhagavad Gita, we waste our time anywhere. You give mirror to somebody. Infront of mirror, you spend 3 hours. You give wife to somebody, whole life he will waste looking at the same lady. (laughter). “Where is my wife? Where is my wife? Where is my wife?”

One day, one old man, he came here. We knew him, so he just said.  (Welcoming a young devotee Maharaj began to speak in Hindi), “oh, arey waah, mumbai ke kapde pahan ke aa gaya. mumbai ke kapde pahan ke aa gaya, idar aa jaa, idar aa jaa (laughter). Jai. tera tabiyat dekhke badaa anand ho jata hai. tu achaa kar rahaa hai, jo bhi kar rahaa hai, achha kar rahaa hai. Please continue. Mata pitaa kaa mantar hai.  They will be happy with you. Bahut accha hai aanand hota hai.”

What happened that he came here, one old man, he should be near 70 years or so. So I was sitting in the aasan. So he thought that I am enjoying you know. (laughter), Nice aasan is there. I hardly have garland, but somebody had put garland and garland was in my neck. He said, “hey nice flowers are there”, looking into the garland. (laughter)  So he said, “I also want to take sannyas.” And he was with his wife. He couldn't see. There difficulty in seeing. So he was telling me, “In one breath, i want to take sannyas like you.” I told him,”OK. Keep on coming to the temple, slowly it will work out. Please keep coming.” He said, “No, no. I don't want to come that much.” How come, without coming to the temple? What do you do with sannyas? You can be sannyasi in your house (laughter). So anyways he said, “Oh, I will have to think about this.  But I want to take sannyas.” He thought that he will get a garland, nice aasan (laughter). So we were just talking. And his wife just went somewhere. “oh, did you see where is she gone.” (laughter) I told, “Man, you were just telling, you want to take sannyas and she has gone somewhere 5 feet away and you are worried about. This how, living entities they want to have sense gratification in sannyas also.”

Our Kamal will be that sannyasi. Aasan sannyas. (laughter) Please avoid these things. You are alright whatever you are and just go on. And with very few disciples, if you really cultivate them nicely, they are more important than 2000 disciples. Few disciples are alright, cultivate nicely. Krishna will give them intelligence. And this is how you should go on. And I don't understand one thing. We are regarded as spiritual fathers. Guru is regarded as spiritual father. So to go to see father,  you want have to have appointment? Man, father can be approached anywhere. Boy runs to father, “And father I want my cap. Cap is torn.” He will go at anytime, even midnight also he approach, “Father get up, get up. I want tomorrow two annas.” Father can be approached any time. So you call spiritual father, but you don't behave like father. No, this Prabhupad was very angry, if the disciples stop somebody coming to him you know. He was not keeping well. So disciples were trying to guard him. When he knew that somebody is there, he said, “don't stop, because they might be coming from far away to see me, why should you stop?” Why? You came all the way from yugoslavia and then these disciples will stop you there. “You will go to room, we will call you.” And two days in Dwaraka, you are not called. So what is this? (laughter).  Instead my way is, as soon as he comes, he should come. Nice so nice.

Tejasvi Prabhuji: We need appointments and this and that.

Maharaj: No, no. Phones I pick up, anytime it rings, I pick up. And I don't see the number. I can't recognise really. Because so many phone calls are coming. And anybody wants to talk to me, why should I see the number and talk or not? If you have to hide something, then you have to do all these things. You don't have anything to hide. One simple instruction is that, “you chant, that's it.” This is the only instruction. So why should i differentiate? Anyone calls, “Chant. That’s it. I am chanting for you.” (laughter) What else? I am not going to arrange your marriage, your business or this or that. Oh bhagavan, this is really pitfall. From these pitfalls, we should save us. Now he is coming from Bombay. And then “I think, oh, I know anup, you know. So let him stay for 2 days afterwards I will see.” No.