Action in Inaction

Srimad Bhagavatam

SB 11.7.44-45 Rajkot 7-1-2007  

Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya (2) Devotees repeat with Maharaj

Srimad Bhagavatam verse 11.7.44-45

svacchah prakrtitah snigdho / maadhuryas tirtha-bhur nrnaam
munih punaaty apaam mitram / ikshopasparsha-kirtanaih

svacchah—pure; prakrtitah—by nature; snigdhah—soft or softhearted; maadhuryah—sweet or gentle speech; teertha-bhuh—a place of pilgrimage; nrnaam—for human beings; munih—a sage; punaati—sanctifies; apaam—of the water; mitram—the exact counterpart; iksha—by being seen; upasparsha—by being respectfully touched; kirtanaih—and by being glorified verbally.

“O King, a saintly person is just like water because he is free from all contamination, gentle by nature, and by speaking creates a beautiful vibration like that of flowing water. Just by seeing, touching or hearing such a saintly person, the living entity is purified, just as one is cleansed by contact with pure water. Thus a saintly person, just like a holy place, purifies all those who contact him because he always chants the glories of the Lord.”

Read the purport son Tejasvi.

“The words apaam mitram, "just like water," can also be read as aghaan mitram, which means that a saintly person purifies all living entities by accepting them as mitram, or his personal friends, and saves them from their sinful reactions (aghät). The conditioned living entity falsely identifies with his gross material body and subtle mind and thus falls from the platform of spiritual knowledge. A conditioned living being is always lusty for material sense gratification, and if he does not acquire it, he becomes angry. Sometimes he is so obsessed with fear of losing his material gratification that he enters a stage approaching madness.

A saintly person, however, is like pure water, free from all contamination and capable of purifying all things. Just as pure water is transparent, a saintly person transparently manifests the Personality of Godhead within his heart. Such love of Godhead is the reservoir of all happiness. Water makes a most pleasing vibration as it flows and cascades, and similarly the sound vibration of the Lord's pure devotee, who is saturated with the glories of the Lord, is most charming and beautiful. Thus, by studying the nature of water one can understand the symptoms of a pure devotee of the Lord.

Jai. Srila Prabhupada ki Jai. Here, the Lord’s leelas are given main importance. Because the activities of the Supreme Absolute Truth, because they are devoid of the attraction of the fruits, that’s why they are always glorified. Actions you know.

Karmani yah akarma pashyet – In Bhagavad-Gita it is a very important shloka.

The conclusion of the Karmas.

karmaṇy akarma yaḥ paśyed / akarmaṇi ca karma yaḥ
sa buddhimān manuṣyeṣu / sa yuktaḥ kṛtsna-karma-kṛt

is it?

Devotee :yes

Maharaj :  read. read. No. Read the verse. Let them repeat.

Devotee leads the verse and others repeat.

karmaṇy akarma yaḥ paśyed / akarmaṇi ca karma yaḥ
sa buddhimān manuṣyeṣu / sa yuktaḥ kṛtsna-karma-kṛt

Maharaj: read the translation.

Devotee reads: One who sees inaction in action,

(Maharaj repeats the line )

Maharaj: In action the beginning is two separate words.  one who sees in action inaction. That is combined. In English in action means karma maa

(7.24 maharaj speaks in Gujarati)

Devotee reads: One who sees inaction in action, and action in inaction, is intelligent among men, and he is in the transcendental position, although engaged in all sorts of activities.

This verse is the conclusion by Krishna. This is the way the karmas must be performed. Otherwise any other way you find out and that is the source of misery for performer as well as for the other people and this is how the miserable conditions prevail in our society or country whatever.

karmaṇy akarma yaḥ paśyed. There are three types of karma.

karma one karma is the fruitive activities  means we expect fruits. That is karma. Then the other karma is akarma. This we don’t expect any fruit. It is akarma. Here boys are working very hard but they don’t expect anything. Our Nayanapriya is mopping the whole place. He doesn’t get anything. That is akarma. And karmany akarma. In the karma, you should see akarma. While performing the activities we should see that I am not getting anything out of it. The practical way to find out is how we are performing karma for fruits. So how to how to feel that I am not expecting any fruit? The practical way is, that I may be working for somebody or I may work for myself. But forget about that that I have to get something and you should love the karma. Whatever you are doing it should be done immaculately well. That is the escape from this fruitive activities. Fruits are bound to come. This Nayanapriya has mopped the place. Fruit is bound to come definitely and very great fruit but we can’t see them. This understanding will help us to perform the karma very nicely. We don’t look to the return but I love my karma that’s why I do it. In western world, there are people who love karma they are known as workaholics. One is alcoholic and another is workaholic. Alcoholic means they always drink. Workaholic always works. So these workaholics, they have some chance. They always want to be busy. This is akarma. They don’t know whether they get something or not. Just they start working. And vikarma is there. Against the principles you work it is vikarma. There is one builder in England. We always hire his services you know. He is a very good worker but he would only work alone. So time element was not kept. He takes long long time, slowly get up and stay was rough. Somewhere he sleeps gets up in the morning, drinks and comes for work. Tired really we were. Then what happened that we thought that he is doing his karma very nicely but what his nasty way was, as soon as the work comes to finishing, he will do something, so that everything will go wrong and again we have to call him. So this we call vikarma. On one hand, the work, there is a person who works very nicely. karma. Here is a person he shows that he is working very nicely but he will play some tricks. Once we had to fit in the gas boiler for hot water system. Gas boiler system. So he will play something into it so that again as soon as he goes home we have to ring him and call him back so that again 8 days he will carry on. So this was how, something he will do. This is vikarma. vikarma does not mean only that we drink alcohol or we have illicit relations or whatever. But this is also vikarma. In karma also, people play the tricks so that they may be called every time. So that as soon as somebody finds out that he is playing tricks, then they completely stop him. This is the result of vikarma  and definitely those karmas which are completely opposite to the instructions of Krishna,  they are always harmful. Iin the beginning they are harmful and in the end they are very much troublesome. So those activities should not be touched but here the examples of water is given. And you see all the natural things, they are performing akarma. Water has nothing to achieve from us, even then you pour water on your body and it will purify you. Water does not have to achieve anything. Water is the best example how we should forsake the fruits. Wherever water is, is always refreshing and never charged. But as soon as water comes under our control, we start charging.

14.38 minutes…  gujarati

He will not go away. No he will not go away. I think he is calling his friends or something.  (Referring to the sound of the bird)

Anyway this is water. You take sunshine. It is the energy of Krishna and energy of Krishna without any discrimination, those who take advantage of the energy, he will give you the vitamin C. There is no discrimination because there is no charge. Charge is not there then there is no discrimination. In medical profession also, when we were children, charge was not there. There were vaidyas you know and they had medical business in their own family. Never certified doctors were there. Certification was not there. They were serving and sometime, may be in a year sometime, somebody will give some grains some jaggery powder or something whatever. It was all voluntary. Everybody was not charged. So the medical profession was very good because akarma was there. When we migrated to England, there was no charge. Not a single pence we had to pay. So the medical profession was ideal. As soon as there is no fruits, the karma becomes ideal.

You take the question of moonshine. Moon is nourishing the medicines. Even then there is no charge. So anywhere moonshine is there, the plants will be nourished. This is how, all these natural things they work without the expectation of any fruits and that’s why they are pure. Purity depends how much work you do without expecting the fruits. As soon as the expectation is there, there is contamination. If you don’t expect then nothing is contaminated. Krishna was helping Arjuna. He was serving as a charioteer. For the whole day He will take all the arrows and everything on Him and save Arjuna really. And even then, He didn’t ask any salary from Arjuna. The akarma is coming from Krishna and the greatest return was the satisfaction. Suppose you help anybody and he or she is very satisfied or something. Our Patitapavan was hit by …you were not here. You were here? No you were not here that time. Patitapavan from Trivandrum. He was going on a set date due date and while going he was going in chagda. (rickshaw)  There was  (not clear) in chagda and there was a branch of tree on Race course road so the branch hit him and he fell down unconscious and he was two days unconscious and somehow or the other naturally he regained, Blood has not come out. So inside there was something. But fortunately he is alright now. The thing is Patitapavana was nearing death nearly but somehow or the other Krishna did the job and we had chanted here for him whatever, but Krishna wanted him to be alive. There is no return. Krishna did not expect anything and He does everything. When something happens good, we put ourselves in between that we are doing good. Something bad happens that is Krishna. Krishna is not in front of us. So very easy to blame Him. Please, these vikarmas and too much addiction to the fruits should be avoided. We cannot avoid the whole fruits, but too much addiction that if you give me, that work only I will do. Nothing like that. Do the work very nicely. Our   Bhavana’s father is a builder. He works as a mason. He was getting some 15 rupees a day or something. So it was too much for him in the beginning. He said he is paying 15 rupees. So we should give some satisfaction. So he was working very hard really for that man. This is natural course. In the olden days, people were so very pure that it was natural for them to work honestly and get some return. very honest and then they won’t mind to give something to anybody,  but now as the kaliyuga is progressing and in the form of industrialization, it’s a    kaliyuga product. This age is known as Iron Age. We are going far far away from uncontaminated stage to fully contaminated existence. And because the existence is contaminated, the values of life are also contaminated. They may not change, but there is no purity. Purity is not there and that’s why Prabhupada wanted to have purity in some section of the population at least and he is success doing that. At the moment, millions of people, millions of boys, they are following this Krishna consciousness and at least we know that they are bit free from the contamination. This is how we should look to these verses and try to make ourselves perfect in our own karmas. Vikarma should be completely avoided. Shirking should be avoided and no doubt we don’t go against the ,against the scriptures at all. Please understand these three types of karmas and we have to do  fruitive work because we are carrying the body, but fruitive work also should be spiritualized by honestly doing the work. As far as you put honesty into your work, it is spiritualized.  Honesty means you are thinking about others that is the honesty. You are thinking about the employer or you are thinking about the masses of people who will be in contact with you . This is very easy to understand. Honesty that’s why in English also honesty is best policy they call. Best means best is always Krishna. What is it? (Bg 10.41)

yad yad vibhūtimat sattvaṁ / śrīmad ūrjitam eva vā
tat tad evāvagaccha tvaṁ / mama tejo-’ṁśa-sambhavam

Wherever you find some good, it is My spark. Honesty is the best thing. So far as possible we should avoid dishonesty. If we get rid of it, so far so better. The returni s that you are completely satisfied and satisfaction is required for healthy life, healthy body. Satisfaction means we are saturated with the spiritual side of existence. That’s why santustya yena kena va  in any condition we are satisfied and that is one of the conditions to satisfy Janardan. santushytya yena kena vaa. good or bad or whatever we are satisfied. We don’t have to hide anything. We don’t have to muck about anything. This please this is the best way to make karma into akarma.

karmany akarma yah pasyet. See how nice Krishna puts. karmany - in all sorts of fruitive works. akarmany-those who don’t expect any fruits. I explained to you that how while expecting the fruits also, we don’t expect the fruits. May be I am getting 50 rupees a day. But I might put my work for 100 rupees a day. Doesn’t matter. This is the thing. This honesty will go a long way on the spiritual path. Dishonesty will put you on the royal road for hell and everywhere dishonesty is there. Very easy to perform.

We milk the cow and water is there to put. Dishonesty. And we get more money. Nobody is going to see. In Dwaraka we were getting cow’s milk. It was very watery. So I told him “Baba. Pour water but little”. (laughter) He said, “See again don’t tell these things. I am yadav. I am coming from Krishna’s dynasty. We don’t do these things at all.” I told,"but the milk.." He said “No. don’t open the mouth at all. I am from Krishna direct”. He said if you want you can come and see. So we used to go to his stable and see him milking cows. Nothing was wrong and even then the water was in the milk. One day we went a bit early and all the pots, milking pots were lying there. Water was already in it. (laughter) So in front of us he will milk and give. This is vikarma. vikarma is not only intoxication or gambling or meat or whatever. This is vikarma. And these vikarmas should be avoided in any way. We have to purify the activities. There is no place of dishonesty. Dishonesty is the best is the worst thing to follow and there are so many reasons. Tax pattern is such that if you want to be very honest, you will not be able to do it. Indirect taxes we cannot avoid.  We have to pay. Then we have to contaminate our things to earn more. so many things are there.

This chickpea flour you can never get pure now.  We have bought from so many places. It’s all very bad. In foreign countries they get good. Here I don’t know what flour they give. So we bought flour from that (not clear) who comes  from Race course. We went one day to his mill and we bought one kilo from him and that is genuine really.  The difference is obvious. Everywhere karma, instead of becoming akarma, they are becoming vikarma and vikarma according to the shastras, they are the karmas these are completely opposite to the instructions of Krishna. But here is opposite, we don’t know it looks as if karma he is performing, but in karma also, instead of coming to the akarma stage, they are going to vikarma stage. That was our practical experience. We are also not excluded from it. We are also included. so this way, the practical points takeout and try to hammer out these points on the hearer’s minds. So far as possible some living entities may try. Even then majority will not try, but our way is to find out the practical situations and try to solve this tangle of shastras. This is how in every age, in every time, we have to read the shastras and daily find out some conclusions from the shastras which can be very easily followed practically by the hearers. Otherwise hearers are not interested. You go on dancing and singing Prahlad Prahlad Prahlad or Dhruv Dhruv Dhruv or something else vyas or Narada or whatever they are not interested that much in it. But if they can get some guidance  on how to perform and here it is that all the natural products, they are very pure. Near Bombay there is on the Pune line there is Lonawala. Very nice center is there. There is one cow protection program run by a doctor. So he really  milk is quite alright and  he prepares the ghee cow ghee traditionally . There he mixes milk into the yogurt and he churns the yogurt and takes out the butter and he heats it and makes ghee. Nice ghee that cow ghee. It’s golden in color. Cow’s milk has subtle gold in it and that’s why that milk is yellow and gold is very very required for our health. That’s why we have ring or that’s why we should always see and particularly when the eye throbs you know, eyes throb many times. So for the male human beings the left eyes throbs it is bad. So if you touch with the gold, it stops. Gold is required. And then gold again should touch our bodies also. So we have chains of gold or bangle or whatever. Gold is required. Beauty of the gold is that you can use it, keep it and anytime the money is available. Banks nobody knows. Tomorrow they will go worst and you will lose everything. But gold is on our body or at least in our house somewhere till it is stolen. Gold really stealing is the main thing you know. But gold is required and cow’s milk gives us subtle gold  and the ghee is also very gold and now  that doctor cures the heart patients with the cow hee   and  now anywhere you go to hospitals  Cholesterol is increasing so stop eating ghee and ghee is not pure. Purity is not there. Everywhere vikarma is going on and vikarma so far we only knew that vikarma means to intoxicate, to eat meat or to have illicit connection or whatever these four principles we are thinking vikarma, but here the subtle vikarma is going on. Everywhere subtle vikarma is going on. I heard that there was one doctor. So those one company had some medicine company and they said that any doctor who prescribes 100000 tablets of this company, then he will get a maruti car. So anybody comes same tablet same tablet. Eventually he got the maruti car. But it is all vikarma. How can one medicine for everything? Even then…  this is vikarma. In medicine also vikarma was there. In factory also vikarma is there and medicines you know better that  there are counterfeit medicines and then they sell in kilos. Big bundle is coming and here they charge… so this all vikarma is there and vikarma will never satisfy us. That is the greatest loss in our life and while performing vikarma, this idea doesn’t touch us at all. Immediate requirement is there. Either requirement is there or we want to have high standard of living or whatever and because of this, vikarmas are increasing and to the same ratio in the same ratio the diseases are increasing. We have no idea that shastra’s instructions avoid these things is for our healthy body. We don’t have any idea of this and because of that without any hesitation, in our karma we are daily performing vikarma. Some fear of Krishna must be there.

36.19 hindi gujarati

Everywhere it is same and then we blame kali yuga know. In one of the verses Prabhupada has written very nicely it’s our choice whether we want to remain in kaliyuga or get out of it. Our choice. Maybe if we don’t follow vikarma, the income will be less or whatever but satisfaction is the best income.

jab mil jaaye santhosh dhan avadhan dhuli samaan

so many dhans are there. so much wealth was there but as soon as you get Santosh dhan  avadhan dhuli samaan. Aavadhan has no place at all.

Satisfaction to ourselves and eventually to Krishna samsiddhir hari toshanam by all our activities we have to satisfy Krishna that we don’t know. And because we don’t have any idea about this, Krishna’s satisfaction we completely forget and our satisfaction also we forget. Immediate requirement of money is there. I want to buy the car, I want to buy this , I want to buy that .. so many necessities are increasing. dekha dekhi we see that certain man has this. I must have that. There is no need of these things. Whatever minimum we require you try to have it and it is the best way to escape this vikarma, but then again there is limitation to it. The whole family must be educated in this field. Otherwise man may understand. Wife may not cooperate. Or wife may understand. Man may not cooperate so many things are there. The whole system must be vedic system and that s why prabhupada went away in old age to foreign countries to establish these things.    Nobody was hearing him here. So that’s why he had to go there and propagate these things and to certain extent he is successful at least a bulk of population now staying in the temple or around the temple have dedicated their lives to the instructions of Krishna thru Bhagavad gita and Bhagavatam.Tthis is the thing. He would have thought otherwise that I am alone why should I try to do these things? who is going to hear me? Nothing would have come out. At the moment we are transcendentally proud that we have so many difficulties in ISKCON, but even then, this is the main force on this planet, a very pure force. At least we remember Krishna and Krishna is the highest purifying agent. Anywhere krishna’s name is there we think twice you know before we do anything. This is how please purity must be there. Prabhupada rightly calls it purity is the force. Real force is this. Even now, iskcon the name   that’s why there was one merchant yesterday he came. He has two malls here. He is constructing malls and the name is ISCON or something  ISCON. He has diluted left one letter out of  ISKCON.

Devotee : He has left Krishna

Maharaj: Ya He has left Krishna.  Mall is there and he was feeling proud and I told you are thief

(Maharaj laughs)

Social prestige increase. All illusory energy. This prestige is illusory energy and we are running after prestige. Somebody should call me very nice person. Somebody  give me chair to sit and he also liked the kirtan.   When Kirtan is there, the being glorified verbally, when Krishna is glorified verbally it is kirtan. Such a person also likes kirtan. So to some extent he was purified. And he was ready to help us. Whether he helps or not doesn’t matter but yesterday he sang the glories of himself.

This is how the purification must go on with the continuous chanting the glories of Krishna. Nityam bhagavata sevaya and this is the purport of this verse. Unless you chant, the purification will not be there. All the energies of Krishna are highly purifying agents and this is how we should try to understand this verse. How to purify our own existence is the main problem in front of us. Formerly the kings were saintly. They were kings but they were saintly kings. So the kings will see that the population will get full chance to lead the purified life. They were ready to leave their own posts. Indradymna was the king and according to vedic culture he left the kingdom at 50 years of age and he went and stayed in the forest. So everywhere they were following the spiritual instructions and that’s why Bhagavatam supports the kingship. Democracy prabhupada writes as demon crazy. As it is demon is there and crazy demon. This craziness has got to be avoided from our life. Those who are not attracted to the spiritual force in the human species of existence, they behave crazily. Your small child will tell. “Now khaka you are getting old stop running after the money. “He will also understand that now this man has to die why should he run after the money? This is so very clear and even then the contamination doesn’t go away from our activities. This is the thing. How much we have to hammer our own mind just to convert our activities to the pure activities. And that’s why we people particularly who are already situated in the temple or around the temple should try to purify so that by our own efforts people will try to see us and may purify themselves. That is the point here and that is tirthi kurvanti teerthani ( SB 1.13.10) in first canto also there is this verse that all these purified men wherever they go they will purify the atmosphere.

jagat pavitram pragnita karhici ( SB 1.5.10)

The whole atmosphere of the universe changes. So what to talk of some place and that’s why all these saintly persons they are allowed to take bath in kumbha mela first all the different akhadas you know. They are called akhadas. Naked sadhus they are number two. First one somebody else is there and second one naked people will go. I don’t know what speciality is there, but there is something. At least they are renounced. But only renunciation does not work unless there is some attachment to the devotional service. But even now in whatever position we have the saintly persons, they are allowed to take bath in the Ganges first and then the general mass. Even now the tradition is there that if the saintly persons take bath in the water of the Ganges, Ganges will be purified and other persons they drop their own sins in the water. So water is contaminated. But now apart from the ordinary persons, our industrial waste is thrown indiscriminately in the flow of the rivers. So rivers are contaminated completely and we can’t force the saintly person to take bath in a gutter.


In vrindavan actually there is gutter we can’t tell the sannyasi “come on we want to purify” and he may

Craziness is going on everywhere. Yamuna water. There is no Yamuna water. In vrindavana, we have to find out the flow of the pure water somewhere to take a dip. We can’t unless it is rainy season. In rainy season the whole thing is washed away because of plenty of rains.

That is the effect of the indiscriminate contamination and the factory waste are not allowed in the western country. They have heaven here. whole thing is completely misdirected. That word prabhupada uses you know, in the impious life of misdirected civilization it is really a misdirected civilization in our country all the land is arid. Completely arid. Till our eyesight goes, there is no farming. So much arid. Otherwise formerly you stand here you will see all the corns zooming around. Nothing here. Somewhere you see some house   somewhere you see some machinery is lying, somewhere you see something else. There is no farming at all. And farming the sight of the crop zooming around is the best sight for the eye. Eyes will not go bad. Here you see house and machinery your eyes are bankrupt. The whole thing is vikarma. How to purify this? That’s why only Harinam we can carry on. Even now the Harinam people enjoy it people like Harinam and that demon also yesterday, ISCON owner he was also telling that,  he stays somewhere here in race course . He says every Wednesday I am lucky to hear your names. Our Gaurasundar goes on chanting. He doesn’t know his voice is heard every day in the bed. We were lying in the bed. Purification has got to be done and only one society is doing. So that’s not enough. Where we go, without any society also you can carry on the Harinam. There is no need of society. Where we go we should chant, we should try to preach something if there are hearers. If there are no hearers, then chant kirtan and prasadam. That’s more than enough. prabhupada once was in Amsterdam and Amsterdam is completely rubbish you know. you go always. Rubbish countries you like. His planes are always touching Amsterdam. I don’t know how you love that country. cheapest.

Devotee says something ..Minneapolis

Hare Krishna

So he was in Amsrerdam temple. Even now the temple is there. it’s a small temple. So he had a kirtan in the beginning and he started preaching. Those going on they won’t sit.  (Maharaj laughs and tells something. not clear )

Prabhupada was fed up. He said for these people no preaching. only kirtan and prasada that’s it. Even now in that temple only kirtan and Prasad is there. We went there. I told there is no preaching? no he said these people dont want to hear. They eat and drink. That’s it. And have nice dance in Kirtan. The point is , the names they can enjoy. kirtan they can enjoy. So they may not like preaching. kirtan ..come on. Here also much more than our lecture they wait for “when is aarathi  when is aarathi?’ they want to dance. Somebody is dancing there. Somebody here.. nothing to do. chew pan and dance. you do anything and dance. It’s very easy. please somehow or the other, try to propagate the names at least so we will also be purified and the hearers will also be purified. And consistency must be there. What is that? we had learnt something. Persistent chanting of vedic sound.

1.6.25 in purport the conclusion is that lord could be heard and realized thru the persistent chanting of the vedic transcendental sound. This is how. It should be persistent. This race course has a effect because there is persistent chanting. Somehow or the other souls get together. Three four five whatever sometimes he escapes sometimes he escapes, sometimes he escapes.  We have so many reasons.  ( Laughs)

53.44 gujarati. On Wednesdays I don’t get up. On Thursdays I get up.

Because there is some persistency that’s why it has effect. The other man also told

54.31 not clear

It so happened that Krishna works very nicely you know. We went to see one vigilance officer, town planning officer in municipality. He is a very good man really. our Bhavna behen from Jamnagar gave the contact we went to see him. That man is a very good person. He was staying on second floor. So I didn’t go upstairs. We called him downstairs. And he is Jain you know. So we thought that he will not be attracted to Krishna but somehow or the other I appealed to his good sense. So he came downstairs.

Some top was there. Lungi was there. Man such a nice birth. Jain.  They put on dhoti in the morning to go to the temple. Going to the temple only dhoti is meant. In the house you can put on anything. So anyway he came down and then to our surprise, one of his friend was carrying one big frame you know.

He was looking at the frame all the time. So we thought that he might have drawn some planning or something.  He has framed and his friend is taking away.

To our surprise that friend stopped there and they were taking out the plastic. So we were surprised that what is he doing. I thought that he wanted to show him something. But to our surprise beautiful krishna’s painting was there. Very beautiful. So Krishna really told us that “I am already here. you go on. “

And then that man was very helpful. very helpful. he really finished the job and now so many people are coming . They are giving their prices. Good people are also there. then he gave the …

He arranged. Now the see how the Krishna arranges. This building was also built by him and we didn’t know. This building nearly ten months work is going on here and every time he said the slab was there and I was there and nobody told us that this is structural engineer. I was shouting always to that Nilesh that there is no architect …there is no structural engineer. How you are building this building? He said I am all in all. he was not introduced to us and he looks like a very thin child young man type. So many times we might have seen him. But we didn’t know that he is the structural here in this building  there were  five slabs and every time the   (not clear ) he has given the drawings. he has supervised and somehow or the other we are sent to the same person. So he was explaining our great person. vaishnava seva. and he was smiling. Then afterwards he tells your building I have built. it is good that you have come. we will finish that. and no miney. our architect was telling that one person minimum . one person means it comes nearly..suppose we spend 10 lacs 10 crores of rupees, means  ten lacs rupees for structural engineer. I told this much amount we cannot afford. We want to finish the building in ten lacs. So he said I am not that adamant now. He might work free I don’t know or he might charge very reasonable. This is how Krishna works. For Krishna if you do it, becomes very easy. Our work also our day to day work also if we realize in that way that we are doing for Krishna, the work will definitely be easy. And so much help will be mustered. And that is how the point is, in our karma, vikarma should not be followed. it should be akarma should be followed. Giving credit to Krishna is akarma.. and otherwise any dishonesty is there, is vikarma .so it should not be there. vikarma is always contamination. Akarma is purified. And as soon as the purification is there, somehow or the other the business will definitely increase or your service will be upgraded because they know that you are very conscious worker. in service also you go ahead. Those who don’t have the service, they l get the service. Otherwise everywhere there is exploitation  because of the vikarma. in vikarma we have to exploit the labourers also. we have to do this. we have to do that.  So many things are needed.

I was once asking this Kadwani has a big concern you know. so many people are working.   I told him that won’t you be going mad because so many people might be saying, ‘I am not coming to work.’ So how are you managing? He said, “No. I support them everywhere.” In medicine he helps, in schooling he helps, in housing he helps. He has big residential quarters. So everything is looked after by him. Because of this, the workers are very honest to come to the work. “Work goes on without my notice”, he said. The practical example is there. The vikarma doesn’t enter there. And now so many other things were there..They were saying that they are stealing electricity. But that is another point. So far as possible, he helps the labourers you know. This is how as I told you “To the ratio you follow the akarma attitude, to that ratio, the miseries will be over in our life.” Jai.  Shall we go to this next one ? Do you have anything to ask? This is the best verse you know? Then we will go to our tejasvi’s verse. Tejasvi is here. 10.45.

tejasvi tapasaa dipto / durdharshodara-bhaajanah
sarva-bhakshyo 'pi yuktaatmaa / naadatte malam agni-vat

(Devotees repeat after Maharaj twice)

‘Vi’ is long there. ‘di’ also tejasvi tapasaa dipto / durdharshodara-bhaajanah
sarva-bhakshyo 'pi yuktaatmaa / naadatte malam agni-vat

And like this agni it destroys.  Please read the equivalents and the translation.

tejasvi—brilliantly luminous; tapasaa—by his austerity; diptah—glowing; durdharsha—unshakable; udara-bhaajanah—eating only that needed by his stomach; sarva—everything; bhakshyah—eating; api—even though; yukta-aatmaa—one who is fixed in spiritual life; na aadatte—does not assume; malam—contamination; agni-vat—like the fire.

“Saintly persons become powerful by execution of austerities. Their consciousness is unshakable because they do not try to enjoy anything within the material world. Such naturally liberated sages accept foodstuffs that are offered to them by destiny, and if by chance they happen to eat contaminated food, they are not affected, just like fire, which burns up contaminated substances that are offered to it.”

Read the purport. Read. Have you?

Purport: “The word udara-bhaajana indicates that a saintly person eats only to keep body and soul together and not for sense gratification. One should eat palatable foodstuffs to maintain one's mind in a cheerful mood; however, one should not eat luxuriously, because this will cause sex desire and laziness. A saintly person is always a perfect gentleman and is never greedy or lusty. Although maya tries to defeat him by offering different material allurements, ultimately these attractive material features are themselves defeated by the spiritual power of a saintly person. Thus one should never disrespect a spiritually advanced personality but should worship him reverentially. To carelessly approach a Krishna conscious personality is just like carelessly approaching fire, which immediately burns if not handled properly. (Maharaj laughs) The Lord does not excuse mistreatment of a pure devotee.”

Here udara bhaajanah is very important you know and everywhere, in the scriptures, the hammering is we should not have excessive () enjoyment. One verse clearly explains that how the real enjoyer is Krishna. Which is that verse ?

Only one verse is there and that verse explains to why we should not run after sense enjoyment.

(Maharaj recites 5.29 of Gita)

bhoktaram yajna tapasaam / sarva loka maheshvaram 
suhrtam sarva bhutanam / jnaatva maam shantim rchhati

"A person in full consciousness of Me, knowing Me to be the ultimate beneficiary of all sacrifices and austerities, the Supreme Lord of all planets and demigods, and the benefactor and well-wisher of all living entities, attains peace from the pangs of material miseries."

This verse and the purport, Prabhupada had given in the beginning in America, to distribute in preaching – He said, if you want to achieve peace, shanty – then this is the clue for achieving peace. He gave these three things  bhoktaaram , sarva yajna tapasaam – enjoyer of all austerities or yajna – Krishna is the real enjoyer. Second thing was – sarva loka maheshvaram – He is a great person – Maha ishvar. Prasad and Maha Prasad – you know. He is the Supreme Absolute Truth. He is Supreme Controller and with all these qualifications, He is very humble. Suhrdam sarva bhutaanaam – every living entity, He is friendly with. In any species of existence, He is seen. In every living entity He is seen in the localized Paramatma feature. No living entity is exception. His eyes sees equally everybody and this is the greatness. As soon as we come to this conclusion, our sense gratification is completely controlled. Control is only possible in human existence. In all other species, they don’t understand anything of control. They don’t  have preaching at all. They don’t require. They go on living life according to the dictates of that species. But human beings, because of tiny independence they have, they are prone to be misguided by the illusory energy. What to speak of ordinary living entities – Shiva – Mohini-murti, he requested Lord Krishna, “I want to see You.” Because he was not there, when Krishna manifested the Mohini form. And as soon as Krishna manifested, the fellow ran after her. So this sense gratifiers  take this example – “Arey man, if Shiva was bewildered, who are we? We are definitely going to be bewildered. Forget about the whole thing.” But they don’t know that this Shiva – drank the poison. So whatever Shiva does, we can’t copy. So drink the poison and then see. Shiva survived – Neel-kanth. The poison remained in his throat and that’s why He is known as Neel-kanth. He became blue you know. But whatever is convenient, we can take. Shiva stays in cemetery. We don’t stay in cemetery. But we rub our body with rock. With ash. Even on the body, ash. There are so many sadhu. They all rub the ash on their body – Shaivites – Please avoid these. Again this is vikarma in bhakti. So first thing we have done is that we have converted our bhakti into karma so that we get some return. There is n…..that we are doing.

Again we are not satisfied you know. We are converting bhakti to karma and that karma is also vikarma – misguidance. Whichever way is convenient to us, we follow bhakti. We don’t follow Bhagavad Gita – sarva dharmaan parityajya – All concocted things must stop and we just take His shelter equivocally and that we don’t do. And that’s why we don’t get purified. So many things are offered to us. We take everything and we get more contaminated. You know this community, this hippie – it will definitely give you diseased body. What to talk of indefinite eating?  Even if the spoons now, if you eat using the spoons now, you get contaminated. Eggs ..Its a very horrible thing. See please try to remember these things.

One example is given here and it is very nice. That is the …”Saintly person”…Please read from there..

Purnendu Prabhuji: “A saintly person is always a perfect gentleman and is never greedy or lusty. Although maya tries to defeat him by offering different material allurements, ultimately these attractive material features are themselves defeated by the spiritual power of a saintly person. Thus one should never disrespect a spiritually advanced personality but should worship him reverentially. To carelessly approach a Krishna conscious personality is just like carelessly approaching fire, which immediately burns if not handled properly. (Maharaj laughs) The Lord does not excuse mistreatment of a pure devotee.”

Maharaj : This is the thing. Fire you can’t do anything. Because they are always telling – when the house is on fire – your only duty is to come out of there. Escape if you can. Otherwise we don’t hold meeting in the burning house as to how fire started. This is how – this Krishna consciousness is also like fire. But we have to stand up to the austere life. Austere life must be there. The greatest austerity is to get up at 3:30. Now-a-days to getup itself is an austerity. Because those who don’t want to get up in the morning, they sleep late at night. All the work is done late at night. Try to organize your life that however you go to bed, you should get up at 3, 4 ‘o clock. That’s how. It is the greatest austerity and unless tapasya is there, you will not achieve anything. Even in material field also the tapasya is there. You have to be a doctor, engineer or whatever, you have put so much austerity – And after acquiring qualification also,  you have to serve some hospital for a year or two. And that job is horrible in the western world.

(Maharaj answers to some devotee in Hindi – haan ji)

This is to be remembered that without austerity.. – we don’t want to be worshiped. Atleast we want to be perfect in Krishna consciousness and perfection can never be there unless the sacrifice is there. Regarding worship or no worship, we don’t worry really. We know this local worship, fame or defame is all illusory energy. But the thing is that we have to have the austere life. And there is another point in austere life – We should not try to grab others’ things. That’s our general tendency. That we see any opportunity, we grab it. The basic tendency is that. We have been to America and my age is always there. So there our Indian doctors, they have their medical centers there. So everybody was telling me that you should have check up. I told that, “I am not feeling anything.” Why should I have check up. They said that, “No, no..there may be something wrong.” I told that if there is something wrong, then we will see that when there is something wrong. So I didn’t go for checking. If really I have gone because it is for free, so this is the allurement. Then they would have found that after six months, your nerve will be blocked and you will die. Oh, After 6 months I am going to die? Yes. So what to do? Start medicines. If medicines don’t work, then we have to operate. And jijivisha is always there. I want to live long. I want to live permanently here. So I must go to medical center. You have to start with medicine or do this. Please avoid these things. They were no medical centers. In my times, hardly there was only one doctor and he was regarded as “all in all” in medical field. No separate doctors. Blood checking was not at all  in our sight. Every now, first you go to the hospital, big syringe of blood they take out now-a-days.  “You have to keep eye on your blood. You don’t have blood.” I told, “You tell that I don’t have blood. So whatever I have, let me have it. (laughter) Why you are taking it?” “No, no. you have to follow me. “  I told that, “You told me that I don’t have blood. So please let me have that.”

(Referring to his days Maharaj was mentioning about the way doctors treated) Blood was completely absent. Only the pulse was there. And many times pulse also he didn’t check. He will just look at us and give some medicines. I am sure he will be mixing ginger powder and something – which is the vishwa bhesaj – Any ailment will go. We thought that nice tablets he has given us. Please some simplicity must in our life. And one simplicity must be there that we may die if He wants, if Krishna wishes us to die. Next moment we may die. And if He doesn’t wish,  then we may not die till that time. “honi anhoni na hoi – anhoni honi n hoy – tulsi barosa raam ki – sukhi nidraa soy”

I am not praising myself here. But that big doctor had come. Because I was not feeling well at all here. The doctor wanted to treat me ..Our Ganatra ..He said, “I will bring the big doctor. He is very big. Yesterday Ganatra was telling. He was very wide. That Chatur….what was his name. I don’t know. He was very big. He is big in the sense that there is an air ambulance from Bombay. In Bombay cities, now  these  motor vehicles alone are not the only ambulance – There is air ambulance. And in air ambulance the doctors fly and they are the biggest doctors. They charge some one lakh rupees for just taking patienst from Rajkot to Mumbai and then other charges are in addition. The medical profession really can never be trusted in this age. That big doctor, that air doctor – he was called here and he came you know. He looked at me and checked and he told, “You are very serious.” I told “Yes. That’s why you were called.” (laughter) He said, “I am surprised that you are talking in this position.” I told that, “Don’t be surprised ? If Krishna wishes we will survive. Otherwise we should die.” “Alright”, he said and in big full scape paper he wrote so many medicines. Our cintan might have got 3000Rs for that. But I was envious of him. Why should I give him 3000Rs (laughter) So as soon as he went, we tore of that paper and even now he is asking Ganatra, “Is that Swamiji still alive?” (laughter) This is our practical example. I was very sick. No doubt. But sickness also has a time. And in old-age particularly, there are two types of sickness – one is that which could be cured may be if Krishna wishes. All other sickness, they come to take you away. Nobody can help. With firm faith on Krishna, we can avoid these things. This is the greatest austerity in this age. To be ready to die is the greatest austerity. We should be ready to die. Because we are not ready to die, that’s why we have to survive. So then, we get operated or take medicines, we stuff our stomach with unwanted medicines. Please this is the greatest austerity. And unless there is austerity, we cannot go an inch ahead with the Krishna consciousness. And apart from anything, we disrespect Krishna consciousness because of our material motives. That is the danger. Krishna consciousness is the only way. Consciousness means completely surrendering unto Him and submitting to His desire. Submitting to the desire is the real symptom of consciousness. Desire of Krishna and  whether you submit or not, His desire works. His will always works. So if He wants to take us away, we have to be ready. If He wants us to stay here, He will do everything. This is how, please this verse..In our Abudhabi..there is one Agarwal. (Looking at one devotee Maharaj says) You have to come sometime to Abudhabi – sometime. You have money now? (laughter)

Devotee: Maharaj, I will have to come to you. I don’t have any money Maharaj. (laughter)

Maharaj: Don’t tell like that in front of these people. I am glorifying you.

Devotee: Oh Jai. Maharaj?

Maharaj: Man, you should say that I have money.

Devotee: Oh, ok. I have money.

Maharaj: (laughter). See that’s nice.

Devotee: Thank you Maharaj.

Maharaj: (laughter) See otherwise you are losing your name.

Devotee: Oh ! is it?

Maharaj: For your glorification..Now should I tell that also to you before them ? (laughter) Oh…The thing is that Agarwal’s mother was on death bed. Agarwal was 50 years of age. But he was crying on phone…” mother.” I told him, “Agarwalji – ab job hi hai. Hum to usko kuch ilaaj nahin kar sakthe. Ab aisaa karo. Prabhupada ka chanting box le jaaeye aur lagaa dhijiye aur usko bhi chanting karne ko…And I told him that you take chanting box, Prabhupada’s chanting box and you please start chanting. You also chant and if she is also able to chant, then let her chant. And to our surprise she was alright. Agarwal smiled and he said, “Your medicine worked.” He said. I didn’t do anything. But strong faith was there that even if she is dying, better to hear the names and then pass away. And she was definitely on death bed. But somehow or other she picked up and Agarwal could bring her to Audhabi and she came to see me. (laughter) This is the difference. Please we are not praising ourselves. But the name is very powerful being non-different from Krishna. Always Prabhupada was giving example that Lord Ram, when He wanted to cross over from South India to Lanka, He had to have the Ram sethu. He couldn’t jump like that. But with His name uttered by Hanuman, Hanuman could jump. So Name is more powerful than Himself. Please have this faith and you will be behaving like Agni-vat – Completely purifying – I don’t know how, how so many other glories could be magnified regarding chanting of the Names and we exactly neglect chanting. We exactly neglect the important thing. Don’t neglect please. It is suicidal. Whenever you get time, you please continue chanting. That is the purport of this verse. Jai Srila Prabhupada ki Jai!

HH Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj ki Jai !

Anything to ask ? (Maharaj speaks in Gujarati appreciating young devotee for wearing dhoti)  Yes. Anyone comes in dhoti, they look much better. He doesn’t put. Only one dhoti he has. His father has given. (laughter) Father has given his dhoti to the son right?  (laughter) What is your name ? I forgot-

Devotee: Krishna Ashray.

Maharaj: Jai. Krishna Ashray – See how nice name you have. You are growing Krishna Ashray. Jai. Nice, nice. Nice to see you son. But you only come like the medicine – (laughter). You have to serve here. What is the use of this red body? You have to work with it. Our Nayanpriya mopped the whole thing today. So come early and clean something. Jai. Nice, nice to see you son. Enjoy your time. Jai Srila Prabhupada ki Jai.