Krishna's instruction to Uddhava

Verse Number
SB 11.7.7

SB 11.7.7 Rajkot - 2006

yad idam mansaa vaachaa  / cakshurbhyaam shravanaadibhih
nashvaram grhyamaanam ca / viddhi maayaa mano mayam

yat - that which; idam - this world; manasā - by the mind; vācā - by speech; cakṣurbhyām - by the eyes; śravaṇa-ādibhiḥ - by the ears and other senses ;naśvaram - temporary; gṛhyamāṇam - that which is being accepted or perceived; ca - and; viddhi - you should know; māyā-manaḥ-mayam - it is only imagined to be real by the influence of māyā.

Jai . How nice it is. It opens our eye. Whatever we see, whatever we perceive maybe, it’s manomayam - by mind and speech and other senses. So all this glory, includes. We imagine it to be real by the influence of maya. This gold is not real. So leave the ring here (laughter).  Just like dot.  Man, this is the point. l really, I am telling you the truth (laughs).  (Devotee speaks ..inaudible) But you don’t need. But somebody must need.  (Laughs)  The intelligence is there. Croatia intelligence. (Devotee says – crooked intelligence) (laughs) crooked intelligence.

I mean to say, no,this is, cakshur unmilitam yena  this has forced open the eyes. Otherwise we are  all thinking that this building  is real, that land is real. How much proud you are? Nothing is in hand. The land is already in our possession. The land which we are talking about with him, he is under the impression that land is not in our possession and he thinks that he is the owner. We already possessed the land.  The thing is that apart from this unreality of the whole thing, again the pride is there, which makes us blind. Pride forces the living entities to become completely blind. aham aham you know, “I do ,I do, I do”, reality we don’t understand.  If reality had to be understood, there won’t be any battles or wars, misunderstanding nothing at all. This verse is beautifully

yad idam mansaa vaachaa  / cakshurbhyaam shravanaadibhih
nashvaram grhyamaanam ca / 
viddhi maayaa mano mayam

grhyamaanam ca - means I have already accepted it as truth. grhyamaanam -  nashvaram, what is the meaning of nashvaram? Very  temporary. Nashvaram means not only temporary,  but destructible. Haan , nashvar that is the meaning. Temporary is wrong meaning. It’s not temporary. It’s all completely vanishing.  Man, yesterday I thought, so far I was thinking that the glass .. glass piece  what deterioration it has, unless it is broken. Glass is a glass.  But yesterday we learnt that our glass, it is glass, there in the car. But it is dead. I was surprised to know that.  It means deterioration is nonstop in this material world. That is nashvaram. Murli is getting old day by day. I am not. That is the way - grhyamaanam ca. No. I only see others. Me, I don’t. Murli is passing away. My case is special. I will be here all the time. Who is going to control this? This is how our pride makes us completely ignorant and blind. That is the thing.  If only we can remember this verse and try to arrange our activities, it will be very nice really. It will be Nandanvan, Gokula, Vaikuntha. There won’t be any trouble.  But we think we are the owners.  I have my bungalow.  I am going to be in my bungalow for all the time. Nothing works, nothing works.  Really just meditate on this -  yad idam manasaa vaacha - by mind and by speech then cakshurbhyaam , what is cakshurbhyaam? It means eyes , shravanaadibhih, then  hearing, touch etc. All the senses - nashwaram that which is destroyed and is being destroyed daily, we have taken it as granted that it is real. And that is all manomayam, what is it ?  maaya manomayam. Then  viddhi – viddhi,  means you must know.  viddhi is the order again.  Krishna orders - Uddhava , please. Uddhava knew everything. Even then Krishna knows that the living entities like us are still rascals. So He is ordering us. viddhi maaya  manomayam means it is only imagined to be real by the influence of maya.

Murli prabhu: Influence of maya, how will we know?  

Maharaja: There is nothing.  I can’t hold the land. But so many people are buying the land making the compounds. Nothing we can hold. We are rich.  Where is your money?  Not on you. No, no.  Bundle of notes. They are not with me here.

“My dear Uddhava, the material universe that you perceive through mind, speech, eyes, ears and other senses is an illusory creation that one imagines to be real due to the influence of maya. In fact, you should know that all of the objects of the material senses are temporary.”

But this we don’t digest. We know maybe. But we don’t digest it.

Murli prabhu:  why?

Maharaja:  Because we don’t want.  We digest it means, I relieve my possession. That I don’t want. In any case, I don’t relieve my possessions.  Philosophically we can talk blaah blaah blaah. All over Russia, all over America, all over England, all over India, philosophy is going on but nothing is following. In our temple community at least some percentage is there, in which we are following.  Full is impossible for us because body is there.  But some percentage is there and till that time, the temple communities are surviving. Till these principles are there.  Otherwise temple community cannot stand. This is the corollary of this. Because the principle is alright. But you go out and not a single per cent is followed, of this. You cannot enter the shop. You had to stand on the counter - to that extent we possess. House is completely locked and barred and what not. Can’t enter the compound even, what to talk of the house. And the reality is reality. That it is all going to be destroyed. The bodies for which, which we do possess all this thing themselves, any moment they are going to be destroyed. Then in order to take comfort that I am all right, we take the help of the doctors. Possessiveness is there. So in order to possess, I must have some shelter.  Some other shelters cannot work regarding the body. So they think that the medicines will definitely give a long life and we know now that even those people, they are fed up with the medicines in western world also. They want to find out some alternative medicine. Man, somebody took drugs in American and he is a young boy, hardly 20 years old maybe. Then he was arrested or whatever may be and sent it to mental hospital, drugged and beated and beat again and you know in mental hospitals what treatment is there.

Murli prabhu: Horrible. All patients beat each other.

Maharaja: (laughs) haan, because they are mentals.

Murli prabhu:  everything is going on.

Maharaja: (laughs) I don’t know.

Murli prabhu : hellish.

Maharaja: Really hellish. Can you imagine that the mockery of humanity, human existence. Instead why they can’t come to Prabhupada and chant.  These boys, since they leave home, they have to move nearly about 45 minutes to collect all the boys.  So they go for Harinaam. They don’t talk nonsense. They don’t make noise in the car. It is continuous Harinaam going on, I remember . If Hari naam is not there, the hell is there already. This is the thing. Here also we can improve the hell provided we are really genuine about this. But Murli is not genuine. So Murli prefers hell. What to do?  Yeah I don’t want your heaven. You manage your vaikuntha. I want hell.  Now 23rd again re- entry into the hell  (laughter). What to do? Murli is lost case. I mean to say, really if you want to sacrifice, we are not really sacrificing. Everybody is going to be destroyed. However the body you want to pamper, it is not going to survive. It is destructive, so why to pamper it?

Murli prabhu: everyday millions of cells are dying.

Maharaja: And again they grow…yeah and again recreated. Otherwise we cannot survive.  I don’t know how this process goes on for 80-90 years.  It is impossible, unless, He is merciful. And we don’t see Him. We see anything else. That is maya. Really we don’t see Him. So realisation is, vasudem sarvam iti sa mahaatma su durlabhah - everywhere Krishna is there. That is reality. Black sea is also water, red sea is also water and blue sea is also water. But we have divided.  Red sea is there.  Black sea is there. Mediterranean is ours.  Mediterranean  is mine.  Arabian Sea is Arab’s.  Indian Sea Ocean is India’s and India is suffering for water.  There is no water.  Indian ocean (laughs). Big maya is there, the owner of the ocean doesn’t have water to drink (laughs) and they think, “I want a land in Rajkot. I am big business man.”  Yesterday, that body is full of stool and urine covered with all woollen blankets. Horrible looking, man!! (laughter) And people who came to see him, were very happy with kurta.                                                                             

Murli prabhu: yes, everyone was happy than him.

Maharaja: yes, they are more happy than him and I don’t know what enjoyment he have.

Murli prabhu : He put four Ac’s on four sides. Covered.  Stop the Ac’s and uncover it.

Maharaja:   And that’s it, then he wants to save money (laughs). Man, even a small child can understand this.

Murli prabhu : Switch off the Ac and open the windows. That’s it.                                                  

Maharaja: Somebody is not going to shoot him through window, man. And what checking was there? Anybody can take a gun, go inside.  And  as soon as the gun sound is there, other people will run away (laughs). They shout and scream and go away.  They will save themselves. This is a great illusion really and he was thinking, “I am spending for my security so much, I am so secure”.  And reality is completely different.  And here is a great show of trees and bridges and cars and this and that, and in the end there is nothing.  Please try to understand these things and come to the terms with your own situation that somehow or the other, we have to pass this life in service of Krishna and finish it off. That’s it. Otherwise there is no other bit real. As it is going to slip away.

Read again, the translation

Murli prabhu: What is the use of protection?

Maharaja: No, no need of it. But we want to prolong. Yesterday that lady who cooked for us, that old lady, when we went she was telling that, “my BP is very high (blood pressure)”.  In the evening, she told, “because you are here there is no BP. see this the reality it’s not BP but there is no.

(Maharaja started talking to some child lovingly.) Jai. Maharaja (Laughs). 

He knows his grandfather’s name. In your country they don’t know, if they have or not I don’t know. He is so small; See how devotion .you don’t have such devotion. This is reality you are unreal. See the way he takes his own time. This is real education that’s, what I thought, instead of running around for the old persons, we should be detach this and we are successful and the word our schools name is famous now, so soon, we will have our 12th building and the money is coming from the Yugoslavia (laughs) see as soon as money is in I possess, I possess, I will have gold, I will have silver, suits how many suits, and murli discusses by                     

Let them repeat the translation:

My dear uddhava, the material universe that you perceive through mind, speech, eyes, ears and other senses is an illusory creation that one imagines to be real due to the influence of maya. In fact, you should know that all of the objects of the material senses are temporary.

Maharaj: Very good read the purport:

The question may be raised that since we find good and bad qualities throughout the material world, how can Lord Kṛṣṇa advise Uddhava to see everything equally? In this verse Kṛṣṇa explains that material good and evil are a creation of the illusory energy, just as the objects of a dream are a mental creation.

As stated in Bhagavad-gītā, vāsudevaḥ sarvam iti: Lord Kṛṣṇa is actually everything because He is present within everything and everything is present within Him. Kṛṣṇa is sarva-loka-maheśvaram, the Lord and proprietor of all worlds. To see anything separate from Kṛṣṇa is illusion, and attraction to any kind of material illusion, either good or bad, is ultimately useless since it obliges the living entity to continue wandering in the cycle of birth and death.

Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching constitute the activities of the five knowledge-gathering senses. Similarly, the voice, the hands, the legs, the anus and the genitals constitute the five working senses. These ten senses are organized around the mind, which is the center of material activity. When the living entity desires to exploit matter, he is covered by the three modes of nature. Thus he concocts different philosophical, political and social explanations of reality but never understands the Absolute Truth, Lord Kṛṣṇa, who is beyond the contaminated perception of the material senses. One who is entangled in the network of material designations, such as race, nationality, sectarian religion, political affiliation, etc., is absorbed in the experience of combining his body and other bodies with material sense objects, thinking these sense objects to be sources of happiness and satisfaction. Unfortunately, the entire material world, along with the senses that experience it, is a temporary creation that will be annihilated by the time potency of the Supreme Lord. Despite our foolish hopes and dreams, there is no actual happiness on the material platform. The real truth is not material, nor is it temporary. The real truth is called ātmā, or the eternal soul, and among all eternal souls one is supreme. He is called the Personality of Godhead, and in His original form He is known as Kṛṣṇa. The knowledge-gathering process culminates in perception of the inconceivable, transcendental form of Kṛṣṇa. One who is not perceiving Kṛṣṇa in everything and everything in Kṛṣṇa is undoubtedly on the platform of mental concoction.


Maharaja: This is very nice sentence. Again, “undoubtedly on the platform of mental concoction” that’s it. Concoction we are all in. Murli is number one. This is the point. The thing is we are always grappling with the immediate causes and not the remote cause. The immediate cause of supplying water is the government.

Murli prabhu: government?

Maharaj: Government, they have built  the dam across the Narmada river, then the canals, put the pipelines , so government thinks that I am the supplier, whereas they are  not at all unless the dam is full what the damn they are doing to send? (laughs) dam is very nice word, damn you do and damn you don't. They all think that because of me the water is coming. This is,The first minister we went to, he was telling that we are supplying water now. When you can’t piss even what to talk about the water? There will blockage in kidney the water will not come out.

Murli prabhu: How will you supply? You cannot supply yourself.

Maharaja (laughs) and not a single hair is black, did you see that it is complete white and he thinks that I am supplying the water, the drinking water.  He doesn’t have really and if you don’t drink clean water your kidneys are going to be blocked. How much darkness we are in and this is illusionary energy. Illusionary energy is always dark and that’s why we like dark. you know!?  In Cosmoplex, when everything is closed and everything is dark, they enjoy, they enjoy darkness and then some light is there and some figures are there just keep them busy. Otherwise they will go crazy inside. If this cinema film is not going on, the people will  do hellish activities in darkness because unless your mind is diverted, you are going to act in hellish way, if there won’t have been picture they will beat each other and kill each other, they cut each other and what not? The same thing is in the mental hospital. So we are really, in this world, the whole universe is a big mental hospital according to this verse. Please remember this.

yad idam mansaa vaachaa  / cakshurbhyaam shravanaadibhih
nashvaram grhyamaanam ca / 
viddhi maayaa mano mayam

It is very easy to remember.  Maharaja sings the verse with devotees repeating …

This is main quality, this whole thing which is perceived by 10 senses and mind is all nashwaram destructible. It doesn’t have any existence that is nashwaram. And grhyamaanam ca, I have taken it as a reality. How much we are misguided by this, that we have to judge. As soon as we are consumed by these things then you won’t behave alright. Your behaviour is completely wrong. Pure thinking is wrong and thinking is completely opposite. To the effect there is the fact is, nothing is going to survive. So maybe something is in our hand so we do well as much good as possible. That is the way. But we don’t really come to these terms, it is very difficult to understand, very difficult to understand. Why can’t this go in to your head? Come on murli, tell me your experience. 

Murli prabhu: Because I think, I am still this body.

Maharaja:   This body really remains. Body’s possessions are yours. That is why I am telling you leave the gold here (laughs). My point is only one; your ring should not go with you (laughs). The thing is, at the moment I don’t have any other intension at all. The thing is not only this, but we go, so many places we visit, everywhere the ahankaar is there. Everywhere. Everywhere. Yesterday, it was personified ahankaar. it was personified ahankaar .

Murli prabhu: maha ahamkaar

Maharaja: Maha ahankaar otherwise everywhere, shopkeeper he is also in ahamkaar, in my field  nobody should enter, or house , particularly,  the big house is , whole house is empty , nobody , two dogs are running, and even then ,nobody is allowed . There are so many things which we are following because of this misunderstanding of this whole situation and misunderstanding is so high that we spread the miseries everywhere. Misery. Really like misery.

There was one shopkeeper, one rich person in dwaraka,so he had a shop a big shop he had, so he had a nice frontage , nice frontage yet ,shop frontage you know, so his manager told him why can’t we have two shops here?. And the frontage , we can collect more rent , so he gave very nice answer, he said , don’t teach me how to earn money, his manager was getting clever thinking that his boss will be pleased, he is showing the way to make money . He said this front is open at the moment so plenty of pilgrims are coming here and in sunshine , the powerful sun is there and we have shade here so they take rest here , till we are taking lunch , shop is closed , so this rest is more important to me than the money. Do you understand? He thought about the pilgrims, he knew, maybe he may earn something more but then there is something sacrificed. So for him rest was. Somewhere the spark of realisation is there. But it’s not the whole life is sacrificed only a part but there is something and there is this pious land is there. The whole of bharat varsh, whole of India is a pious land, so there is always some feeling for the others. Otherwise in other land, there are no feelings for others.   

Murli prabhu: They talk about equal vision. There cannot be equal vision. If ahankaar is there.

Maharaja: yeah, ahamkaar means I want to earn more, no, not only that, the governments are going completely crazy. This taxation is so very high that now people are forced to work, find out sources of income and they will do anything, they have to pay the taxes, so this is the point. Formally, king was benevolent; they were always taking advices of rishies. That’s what yashomati told me yesterday, but it just went over his head.

Murli prabhu : Yeah he was saying something,

Maharaja: He said, even then philosophy (?) I don’t want to hear this.

Murli prabhi : Don’t want to hear this.

Maharaja : This is dead for him. This philosophy is dead for him. There is ahamkaar, he says I am rishi, I am king.

Murli prabhu : He said?

Maharaja: yeah, he thinks he is a rishi. He is not married.  I mean, dog also does not marry, that mean the dog is rishi (laughs). Unmarried is not a qualification, this is the thing. We find out some qualification to be proud, no, I am not married, I am very honest , four Ac’s around , how can you be honest .

Murli prabhu: four, four all walls.

Maharaja: four Ac’s.

Murli prabhu: All very costly.

Maharaja: (laughs)

Maharaja is talking to someone in Gujarati …

The thing is, he is contractor, he says that motorcycle is mine, rest of it is Krishna’s. Only one motorcycle.

Murli prabhu: only one motorcycle?

Maharaja: haan, only one motorcycle

Murli prabhu: He is good.

Maharaja: Haan, he is good (laughs)                 

Murli prabhu:  (?)

Maharaja:  He is satisfied. Honest.

Murli prabhu: One day he will get rid of bike also.

Maharaja: (laughs) He has his own way to obtain the bike also, very costly bike he has. But he is just his own way. The thing is because we have the body, so we are given some concession, to possess something, but that is minimum, minimum is the word, murli wants maximum . How many suits you have?

Murli prabhu: one, two….                              

Maharaja: see, see (laughs) and  you are not putting all the suits together.

Murli prabhu: at the same time?

Maharaja: No, But even then we want to have.

Murli prabhu: possession.

Maharaja : Possession, And excessive  possession increases cough. That is the aruyvedic  principle. In ayurveda it is clearly written that all this  behaviour, behaviour which is anti bhagavatam is the cause of all deterioration but we are fortunate enough, that we may have inability, but most of the time we are out.

Murli prabhu :    (?)

Maharaja: See, as I told you, the government is wrong, we are not fit for this democracy. There must be one king, so one king, how much he is going to spend, one family could be very  nicely maintained , then all this will be maintained. And every time the new lord comes, they are hungry. So people go and feeding everybody, and they  don’t  have anything to be paid. But whatever he  is , so even  in this situation also, only chanting will do.

Murli prabhu: Only chanting will do.

Maharaja: Chanting Krishna's name , they are relieved  somehow or the other Krishna is arranging  somehow or the other we have to do It and because we are in need , the medical expenses are very high so many things are here, so we don’t know  really how much we are in trouble . And that is why we try to collect and  try to collect more and more and collection always kills us, unless it is used for Krishna. Otherwise collection is very bad, hoarding is very bad. Unless it is used for Krishna. For Krishna everything purifies but otherwise it is not. The money which you are spending to come to India is really worth.  Even if you don’t get anything, you get sunshine. Now you have, So many times you have come here. As soon as you land here, as if you are nothing to worry about and your condition is not that good. I mean to say economically also. But even then you are managing, everything nicely. So those who are nicely replaced here, you should try to put this principle to light, at least to get relieved. (?) And those who can, they should never leave this place. This is how. And at least to some extent  we should try to put these principles. It is 100 per cent true. Now how much true you can put into practice, depends upon your condition. To that impact, to that percentage, you will have happiness or miseries. You don’t follow, miserable condition you are in. and we are always, see, under the name of our relations or friends or acquaintances, we are always find out some soft corner. Soft corner. I mean to say we want to associate with the people where we can get some love. Loving attitude. Every living entity is hankering after loving attitude, every living entity, without fail, and that is also very true in the domain of Krishna also. When I was just going to Bombay before even we had started dwaraka, I was visiting Bombay temple and these boys will come to me. This and Vaishnavseva and group and the whole group is now with me nearly. They are scattered here and here. And these two are exception. This is they came, they are from beginning. They  were saying that they are going to stay. So I didn’t  believe them but eventually now after 12 years it is the fact, and the only talking.