Come to Your Senses

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This is Vedic seeing. It is not, it is not the preaching. It is for seeing. Otherwise, Vedic people were not mad. And these Mohammedans have taken the Vedic culture. It is the Vedic culture, and they are very strong about this. Even now, they are really very particular about these things. The agitation in the community is completely absent then. And even then, the television etc, all these things are agitating us. Continuous agitation is there. And how to save from this, is our great problem. And that’s why it becomes impossible, if we don’t control our sense. If you don’t come to your senses, you are daily losing the celibacy. And then you try to concentrate on scriptures, there is no concentration. You can’t chant. You can’t even hear. You are just worse than animals. Animals have sex, may be monkey has sex thirty times a day. At the (time of) sex he is agitated. Otherwise he is not agitated. But you are less than a monkey. You are always agitated. Please, don’t do these things. And this is the, this is the most important thing  to be followed. And that’s why our scriptures are neglected completely. So those scoundrels from the West, they had unlimited sex. They don’t stick to one wife. So they told us that, “your literatures are mythology.” And we believe, “haan..haan…mythology.” They think, “That is concocted thing. It is not possible.” Everything is possible. Since last crores of years, millions of years, our people are following these things. Why is it not possible now? Kali yuga. Then we give the Kaliyuga excuse. It is not the excuse. It is just our convenience. “Hmmmm…What to do? Kali yuga.” Arey man…It is upto us whether to remain in Kali yuga or to remain in Satya yuga. You please don’t blame others or the age. Don’t be foolish to blame the age. It is very convenient for us to blame the age. Don’t do it at all. If you want to come to your senses, come under the roof of Prabhupada. If you don’t want, get out and destroy (yourself). No mercy. Be very strong. ye hi saṁsparśa-jā bhogā. ye hi saṁsparśa-jā bhogā duḥkha-yonaya eva te  This touching sensation is the yoni, the womb of misery. From the womb, the janma is there. From embryo, the living entity is produced. This is the embryo of miseries. The miseries are produced. duhkha yonaya - You please study the scriptures. Our own words are there - yoni. These people can’t understand yoni. ye hi  saṁsparśa-jā bhogā duḥkha-yoni. duḥkha-yoni means continuously they are born. The miseries are born out of it. Just touching senses. This touching senses is very pleasing. This sensation is producing duhkha yoni. I want to sit here  for all the day, because it is very pleasing. Then I lose walking. I lose the austerity. I am used to sitting. So, duhkha yoni. And then I can’t stretch my legs and arthritis and this and that. Because this touching  sensation is there. Please, any touch sensation is the womb of misery. It should be only taken for  limited purpose. That is dharmāviruddho bhūteṣu kāmo ’smi bharatarṣabha.

Dharma āviruddha Please study Bhagavad Gita. Dharma-aaviruddha bhutesu kaama asmi  - “That kama, that lust, which is according to religious principles,I am”, He says. That is Krishna. Otherwise no. To produce living entity, it does not require even 5 minutes. If Krishna is kind, within 5 minutes you can produce a living entity. And once the woman conceives, then again you should not have any.. . Conception is there, the embryo will grow. That’s it. That is dharmaaviruddhah bhuteshu kaamosmi bharatarshabha. And this knowledge is completely absent in the general public. So they run after. Because they don’t have any idea of the truth. There is nothing higher purpose in the life. Why we  are ignoring these things? We are quite grown up, mature persons, why we are ignoring man? And if you don’t get any wife, forget about it. That’s good. Krishna decides for you not to have one. Please, somehow or the other, this living entity is completely mad and doesn’t understand ashitim caturash caiva lakshaams taan jiva jaatishu – . ashitim caturash caiva. 84 lakhs. lakshaams taan - 84 lakhs, 8 million 4 hundred thousands of species. ashitim caturash caiva lakshaams taan jiva jaatishu - In all these species of existence  bhramadbhih. - we are wandering bhramadbhih maanushyam janma paryayaat. We attain after wandering about, 8 million 4 hundred thousand species, fortunately we attain this form. Please understand this. ashitim caturash caiva lakshaams taan jiva jaatishu brahmaadbhih  purushaih prapyam maanushyam janma paryayaat

It is very difficult to attain this. And it is not a joke. Or it is not a false thing. It is very correct. It is beyond our control to prove 8 million 4 hundreds of species. Completely beyond our control, to think about it. So that’s why we call it, mythology. Our British rulers, they called our scriptures mythology. And they are following our scriptures. In Germany, the best Sanskrit university is there. It is a shameful thing. Why can’t we have a Sanskrit university under the guidance of Radha - Neelamadhav? That’s why we are humbly trying to propagate this thing. If I survive or not survive, you are the only hope. Please continue this school, and please make a nice Sanskrit university. Why can’t we have Sanskrit university at Rajkot? Why to go to Germany for that? They are taking the cream of our scriptures, and we are just….haaan..haan….paan and chew paan and tobacco and what not? Foolish. Waste of time. Why you don’t come to the senses? ashitim caturash caiva lakshaams taan jiva jaatishu bhramadbhih purushaih praapyam maanushyam janma paryayaat tad api aphalataam jaatah It is wasted. Aphalataam –– no phal. If you have this, no phal..  (Maharaj imitated like laughing)  wasting time in flying, Wasting time in planes, wasting time everywhere. And whatever time is remaining, concoction is taking place. Please this madness must stop. Must stop. This has got to be propagated very strongly. And who can propagate? Those who follow, they can propagate. By your speaking, they will not follow you. If your life is moulded in that, then they will follow you. Please mould your life in these things. Otherwise, you are destroying yourself and you are destroying everything in your surroundings because you are not fit. tad api aphalataam jaatah teshaam aatmaabhimaaninaam – aatma abhimaaninam that “I am something, I am coming from Singapore.” And he can’t speak out properly. “There is no prasadam coming”. (laughter) Unless you have full prasadam, you can’t speak man. What is abhimaan? This bag of stool and urine, you are proud of? What are you proud of? This bag of stool and urine? Nothing is there. It's only cleaning process is there. Because atma and paramatma are there, that’s why this bag is tolerable. Otherwise, we cannot sit like this together. You will smell so bad that you cannot stay together. But we are staying together because atma and paramatma is there. The smell is not there. Continuous cleaning process is there. Our kidneys are working. So dirty water is collected. Our intestines are working, waste material is collected. Otherwise it cannot be smelt properly. And those who lose kidneys or intestines, they have to have dialysis and this and that, you know better than me.

How horrible the condition is there that he has to purify the body. It is so expensive to purify the body. Do you want to lose your kidneys? You are losing your kidneys by duhkhayonaya eva te – ye hi samsparsha jaa bhogaa…by touching sensation, you are losing your kidney power. That we don’t have any idea. The vital substance which gives the vitality of the human existence, that is squandering. And that is not only squandered in the sex, but just the idea of sex also squanders that. That’s why it is strongly instructed, advised, sa vai manah krsna padaaravindayoh. That is the meaning of this. Why mind should be engaged in Krishna. Why you are mad not to engage in. Unless you engage your mind in this, the mind will go to sex. And the vitality is completely gone. Why we are not coming to this point? That tell me. And then we boast, about the celibacy “I am celibate.” Arey man, No you are not, actually you are not. Celibate means all the time you have to be with Bhagavatam. All the time you have to be chanting. All the time you have to have darshans. All the time you have to clean the temple. Clean the temple, you are tired, Then  you don’t have idea of sex at all. Once you are  tired, then nothing else. Man, we are sitting here, clean the temple and show me then, whether you are running after girl. The girl will pass near you and you will never notice because you are tired. (laughter). “Forget about it.” Because you are not working, that’s why you are running after. Man, everytime, when the girl smiles, he thinks that, “she likes me.” Arey man, she doesn’t like you at all. Smiling doesn’t mean anything. But we are mad because we don’t see the soul in the girl. We are just running after the body. Why we are mad like this I don’t know. And this is the meaning of the first paragraph. And how should Bhagavatam insist? Is it very difficult to understand? Does it require much intelligence? It’s a common sense. It’s a common sense.

That is what I told you, that if you read Bhagavatam, you will see your own life. And you will see the life around. This is not very intelligent. I am the duns, but even then I can see. Because I have gone through the whole thing. I was also 20 years old. I was also 25 years old. Don’t you think I was 25? So I know what was happening.  So this is the stumbling block. Please, scriptures are very particular. And unless, unless you keep yourself busy, you will never get rid of these ideas. And busy in the sense of manual work. I told you in the morning today. I told somebody, that two things we must have always. One is bead bag, another is duster. If you go and clean everywhere and chant. Clean and chant. Clean and chant. That’s it. Nothing doing. But we don’t do anything. Chant and eat, chant and eat. (laughter). Stop this madness. The more you eat, the more you run after. Because the outlet is not there. (In14:40 minute  Maharaj speaks in Hindi/Gujarati)  Eat and toilet, eat and toilet. That’s it. Finished. This is the business. Please, you stop. Eat and work hard. I am sorry. Chant and work hard. Chant and work. CW, CW is alright. CE is wrong. But we are after CE. Chant and eat, chant and eat. “It is Krishna prasadam Mithesh,” he says. (laughter) Very clever boy. Then we take – “Krishna prasadam” and then cleaning is there Eventually it comes out in the morning. Toilet is there. Then rasgulla comes out. (laughter) Nothing remains in the stomach. Regarding eating, we should be very sane about it. Anything you eat, eventually is stool. If you eat rasagulla, rasagulla doesn’t come out. (laughter). Why are you particular  about eating, I don’t know. And he says, “No, no, I want this, I want that.” Arey man, why you want? Everything is stool. Ghatia you eat, ghatia doesn’t come out. Jilebi you eat, jilebi will not come out. Why? Why are we fighting about eating man? Eat something. That’s it? (At 16:18 Gujarati). Why are you running after? (Gujarati – dhoklaa..patra…)   Please excuse me for the flowers coming out. (laughter) I am very upset. I am fed up. Fed up with you people. And you behave nasty And I am suffering. That you don’t realize. Anytime I heard, I heard that my disciple is doing like this, it is very painful. Very painful for me. And the pain means suffering. And pain means my digestion stops. So you should behave alright. And you should propagate these things. Don’t you want to live comfortably? Why we are not following the celibate word correctly?

Celibate is not that you don’t have the sex. No, no, no.  Not having the sex you are having more sex. Because the idea is continuously there. Karmendriyaani samyamya ya aaste manasaa smaran indriyaarthan vimudhatma viddhi nashtaan acetasah . How clear it is! Study Bhagavad Gita. Karmendriyaani samyamya - You are stopping your sense gratification, by controlling the senses. Then manasaa smaran - Always you are thinking about it in the mind. Indriyaarthan vimudhaatma. He is vimudh. Viddhi nashtaan acetasah -  Completely destroyed in his devotional service. Please stop this. And how to do it? It is by continuous engagement in this. And not only this engagement, But by seeing you can do. And again you run after the sex. So the manual labour must be there. Manual labour must be there. Get up at four o’clock and run to the temple. A monkey ran to the temple today. What is his name?  Haan..Deepak. Exactly like monkey. Exactly like monkey. Royal edition of monkey. (laughter). Arey man, come and clean. Why are you unnecessarily running? Do some productive labour. We are very happy in unproductive labour. “I am jogging.” Arey man, Like a mad person he goes to wife and comes back here. And again he wants to show me that he was running. Silly people . He doesn’t come to the temple at all. And if he comes, he comes like a monkey. His dress is monkey. Two legs are flying here and there. Then why can’t you put dhoti and walk? Why you have to put jeans and walk here and there. We are silly people. We can’t afford unproductive labour. We can only afford productive labour. No need of going to gym or running around. You sit down here and clean the floor, no need of running anywhere. No need. You clean the floor of your house, dust your house everywhere.  Keep it very clean, then there is no need of jogging or anything. There was one big important jogger in America, and he was running for 56 years or so. And then he wrote that, “I am going to survive for 125 years.” He wrote a book on science of jogging”, and then the next day he died. (laughter). Unproductive labour will always kill you. Unnecessary palpitation is there, and production is not there. At least if you clean here, then the product is there. We are very happy. We call, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. And he runs on the road. The roads are already clean. (laughter). Why are you running out like a monkey? And exactly royal edition with the cap. And he is very proud to show me that he is running (laughter). How long? How long? Once you clean your dust where you stay and that is jogging. Or if you come to the temple, come here, sit here for a while. He sits and so I have to look to him. Somebody was moving so I thought my child is there…(laughter) And we are mad. He comes to the temple, doesn’t have time to hear one sentence. What is that? Go-kharah. sa eva go-kharah.

yasyātma-buddhiḥ kuṇape tri-dhātuke
 sva-dhīḥ kalatrādiṣu bhauma ijya-dhīḥ
yat-tīrtha-buddhiḥ salile na karhicij
 janeṣv abhijñeṣu sa eva go-kharaḥ

When you come to the Pilgrim center, hear something, here. Cows and dogs also – Our laaloo also has five. Does not behave like Laloo. I thought Laloo is gone. Now who will protect. But, they are ready now. Our Laloo is ideal grhastha (laughter) He maintains the outside, and evening he was ready to do service. Please, This is the point to be understood. Unless the celibacy is followed very seriously, don’t think that you will progress  an inch on this path. And when we don’t produce, you don’t progress, then you lose the faith in the process. There is nothing wrong in the process. Everything is wrong with you. Why, rascal, you are not coming to the senses?  And then blame here, blame there, blame there. “Now I have to improve my sadhana.” Arey, foolish. What did you do for the past 20 years? And now you are going to improve your sadhana. Forget about it. Jump into the ocean and don’t come back. Tie the stone to your neck, to your waist and throw yourself into the ocean so that your dead body also doesn’t come out. Please, why, why this madness? Because we are not following anything. And you pretend that you are following. mithyācāraḥ sa ucyate.

karmendriyāṇi saṁyamya / ya āste manasā smaran
indriyārthān vimūḍhātmā / mithyācāraḥ sa ucyate

This is our position. And celibacy cannot be there. Not marrying is not brahmacari.  Not marrying is more abrahmacaari than the married people. Staying with one wife is brahmacari. And staying with one wife, to produce only the children, the sex, is important brahmacarya. Please, this is dharmaavirudhaa bhuteshu kaamosmi bharatarshabha. We have to control anyway. The controlled life only gives us the safety. We feel like running after every woman. You can’t do it. If you do, you will be stoned or punsihed or beaten whatever. So we can’t do it. I want to do it. But we can’t do it. So I have to control myself. So if the control is there, why not to have more control by going to the scripture? We have seen Bhagavatam, millions of times. How many times we have heard. How many times we have discussed. What have you heard and what have we discussed? Even now if you are running after these things,how you are going to save yourself? Be a nice devotee. Nice devotees have always a very pleasing nature and very comfortable in their own situation. They are in control of their body, and not only that, but always, in control of their energies. We are heir-apparent to Krishna. Krishna’sname is Vaasudev. Vaasudev means  fully in control of His energy and consciousness. He is the Supreme consciousness. That is why every tree is conscious here. Every particle of dust is conscious here, all over the material manifestation. Not to talk of this planet This is consciousness. And we are  part of consciousness. We are the part and parcel. Part is part. Simple. But we are  parcel. Parcel is there. Man,why can’t you understand these words? Not only you are part, you are part and parcel. Parcel means you are in possession of consciousness. And you are completely controlling the consciousness. So, anyone  touches any hair of your body, you know. In every follicle of hair the consciousness is there. That is the meaning of parcel. Why you ignore the parcel word? And we are fully in control of this consciousness. We are mini-Krishna. What are the qualities there is in Krishna Consciousness we are having here? (Maharaj telling to a student: Sit down Ajay. Ajay, ajay come here) This is the point. Why can’t we understand this? With all our energies under our control, all the consciousness is also under control in this mini body. Krishna is supreme consciousness and supreme controller in this sense. Why He is known as ishvaram? Fully in control of His energies, and of His consciousness. Why can’t we meditate on these things? Try to find out what brahmacarya is. Try to find out from the Prabhupada's writings what he means. Try to instigate your intelligence. You are full experienced.

So try to fully control yourself and be a man in the real sense of the term.. Manu’s follower - man. We are known as Maanava. We are Manu’s followers. And Manu is highly elevated living entity. Even now the code given for the behaviour, is known as Manu Samhita. It is coming from Manu. He has recommended the code. And all the codes followed all over the planet is given by Manu. That is why the different scriptures have the different codes. Nobody recommends stealing. Nobody recommends running after women. But we are following that. There is no recommendation. Why are you following them? In the West they say woman’s liberation. Man, liberation of the women is some scoundrel’s idea, man's idea. If the women are protected by the husband, she cannot be enjoyed by  anybody  and everybody. So this scoundrel wanted to enjoy. So he was very clever. He said, “unless I speak in their language, women will not do. So he said, “oh! Why should women not be free? They should be liberated.” Then “Women liberation, Women liberation Women liberation.” Man, Women liberation is death for a woman. As it is the sex is death. And liberation means how many people will have sex. So it is as good as death. She cannot survive with this. Even the prostitutes can’t survive more that 10 to 20 years because they are losing everything. That is not the way. And that’s why the controlled women is necessary in this age. Man, the liberation is completely a nasty idea. Please, please, please. Yesterday we were filling petrol in a station …. in Nasik, which is very conservative area. It was. I saw 2 women serving in a petrol station. So it is all illicit sex. All the boys were there, only 2 girls were there. This is illicit. And they think that, “I am earning money. I don’t need  husband.” It is not the money. It is the care. Others, they will enjoy and go away. Who will take care? Children will be left to her. Please, this is all varna sankara behavior we are doing. I don’t know how to stop these things. But one thing we should do is that continuous Harinam must go on. That is the remedy for this. You people please come together and please, these young people, must crowd together here. Why they are wasting the time I don’t know. Why they can’t come to the roof and try to follow something by which this society will be happy. Man, your earning will go on. Definitely it will  go on.  But you do these things. Why can’t we come to this point? Here the school is already there and we are craving for  young people to serve us. And here 10 - 12 people we have and they also, hardly they show up here. If they show up also, then this monkey type. Arey man we are not asking, you are not asking….why should you come here. Better remain with your wife.  This is not the way. Please propagate these things to young people. And celibacy must be there and celibacy is only possible if they come under our  control. Otherwise we don’t want to buy them. We don’t need to buy you. But for your good, you should be under our control. Otherwise you are losing. Because outside world is completely nasty.

(To a child) Jai. Nice to see you son.

Child: Kem cho?

Maharaj: Your brother is alright? Has he come to school?

Child: Yes, he has come.

Maharaj: We will see him today. Go now. We have to stop here now.

HH Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj ki Jai. Srila Prabhupada ki Jai.