Austerity is Required

Verse Number
SB 11.7.45-46

Gurudev sings Jaya Radha Madhava and the devotees follow.

Jai Srila Prabhupada Maharaj ki jai ! Jai Sri Granthraj Srimad Bhagavatam ki jai ! Sri Bhagavad Gita ji ki jai ! Sri Sri Rukmini Dwaradesh ji ki jai ! Sri Radha Neelamadhav ji ki jai! Radha Kunjabihari ji ki jai! Sita Ram Lakshman Hanuman ji ki jai! Jagannath Baladev Subhadra ji ki jai ! Sri GauraNitai  ji ki jai

All glories to assembled devotees (3 times) (devotees say Hare Krishna)

All glories all glories to Guru and Gauranga

Jai Srila Prabhupada ki jai

Yesterday we had seen the three words from 45 you know. So we just recite it and hurriedly complete it and go to the next.

Om Namo Bhagavate vaasudevaaya (Gurudev repeats 3 times)

SB 11.7.45

tejasvi tapasaa dipto / durdharshodara bhaajanah 
sarva bhakshyo api yuktaatmaa / naadatte malam agni vat

(Devotees repeat after Maharaj). We have seen yesterday from the translation also, and the three words, and the sequence is very nice. Bhagavatam, the sequence of the words is according to the meaning you know. This tapasaa we saw - that austerity gives you tejasvi - the brilliantly luminous. The luminous nature is the monopoly of Krishna because from His vigrah, unlimited effulgence is coming out every second of His existence. And He is known as avyaya, no vyaya - no diminishing of His strength. Doesn’t diminish at all. The sun is a representative of Krishna. Hardly during so many years, there is some fraction of thing reduces in sun because eventually this material manifestation is going to be destroyed. So before the annihilation, the large annihilation is there, sun will lose its power. As soon as the sun loses the power, then we cannot be alive here on this, the life depends upon sun. So fraction of the thing reduces always. But its negligible. We can’t see anything because our life is very short. About 60, 70 years, we cannot see any reduction. And we think that sun is powerful. But Krishna’s vigraha never reduces in the strength. And that’s why the creation is there because of effulgence, maintenance goes on because of the effulgence and again annihilation also because of the effulgence. Whenever He wants, He can withdraw the power of the sun. So He wants to finish it today, then He doesn’t have to do anything at all. Just withdraw the power of the sun and this will be null and void. This is the thing.

Gurudev recites SB 11.7.45 and devotees repeat.

tejasvi tapasaa dipto - and as soon as tapas is there, we saw the austerity gives us the brilliant(ly) luminity. And then the same time it gives you glow. So please for our own health, this austerity is required. That’s why one thing we have to stop - to look at others, what they do. As soon as we stop this, then we encourage ourselves to do whatever is correct. Otherwise half of the life is wasted just looking into others. "He is not doing. Why should I do?" This envious nature is there. Please drive away this and you have so much time at your disposal. Half the life is saved if you stop criticizing others. We ourselves are full of defects. So why to find out the defects from the others (Gurudev speaks in Gujarati to a devotee 9:45 - inquiring his well-being)

The thing is, somehow or the other, very carefully we have to save the time. That’s why here durdhara you know, udara bhaajanah. durdhara means unshakable, eating only that is needed by his stomach. And sarva bhakshyo api, everything He eats, may be contaminated food also - but because of the powerful hunger, everything is digested. And this is the best rule in ayurvedic shastra. The medicine, the ayurvedic medicine is that unless you are hungry, you should not eat. And now that exactly opposite we follow. Doctors advise, "You can eat anything and everything, I’ll clear you. My car will be running, eat." Can you see the size of the stomach? Just like he is carrying a jar of water in his stomach. There is no need of that. As I told you yesterday fasting is the best medicine. Langhanam, langhanam means not even drinking water. Langhanam is known in Sanskrit; Langhanam shreshta aushadam. It is best, best medicine.

(Joking with a devotee Maharaj says) You are not habituated to that. You don’t believe in that. Because it depends upon your belief. What you believe? We can’t bow down to Krishna everytime. How many times I have bowed?  (laughs), Now henceforth you should bow down.

Devotee: What is the word - langhanam?

Gurudev: langhanam

Devotee: that means without water?

Gurudev: Fast without water. That is langhanam. And without water if you…. the thing is excess water which is not thrown out by your body, naturally it creates swelling. So the less water you drink, the best it is for you. Particularly in waning years. Otherwise your feet are swollen, this is swollen, that is swollen and we are habituated to take medicines to reduce the swelling. Then again it aggravates. So instead of that walking is the best exercise. If any swelling is there any where, you please start walking. Pada yatra is the best thing. Then you don’t get food. You don’t have cooked food. You don’t eat. Whatever you get by Krishna’s mercy, you have to eat. And that is the best medicine. Everybody should start walking with their feet.

Once its so happened that this Devaki was in Australia, Sydney you know. And he had a fever. And Raghunandan's father was also there. Raghunandan, one from Singapore. (His father) was working with the military for the whole of lifetime. He has now retired. So he came to see Devaki. "Hey what is that?" "I have fever." "Get up. You put on shorts and run." And the fever will really go away. He says, "Whenever I have fever, I put on shorts and run and I perspire and the fever is gone." Really that is the medicine. And these sicknesses they are increasing because of pampering you know. If you are sick then, "Tejasvi is sick, Tejasvi is sick, Tejasvi is sick." Then friends all come - "how are you? how is it?" Tejasvi become more sick. If there is nobody to ask, then keep quiet. Sickness will be there, something will go on and it will get cured. But because the other people are there, that’s why they are more sick. And - "Oh, very hot, very hot. Hey you have fever, you have fever. Call the doctors." And doctor doesn’t do anything really. For the fever, very simple medicine is there in ayurvedic. This cold water you know? You take cold water and this cold water and wet cloths, cloth must be put on the forehead and fever will go away in no time. These are all very homely medicines you know and natural. No reaction. But the thing is the austerity is not there, we are not ready to tolerate anything and because the tolerance is less so we have to stuff medicines in our body.

Our Gaurasundar many times gets sick. So he sleeps. That’s it. For two days we don’t see him. Third day, he is ready. Take rest or whatever.  You know the reason of your sickness. So this is austerity. Unnecessarily running out here and there will not cure you. The udara bhaajanah is very nice.

Haribol what is it (Gurudev pointing to a boy), this boy is very good. Very clever. Come, come come here. Do you know your grandfather's name?

Boy: ah?

Gurudev: What is your grandfather's name? My grandfather

Boy: My grandfather’s name is

Gurudev: Dada

Boy: Pitonlal

Gurudev: ah

Boy: Pitonlal

Gurudev: And what is your mother’s father name? You don’t know? Ask today. Today ask your mother. ok? Jai

Devotee: Austerity

Gurudev: the point - no. Austerity includes the little food which is offered to stomach according to the need. That is austerity.

And it is written in Bhagavatam in 7th canto 15th chapter that in the mode of goodness, if the food is reduced to the requirement, that reduces sleep and plus gives the healthy body. And apart from that in the health - the main ingredient is the names of Krishna. Otherwise, these things will not work. The more sick you are, the more chanting should be there. And we have experience that our Ravilal, this Lalitha’s father lie in the hospital for one and half month. When I came, I chanted three rounds with him and he started glowing you know! And then since then he was chanting. So within fifteen days, he was out of the hospital. And now he is already in Singapore. Otherwise for him, it was impossible to fly. But within fifteen days, he was ready with chanting. Otherwise he was just lying yah yah yah. And two daughters were there, son was there and grandson was there. So he was getting more sick. I told, "Don’t pamper him too much." This is the thing you know.

Udara bhaajanah is the part of the austerity. Here the whole verse revolves around the austerity. Then sarva bhakshyopi -  "If you are really hungry, then anything you can eat, and it will be digested." The pigeons are always hungry. Fire is burning in their body, digestive fire. So they eat the small pebbles. They digest the pebbles also. That’s our experience. They don’t give always the grains. So when the grains are not available, they pick up the small pebbles. They also digest. No pigeon goes to doctor. He doesn’t have any appendicitis, doesn’t have any operation, stomach operation. Because their life is austere. Nothing is available - fine. eat the stone. I don’t mean that you should eat stones, but to that extent, if the digestive power is powerful you can digest anything. If the digestive power is not there, then anything you eat becomes the source of sickness. Undigested food always is the source of sickness. And we are careful about so many things, but about our digestion we are not careful at all. And our nasty behavior, till 12’o’clock he must eat. The servant comes at 12’o’clock to wash the utensils. So if you don’t eat who is going to clean? In India servants have time you know. Like doctor they come and go. And in Bombay they have their own setups. If the thing is not ready, they will go away. Then who is going to clean. So for her cleaning, you have to eat. This is bad. When I feel like I eat. I’ll clean my utensils austerity is not there. Cleaning. for cleaning also we require some worker. The rooms are so small in Bombay nothing to be cleaned daily for that there are so many servants. It's a fashion, "You don’t have Rama?, where is your Rama where is your Govinda?" Atleast they chant the names of Krishna. "My Rama didn’t come today, my Govinda is sick. Your Govinda is sick ohh ..." Servant will come till the time he didn’t come to clean, they are ready to spend  for Govinda anything. For real Govinda they don’t want to spend anything. This is the austerity. And this verse is cleared that. Read the translation son.

[Translation:  “Saintly persons become powerful by execution of austerities. Their consciousness is unshakable because they do not try to enjoy anything within the material world. Such naturally liberated sages accept foodstuffs that are offered to them by destiny, and if by chance they happen to eat contaminated food, they are not affected, just like fire, which burns up contaminated substances that are offered to it.”]

Devotee: Saintly persons become powerful by execution of austerities. Their consciousness is unshakable because they do not try to enjoy anything within the material world

Gurudev: This sentence is very good - They do not try to enjoy anything in the material world, That is austerity. Otherwise the general trend is that we want only more enjoyment and that’s why the more foam we have in our house, the more sickness is there. Foam in the sense, this sofa sets, so many pillows and this and that. Aah we are silly people you know. In some bedroom there is man size teddy bear. So I asked them, "You don’t have child. Then why this teddy bear is standing here?" That man said, "I cant sleep without it. I’ll hug it and sleep here." Never imagined in India that teddy bear.....we have to sleep with teddy bear. Please some nasty thing for our senses we do and this causes the..., as it the teddy bear is fur or something, its very dirty, whole house is dirty, the bedroom is dirty, everything is dirty and they courrrrrrr snores and they snore very nice you know! Goes up and comes down that music music cah cah carrhhh (laughter). They should be starved for twelve months (laughs), but again in the morning they will eat, as soon as he gets up... eating. Please you can judge your body how it is working and that is the secret of our health. We know what is happening in our body. How can a doctor or anybody else know what is happening in our body?

Once I had some swelling on the leg there was some something was there I think,so this bapuji was, we were new in Rajkot. So this bapuji was very kind to us. He said, "Come on. I will take you to doctor." So went to the doctor. That doctor, after seeing the doctor I thought, "how this man will cure us? because he doesn’t do alright. Any way. So He said, "hey.." because Bapuji is having habit of catching any sannyasi and they came to look. So that doctor was habituated so he saw me. "Another sannyasi is there. Hey," he says (laughs) I told, "what crime I have commited?!" (laughs) He says, "Hey what is your name? Come on bolo, bolo. kyaa ho raha hai?" I told, "I don’t know. That’s why we have come to you (laughs)." "Arey aapko nahi pataa, hai to humko kaise pataa? Sugar, sugar do you have sugar?" Maine kahaa, "arey mein abhi London se aa raha hoon. sugar wahan check kiye hai. kahi kuch sugar nahi." London -  he heard London and then he was surprised. He said, "this sadhu is not road side sadhu (laughs)." Then he pacified a bit. All so many tablets with him. And 27 tablets, he just gave and they were in the wrapper you know. "This you take in the morning, then in the afternoon." He thought that more tablets we give, the more cure will be. I took them and I saw its all the specimen things. I told. "you please keep this. it will be useful to somebody else (laughs)." He had an experience of this sadhu denying the medicine. Otherwise the other sadhu will put all the medicines. Whatever he gives, "come on." I told, "I don’t want these medicines. You please keep it. It will be useful to someone else". And we left. These doctors, they don’t see patient. They have their own ways to do the things. Every time we are just cheated in this business.

So the best austerity is to tolerate the sickness and judge yourself what is wrong. And then slowly if it is to be cured, naturally it will be cured. Otherwise if it is not to be cured by medicines, it will not be cured. This is the reason of the austerity. And that’s why the thing is, we have to reduce the material enjoyment in order to get better. But that we don’t do. Material enjoyment we want more and more. And that’s why the sickness is there. The reason for sickness is excessive artificial standard of existence. Otherwise the artificial standard is not there, there may be sickness we may die. That's it. There is only one sickness, there is no recovering for sickness at all. Because he doesn’t have anything. If the body is slim, where the sickness will stay. Sickness also want some curvy, some fat he require. If excessive fat is not there, then where the sickness is going to stay. Excess food is not there excess (unknown) is not there.

Man we always know that carrots are very good for eyes. So he bring 5 kilos of carrot and machine we have that mixer what is that (Gurudev does the mixer sound) the big bumper of glass you know. Maharaj wants juice maharaj wants juice maharaj will be happy make big glass, carrot juice. I told man carrot juice yes yes very good for eyes. I told what is the size of your eyes. He says 2 inches then I told why bump how much juice you need to put in your eyes. Man eyes are only one inch or 2 inches so how much juice they require? But no free available free mixer is there electricity is there somebody else crushes the whole lot for you and you are oh maharaj is here at 9 ‘o’ clock I must get carrot juice. Arey man eyes only work at 9’o’clock and 10’o’clock I must have lemon juice arey man one juice has gone into your body let it work and then we will see. But there is no consideration about these things. But there are some rules I must have 7’o’clock apple juice 9’o’clock I must have carrot juice 10’o’clock I must have orange juice. Then all juices he drinks and then sits in the toilet for 2 hours. Please unnecessary unnecessary unnecessary. body doesn’t require this. And this is the best solution of the sickness that if you reduce the material enjoyment then its better. Read further son:

(continuation of translation)

Devotee: “Such naturally liberated sages accept foodstuffs that are offered to them by destiny, and if by chance they happen to eat contaminated food, they are not affected, just like fire, which burns up contaminated substances that are offered to it.”

Gurudev: Jai Srila Prabhupada ki jai. Read the purport son

Devotee (reads purport): “The word udara-bhājana indicates that a saintly person eats only to keep body and soul together and not for sense gratification. One should eat palatable foodstuffs to maintain one’s mind in a cheerful mood; however, one should not eat luxuriously, because this will cause sex desire and laziness. A saintly person is always a perfect gentleman and is never greedy or lusty. Although māyā tries to defeat him by offering different material allurements, ultimately these attractive material features are themselves defeated by the spiritual power of a saintly person. Thus, one should never disrespect a spiritually advanced personality but should worship him reverentially. To carelessly approach a Kṛṣṇa conscious personality is just like carelessly approaching fire, which immediately burns if not handled properly. The Lord does not excuse mistreatment of a pure devotee.”

Gurudev: Hare Krishna Jai. That’s why come what may we should not leave Prabhupada. Otherwise that is our tendency. "I don’t like Iskcon", we just go away then we destroy ourselves. Wherever you go atleast take Prabhupada with you and you will be safe. Iskcon or no Iskcon Prabhupada is must. This is the thing. Pure devotee should never be rejected. By rejecting pure devotees we are destroying ourselves. So please if time you cannot find Prabhupada books sometimes and you stick to Prabhupada books. Pure Bhagavad Gita and pure Bhagavatam. Try to understand whatever you can. Don’t understand? without understanding go on chanting and even then you will be benefitted. Srila Prabhupada is pure incarnation, don’t depend upon anybody and don’t get stuck that I don’t have pure devotee to be done. This is how please we find out different excuses not to do anything. No no, this should be done. You know that I always call that in three things we should be completely satisfied, what is it? Santosas trishu kartavyah, santoshas trishu kartavyah. what is it? come on.

[santosha trishu kartavyah svadhaare bhojane dhane
    santosha trishu na kartavyah svaadhyaah japa dhaanayoh ]

Devotee: (inaudible)

Gurudev: no no. in these three things you have to be completely satisfied santosas trishu kartavyah

Devotee: wife wealth and

Gurudev: yes Sanskrit word I forgot.sanskrit words bhojane dhane is the second two but first I forgot the Sanskrit word. Bhojane dhane, bhojan means whatever you get to eat you should be completely satisfied; dhan, whatever you get money you should be completely satisfied and wife or husband whatever we get we should be completely satisfied. But santosas trishu na kartavyah - in these three things you should not get satisfied and that is svadhyaya japa dhaanayoh; svadhyaya means study of the scriptures never get satisfied, always do something and write it out. Something you should write out. If you read it again, you are writing it really useful to you and suppose you are not able to read your writing will be helpful to somebody else. You should write very nicely, anywhere you find good, you please write. So in diary, in your diary, you carry diary anywhere, you can’t carry the books all the time and this is very illusory. You are carrying maya, come on speak out something. Don’t sit like a muni (maharaj referring to a devotee)(laughs). No if you don’t speak we will disgrace  and disrespect you.

Devotee: its ok

Gurudev:  that’s ok (laughs), just like a child you behave. I have to ask child three times before he speaks and in other thing he gets slap. Man you don’t understand anything that is the trouble with you, when you want to understand you understand everything (laughs).

The thing is these things are very clear you know. Svadhyaaya must never be ended. It’s not that I have read Bhagavatam, now I don’t require. No, its again and again and again and again. And every time you read or you try to think about it, new things will come out, new things will come out. Yesterday we saw about the rasa its all newly, I never spoke like. Please this thing - the mouth one of the best example is how wonderful creation is there from Krishna. How can you forget the Krishna in. It’s not only that but see we always sit like this (maharaj showing some posture) we are always sitting like this.  And every moment of our existence the blood is supplied to the brain how responsible! You always sit like this. We don’t sit on the pain only for exercise they do shirshashan, the head is down and the legs are up otherwise you are always head is up and even then the blood is supplied every moment. Who does it you know? This is how. And for blood circulation also there must be some cavity in your body otherwise the circulation will not be there and cavity means austerity. The more austere you are the body will have the cavity. The more you are prone to enjoy or more eating or more sleeping or whatever it is obstruction. Cavity reduces, excess eating they call it cholesterol now. Formally we didn’t hear about heart disease at all. Cholesterol was completely out of our conceptional power. We never conceived that there is something like cholesterol and now everywhere your cholesterol is increased, because the austerity is gone.

We were 25 people staying in the joint family house not a single chair was there, no bed, we didn’t know what bed was. Means, we have to be austere you have to sleep on the ground. During day time all the beds were kept there was thin beds, cotton beds were pathadi you know bed, should we call it bed? Bed means the whole bed we call it its just mattress you know. Then you roll the mattress and keep it at one side. During the day there was no mattress in the house. And now the bed is ready any time boom. I am not well arey man you are on the bed that’s why you are not well. Get out and you will do well. Austerity we don’t know austerity at all. But we haven’t seen the austere situations in our own houses. The moment under the name of the advancement as it is the houses are small and in that again the beds are there. How austere those people were? and they were all healthy. The arthritis was not there. there was no arthritis. They have to sit down how many times. And all our kitchens are sitting kitchens. Never my mother stood, they are making so many chapathis and dough you can see so much dough was there for the whole family chapathis.

Our grandmother was always hungry you know. Since from morning she will get up at 5’o’clock since then she will work very hard so naturally she was very hungry. And our grandfather, he start the pooja at 10’o’clock in the morning went upto 2’o’clock. They were fighting between dada and dadi. Because dadi wanted to eat and till he finishes she can’t eat. So there was always shouting around. And we people were enjoying, we children were. She was shouting when are you finishing your pooja. He says you go on, I can’t eat till you finishes (laughs). And then at the end what she will do tries making chapathis she will be always there making chapathis from the on the wooden stove you know. So she will make chapathis, take one chapathi and sabji was there(laughs) and eat. Please these things are still in front of our eyes and they were very austere. Never they sat on the chair never and she was very old nearly 90 years old she was making chapathis. Because unless she makes the chapathis she cannot get anything to eat so two morsels atleast. Please this is how, they were very simple very simple. No hot water at all; cold water as soon as they got up cold water shower was there and health was very nice and her name was Mathura bai, my grandmother’s name, father’s mother. So she wanted to die in Mathura. So she was sick then my uncle took her to Mathura and she didn’t die there (laughs), she now want to go back so they were packing back and next day morning she died. She died there and she told now I am going that’s it. They knew that they are going to die. This the (unknown) result of the austerity and pure pure mind. No attraction, no enjoyment, no excessive material enjoyment; that was our root culture and that time also we are under the rule of muslim or britisher’s or whatever. But the society was very pure and now the society was completely contaminated and so many unnecessary stresses created to the mind. Even now if you follow Prabhupada we will be stress proof, not any stress. Please remember human existence is very rare this is not meant for stress. Come what may the things will be taken care of by Krishna and we catch His lotus feet. This is the best austerity now. There is no other way we can survive in these circumstances. The continuous demoniac things are hammered on our brain even if we don’t want. The advertisements are demoniac, television is demoniac, electronic things are demoniac everything is demoniac around us. How can we get a good association? It's only if we decide very seriously that I want to be austere then only you will be saved, otherwise you will never be saved. With all these demoniac things around you are going to be victimized by these things. So please, saving ourselves is in our own hands. Don’t give in to these things. If you don’t belong to this area then you are austere then we go on with our chanting or whatever, we don’t care for others at all.

hatha thrapa patan; hatha thrapa is the best word in the first canto of Bhagavatam. hatha thrapa means ignore the material standards, what other people will say that we will receive. Don’t worry about the other people, you please be run after Krishna and you will be completely safe in these circumstances also. Krishna is the very safe shelter. All other shelters are going to crumble and therefore our own destruction. But we should try to come to this firm shelter and be at ease in any circumstances and then you will be happy. Otherwise the circumstances are going to test us all the time. Those who are not married they want to marry, those who are married they want to be separated. Those who are married and not happy, they want children, those who have children they don’t want children. Man what do you want! Decide one’s for all (laughs)

(maharaj asking some devotee)

Gurudev: jai, how are you ajay

Ajay: I am fine

Gurudev: oh very good. Ajay speaks in english you understand (maharaj asks another devotee) no, come here ajay very good boy, come here. Over here here this corner ah that’s it jai. You should always sit separate from sister. Ok. Sister there and you here alright.. he didn’t understand (laughs)

Now we go to the next verse please this verse is the best for austerity you know. What is the number?

Devotee: 45

Gurudev: it’s easy to remember 11.7.45. now we go to the next. Come on recite. Recite please

(Devotee recites the verse SB11.7.46 and along with Gurudev other devotees repeats)

kvacic channaḥ kvacit spaṣṭa / upaasyaḥ sreya icchataam 
bhunkte sarvatra daatrṇaam / dahan praaag uttaraasubham

(Maharaj recites the above verse)

kvacic channaḥ kvacit spaṣta / upaasyaḥ sreya icchataam 
bhunkte sarvatra daatrnaam dahan praag uttaraasubham

when this daatr double ru is there its long ru daatrnaam

dahan praag uttaraasubham

 read the equivalents son

(A devotee read the equivalents and other devotees repeats)

Devotee: kvacit — sometimes; channaḥ — concealed; kvacit — sometimes; spastaḥ — manifest; upaasyaḥ — worshipable; sreyaḥ — the highest good; icchataam — by those desiring; bhunkte — he devours; sarvatra — on all sides; daatrnaam — of those making offerings to him; dahan — burning; praak — previous; uttara — and future; asubham— sinful reactions

Gurudev: jai read the translation.

(Devotee reads the translation and the other devotes repeats)

Devotee: A saintly person, just like fire, sometimes appears in a concealed form and at other times reveals himself. For the welfare of the conditioned souls who desire real happiness, a saintly person may accept the worshipable position of spiritual master, and thus like fire he burns to ashes all the past and future sinful reactions of his worshipers by mercifully accepting their offerings.

Gurudev: again

Devotee: (repeates the translation again)

Gurude: read the purport

Devotee: “A saintly person prefers to conceal his exalted spiritual position, but to instruct the suffering people of the world he sometimes reveals his own greatness. This is compared to a fire that sometimes burns unnoticed beneath ashes and sometimes blazes openly. Just as fire devours the ghee and other offerings given by the performers of sacrifice, similarly a saintly person accepts the praise offered by his conditioned followers, knowing that in fact all praise is meant for the Supreme Lord, Kṛṣṇa. Although an ordinary person immediately becomes puffed up and foolish when he is praised, such inauspicious tendencies within a saintly person are burned to ashes by his attachment to the Absolute Truth. In this way, he is just like fire.”

Gurudev: Jai Srila Prabhupada ki Jai. The thing is that we should never be puffed up  you know by the praise. Otherwise  there is natural tendency. If somebody praises us,we are completely puffed up, this should be avoided. Otherwise the saintly nature will not be there. One’s we understand this point then we can follow the saintly nature very nicely. And regarding the spiritual master’s position you all have to be spiritual master or somebody. Because you are directing always we are directed we are taking the lead for the prabhupada’s books and we are advising anybody and everybody. So wherever we advise he saw spiritual guide and he is going to be indebted to you. May be offerings of this or that. But we should not be worry that we attracted to those things then our spiritual standard goes down. This is the thing. Everybody has to become spiritual master.

And the preaching is absent, sincere preaching is absent. That’s why the society is going bankrupt spiritually. Everybody has to preach. Prabhupada was always telling that when in the beginning this...

Gurudev: oh Jai what is your name

Sahaj: my name is sahaj

Gurudev: what is your father’s name

sahaj: my father’s name is (inaudible)

Gurudev: what is your mother’s name

sahaj: my mother’s name (inaudible)

Gurudev: what is your grandfather’s name

sahaj: my grandfather’s name is (inaudible)

Gurudev: very good. What is your grandmother’s name

sahaj: my grandmother’s name is (inaudible)

Gurudev: and how are you

sahaj: I am fine thank you

Gurudev: nice. (laughs) so nice you know. He is smart

Devotee: he says to stop the final question, fine thank you

Gurudev: sahaj is a good boy, very good boy

Yes the point was that spiritual master’s position is very unique and everybody has to be that. These qualities have to be ingrained in us and because the limited sphere is there for preaching, that’s why the society is not guided properly. You please take the help of Prabhupada books and guide the society very nicely. The more you follow the regulated principles, the more firey you will become. And don’t run after the material positions or increase your positions by begging or by asking of the offerings or something. You should never do that in our dream also. Otherwise the bankruptcy of spiritual matters start from there, attachment is there the bankruptcy is there. You will be completely completely devoid of any desire. That verse you should remember what is it (SB1.6.26)

naamaany anantasya hata trapaḥ pathan in the first canto

naamaany anantasya hata trapaḥ pathan
guhyaani bhadraani kṛtaani ca smaran 
gaam paryaṭams tusta-manaa gata-sprhah
kaalam pratiikshan vimado vimatsarah 

in Narada muni’s chapter I think 5? gaur sunder its 5 ( maharaj speaks in gujarathi)

Devotee: its 1.6.26

Gurudev: 1.6.26, see read

Devotee: naamaany anantasya hata trapaḥ pathan
Gurudev: yes read loudly, follow, repeat (Gurudev and devotees repeats the verse)

Devotee: guhyaani bhadraani kṛtaani ca smaran

(Gurudev and devotees repeats)

Devotee: gaam paryaṭams tusta-manaa gata-sprhah

Gurudev: again

Devotee: gaam paryaṭams tusta-manaa gata-sprhah

Gurudev: See you are not pronouncing properly. (Gurudev recites the above verse and all repeats)

naamaany anantasya hata trapaḥ pathan
guhyaani bhadraani kṛtaani ca smaran 
gaam paryaṭams tusta-manaa gata-sprhah

gaam, gaam is a separate word

gaam paryaṭams tusta-manaa gata-sprhah
kaalam pratiikshan vimado vimatsarah 

This verse should be remembered for preaching. And being a spiritual master or whatever this naamaany anantasya hata trapaḥ pathan, always chant Krishna’s names, hata trapah ignoring material strengths; (referring to a devotee or boy) mithesh, mithesh is here, I couldn’t recognize you, how is everything, Bombay suits you better

Mithesh: maharaj?

Gurudev: Bombay suits you better (laughs)

This naamaany anantasya hata trapaḥ is very important word ignoring the material standard. Material standards are we don’t raise the hand on the road and even then while chanting we raise the hands. Please material standards should be completely ignored. naamaany anantasya hata trapaḥ pathan, guhyaani bhadraani kṛtaani ca smaran, and always remember the pastimes of Krishna which are very auspicious in themselves and gaam paryatams and you have to move gaam means planets you have to move from one planet to another planet which is not possible at the moment, so you move around this planet. You move around. If you are not able to move around in this planet then atleast you move around in your own city wherever you are there. Go off from house to house that is gaam paryatams, tusta manaah, completely satisfied in mind. The spiritual guide must be completely satisfied in his mind and gata sprhah, tusta manaah gata sprhah, there is no desire. With the desire you should not move around. gata sprhah and kaalam pratiikshan and in this way you should wait for your own kaal. Everybody has to die so wait for your death. So kaalam pratikshan vimado vimatsarah, don’t be proud of it, vimada, without any mad, vimatsarah, without any envy. This verse should be ingrained in our mind and then you will be a honest spiritual guide. This is the purport of this verse which we are reading at the moment. Now we go to 47.

Oh the car is aready here

Devotee: yes maharaj

Gurudev: he is here, then we should get up, we continue tomorrow you know 47. Jai.

Today in the evening we have to continue those symptoms you know. Krishna’s presence those..!

Devotees: raso ‘ham aapsu

Gurudev: Now please fold these fold these. (maharaj speaks in gujarathi) tell gadadhar.