Anti Material Particle

Verse Number
SB 1.19.3


(Gurudev singing Jaya Radha Madhava – Devotees repeat. Maharaj then recites Premadhvani mantras)

Gurudev: We are looking to the verse number three from the same chapter, chapter nineteen of the first canto, the appearance of Sukadev Goswami.

(Gurudev chants three times and devotees repeat) om namo bhagavate vāsudevāya

(Gurudev chants the verse very beautifully and devotees repeat)

adyaiva rājyaṁ balam ṛddha-kośaṁ
prakopita-brahma-kulānalo me
dahatv abhadrasya punar na me 'bhūt
pāpīyasī dhīr dvija-deva-gobhyaḥ

(Gurudev again chants the verse and devotees repeat) 

Gurudev: adyaiva rājyaṁ balam ṛddha-kośaṁ - this rājyaṁ and kośaṁ, these are the aum you know. (not clear) and aum always represents oṁ. So we should be very careful to pronounce it. When we vibrate the oṁ you have to, at the end you have to close the lips see..

(Gurudev chants to show how it is done) oṁ

Gurudev: closing the lips you should vibrate that is Kṛṣṇa, praṇavaḥ sarva-vedeṣu, in all the vedic mantras I am the oṁkar.

(Gurudev chants the verse again beautifully and devotees repeat. Gurudev reads the word to word and devotees repeat)

adya - this day; eva - on the very; rājyam - kingdom; balam ṛddha - strength and riches; kośam - treasury; prakopita - ignited by; brahma-kula - by the brāhmaṇa community; analaḥ - fire; me dahatu - let it burn me; abhadrasya - inauspiciousness; punaḥ - again; na - not; me - unto me; abhūt - may occur; pāpīyasī - sinful; dhīḥ - intelligence; dvija - brāhmaṇasdeva - the Supreme Lord; gobhyaḥ - and the cows.

Gurudev: Translation by Srila Prabhupada, Srila Prabhupada ki

Devotees: Jai!!!

Gurudev: Please repeat

Gurudev reads the translation and devotees repeat: 

I am uncivilized and sinful due to my neglect of brahminical culture, God consciousness and cow protection. Therefore I wish that my kingdom, strength and riches burn up immediately by the fire of the brāhmaṇa's wrath so that in the future I may not be guided by such inauspicious attitudes.

Gurudev: Purport by Srila Prabhupada. Srila Prabhupada ki

Devotees: Jai!!!

Gurudev: Please hear. “Progressive human civilization is based on brahminical culture, God consciousness and protection of cows.”  (Gurudev repeats the 1st sentence from the purport again and continues to read the purport.) Progressive human civilization is based on brahminical culture, God consciousness and protection of cows. All economic development of the state by trade, commerce, agriculture and industries must be fully utilized in relation to the above principles, otherwise all so-called economic development becomes a source of degradation. Cow protection means feeding the brahminical culture, which leads towards God consciousness, and thus perfection of human civilization is achieved. The age of Kali aims at killing the higher principles of life, and although Mahārāja Parīkṣit strongly resisted the domination of the personality of Kali within the world, the influence of the age of Kali came at an opportune moment, and even a strong king like Mahārāja Parīkṣit was induced to disregard the brahminical culture due to a slight provocation of hunger and thirst. Mahārāja Parīkṣit lamented the accidental incident, and then he desired that all his kingdom, strength and accumulation of wealth would be burned up for not being engaged in brahminical culture, etc.Where wealth and strength are not engaged in the advancement of brahminical culture, God consciousness and cow protection, the state and home are surely doomed by Providence.

(Gurudev repeats the 2nd paragraph 1st sentence again and continues with the purport)

Where wealth and strength are not engaged in the advancement of brahminical culture, God consciousness and cow protection, the state and home are surely doomed by Providence. If we want peace and prosperity in the world, we should take lessons from this verse; every state and every home must endeavor to advance the cause of brahminical culture for self-purification, God consciousness for self-realization and cow protection for getting sufficient milk and the best food to continue a perfect civilization.

(Gurudev chants the invocation mantras and devotees repeat with him.)

Gurudev:  Jai Srila Prabhupada ki 

Devotees: Jai!!!


śrī kṛṣṇaḥ śaraṇam samasta jagatām kṛṣṇam vinā kā gatiḥ
kṛṣṇena pratihanyate kali malam kṛṣṇāya kāryam namaḥ
kṛṣṇāt trasyati kālā bhīma bhujago kṛṣṇasya sarvam vaśe
kṛṣṇe bhaktir akhanditā bhavatu me bho kṛṣṇa tvam eva āśrayaḥ

Gurudev and devotees chant Mahamantra.

Gurudev: Jai Srila Prabhupada ki

Devotees: Jai!!!

Gurudev: Here in this verse we are repeating, repeating the points you know. But every verse has its own flavor. In the first verse we saw the lamentation is there. He feels unhappy that he had committed some sinful act. And this is the position of every living entity.

The name Parikshit itself suggests that we are all Parikshitpari ik shit, we see the things internally. And Pari ik shit means to examine. pariksha the word comes from Parikshitpariksha means examine, to examine. We are all being tested day in and day out in material existence. This is the fact. And we are all examining whether material existence is all in all or whether there is something else also (not clear). This pariksha, this examination goes on eternally. And every living entity is Parikshit. He wants to know, he examines. He tries to feel the material life.  As it is he is already in material life. And we always feel. Then when he is in trouble regarding the material existence, then he has to find out something which is non, non material. And that is how the anti-material comes into existence. The scientists go to that level, that they know that there is something anti-material which helps the material to function. 

Every material thing has an anti-material particle to help it to function. A supreme example is our body. Body as it is has no capacity to function. They are all gross elements, material elements. Unless this anti-material particle (is) in the body, the body is completely (not clear). The same way this book is sitting here  because it is anti-material surroundings. That's why it is existing. If the anti-material, decides to go away, this book, this table, the whole thing will be non-existent. That is what Garbhodakshayi Vishnu means. Garbhodakshayi means once the universes are created by Karanodakshayi Vishnu, in each universe He enters. And till He is there, all the generations from the earth is there. So much grass is growing, so many trees are growing, so many things we are having, so many fruits we are having. All this generation is from the earth. As it is, the earth has no capacity. But because the Garbhodaksayi Vishnu is situated in the earth, there is some generation. When the child is conceived in, when he is conceived in the womb of the mother, because there is a soul inside that's why the very smallest particle grows into a big body. There must be anti-material to grow. If there is no anti-material, there is no growth. This truth we should understand.

So the anti-material particle is more important than the gross material. The gross things are always undergoing three phases. They are created, they are maintained and they are annihilated without exception. utpathi, stithi and pralaya. These are the three phases of every material object. Once you try to experience these things, the experience leads us, beyond the life, beyond the destruction. And we experience then that beyond the destruction, the pralaya, the life, the destruction, only the anti-material particle survives. That's why every time some death occurs and we say that, "John is gone." He died and we don't say. He's gone. So everybody takes this from the Vedic culture. In Vedic culture, Vedic sutras it is clearly mentioned that for the soul there is no birth, there is no death, there is no decay, there is no change, nothing is there. Because he is the anti particle to the material body. 

So material body may annihilate but the anti-particle goes up. We may stay in our body for 80, 90, 100 years or whatever. But even then the soul doesn't mix, get mixed with the body. It is the supreme cause for the movement, it is the supreme cause for the function of the material body. but it doesn't mix with this body. When the time comes, when the body completely becomes unfit for the soul to stay, it clearly it goes away. Never we have experienced, that soul has got mixed with the body and because the soul is going, the body is also going. Otherwise we will see so many bodies going here. We don't see anybody, any body anywhere. You understand? Anybody, no body goes. No body goes. There are two words here, nobody, no body, no body. I don't see any body go. Anybody means any body. You don't see any body here. We are always body conscious. Somebody, some body, somebody, some body, nobody, no body, everybody, every body. (Gurudev laughs) How many bodies we have? And we are not conscious really of the different bodies. See how many times we repeated. And nobody is coming with it. No body is (Gurudev laughs). 

The, all these bodies they really bang each other, somebody, nobody, everybody, somebody, some body (Gurudev laughs). Any my body (Gurudev laughs). We have to forget about this body you know. And no body can recognise this body. (Gurudev laughs)  And if you don't recognise the nature of the body (not clear). We think under the spell of the illusion, maya is very powerful. Under the spell of the illusion always we are 99.9% of our existence we are illusioned. One percent may be we come in touch with saint like Prabhupada through his literature and may our eyes open for single fraction of a second. But even then again we dig down into the ocean of ignorance. And this should stop. That's why we are reading this chapter. This chapter gives the, gives you the qualification to understand the rest of the Bhagavatam. And unless you are qualified, you will never be able to understand. That's why 1st and 2nd canto must be repeated again and again  before we go further. What to talk of 10th. 

You will not understand gopis lila or Radha lila or any other lila unless you understand this basic truth. Because, otherwise what will happen that every body will think that Kṛṣṇa is the same body. And we do that. Everybody thinks that He, He has a body like us. This is the most foolish interpretation of Srimad Bhagavatam. And this is, this should be avoided that's why these cantos are very important that we understand that there, there must be the finishing time for this body. And not only this body but any material body has to finish. Our planets also has finish. Any material, any material body cannot have permanent existence. Only the anti-material particle only survives. If anti- material particle does not have any affinity for five great principles, five great elements, then the five elements is the cause of all miseries. 

Anti-material particle does not have any misery. Soul does not have any misery. But we, somehow or the other we identify the body with the soul and that's why we think that, "I am suffering". Frankly speaking you might be on a death bed, but your soul is not suffering. That's our experience. You may be very seriously sick, even then we think that body is going away, that's it. Soul doesn't have anything. Once we understand this, then it is very easy to forego the material possessions. Any way they are going to vanish. You cannot hang on to it for long. You are sitting here, there are so many rich persons here you know. They have got plenty of money in the bank or somewhere else. Formerly there was no bank. So people used to just keep all the money under the pillows. (Gurudev laughs). They would not trust anybody. Or if they have gold they will just bury in the ground and forget where it is buried. (Gurudev laughs).

Once Akbar was there you know, King Akbar. And so he had so many funny ideas. And he had a Hindu minister Birbal. So Birbal was, Birbal was very clever. One day Akbar said that, "Birbal go away and bring four fools ", you know. "And I want to see four fools". So he said, " fools", " yes, there should be plenty of people in our kingdom" (Gurudev laughs). I am just going outside Badshah, within one hour I will come back and will try to find something". 

So there was one man Birbal saw, he went out of the town and he was searching something you know. He was digging the ground and searching, digging here, digging there, and crying really. So Birbal said, " Hey! What happened to you?". He said, " I had ring, golden ring in my hand and I have buried in the ground and now I don't find". So Birbal asked him, " Did you put any, any sign that, that you have buried here." He said, " What are you telling? Am I a fool not to put any sign there? Definitely there was a sign". Then Birbal said, " What sign was there?". " There was a cloud" (Gurudev and devotees laugh) " in the sky. There was cloud, and now the cloud is here and I can't find it." (Gurudev laughs) 

So Birbal thought, " this is a fool number one" (Gurudev laughs) So he told that, "Come with me I will give your ring back" (Gurudev laughs). So one fool he took. Then he went ahead and found another man. He was sitting on a mule. And he was carrying the large bundle of grass on his head. So Birbal said, (Gurudev laughs), "What are you doing?" (Gurudev laughs) He said, " I am carrying bundle on my head". He said, " You are sitting on the mule, why can't you put it in front of you or back, the grass bundle? Why should you carry?" He said, "Am I fool, I don't want the bundle to harm the mule, I need to carry the bundle" (Gurudev laughs). So this was the second fool. So Birbal went with the two fools and then he, " Jahapanah" he said, “Badshah, there are four fools now here". He said, "I only see two". "Only", said, " we will see how they are". So Birbal introduced the first, the ring man. (Gurudev and devotees laugh). So Akbar agreed,  "this is fool", he said. Second was also fool. He said, "where is the 3rd fool?". "The 3rd fool is me", he said. "We have so much important work to be done and you silly, foolishly you ordered me, Go and find out fools and I went" (Gurudev laughs). "I am the fool", he said. "Where is the 4th fool?". "Please excuse me, you are the 4th fool. Such an important work, you left and you just, you are wasting your time in this." 

So we are also fools you know. We waste the time and always body, body, body, body. I have given you so many examples. This, we have to come out of the bodily consciousness and be God conscious, anti-material consciousness. Anti- material particle has got to be real-ised. And this is the endeavour of this chapter and the 1st canto as the whole. It wants to insist that even the great king like Parikshit had to leave the body accidentally. And at least Parikshit was very lucky really that he had seven days. But we may not have single moment. If it is so, so far so good. The real devotee of the Lord, pure devotees of the Lord, they ask three things to the Lord. They request the Lord that please give me these three things. Repeat, number one they ask

1) anāyāsena maraṇam - first thing devotees want from Kṛṣṇa that my maran, my mrtyu must be anāyās 'instant' you know. We are in the age of instant. Instant coffee, instant food you know. Dal cooked in somewhere, we have instant dal. You bring, you just put into hot water and it is ready. Instant, everyone, everything we want instant. But the devotee is very, very much eager to have instant death. That he is sitting now, now he is not there.

2) Then second he asks, 2nd thing devotee asks anāyāsena maraṇam vinā dainyena jīvanam - Our life should not depend on anybody. That is the second thing. Till we are alive, we will be able to wash our clothes, we will be able to do all our bodily activity. We should not depend on anybody else so far as possible. This is the second thing. 

3) And the third thing he asks dehi me krpayā kṛṣṇa tvayi bhaktim acancalām, that please give me Your unflinching devotional service.

Always please run after these things. Soon we will come across the verse, we may not be here, but we will research it. Parikshit Maharaj before Sukadev Goswami arrived, he knows now, till the next verse tomorrow, he knows his impending death. And as soon as he gets the news, he leaves everything and goes to the bank of the Ganges and therein immediately that news begins to spread all over the universe. How much powerful internet they might have? Or emails, and we think that emails is the modern invention. As soon as he was cursed to die, the same moment, all the sages from every, all the planets they knew that Parikshit is going to die. And how much swift transportation must be there that within seconds they all assembled in Ganges. We don't have that swift transportation as yet. It has to come. We have emails and always computers goes out of order. You press one button something else comes. And we don't know what is happening to the computer. Eventually fed up, close the computer and refer to the books. Please our instruments are completely imperfect.

See the Parkishit Maharaj's progressive age. In that age, there must be some swift system of informing the people that how much swift it should be. That not only on this planet, but any other planet, they were able to reach, they were able to send the message. They should have sent the messenger. Otherwise how  all the rshis and devas got the information about the impending death. And within no time they were there, here in the Ganges. So transportation also must be very swift, very swift. And this, this speed, as we learnt from 'Easy Journey to Other Planets', small book, is because of recognition of anti-material. The anti-material particle, you will be surprised that when we die our soul which is a very fraction of the hair, you know the measurement of the soul is given in the pages of Bhagavatam..You take the hair, divide the tip of the hair into ten thousand parts and one part is our soul. How much tiny the soul should be we can't see even with our bare eyes. 

And this particle as soon as it is freed from the body, suppose it has to go to Goloka Vrindavan which is far, far, far, far away beyond our material reach. But this particle goes within few moments, it goes to Goloka Vrindavan, to hell or wherever. On other planets anytime, anywhere it has the capacity to fly. They must be having some very intimate connection with the anti-material particle to find out such speedy transport you know. Please remember this and as soon as you come to this our.. our faith  in the scriptures multiply by millions of time. As it is we don't believe that there was Parikshit Maharaj. Recent example is that we don't believe Ramayana, we did not believe. We regarded Ramayana as myth. That is myth means concocted ideas. But recently NASA proved that it is correct. You know you might have seen those pictures of Ramasethu. Correct, have you seen?

Devotee: Yes

Gurudev: Ram sethu? And clearly it is shown that bridge is under water. And not only that but how high technology must be there. There is no cement or iron bar. And here we build may be half a kilometre bridge and so much iron is used and so much cement is used. And that, that bridge is 30 kilometres long. Only boulders are there, only stones are there. And they are surviving still last two million years. Which our structure is going to survive for two million years? Please don't lose the faith in the pages of scriptures. That's the point. And if you have really you have faith, then we must run after the anti-material particle, we must realise that particle. We must really realise very well the minute nature of that particle. And we must realise the vast  unlimited nature of the Supreme particle. And then if Supreme particle is very vast then the tiny must be attracted to the Supreme one. And that is our constitutional position. We are tiny anyway. The tiny cannot become the vast, unlimited one. That is for certain. And anybody, if he is crazy or mad, then only he or she will claim that, ‘I am Kṛṣṇa’. This is the, this is the point to understood. Otherwise misguiding effect is there, misguidance is there. And if we come to this stage, then our faith multiplies in the existence of Kṛṣṇa. 

We are completely theistic. Nobody can force us to be atheistic. And to be theistic, is to win half the battle. We have to go long way from this theism also. But half the way we are there, just to cultivate theism. And these scriptures are very expert in cultivating the theism. And Parikshit Maharaj shouts and screams that's why. He, he is lamenting. He is worrying about his own position. He thought that, ‘I have committed this sinful activity, I must be punished.’ And he desired that the punishment should come soon. This is the main thing to be understood. And as soon as you understand this, once and for all the importance of  Kṛṣṇa is established in our mind. And our mind will be forced to engage in Kṛṣṇa's dealings with all of us, and with all the devotees and with all the transcendental humour between the devotee, between the bhakta and Himself. There are transcendental humours between us. We are hearing about Him, the humour is going on.

Our soul is the reciprocating.. Our Supersoul is also reciprocating. This is transcendental humour. If you don't experience this transcendental humour then you have brain tumour. (Devotees and Gurudev laughs). The reason of brain tumour is we are, we are not having this transcendental humour. And if you want to experience transcendental humour, you must be here at 4'o clock. That is the root of the humour. And we are snoring you know, nose bhajans (laughs). Your nose bhajans He will not hear. (Gurudev laughs). You must be active. You must be present here. All the dignitaries of the temple must be here at 4'o clock. Please, what is your dignity if you don't come here? Then you are hog. In the temples there are hogs also. Please, don't convert yourself into hog. There are cushy beds are there, "Ah! I am tired " (Gurudev and devotees laugh).

Please unless you have this humour experienced daily, day in and day out and every second of your existence you will be completely lazy. You will be misguided. You will be quarrelsome and you will be completely MUD you know. Like a MUD misguided, unlucky and disturbed. That is MUD you know, M U D, M U D, MUD, misguided, unlucky and disturbed. You are MUD. (Gurudev laughs). Why, why are you going to MUD? Please come out, come out of the MUD. That's what Prabhupada says, "Rascal why are you going to MUD?" (Gurudev laughs). No, no, I like to go to MUD. (Gurudev and devotees laugh) Arey man! (Gurudev laughs). You are like MUD means sleep in MUD. (Gurudev and devotees laugh)

Please, please save yourself and that is what Parikshit says here that now must, some difficulty must come because I have committed sin. And I have committed sin against the anti-material particle. And anti-material particle will not leave me. That's the thing. As it is the material possession we cannot progress, (not clear). But we try to grab each other’s possessions. Suppose I like this stand very nicely. I will ask Bharat, “Please give me this I am going to take it". He says, "No, no Maharaj this is used for Bhagavatam daily. I cannot give. I have to ask Atmaram prabhu whether we can give". So Bharat is not here all the time. I must steal it. Then it cannot be taken in the plane you know. I can't take it really. So I have to hand over to somebody, "Hey man! would you keep it?" I have taken, I have stolen and I have to go to other person and ask him to please keep this. 'RadhaKrishna take this today,' Ah! Somewhere I have to keep. But this stealing karma is coming with me. The thing doesn't come. But the karma, but the karma. By karmas we are bound. As soon as there is grabbing tendency the thing which you grab doesn't accompany you. You have to hand it over to somebody else. But Karma doesn't go to anybody, you have to suffer from the karma. And the natural effect is that again and again you have to come here to finish all the miseries - birth, death, disease and old age, adhyatmic adhibhautik and adhidaivic), all dukhas and in short so many things. 

Our life is not a comfortable situation here. And as soon as you realise this, then you understand Parikshit Maharaj very nicely and then what we do that because we understand Parikshit very well, so we realise that svadharma-äcaraëa saktya, our best ability, to the best of our ability we continue our own prescribed duty. We are collecting, we are distributing book or we are earning money, we are serving, whatever duty we are doing we should do it very nicely. sva-dharmācaraṇam shaktyā, to the best of our ability. This we realise because we have got material existence and that is temporary but even then it has got to be maintained. We don't overlook that. No shastra advices you that because the material body is temporary,  you should discard it or be careless about it. No, the spiritualists are so much careful about the material body. That's why they regulate their eating, sleeping, mating and defending. Because we are very careful about our body we follow these regulations. If you are not careful about the body, our eating will be erratic, our sleeping will be like a mad person, sometimes someday we sleep about 3 am, sometimes 12 am, sometimes no sleeping. This is erratic life.

We are not doing that because we are taking care of the body. In order to take care of the material existence, we have to follow these things. Our eating must be regulated, frugal eating should be there, not too much. It's not that here Kṛṣṇa is supplying prasadam and, but you have your own stomach. Prasadam may be free but you cannot just stuff it. Your stomach is not a godown that you put anything in the godown. No, it will destroy your body. Because we want to take care of the body, we have regulated our eating. Obnoxious things we have stopped. We are very careful about the body. There is nobody. Our body, there is nobody, no body who wants to destroy this body. (Gurudev and devotees laugh). Nobody wants to do that. No body wants to destroy the body. And no, so far we are the spiritualist. We have to take care of the body first.

And that's why we get up early in the morning at 4'o clock and come running here. That is exercise to run. You are not crawling. You are running. And your body circulation goes on very fast. And more the blood is circulated the more the diseases run away. Please, atmajam dukham, atmajam is the bodily miseries, they can only go away by the yogic, yogic exercise. yoga viryena ātmajam. There is no other way by which you can drive away your sickness. Once we had, last time our that, what is his name from Singapore? Bharatagraja or?

Devotee: Bharatagraja

Gurudev: Ah, he came here and Devaki was sick. And he was down with the fever. He said, "Hey! What is happening to you? " “I am, I am having fever". He said, " What is happening? You have fever?" He said,  “if I get fever I put on shorts and run and I perspire and the fever goes away". (Gurudev laughs) He was very correct. He was very unhappy to see him lying down. He said, "get up and walk" ( Gurudev laughs).

Please this is the correct, vedic, vedic purity. Vedic medicine Rām bān. ( not clear). Bān doesn't miss it. Rām bān, Rām bān, Ram's arrow doesn't miss the target. These curative processes. they don't miss the target at all. Whichever condition you are in, please be austere. And that's why, that is how we take care of our body. If everybody cannot understand this, they should then, they have the hospitals and they have the operations. And they have everything whatever you want you know. Cut, they come and pinch the needles into your body. They have obnoxious way to have the diagnosis. And so many things are there. You go and experience there. Because you are sinful. So needle must go in your body. Here needle, here needle, here tube, here tube, yah!!! (devotees laugh). Everywhere tube, Ah!!! Treated  very nicely doctor, Thank you. ( Gurudev laughs). ‘Thank you doctor’,  he can't say because the tube is inside, thank you.(Gurudev laughs)

Please, you better come out of this. And no veins, nothing at all. 4'o clock we are here. No needles, Kṛṣṇa doesn't have needles here, needle, here needle, here needle, here needle and we are all happy. Such a rare blood how many, nice and you shine so much son. And where are you going tomorrow? (Gurudev  laughs). Be here foolish. (Gurudev laughs) So 4'o clock you should come and bring all the other boys like you. This is the thing. Please, please, please there is no comparison to this life. Because we are nourishing anti-material and fully we are conscious of our own body, to take care of the body. We are not ignoring and we have nice chanting period. We have nice Bhagavatam class and nice kirtan. Nice Prabhupada pooja and the prasadam is getting ready.

As soon as you finish everything the plate comes in front of you. (devotees and Gurudev laughs). Have you any place? (Gurudev laughs) Have you any place where the body is taken care of like this. Any place? You are staying in ashram. " I can't see" (Gurudev laughs) Arey man! Arey man! We are not following anything. We are healthy. Everything, morning duty is over, morning whole program is over and full plate is there. (devotees laugh). Can't eat  man, so much you  know. Cream  is flowing out and (Gurudev and devotees laugh) you  have to, you can't see the cream anywhere. (Gurudev laughs). And they say, "hey! You are staying in the temple? So austere life?" Arey man! Nothing is austere here. (Gurudev and devotees laugh) And he goes out again the prasadam distribution. He can take bath with prasadam. What to think of eating? (Gurudev laughs)

Our Rupa Raghunath takes bath with prasadam. (Gurudev laughs) Yesterday I saw him dal is hanging here (devotees laugh) and sabji is hanging here and red, how, how red and who is telling that you are austere? You are not austere at all. (devotees laugh). We are all following very regulated life in order to improve our body. Why every body doesn't require this body? This way this body should be taken care of this way.

Please be happy in your situation.  For a change, you have come to the temple. Be happy here. Be happy in the situation. You haven't done anything wrong. It is the most beneficial thing you have done for your own body, for your own soul and for the public at large. The public at large, they see your face and they will be amazed,

"Hey! Looks very good". (Gurudev laughs) And his face will be completely rotten like a monkey. Rotten monkey, may be 90 year old monkey. (Gurudev laughs). Please, please, please, our position is very safe. Our bodies are nicely taken care of. But provided you are sincere. You should be up at 3.30. Get clean, nicely clean your body. Don't use soaps daily. Once in a while you may use. Please, all this artificial things should be discarded as much as possible in order to daily nourish the body. And then, eventually we know that the body is going to go away. That is for certain.

Again we are taking care but we know we that it will give away any day. So then, we try to nourish our anti-material particle. And that nourishment is for ever. And that is the reason of our material health also. And that is how it is insisted in scriptures that if you take care of your anti-material particle then you can have all material facilities. Who has a sitting room like this? And we are, we are forced to come here. Hey! You sure must come to mangala arati. Arey! Why force? You should come. Who has a sitting room like this? Anybody? They may have big hall like this but from where they are going to bring the Lord inside the room? Ours is the best thing. We hate to be upstairs. What is there upstairs? It is all dungeon. And brahmachari ashram is worth exhibiting in the museum. You must have brahmachari ashram in museum you know. All brahmachari, all brahmanandis are hanging, dhoti's are hanging, everything (Gurudev laughs). Pullovers are going here and there and caps are lying here and there. And the fellow is in a hurry to go out. (Gurudev laughs) He finds the scarf and forgets the coat. (Gurudev laughs). This is brahmachari.

Please be organised in your own thing. Nobody should criticise your room. And be very well behaved. And then you will understand Parikshit Maharaj more clearly. Hare Kṛṣṇa, (Referring to pujari Maharaj says) he is standing. Hare Kṛṣṇa (Gurudev laughs) Jai!!! (Gurudev laughs)

Devotee: Jai His Holiness Mahavishnu Maharaj ki

Devotees: jai!!! (lecture ends with the sound of conch blowing and kirtan)

Jai Srila Mahavishnu Goswami Gurudev ki jai!!! Jai Srila Bhaktivedanata Swami Prabhupada ki jai!!!