Alertness in Krishna Consciousness

Verse Number
SB 1.9.31

Maharaj: 1.9.31, 1.9.31 1.9.31

Devotee recites the verse and Maharaj repeats with others.

Maharaj:  You are not reading.. (Maharaj then recites and others repeat)

viśuddhayā dhāraṇayā hatāśubhas
tad-īkṣayaivāśu gatā-yudha-śramaḥ
tuṣṭāva janyaṁ visṛjañ janārdanam

By pure meditation, looking at Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa, he at once was freed from all material inauspiciousness and was relieved of all bodily pains caused by the arrow wounds. Thus all the external activities of his senses at once stopped, and he prayed transcendentally to the controller of all living beings while quitting his material body.

(Maharaj recites the verse "kavim puraanaam" (BG 8.9) which has same tune as above verse and says), "This is very nice (meter). This is known as viraas. When Krishna wants to enjoy you know, He uses this lyric. This verse particularly in 9th chapter (of first Canto) is very important because now the prayers of Bhishmadev is going to start. Before the prayers, what is needed is described very nicely in this verse (1.9.31). We all want to pray. But we miss the first step. That’s why our prayers are completely useless. Please remember this. viśuddhayā dhāraṇayā hatāśubhas -  viśuddhayā dhāraṇayā - All these words are beautiful. viśuddhayā - śuddha means purifiedviśuddha means vishesh purifiedextra purified. Only shuddha will not do. We are advised that as soon as we want to pray to Krishna or do anything to Deities, we have to take shower. Not only that, particularly poojaris, they don't take any food until the pooja is finished. Body has got to be thoroughly cleansed. It is not only outside. But inside also.  We may clean our body with soap or whatever. We may clean with plenty of water or whatever. But inside is completely scratch and filthy. Those prayers will not accepted by the Lord. This should be learnt  from Bhishmadev.

If you really dig into his life, you know he was the purest soul, one of the Vasus you know, cursed to remain on this planet. So he was not ordinary living entity. Even then Sukadev Goswami instructs that he followed these things.  So how much more we must follow. That is the point. viśuddhayā dhāraṇayā - dhāraṇayā In this word, the root word is dh - dh means dhīra - sober. Soberity is completely absent in us, because we have not understood our constitutional position. And we may know, but we have not digested it and that is why our behaviour is very obnoxious. Unless you really know that you are servant of Krishna, means everything vanishes. All inebrieties should go away from our life. Even now, we are sticking to our mind, creations of mind that "I am this" and "I am this", “I am this”. “I must do like this”, “I must do like that.” Till that it is very difficult to pray. And if we cannot start with prayers, what to talk of the effects of the prayers? We are miles away from the effect. The result is, the show is going on, but reality is absent. We are trying very hard, but we don’t meditating on Prabhupada's meditation. These words are given by Srila Prabhupada. Each and every word, very nicely and scrutinisingly studied? Apart from that being from this track of land, our languages is very close to Sanskrit and that’s why we understand these words bit more. But unfortunately our whole attention is diverted  from the spiritual side to material side and we are competing with each other to increase our material positions. That is the greatest defect we have here. We haven't understood that the whole thing which we see has no value at all. Our eyes are open and we think that everything is reality. Our own eyes have no reality. Then how come these things have reality? (Lord Krishna says in Srimad Bhagavatam verse 11.7.7) yad idaṁ manasā vācā . What is that?

yad idaṁ manasā vācā / cakṣurbhyāṁ śravaṇādibhiḥ
naśvaraṁ gṛhyamāṇaṁ ca / viddhi māyā-mano-mayam

This idea is not yet digested by us. We read again and again. But reading just goes away. yad idaṁ manasā vācā - by mind and our speech whatever appears to be true, has no reality. These eyes, without a moment's notice, they will close. That is for certain. We will not have notice for this and we take it for granted that I am going to survive for 10 more years. Even I also feel now. I am also in eighties.. upto 90 definitely (Maharaj indeed stayed in this mortal world until the age of 90 - true to his statement). Don't know next moment what is going to happen. So in false hopes, we waste whatever valuable time we have at our disposal. This is really suicidal. Before we sit to discuss Bhagavatam, these things have to be correctly understood. Day by day unfortunately the struggle for existence is increasing and this is all anti-spiritual.  The spiritual activities are decreasing. It is only Prabhupada's mercy that we are here, that we are discussing this Bhagavatam. Just mere presence is impossible. So what to talk of viśuddhayā dhāraṇayā hatāśubhas? - These things are miles away from us. Just to come together for Bhagavatam is not possible. We don't know that  how we are sitting here. (Maharaj coughs) Even then there is no need of discouragement. Whatever is, it is better than to do nothing. So atleast we have begun.  Prabhupada’s mercy he has just woken us up. (Maharaj coughing)

The example of mother and child is very nice here. A young child is sleeping and mother wakes him up. And the child looks at his mother’s eyes that 'What I have to do now? You have woken me up. So what is next?' That is our position. He has woken us up. "Hey just get up. Don't sleep.”  We have  woken up and again we look to him, “What is to be done?”  So we don’t know really what is to be done, after waking up also. This is our really very pitiable condition. Then mother says, "Get up. Now go and wash your teeth. Even then he doesn’t obey. Now he says, "No. 5 minutes again I will lie down." This is how we are doing.

He has pointed us - "Have mangala arati, Read my books. Take your japa mala and chant." But we say, "No. We will do afterwards." This is our position. If after waking up child does not obey the mother, then mere waking up has no value. Obedience has got to be there. What is that? SDOU In his wonderful purport to verse 1.5.24 of Srimad Bhagavatam, Srila Prabhupada very nicely says - "Without being self-controlled, without being disciplined and without being fully obedient, no one can become successful in following the instructions of the spiritual master, and without doing so, no one is able to go back to Godhead." This obedience is must. Obedience is must. When we obey always, that’s when we are advancing. As soon as there is a challenging attitude, you forget about the progress. This is needed. Obedience to the bonafide acarya. He always mentions, And fortunately we have very bonafide acarya in him. So why should you not obey him with full heart? That is the point. Unless we understand this point, we are just wasting our time in different sections and different disciples of the gurus and so many things are in our way. Please... Gurus body may be different. But guru-tattva is one. Same principle is followed. Don't waste your time in these petty matters. We have come to Prabhupada. Please… make the best of it. That is the point. Unless we do that, who is going to help us?

We have to dig into our own heels. I may show you that this restaurant is very good and we had very nice srikhand-puri. But you have to find out on your own. You have to go there and eat and then only you can taste. It is not that I go and eat and you taste. It is impossible. Everybody has to find out time. Everybody has to find out his or her own level. And from there he or she has to begin by themselves. If you keep on depending on others, then forget about that. Can’t do that. Digging into your own heels is required. Seva should go on and with seva this digging into our own heels into Prabhupada's scriptures are needed daily. When he was alive he was saying, "unless you read my books atleast 2 hours a day, you will leave Krishna consciousness and go away." We don't leave Krishna consciousness, but we are in an illusion, we are not doing anything. And we are thinking that we are fully Krishna conscious. That is the greatest defect. We are following the dictates of our own mind that, “he should be behaving like this, he should be behaving like that.” Complete humility is absent. Very much absent. We have showy humility we have. That doesn't mean really. All these things subtly are affecting our prayers. Before we even touch the verse, the prelude of the verse is very difficult. Only one word we have taken - viśuddhayā and it is difficult. And ashuddhi is the material infection. That is ashuddhi and we are full of material infection. Apart from our own body, we have our own families, our own houses, bank-balances and we have our own so many creations and it is very difficult to fit in Krishna somewhere. We are so very busy and day by day we are forced to do it by the governments also. Formerly kings were there and they were particular that their own prajaa should be very peaceful to follow the prayers. Now it is topsy-turvy. These things have to be sorted out. (Maharaj coughs again very badly. He requests the devotees to recite the verse 1.9.31, word-to-word equivalents and translation and purport.)

viśuddhayā dhāraṇayā hatāśubhas
tad-īkṣayaivāśu gatā-yudha-śramaḥ
tuṣṭāva janyaṁ visṛjañ janārdanam

viśuddhayā — by purified; dhāraṇayā — meditation; hata-aśubhaḥ — one who has minimized the inauspicious qualities of material existence; tat — Him; īkṣayā — by looking on; eva — simply; āśu — immediately; gatā — having gone away; yudha — from the arrows; śramaḥ — fatigue; nivṛtta — being stopped; sarva — all; indriya — senses; vṛtti — activities; vibhramaḥ — being widely engaged; tuṣṭāva — he prayed; janyam — the material tabernacle; visṛjan — while quitting; janārdanam — to the controller of the living beings.

By pure meditation, looking at Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa, he at once was freed from all material inauspiciousness and was relieved of all bodily pains caused by the arrow wounds. Thus all the external activities of his senses at once stopped, and he prayed transcendentally to the controller of all living beings while quitting his material body.

Purport: The material body is a gift of the material energy, technically called illusion. Identification with the material body is due to forgetfulness of our eternal relationship with the Lord. For a pure devotee of the Lord like Bhīṣmadeva, this illusion was at once removed as soon as the Lord arrived. Lord Kṛṣṇa is like the sun, and the illusory, external material energy is like darkness. In the presence of the sun there is no possibility that darkness can stand. Therefore, just on the arrival of Lord Kṛṣṇa, all material contamination was completely removed, and Bhīṣmadeva was thus able to be transcendentally situated by stopping the activities of the impure senses in collaboration with matter. The soul is originally pure and so also the senses. By material contamination the senses assume the role of imperfection and impurity. By revival of contact with the Supreme Pure, Lord Kṛṣṇa, the senses again become freed from material contaminations. Bhīṣmadeva attained all these transcendental conditions prior to his leaving the material body because of the Lord’s presence. The Lord is the controller and benefactor of all living beings. That is the verdict of all Vedas. He is the supreme eternity and living entity amongst all the eternal living beings. And He alone provides all the necessities for all kinds of living beings. Thus He provided all facilities to fulfill the transcendental desires of His great devotee Bhīṣmadeva, who prayed as follows.

(Maharaj recites mangalacaran prayers, SB 1.2.4 and 1.2.18 with translation)  These two verses ' nārāyaṇaṁ namaskṛtya' (SB-1.2.4) and ‘naṣṭa-prāyeṣv abhadreṣu' (SB 1.2.18), they give everything really. The same purport is here. The thing is as soon as we come across the different words, whenever we have time, find out some half an hour or so and please meditate on the words. That word will be clear in your mind.

First line has nice words - viśuddhayā dhāraṇayā hatāśubhas- Take the equvialents from Prabhupada. This is the way to meditate on it. Meditation is as good as study. For study also, students have to meditate on the points. Then they get good marks. This meditation is here. Please meditate on this. For a while we should try to forget (everything else).  When we come in front of the Deities, till we are having darshan, we don't have anything else in our mind. Mind is completely clear. This is also darshan - shastra darshan. Shastras being non-different from deities, non-different from Krishna, we are having darshan here. So as soon as we sit for this darshan, all other material things should automatically vanish. That is viśuddhayā. Here Prabhupada mentions nicely  that ashuddha, ashuddha - unpurified stage is a material infection. And body is the first one. He has very nicely said that in the first sentence. Read the first sentence (in the purport). (Devaki Prabhu reads) "The material body is a gift of the material energy, technically called illusion." – (Maharaj says) "technically called" – (Maharaj relishes) see how nicely he has used this word. This one line, we have to remember for the whole of our life-time. The material body is a gift of the material energy, technically called illusion. – Who will explain this? Go ahead. Explain this point. Yes Kaal. Come on. Illusion means that which is not there. Isn’t it? That is illusion. How can we know that material body is illusion?

Read the next sentence. (Devaki Prabhu reads) "Identification with the material body is due to forgetfulness of our eternal relationship with the Lord."  He has made it clear. As soon as the remembrance of Lord, is absent in our minds, this illusion is there. Always we forget Him and so always we are in illusion. Apart from that, you know this, five great elements, what is it? earth, water, fire, air, ether and mind, intelligence, false-ego, these eight things - they are the products of mode of darkness. Modes have no value. Modes also don’t exist and in that also mode of darkness is the worst. And we are the products of the worst one. And really if you think about this material body, it is coming from very dirty material. Very dirty material. And we are so proud of it you know? It is not only the bag of stool and urine, but its origin is very bad. That we don't have any idea at all, and we have never thought about it. That’s why we are still sticking to the body. The origin itself is an obnoxious thing. It is only the spiritual touch is there, that’s why we are tolerable. Otherwise we will not be able to sit together like this. Such a dirty matter is here. And again, he says that it is technically called illusion. This dirt is not reality. That is the point. This illusion is also not reality. No reality in it. Frankly speaking there is no reality in it. So many people, this Sikandar you know?  Alexander the great, he conquered so many countries from Europe to Sindh. And in Sindh he became old and he was dying nearly. His servants asked him what is your last wish now? He said, "Please put my body in the coffin, with my hands out like this.” They asked, “Why we should keep your hands out?” He said, “So that people should see that I came with nothing and I am going back with nothing." Then he wanted his doctors to carry his dead body. He said that, “with all the doctors available, I died.” We are very proud of our medical system. Please try to take out the practical points from these things. This is what we are in. That is why they are telling that material body is an illusion. This is definite and nobody believes it. That is also definite. So, we have to find out some way in between wherein we find the reality and don't forget the practicality. This is the point.

Otherwise, as it is, the people don't have faith in this Vedic lifestyle. And again, they will lose hope, if we are bit careless about these things. This is the point. But reality is reality. Practical things are in front of us and we cannot neglect the body. But at the same time, we know that definitely it is illusion. So how to come terms with non-negligence and to remember that this is nothing? That is our way. That is our duty, according to time and circumstances, we should put these two opposite things together and find out some practical way for the ordinary masses to follow. Otherwise they are not interested in these things. Only we tell them that this is illusory energy, then they will say, “Forget about it. My wife is shouting and I have to go now and pacify.” That’s it. Please…the practical things, we cannot ignore. These are the shastras. That is why shastras never insists that any carelessness should be allowed. In any thing we do, highly intelligent care has to be taken and that is Krishna consciousness. Always alert. tvam a pramattah – In Bhagavatam it is said – “You are very alert,” We wake up and we are not alert initially, because we are in mode of darkness. Sleep is in mode of darkness. Only the devotees who know this reality, as soon as their eyes open, they are alert. This alertness is the quality of Krishna that we have to obtain, thinking all these things. Fortunately we have more time than ordinary living entities and we are under the roof of Srila Prabhupada. So many hours we have already passed in this atmosphere. So many lectures we have heard, so many processes we have undergone. Now this is the time when we should think seriously about these things.

Day by day, the seriousness of the spiritual matters must increase. On the contrary, we see that as the time goes on, we are less serious. That is pitiable. We are thinking, "I have attended so many mangala-aratis. Now forget about it." No forgetting about it. Please..Day after day, your sincerity must increase. Instead of that, we are decreasing like anything and we are thinking that, "I am a devotee." This is the greatest suicide. Our time is wasted, everything is wasted. I don't know what are we following? We don't have Bhagavatam with us and simply we are looking at sky and the land, sky and the land and passing our time. Please... This is not allowed by the scriptures. Here viśuddhayā. This is not viśuddhayāDay by day your sincere study must increase. your purification must increase. That is the way. Why because we now know what the way is. Why don't you increase it? Why do you decrease? That is the thing. We are in different material conditions. Everyone has his or her own conditions. Sort out to the best of your ability. Be careful and and eventually you will have to leave it to Krishna to sort out. Really He is only going to sort out. We are not going to be here after death. So He is going to sort out everything. Everybody's He is sorting out. Ours also He will sort out. We try our best and then it is upto Him. Full dependence on Him like gopis. .(Maharaj talks to a devotee..Do you want to ask somethinng? want to go? want to go? You are leaving now.....are you leaving now..where are you going to? Dwaraka?....Maharaj speaking in Gujarati...we will talk on phone...calo aav jo...Jai Mata ja..aav jo dhikra...seva karna..dhaam maa..)

The matters are very clear in front of us. I don't understand many times when I see the lethargy in the senior devotees. We should be more serious about it and instead we are spending our time. We are whiling away our time in different whims of the mind. man ka tukka in Gujarati we say..I don't know what it is called in Hindi..concoctions of the mind? kyaa kahthe hai usko? man mein se jo nikalthaa hai? There was one story Prabhupada was giving this about mind concoctions. There was one man you know. He had 10 Rs with him. So he wanted to do some business to increase the income. So he thought, "what can be done now? I have 10 Rs. I have to increase the income." So his mind became very alert with 10 Rs. And he wanted to find out some scheme by which 10 becomes 20, 20 becomes 40.  So he thought that there are weekly markets in the villages around. So he will buy the glassware for 10 Rs and then he will sell it in the weekly market for 20 Rs. And then again he will buy for 20 Rs and sell it for 40 Rs and this way it will increase. And so the schemes went on in his mind and eventually he became the owner of the factory of the glassware. So much money he had. So this way he was dreaming you know. So he went to the market, whole-sale market and he bought the glassware and he put it into a basket to take it to the weekly market. He was going to weekly market to sell the glassware. Then while going, it was already mid-day. So it was very hot. So there was nice banyan tree shade was very good. So he thought, still there is time for the market. I shall just have a bit of nap and then I will go. So he kept the basket near his feet and went to sleep. His concoctions started again. Now he is the owner of the factory. So much money is coming. And as soon as he became rich, he married. He thought,  "Now I will dictate my wife and if she disobeys me, I will just kick her," and he kicked his leg and the glassware was broken. (laughter) This is concoction. We spend our time in concoctions or we try to satisfy some living entity, which is not needed at all. Or we waste time to satisfy our own greed or whatever. So many inebrieties already exist in illusion also. And this is how the waste of time is the result. Because we are wasting our time, we cannot go anywhere. Instead very humbly, submissively you just open Bhagavad Gita or Bhagavatam and read anything from anywhere and then and try to meditate. We have been looking at only one verse, one purport and so far. So many points are nice. Only one line we are seeing that how the body is an illusion and how we have taken it as truth. For us material body is truth. But the same time shastras say that it is illusion. So shastras are always correct. So my point is, we should find out the relation between the illusory activity and the truth we are reading. So what is to be done? So herein again Bhagavatam we have seen in Srimad Bhagavatam 11.7.7, Krishna clearly tells Uddhava - yad idaṁ manasā vācā- whatever you are perceiving by your mind or words, cakṣurbhyāṁ - seeing by eyes, śravaṇādibhiḥ - whatever you are hearing, nashvaram - it is temporary and it is destructive. Nobody can deny this. This hall everything here appears to be truth. Who can tell that this hall is not there? As soon as we get up, we come here. Hall is truth for us. It is only true because of our eyes. As soon as the eyes close, these things will vanish like card-castle. They are appearing true at the moment. "I have gold; I have money; I have my wife and children; my parents; my houses, my field;my land;" So many things are there. But it is only the eyes - cakṣurbhyāṁ. This Bhagavatam shastra is beautiful. He points out to the correct thing. Because correct things are given, we have sufficient things to think about them and try to figure out the practical way of life. This is our duty. We must try to think about these things. shrnvan - we have heard; supatan - we are studying now and vicaarana karo - and we are thinking about it and putting into practice. Putting into practice means we really know that everything is false. That is for certain.

If everything is false, pride will not work anywhere. Abhimaan will kill us. So we are completely prideless and if we don't come out of this, then again we are stuck. That is the result. Of what we are proud, I don't know. Bhagavatam says - nashvaram,  Bhagavatam says - nashvaram - temporary and destructive and even then gṛhyamāṇaṁ ca - You have accepted it as truth. Srila Prabhupada used to tell very nicely that when we are doing our duties, we should do our duties so sincerely that by our doing everything is happening, we feel. When child is studying for SSLC, he has to think that, because he is studying, he will pass. Otherwise he will neglect. If he thinks that Krishna is doing, then he will not do anything. This example is best. Child has to study and then mercy of Krishna is there. His study is not the reason. But his study could not be neglected. Same thing, we have to put into practice. We know that everything depends upon mercy of Krishna. In Urdu there is a nice saying - The devotee says, "Allah, de de Allah." He is asking Allah - O God, give me some more wealth. Then Allah is replying - "koi haath dho kholla" - "Just move your hands and legs." This is the point. We should move our hands and legs and work. Moving is not the reason. But without the movement, we cannot get anything. That is the secret of the whole thing. We don't understand that this is false. But while performing our duties, we should be very immaculate. If you are performing seva, so far - so better. If we are doing, whatever we are doing, it should be immaculately done. The Vaishnavas are not shirkers. They are sincere workers. Please try to understand these things and guide the public in a practical way. Don't just leave them in the middle. They will be puzzled. Don't create any confusion. Why? Because you are confused yourself, and that's why you are creating confusion. You haven't thought over. You have to think over these things. You have mind please.. nice intelligence is there. This is the best use of intelligence. We know that in our hands there is nothing. Even then if we do any work, the fact is even if nothing is in our hands, anything can happen any time. That is the truth. Isn't it? On one hand we preach that nothing is in our hands. 'Nothing is in our hands' means till we are alive anything can happen. I always give the example of this Sindhi people you know in Pakistan. I have seen with my own eyes. When the partition was there, we went to Delhi to see the condition of these people. They were rich people in Pakistan and next day they did not even have extra clothes to put on. Anything can happen. Till we are alive, we will lose this or lose that. So many things can happen. But spiritually thinking this reality, we should be ready for these things. No moroseness. The more we lose our things unexpectedly, the more wakeful situation must be there. By these incidents, our awareness of the spiritual progress must increase and not decrease. The sad state is that I am seeing the ebb in your lives. Those who are old with me, I am seeing the ebb. Seriousness is completely absent. This is very bad. We should be very serious. We should be very serious about spiritual progress. We should be ready to leave the positions. Thats why I am insisting that young ones should be trained. Those who are fortunately free, they must completely devote their lives for these things. Even if you are working, every second of your existence, must be handed over to this spiritual progress. Srila Prabhupada has given us so much spiritual paraphernalia that we are not now in need of any other thing. So many tapes are there; so many MP3s are there; so much literatures are there. We are not able to read or hear even. He has done so much. Please try to increase your awareness as the time goes by. Don't decrease. Otherwise people will not take this process. By seeing you, people will not touch these process. People will say, "Oh..he was very good. Now you didn't see his condition?". This is very bad. We are falling again into the material life. Never do that. Otherwise people lose the faith. Whatever little faith they have, they will lose it. Day by day this awareness should increase and increase means detachment must increase. Detachment must increase. As it is we cannot be attached. We cannot afford to be attached. Because any time kaala is there - tvam apramattah sahasaabhipadyase (SB 4.24.66). Very gradually He will take us away, and swallows easily like how snake easily swallows the mouse. That is our position. Thinking these things we keep everything aside and do these things first. As soon as we ignoring these things, we are not doing justice to us and we are completely doing  injustice to the fellows around us. This is the need of the day. Awareness must increase day by day. Don't increase the lethargy. It is very easy because this is a life-style. Everyday you have to get up early in the morning. Everyday you have to wash. Everyday you have to eat whatever little food you want. Everyday you have to be clean. Everyday you have to study. Everyday you have to have darshan. Everyday you have to be with shastras. How many shastras do you have in your throat? So much time you have. But like a mad person we are struggling for days together. What are we doing while travelling? Why can't you learn Bhagavad Gita by-heart? Why can't you learn the English translations by-heart? Why can't you meditate on the purports? Why are you wasting your time in your mind's foolishness? Tell me what is the reason? 

Those who are already years together here, they must show that this life-style has been very beneficial for them. Then only the faith on the ordinary mass will increase. Otherwise seeing your madness, ordinary mass will lose the faith. Don't commit this suicide. We very well know that this body is illusion. So we are not attached to our name, prestige or whatever. Forget about these things. Enough of it that you have done. From today you should increase your spiritual awareness and show the people that you are going ahead and that you are serious about these things. By your behaviour, the faith of others will increase. Otherwise as it is general mass doesn't have faith. And they will lose whatever little faith you had. You have to be ready. Nothing is in our hands. You have to depend upon Krishna all the time. There is nothing we can do. Nothing is in our hands. But again and again we feel that "everything is in our hands." This is rascaldom number one. We are rascal number one. Thats why we are not progressing ahead. This is the reason. Please wake up in the real sense of the term and don't be idle again. This is vishuddhayaa. And this way we should understand what is illusion and that forgetfulness of Krishna is the reason for this body. If forgetfulness is the reason, then we should not try to forget and how not to forget? Means every minute we are alert. That goes without saying. And this is how these things have got to be sorted out. Unless you sort out, it is impossible, impossible, to go on in your spiritual life. Impossible. (Maharaj says to a have to go? Your time is over? Are you leaving?)  Unless we understand these things in these terms, we will not be able to do anything at all. 

The matter is very serious and only one sentence is there. And again look at this sentence - "Therefore, just on the arrival of Lord Krishna, all material contamination was completely removed, and Bhishmadeva was thus able to be transcendentally situated by stopping the activities of the impure senses in collaboration with matter." The senses are collaborating with mater. It is a very nice word. Collaborate. Senses on their own cannot do anything. But they are collaborating with matter. Why we are doing that? Even now we are allowing our senses to collaborate with matter. This is our greatest mistake. Please realise these mistakes. How nice sentence it is! Lord Krishna was present in front of Bhishmadev. In front of us also, He is present in the form of His Names, scriptures and darshan. Everywhere He is present. Why we are forgetting Him and why we are moving like mad person here and there without any reason? Unless there is remembrance, unless there is study, unless there is darshan, why unnecessarily we are wasting our time? Seriousness is completely absent and we are still on the mind level. Mind level means mental. Paagalpan hai. What have you decided? Do you want to be (paagal) mad? We know for good  that Prabhupada's mercy we have left and we are in mental level groping around. What are you going to preach? What are you going to show to the public? Public is looking at you because you are twenty years with Krishna consciousness. They will lose faith, if they see that you are weak in these things. Whatever little faith they have they will lose. And you are whiling away your time like anything. Think. Think you have started from your house. You have come here. We are very happy, extremely pleased. But that is not the only thing. The awareness should increase. The more we move about in the name of Krishna, the awareness of Krishna must increase. And there is no way. Whether we like it or not, somehow or the other, you are seniors in this Vaishnava process. Seniority must be known by how much shastras you know, how much you have put into practice. It is very easy to understand these things. Why even now we are trying to follow the dictates of our mind? What is the reason? Because we don't try to understand a single sentence written by Prabhupada. Here our senses are still in collobaration with matter. They are driving us mad. This should not be allowed. Unless we stop this, the spiritual progress will be nil. As I told you, the older you are the devotee, and if you don't show the seriousness, the younger devotees will not take this process. They will just hesitate to do that. The younger devotees will never do that. Please try to remember these things and try to always somehow or the other pick yourselves up. Otherwise the collaboration of senses..This collaboration word is very nice. Don't collobarate your senses with matter. Even now you are collaborating matter with your senses. And the result is loss. Krishna is standing before you in the form of His Name and darshan and even now you are prone to enjoy these things. We have completely ignored these facts. We look to others. 'He is not coming for mangala-arati. Why should I come for mangala-arati?' If he is going to dungeon, are you also going to dungeon with him? This is how. Don't look to others. Try to increase your awareness in the shastras, in the activities and it is very difficult. nishidaa duratyayā...It is like walking on a sharp razor. It is so difficult path. Unless every moment you are careful, you will cut your leg. This path is not very easy. Somehow fortunately you have got it. So now please make the best use of it.

Day by day this awareness must increase. That is the thing. But even now, see Prabhupada's words are very powerful. Collaboration of senses with matter.. 'If srikhand is available, I will not touch dhal.' That is collaboration with srikhand. (Maharaj laughs). Our Phd (laughs) Sajjanpriya. He told me yesterday that, 'so far I was very fond of idly and sambar. Now I have decreased." We are all collaborating with idlis and sambar and what not. How Prabhupada is correct? And because you are collaborating with idli, Krishna was there in front of you and still you are not able to see Him. Duryodhan...Krishna went personally to explain the matters to Duryodhan, Karna and Shakuni. They couldn't see Him. They wanted to arrest Him. This is our position. Day by day our awareness of Krishna should increase. Because we are wasting our time.. how much time we have wasted under different conditions ? Don't do it. Otherwise the same collaboration will go on and  destro you, not only in this life-time, again and again, punah punah carvita carvanaanam. Again and again we are chewing the cud. This should not be there at all. We have to stop the collaboration of the senses with matter. We should always be alert. It is not that yesterday we had Rathayatra. So we came late at 2am and so we cannot get up today for mangal-arati. No. That is not allowed in devotee's life. Yesterday 2 'o clock is gone. Now again 7'o clock is here.  Its our mind, "Oh...I slept so late. I have so much responsibilities on my head. I will not get up." This is suicidal. Please try to organise your life in such a way, that always spiritual matters will come first. Those who are free in this world, they are fortunate. Otherwise who will get money and the time? Very few living entities will get. Krishna is favouring you by doing these things. So living entities like us should increase the awareness of Krishna. Who stops us from understanding these sentences? 

How nice it is? Read it again (Devaki Prabhu reads the line from the purport of verse 1.9.31) - "Therefore, just on the arrival of Lord Krishna, all material contamination was completely removed." And in our life we think that arrival of Krishna is there. We mumble also. We chant also sometimes. But our mind is not there. Seriousness is completely absent. The older devotees must show the purity of the mind. Purity of the mind means, except Krishna, we don't talk anything else. Except Krishna we don't think about anything else.' shrnvan grnan samsmarayan ca cintayan' - these 4 things, shrnvan - we hear, grnan - we accept, samsmarayan - we remember and cintayan we think about Krishna. We only do these things. 'namaani roopani ca mangalaani te' - This is all auspicious. This is the way. aadhishta cetaah - Our mind is completely absorbed in these things. And nothing stops us except our laziness and carelessness. Laziness and carelessness means, we are collaborating our senses with matter. Mind is collaboration with matter and thats why we are wasting our time. See how Prabhupada is very correct about this. He is giving your own situation. If you don't think about these things and don't improve, who is at fault ? As I told you other day, the result is horrible. As it is general public don't have strong faith in this process. Because this process means, you have to stop sense gratification and so they don't have faith. Little faith they have here and there. That faith must increase by looking at older devotees. So older devotees, instead of being lethargic, they should be fiery with these things. Day by day it should increase and not decrease. Thats why, all the managerial activities should be handed to the younger persons and we should make ourselves free to go through these things. It requires time. It is a time consuming process. Just one purport we are thinking or few words we are meditating on and even then time is not sufficient. We always feel these things.

Please it is fortunate situation that you have all come here from different parts. Please take this message. That without any outside condition, our spiritual condition will always progress. The spiritual condition, the spiritual matters, do not depend upon material conditions. Because we have fully understood that material conditions are nashavaram - temporary and destructive.This is completely ingrained in our mind. gṛhyamāṇaṁ - We don't do. We don't accept the material things as truth. And because we don't accept them as truth, we have accepted Krishna as the Absoulte Truth. So we must run after Him. Unless you have this mental frame, you cannot pray. Bhishmadev prays after this verse. So prayers are very important. No doubt. But the verses which are prior to the prayers are also very important. And again, Krishna answers after the prayers. Those verses are also very important. But you concentrate on prayers and then neglect the important parts. So please dig into your own heels and wish you all the very best ! If you have any doubts, you can ask. Yes..

(Maharaj talks to a devotee in Hindi) Alright we stop here. Jai Srila Prabhupada ki Jai !"