Krishna Accepts Even the Most Sinful

Verse Number
SB 1.17.38

Very happy.  But we don’t know that millions of animals are just slaughtered for some food or something so many so many if you happen to be a nice person in the society then as you are, then you will have plenty of years ahead if you are very young fortunately and we hope that everything will be alright. Till you grow up, who knows half of the society may be vegetarian and maybe the things will change. But keep this in mind. Try to start something for cow protection. Maybe in this country or in other countries or in India or somewhere you know. Somewhere you should try to save the cows.

Once it so happened, we had been to Bombay you know and in Bombay, there are so many, so many societies who do these cow protection programs. So we knew one society and it was a very rich society. So I requested the general manager of the society that when you go to buy the cows, please take me with you so that I can see, from where you buy the cows, how you deal with them. So we started from Bombay and we were going to Pandharpur. That is southern Maharashtra and it was around 400 miles you know, 500 km and we were travelling by jeep. So every time we came across a group of cows you know, old or this or dead you know. And then we will stop there and he will buy the whole group. This way he was repeating all this you know. When we passed few miles there was another group. Again after few miles there was another group. And this way, he was buying all the cows. And I was seeing the difference that these cows, they had a sense that they are going to be slaughtered. Those cows, they were to be taken to the slaughter houses to be sold. So this man stopped them and whatever price they asked, he gave and he bought the whole lot and then sent it to the cow protection center. So as soon as this man bought the cows, they stopped crying. They were crying with the other group, because they knew they are going to be slaughtered. And as soon as this man finished the deal and he took the cows and send them to the preparation, to the cow protection center, they were very happy. Even the animals can understand, they say and the cow, moreover is our mother. According to scriptures, you know there are seven mothers. We have seven mothers - ātma mātā, guroh patni. ātma mātā means our own mother is mother. Then guroh patni, our spiritual master's wife is our mother. Then brāhmani, that is the wife of a Brahmin, then rāja patnikā, that is the queen. Ahhh, not this queen (everybody laughs). Why because, this queen's husband is not king (laughter) I didn't know, I didn't know this at all.

Once I had been to India and my grandson came running to me and he said, “Do you know the Queen whose husband is not king?” (laughter) I said, “the queen must have a husband, must be a king husband. Otherwise how can she be a queen?” “She is Queen Elizabeth.” (laughter) “Oh! I see.” I said he is correct.

(Referring to a devotee in the group), Victor regards this queen as mātā (laughs). Queen means king's wife. Here the system is quite different you know. these four you know, ātma mātā, ātma mātā, guroh patni then brāhmani, rāj patnikā - this four, four mothers. Then dhenur dhātri tatā prthvi, saptaitā mātaraḥ smrtaḥ very nice verse . dhenu means cow. dhātri means nurse who tends the children, you know, she is our mother. Then prithvi, that is earth, is also our mother. These seven are the mothers. And in these seven mothers, dhenu is included. Once we regard, and then we have to accept the scriptures. Frankly speaking, scriptures are not wrong. But something is wrong with us. That is definite. If we are lunatic, then we cannot blame the sane person. Because if there is a group of lunatics you know, they all look at each other you know (laughing). And if there's one sane man in them, “He is a lunatic.” (laughter) They are all lunatics but they point at him. He doesn't look like us. That is how, we should be very careful about these things, about these scriptures. Frankly speaking, to be very frank with you, we did not know who our father was, who our father is. And when we don't know, it was beyond our capacity to go and check all the living entities and the blood groups. You will die before you take out so much blood. We cannot go on to every living entity. “Hare Krishna. I want you to check whether you are my father.” You can't do anything, you can't do it. It is beyond our capacity and when things are beyond our capacity, we go to the authority and that is mother. Mother knows who our father is and mother told us, “This gentleman is your father.” We did not question the mother. “Why not this, why not that?”  No. we accepted. The same way scriptures are also, more than mother. And we have to accept them as they are and then our life will be successful. And this is how we should come to Srimad Bhagavatam.

Otherwise you will not understand anything. By rebellious attitude, you can't understand anything. If you are submissive to the scriptures, then everything will be revealed to you. So, the same way Parikshit Maharaj wanted to kill that person because he was beating the cow. See the times you know, it was not the question of killing. Just he was beating and the king wanted to kill. So if these people are slaughtering millions of animals, what should be done to them? They should be…I don't know, thrown out the window. Really, this is grave crime. If you can do it, you will be able to do. You are all young persons. Come together and try to do something for this cow protection program. Anyway, so when Parikshit Maharaj wanted to kill Kali yuga you know, so he thought that, ‘Now there is no chance. So better I surrender.’ Because if the living entity surrendered, then we should not harm the surrendered living entity. And the same thing is true when we surrender whole heartedly to Krishna. However sinful we maybe, and we are, even then, He accepts us. As I told you in the morning, ‘once’, not a repeated surrender. If it is repeated, then He knows. If you cheat Him, He is master cheat. He will cheat you and you will never know that He is cheating. So don't try to cheat Him. Once it's alright, two times it's alright but don't make it a business. Srila Prabhupad was telling, ‘Don't make it your business, rascals.’ (Maharaj laughing) So these things..when he surrendered, Parikshit Maharaj told that, ‘you should not stay in my kingdom now, you are evil personality, you should leave and go. Otherwise you will spread miseries.’ He requested Parikshit Maharaj, he said “I don't have any place to go to, where should I go? So please give me some places to stay.” Then Parikshit Maharaj thought which places we should allow. So he thought of four places, you know for the Kali yuga to stay, and that verse is very nice…..(Srimad Bhagavatam 1.17.38)

abhyarthitas tadā tasmai sthānāni kalaye dadau
dyūtaṁ pānaṁ striyaḥ sūnā yatrādharmaś catur-vidhaḥ

 adharmaḥ - these are all adharm places and these are four, dyūtaṁ means gambling. Casinos -  that is kali yuga; then pānaṁ - intoxication, pubs, you know very well, where, you go to pubs break your heads and cut your lips and enjoy (laughter). And everything is cut and even then they enjoy. That is pānaṁ, that is kali yuga - quarrel, disagreement, disturbances and then dyūtaṁ pānaṁ striyaḥ, illicit connection with a women that is again a cause of quarrel. Then sūnā  that is slaughterhouses. These are the four places where in this kali yuga always stays and that's why we have our four regulative principles. And we don't do these things, because we want to save ourselves from kali yuga. If we glide down to kali yuga, means you will be lazy and completely degraded and you will end up in destroying your own self. That's why we save ourselves, not to get in touch with this kali yuga. That is why we don't gamble, we don't intoxicate, we don't have illicit sex, and we don’t have any meat, fish or eggs. These are the four principles derived out of this verse by Srila Prabhupada and he is very kind to give us these four regulative principles and he was very serious. He compromised so many things, but he did not compromise two things, one is mangla arati time 4:30 am (laughs) This Vipin daily curses Prabhupada, ‘What is this? daily I have to get up 3:00. Prabhupada did not know this.' And daily cursing, but he did not get up. And daily he thinks, ‘go home and sleep till 9:00 am’ And he never goes. Anyway it's not only Vipin. We are all in the same boat. So, the another thing is, these four regulative principles. He was very serious about these things and we have to be also very serious. If you want to please him, you please, wherever you stay, you follow these four principles and you will be completely safe. He gave very nice example you know, that we cannot stop cold, in winter. These places are very cold and we cannot stop the cold. But what we do, that we wrap ourselves with woollen cloth and we become safe. The same way we cannot stop these four things in the world, that they are bound to go on. But we can save ourselves by wrapping up, by not doing these things. And we have protective coat, then we can do it. On all over country, there are thorns and stones and this and that, we cannot walk bare feet on the ground. So what we have done, we cannot cover or clean all the places. So we have covered our feet with a shoe and our feet are completely safe, because they are protected. So as soon as your life is protected by these four regulative principles, then you are completely safe. It is very difficult I tell you, it is very difficult. But the more sincerely you follow these four regulative principles, you will be very happy in your life and the easiest way is to follow these principles, is to start chanting as soon as possible. You please, at least one round, you should do. Everything else was going on, is going on and will be going on without you. Nothing stops, but one thing is definite that if you don't understand these things, your life will be miserable.

All other things (Deepika… Jai 3:30?) (laughter) You are not to be blamed.. (laughter)... oh, she is really nice girl). Anyway, so this is how, we should stick to the principles. And then kali yuga was not satisfied. He wanted something more. So he said, “Oh please these four are not enough. Give something more.” As king was leaving, he was begging more and more. So king (thought), ‘What should I give you more?’ So he said, punaś ca yācamānāya  jāta-rūpam adāt prabhuḥ.  punaś ca yācamānāya  - Again he requested. So he gave jāta-rūpam , jāta-rūpam means gold. He gave him gold, wherever there is gold, wherever there is wealth, you go and stay there. He stays in Barclays Bank. (laughter) You have to be careful. So we are facing kali yuga in the bank, because there is gold there. And then the funniest thing was this kali yuga (was) very clever. There was a gold in his crown, Parikshit Maharaj crown. So this fellow went and sat on the head of king. The king didn't notice. Because there was gold, because he had said you can stay wherever there is gold, and then with this, the four bad qualities followed then anṛtaṁ madaṁ kāmaṁ rajo vairaṁ ca pañcamam.  anrtam means falsity. There is always falsity, telling lies where there is wealth, then kāmaṁ - lust, madaṁ - intoxication and rajo - mode of passion is present. Where there is wealth and vairaṁ - enmity, all these things accumulate where there is gold. And because the gold was there already, King many times behaved like a lunatic person and because he behaved abnormally, Srimad Bhagavatam was written. He went to the forest for hunting and you know that story? Who was that rishi he approached? Do you know? There was a rishi. What happened that he went to the forest for hunting and when he entered the forest, he lost his crowd and he was all alone, travelling all around you know to find his prey, his hunting prey. And so he couldn't find anything and in the evening, he was very tired thirsty and hungry. Normally he was a devotee, he would have just controlled his thirst and hunger. But because Kali yuga was there, he was not able to control his thirst and hunger.

So he wanted to find out some…. In this world, we try to find some motel to go to or pub or to have a drink.  Jai, (laughter). He was a regular visitor before he came. He doesn’t hide. (laughter) He used to go there and lost some coins and then again go and work like a donkey for those coins. Again bring and again sip. This is how we have been. When he (Parikshit Maharaj) was not able to control his hunger and thirst, he approached one ashram and he thought, as soon as he goes to ashram, at least he will get some water or something to eat. It was a custom formally, that if anybody comes to the place, he should be offered water and dates. You know dates or jaggery gud, that should be offered to any atithi. “atithi devo bhava“-  because guest is God. So if you go to somebody, somebody's place, you tell him – “I am guest, I am God.” Then he will beat you (laughs). So this is how the king entered and there was a muni sitting in a meditation. You know that sage was in a meditation and because he was in a meditation, he didn't even know that the king is approaching. So when he was not welcomed, king became very angry. He said, “What this is, he is unnecessarily avoiding me?” So when he was leaving the ashram, he found a dead snake and he took the snake with a stick and garlanded the snake into the neck of the sage. When his son, you know brahmin, his son was also mystic, very powerful and being brahmin, that son, somebody told that son that, ‘Your father, somebody had garlanded snake into his neck.’ His son was very, very angry with the person who did it. He didn't know that he is the king. He said, ‘Who has done it? Whoever might have done this sinful act, he has really acted in an irreligious way and that's why he should be punished and he cursed the king that he will be dead.’ Whoever has done this job, he will be dead within seven days by the snake bite and by the bite of Takshak, you know biggest snake. And this curse was going to come true. Nothing could stop the death of the King.

Then the sage came into his senses after meditation and he heard the whole thing. He was very pained, but he could not stop anything. So he wanted to inform the king. So he sent one of his disciples to (the) King. That disciple’s name was Saunak. He went to the king and he informed the king of his imminent death at the (end of) seven days, by snake bite. Now king could have done so many things. He could have arrested the sage or his son or this or that. But he did not do it and he took it as the wish of Krishna that, “My time is over and that now I should retire”, and immediately left everything. He did not tell the time, he did not think, “Let me lock the til first and then I will go.” No he just left. He had so much. He was the king of the whole planet, his treasury was full of all wealth and even then he was not attached to anything and without any attachment, within few minutes, he just left the palace and went to the bank of Ganges and then sat and heard Srimad Bhagavatam for seven days. The whole of Srimad Bhagavatam is around these two questions. He has asked very much two important questions. Remember this. The first question was that – “All the living entities who have to die, what is their duty?” What is the duty of the living entities who are definitely to die? Means we are all. We are here in our young bodies maybe you are 20 years old now, but sooner you will be 40, 60, 80 and then dwindle and finished. This is bound to come and at the moment you cannot think of it because the body is very active. Body is very young. In order to see these things, you have to take help of the scriptures and then the scripture’s knowledge, should be realized. And how to realize? you can look to the persons like me, that they are already dwindling and soon they will be just gone. So many people A, B, C, D here, everybody is gone and the foolish living entity, doesn't see his own or her own imminent death. That is our greatest defect - you know paśyann api na paśyati. It is said in Srimad Bhagavatam, paśyann means we see that everybody around us has gone from our own family, from the society. So many persons, we have seen going and the idea never comes to us that we are also going to do that. Somehow or the other, everytime your mind will convince you that, “Oh! he died, she died, but for you, you are a special case.” You are nut case (laughter). Definitely you are a special case, nut case (laughter). Because we don't come to reality and unless you stop this nut case, you cannot be a nice case to understand scriptures. We have to forget about this nut case and come to the reality and that is you are very fortunate that somebody is telling you. All the books are ready, the temples are ready, preaching is going on and there is plenty of things to be done you know, what has to be done and what is not to be done. When we were in your age, everything was being followed. But we didn't understand anything at all. And if you ask the question, you are not allowed to ask. They will just kick you out, because they didn't know what the answer is (laughter). And this way, we did not have the opportunity to understand these things. At least you are very fortunate and you have already come here. So please try to understand these things. And then what happened that after hearing the whole of Srimad Bhagavatam, Parikshit Maharaj, he was getting ready to quit his body. So very nice story. And then he had ordered to build a very nice palace on one column into the sea. A nice architect had built a very nice palace on one column in the middle of the sea. So then he thought, maybe the snake will not be able to crawl over you know because of the water and maybe I will save you. This is how all living entity try. Then he retired in that palace and what happened that greed never stops, you know. As I told you that greed never stops. We become greedy and greedy and greedy always more greedy, you know that coconut story? you don't know?

One man wanted to buy a coconut you know? He wanted to offer coconut in the temple. So while going to the temple he thought, “I will buy coconut and offer it to the Lord.” And he had one rupee with him and formerly rupee was divided into annas you know, 16 annas. So he went to the shop and he enquired. How much is the coconut? The shopkeeper said its 8 anna. ‘You are really greedy’, he said. ‘Could you not part with seven anna?’ The shopkeeper was honest you know. So he said, ‘No, I can't do it, but if you walk to the end of the lane, there is another shop he sells it for 7 anna.’ So this man thought that, ‘I have come here. I will walk the road you know.’ And he will go to the other shop and get it for 7 anna, so he went to that shop and then he again asked,  ‘How much is the coconut?’ That shopkeeper said, ‘7 anna.’ He said, “I walked such a long distance. Could you not part it for 6 anna?’ ‘No’, he said. ‘I can't help you. But if you go two miles, there is another shop which sells the coconut for 6 anna.’ So he said, ‘Alright. So I have come this much, walk little more.’ So he walked two miles, went to the shop, ‘how much is the coconut?’ ‘6 anna’, he said. ‘You cannot part it for 5?’, ‘No. I can't do it. but if you go near the field, coconut field, there is a man who sells it for 5 anna.’ ‘Alright. I will go to the place.’ Then he went there. Again asked, ‘how much is the coconut?’ He said, ‘5 anna.’ ‘You cannot part it for 4 anna?’ ‘No’, he said. ‘I can't do it but field is not very far. So you go and near the field, there is a shop and he sells it for 4 anna’, he said. ‘I have come here, I will just walk.’ So he went to that shop near the field. He went there. ‘How much is it?’, he said. ‘4 anna.’ ‘Ah…Could you not part it for 3 anna?’ ‘No’, he said. ‘I can't do it, but there is a man under the tree. He is sitting there and he will sell it for three anna.’ So he said, ‘Oh, alright.’ He went there and said, ‘How much is it?’ ‘3 anna.’ ‘Could you not part it for 2 anna?’ He said, ‘I can't do it. But if you climb the tree, you know coconut trees are very high. If you climb the tree, you know middle of the tree, there is a man who has so many coconuts and he sells it for 2 anna. (laughter) ‘Oh!’ he said. He went up, near that man and said, ‘How much is the coconut?’ He said, ‘2 anna.’ ‘Could you not part it for 1 anna?’ (laughter) So he said, ‘No. I can't do it. If you go to the top, there is another man. He sells it for one anna.’ ‘Alright I have come here. Now I will go to the top.’ So he went to the top then and he enquired. He said, ‘One anna.’ ‘Could you not part it for free?’ He said, ‘No. I can’t do it. But if you want free, you just go on this branch and you yourself pluck it out.’ And this fellow, out of greed wanted to climb the branch, pluck the coconut. In the mean time, he fell down and passed away (laughter). This is greed, naked greed you know. We are never satisfied. If you get it for one rupee, we want it for half rupee and if it is half rupee, we want to have quarter rupee. And this way, the other way also, if you have one pound, you want to increase to two, then four to hundred, two hundred, thousand. One thousand is not enough. 2, 3, 4, go on increasing. Put in BCCI and the whole thing goes flop (laughter). This is our material life you know. That is why we have to come to our senses. So Parikshit Maharaj eventually retired, you know. Now prasadam is attracting you. We will try to finish (inaudible- referring to a devotee Maharaj says) He said one thing, one time. He talks philosophy sometimes. (laughter) He said, ‘I wanted to avoid Krishna. So that's why, I came here. (laughs) Because, I was in the spiritual kingdom, always with Krishna. I wanted to avoid it. So I thought I will go. So I came to this planet and after coming here, He is here again.’ (laughter) So, then Parikshit Maharaj retired. And in the meantime, the greed never stops you know. Kashyap, there was Kashyap Muni. He wanted to earn money from this curse. So he thought that he, he knew the art of removing the poison after the snake bite. So he was rushing towards the palace. He said he will go to the king and tell him he knows this art. ‘Even if snake bites him, I will just remove his poison and he will be saved.’ So he was rushing towards the palace. In the meantime, Takshak was worried. He said that if this old fellow goes there, he will destroy my job. I want to kill the king. So he went in the form of old Brahmin you know. He approached Kashyap Muni and said, ‘Where are you going?’ ‘I am going to the king.’ ‘Why?, why?’ he asked. ‘I want to cure after snake bite and this way I will earn more lakshmi,’ he said. ‘He is going to die. Don't do that. Just for lakshmi you are going there? I will give you money.’ So Kashyap said, ‘No the king can give more.’ He said, ‘, Whatever you demand, I will give you. But one thing, you have to do that you have to prove that you have this art of removing the poison.’ And takshak knew that he can bite the tree and the tree will be completely burnt off. So he bit the tree nearby and the tree was completely converted into ashes because of the poison. So then he requested Kashyap Muni, to make it alive and within few minutes, he really could get the tree back to its existence. Then Takshak was very much worried. So he gave so much wealth to Kashyap Muni and somehow or the other Kashyap Muni meditated on the life of Parikshit Maharaj and he saw that his life is ending and that's why he agreed and he went back with the lakshmi which he got from Takshak. So this is how Kashyap Muni was avoided by Takshak and then at the seventh day, all the snakes including Takshak, they took different forms. Some took the form of brahmanas. Some became the fruits. Some became the insects on the fruits and Takshak snake particularly, became Sounak insect and its colour was coppery and the eyes were completely black you know. Very horrible small insect inside one orange and they took basket of fruits. Now door keeper, thought that all these old brahmins, they want to present fruits to the king. So they didn't pay any attention. So they let them go in and as soon as they went in, King got the basket and he just opened that orange and as soon as he opened, he saw that insect and he thought that he is here, now. So he took that insect and put it on his neck and the full thing was completely destroyed including the palace and everything. So this is how he left his body and in meantime, we have to discuss Srimad Bhagavatam next time when you come, we will stop now. Jai !

HH Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj ki Jai !