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We are Puppets of Krishna

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SB 1.6.7

SB 1.6.7 Rajkot 01-02-2009 - We Are Puppets of Krishna

Maharaj: Oṁ namo bhagavate vāsudevāya………..

We are looking to one verse from sixth chapter. Yes, 1.6.7.

(Some conversation between Maharaj and devotee)

(Maharaj Recites verse followed by devotees)

ŚB 1.6.7
सास्वतन्त्रा न कल्पासीद्योगक्षेमं ममेच्छती ।
ईशस्य हि वशे लोको योषा दारुमयी यथा ॥ ७ ॥

sāsvatantrā na kalpāsīd yoga-kṣemaṁ mamecchatī
īśasya hi vaśe loko yoṣā dārumayī yathā

sā — she; asvatantrā — was dependent; na — not; kalpā — able; āsīt — was; yoga-kṣemam — maintenance; mama — my; icchatī — although desirous; īśasya — of providence; hi — for; vaśe — under the control of; lokaḥ — everyone; yoṣā — doll; dāru-mayī — made of wood; yathā — as much as.

She wanted to look after my maintenance properly, but because she was not independent, she was not able to do anything for me. The world is under the full control of the Supreme Lord; therefore everyone is like a wooden doll in the hands of a puppet master.

Maharaj: Sing, sing all together

Devotees recite the verse………..

Maharaj: Yes, finished?

Devotees continue reciting the verse……….

Maharaj: sā - she; Yes, in sanskrit sah is he and if it is dhirga it is long saa then it is feminine. Sā,   sā  means she. She means mother of, here mother of Narada ji you know.

sā — she; asvatantrā — was dependent; na — not; kalpā — able; āsīt — was; yoga-kṣemam — maintenance; mama — my; icchatī — although desirous; īśasya — of providence; hi — for; vaśe — under the control of; lokaḥ — everyone; yoṣā — doll; dāru-mayī — made of wood; yathā — as much as.
Translation by Srila Prabhupada. Srila Prabhupada ki jai!

Please repeat…...

“She wanted to look after my maintenance properly, but because she was not independent, she was not able to do anything for me. The world is under the full control of the Supreme Lord; therefore everyone is like a wooden doll in the hands of a puppet master.”

This verse does not have any purport because the message is clear. When the message is clear, Prabhupada doesn’t write the purport. Read the translation, read the translation again.

Devotee: “She wanted to look after my maintenance properly, but because she was not independent, she was not able to do anything for me. The world is under the full control of the Supreme Lord; therefore everyone is like a wooden doll in the hands of a puppet master.”

It’s beautiful! Then the second line is very important. īśasya hi vaśe loko, yoṣā dārumayī yathā. Vaśe, vaśe is very important here, vaśe means under the full control of. There is no other way. Everything in this animate or inanimate, everything helplessly follows the order of Krishna. That is the meaning of this. And this buddhi, this intelligence is vishudha. Those who understand this transcendental fact, they are not stuck anywhere in the material world. Because in any situation they think that it’s under the control of Krishna. If He wants what can we do? That’s how we are completely out of anxiety. Out of petty differences you know? Then the purpose of the Bhagvatam to clear our intelligence and that is in Bhagwat gita it is very nicely said that

buddhyā viśuddhayā yukto, dhṛtyātmānaṁ niyamya ca

So nice verses those, those 3 verses you know. Take out Bhagwat gita 18.51-53, from 18th chapter from 51 to 53. Viśuddhayā buddhyā yukto, Krishna says in the last chapter that viśuddh buddhi. And the main symptoms of viśuddh buddhi is īśasya hi vaśe loko, yoṣā dārumayī yathā.

Have you found it?

Devotee: Yes, yes

Maharaj: Ah yes, read, read

Devotee: I’ll read the translation of…?

Maharaj: No, no. Read verses

Devotee reads verses, everyone repeats after him including Maharaj

BG 18.51-53
बुद्ध्या विश‍ुद्धया युक्तो धृत्यात्मानं नियम्य च ।
शब्दादीन्विषयांस्त्यक्त्वा रागद्वेषौ व्युदस्य च ॥ ५१ ॥
विविक्तसेवी लघ्वाशी यतवाक्कायमानस: ।
ध्यानयोगपरो नित्यं वैराग्यं समुपाश्रित: ॥ ५२ ॥
अहङ्कारं बलं दर्पं कामं क्रोधं परिग्रहम् ।
विमुच्य निर्मम: शान्तो ब्रह्मभूयाय कल्पते ॥ ५३ ॥

buddhyā viśuddhayā yukto dhṛtyātmānaṁ niyamya ca
śabdādīn viṣayāṁs tyaktvā rāga-dveṣau vyudasya ca

vivikta-sevī laghv-āśī yata-vāk-kāya-mānasaḥ
dhyāna-yoga-paro nityaṁ vairāgyaṁ samupāśritaḥ

ahaṅkāraṁ balaṁ darpaṁ, kāmaṁ krodhaṁ parigraham
vimucya nirmamaḥ śānto, brahma-bhūyāya kalpate

Maharaj: The thing is, this one principle that is īśasya hi vaśe loko, yoṣā dārumayī yathā. The one principle you can remember from the pages of Bhagavatam, your intelligence is completely cleared. As I told you that these material matters should not be impediment to our devotional service. And they are, you know? Because always the differentiation, differentiation attitude is there. We differ each other. Whereas the common sense read is always the common sense. That is why it is known as common sense, samanya buddhi. And common sense is depending on this īśasya hi vaśe loko, yoṣā dārumayī yathā. Then somebody creates a loss to us, it’s alright, somebody gain, alright, no gain, alright, happens, alright, doesn’t happen, alright. Everything is alright. fāvse, gamse, chālse, In Gujarati three words are there. fāv se, gam se, chāl se. fāv se means for me everything is good as fāv se, gam se I like everything, chāl se everything I feel is alright. This is the way. That is viśuddha buddhi, otherwise buddhi is contaminated. If you don’t have this type of intelligence, depending on this verse īśasya hi vaśe loko, yoṣā dārumayī yathā. Any other buddhi is contaminated. And contaminated buddhi will unnecessarily cause anxiety to us. That is the nature of contaminated intelligence. Contaminated intelligence means personified anxiety. Anxiety. And the whole world including us, we are just completely misled, mis-directed you know regarding these things. The more and more contamination is there day after day. Nobody tries to purify it. Contamination we increase and that’s why the anxiety never leaves us. And as soon as there is anxiety, there is a grip on our whole being. Our being gets diseased. Our body gets diseased. The anxiety has taken grip over this. Whatever we are doing here I don’t know, but at least to some extent we are out of anxiety. And because we are out of anxiety, our sleep is unbroken. Our behaviour is not that fanatic you know. We are not running after anything, or we are not doing anything. Nothing is done really here. That is the way that we are becoming anxiety free. Whatever little we can put into practice, the immediate result is there, immediate! You, you may stop the material activities, please, don’t do anything, just read Bhagavatam, read Bhagavad Gita. Don’t do anything else. Somehow or the other, 12’o’clock… something will come in front of you. If it doesn't come, so much has already come, so it doesn’t matter.

(Maharaj speaks in Gujarati)

Somehow or the other we have to come to this viśuddha buddhi. Otherwise the contaminated intelligence create the hell for all the living entities around us. And buddhi is always contaminated in general. So the hell is let loose. Since this hell is let loose, we have to be clear, we have to steer clear. Every living entity, knowingly or unknowingly, will try to harm the other living entity. Because the buddhi is contaminated. And particularly, we harm the living entities more when there is no opposition. Where there is no opposition we harm more. This is our tendency. Mother has, mother can’t oppose you. As it is she is getting to her age or whatever, she cannot do anything. So we are very angry at her, don’t care for her. The living entity, by whose causeless mercy you have seen the sunlight and then he says hey and she is trash.

No, this is not the viśuddha buddhi. This buddhi is highly contaminated buddhi. And as soon as you disrespect that pious living entity, you are going to be covered by the innumerable anxieties. By their blessings your life becomes sublime. And whether you serve them or not, parents, they will bless you. But those who serve, they get special blessings. So, service must be there. Father and mother should never be looked at like that. 'Ji'! In Gujarati we call it, whatever he says, he says that it is night at the moment. That extent we should be very, very faithful to those living entities. That is the Bhagavatam, the Bhagavatam principle. And if you don’t follow this, then buddhi is contaminated and father and mother comes first. Then elders, all the elders. They are as good as father and mother. In Vedic culture, even somebody is two years older than us we pay, pay obeisance to him. That is how we regard. Age is respected and it starts from parents. And you can see the difference at the moment, that no families really of that type. But in past we had seen the difference, that those who obey their parents, the family was prosperous. Those who didn’t obey they were destroyed. This was completely clear in front of our eyes. And now everybody is disrespecting them. So, the destruction is at large. This is the.., you don’t follow the Vedic principle and you’ve destroyed culture. Contamination is increasing. Now, this cloth, because it is clean, it is surviving. As soon as it becomes dirty, if it is not washed, then it will again tear itself because of contamination. And that is what happening regarding the present society. That contamination is so much increasing that it’s going to torn here and there and there. How many patches you can put? So cleaning process must be there for viśuddha buddhi. That process is given by Prabhupada in a very simple way. That without much, much endeavor, we can clean this society. And before we try to clean the society, we clean ourselves first. Yes. And only one thing you have to remember, in whole of Bhagavatam, if you want to remember one sentence, remember this sentence please īśasya hi vaśe loko, yoṣā dārumayī yathā. That’s it. Nothing more and nothing less and that translation only. Read the translation, for that part only.

(Devotee reads translation and everyone else including Maharaj, repeats after him.)

The world is under the full control of the Supreme Lord; therefore everyone is like a wooden doll in the hands of a puppet master.

Maharaj: That’s it. Come on, read, read. īśasya hi vaśe loko, yoṣā dārumayī yathā, Yeah, repeat. Still his mind is not there. No, no, īśasya hi…

(Maharaj helping devotee to recite the verse)

Maharaj: The fine, fine pronunciation, why can’t you do, I don’t know?! At this age, my pronunciation is clear. My pronunciation should go haywire here and there because of the age.

(Maharaj making devotee pronounce word īśasya)

Why can’t you pronounce I don’t know? Is it very difficult? īśasya and we Indians can pronounce very properly. Īśasya (Gujarati)

You’re a young man. īśasya, īśasya hi vaśe loko (Gujarati)

These difference, these fellows cannot take, because it is not their language but it is our language. What are you doing man? You don’t know Barakhadi? You don’t know ka, kha, ga, gha, why aren’t you clear? Īśasya, īśhwar (Gujarati)

Is it very difficult for us? 

(The devotee recites the lines again and everyone repeats after him)

Maharaj: This is very clear (Gujarati). Where are we going? Where are we Indians heading for I don’t know (Gujarati). īśasya hi vaśe loko, yoṣā dārumayī yathā, only one sentence I want you to remember from Bhagavatam. C’mon repeat.

(Devotees repeat the verse and everyone repeats after them)

īśasya hi vaśe loko, yoṣā

Maharaj: ṣā (ष), shatkon ṣā ( षट्कोण ), Shatkon  bolto ja, shatkon ṣā yoṣā (योषा ), īśa (ईश).  See the difference yoṣā (योषा) īśa (ईश). There is a difference. And that difference is karna madhur (कर्ण मधुर ). It should be properly pronounced, otherwise nobody would like to hear Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a very sophisticated language. Same, same ss they call it but there is a difference. And that’s why diacritic and marks are different. Sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down. The ‘ṣā’ is down ‘s’ under dot and ‘s’ above line is śa īśasya. These they have differentiated very nicely. There is not a single mistake in the whole of Bhagavatam in the diacritic and marks also. Please somebody has done very, very big job for this Bhagavatam. Transliteration particularly. In transliteration, the western world also can understand how to pronounce different things. But unfortunately nobody sees and nobody has time to meditate on the pronunciations. This is the greatest drawback in our society. See, this society is meant for Bhagavatam. Except Bhagavatam nothing should be done.

The first thing should stop is collection. This society, if they want to survive, first thing they stop is collection. Because of collection we are completely mislead here and there. We think that collection is the main thing. It’s not collection, diacritic marks in Bhagavatam is our aim. Bhagavatam is our aim, don’t do anything at all. Do Bhagavatam that’s it. And you will get rice or dal, whatever. We don’t want rasgullas daily. What is the use of the rasgulla if you eat and sleep? Better rice and wake up you know. We can’t cure, but we should have, being in ISKCON, which doesn’t collect and it only does Bhagavatam.

I want to, we don’t have that wing that this ISKCON wing. I was not after money, people know that and they have only to do Bhagavatam. That’s it, that wing is the desirable wing and that wing eventually will be more prosperous than the wing that collects. That is guaranteed. Guaranteed!

We are only 10 years in this area, and Dwarka and this place including, you have 65 crores worth property. Which business is there, in 10 years you earn 65 crores? And we don’t collect anything, please, He gives. But we are missing the point. We think that we are doing, we are collecting. No need of collection, the Bhagavatam is required. And this is only one sentence. Please try to remember this and the translation. Come on Repeat īśasya hi.

(Devotee starts reciting, Maharaj is speaking in Gujarati)

We had a one teacher, he will just hit, that’s it. And because we are afraid of hitting, we will correct it (Gujarati). Please, we are losing everywhere. In dress we have lost, our clothes are gone. And now, day by day the clothes are less on our body. We don’t have  body to exhibit. Whatever, bamboo sticks are there, they are exhibiting. Instead of that, just please have a nice way that no money or few money and everybody should come and recite Bhagavatam, try to understand Bhagavatam. That is the only use of these places. Otherwise what is the use of all this cement and iron? Thousands and lakhs of rupees are gone in this. There is no use. This is the only use. And please try to increase the wing which does not run after money, only reads Bhagavatam. Nothing else. Nothing else. We don’t want, we just have a little bit of prasadam and Bhagavatam, that’s it, nothing. This is the way to run after Bhagavatam. Prabhupada had made Bhagavatam as his goal of existence. He wanted to translate the whole thing and in the end of the life he stopped anything and everything but he continued with this translation. So how much important he might have thought about this? Why can’t you follow Prabhupada in that way? We sing Prabhupada, Prabhupada, Prabhupada, Prabhupada. He cries day and night, doesn’t follow at all. Really, if you care for Prabhupada, you should not leave Bhagavatam for a single second! That is the way. This sentence, at least one sentence you remember, and everything is there. viśuddha buddhi. We want completely purified intelligence. So why to carry the contaminated intelligence and purify it? Already the purification is there, just remember this one sentence and your intelligence is purified. So why to carry the contaminated one? But we contaminate first and then purify.

I don’t have sufficient breath to insist this point. But please come to the pages of Bhagavatam if you want your elevation. Also forget about the progress of the world or preaching or whatever. You have to progress yourself. Unless you are up to the mark what are you going to preach? And after the mark there is only one sentence. C’mon read.

(A Devotee recite and other follows)

īśasya hi vaśe loko, yoṣā dārumayī yathā

The world is under the full control of the Supreme Lord; therefore, everyone is like a wooden doll in the hands of a puppet master”.

Maharaj: We know that game, puppet master. The wooden dolls are in his hand he pulls the strings. And the, our strings are also pulled continuously. This pulling and pushing is going on by Krishna and we are dancing. Sometimes we open a shop, sometimes we sell, sometime we buy, sometime we spend. So many things are going on according to His pulling.

Devotee:  Is it something to do with the modes? 

Maharaja: Yes… no, no, everything is under His control. Mode has nothing to do. Nothing to do. Modes are inter-woven according to His desire. So modes also, they are not independent. They are under full control. That is the meaning of ‘the whole world is under full control of the Supreme Lord’. See Prabhupada’s sentence, don’t change.

‘The whole world is under the full control’. Full, means three modes are not different, they are also under His control. The whole world is under the full control of the Lord. And therefore, everyone is like a wooden doll in the hands of a puppet master. Only few, 10 words are there, it gives the whole Bhagavatam to you. And as soon as you remember this, your intelligence is purified. Purified in the sense, that you don’t get stuck into the material world anywhere.

Our behaviour is, that we are stuck from corner to corner. And as soon as you try to understand the supreme control, transcendental control, you are completely off the worry. That is the main reason, Isn’t it? Now we are sitting here. Our children are here and there in England. They are somewhere in America, somewhere here and there. What can you do for them? But we have full faith that īśasya hi vaśe loko, yoṣā dārumayī yathā. So they are also under the control of the Supreme Lord. So we have the Supreme Lord fortunately with us in the form of names and Bhagavad Gita and Bhagavatam. So really if we are worried about our own people, we should be more with Bhagavad Gita. Your child is there, what are you doing here? And what can you do for her? She is getting older, she is drinking, she is digesting, she is doing everything and you are sitting here. Really if you are worried about her, go to Bhagavad Gita. Go to Bhagavatam, chant. Then, "no, no, no, my child, my child." (Maharaj imitating). That is the meaning of this yoṣā dārumayī yathā.

Everywhere, you are off the anxiety. Any problem and this sentence will relieve you. That is Krishna. Any problem, any problem Gopi’s had and she approached Krishna. That is gopi bhāv. And that is recommended by Caitanya Mahaprabhu that you should follow gopi bhāv. Means any problem and Krishna. Any problem and Krishna. Any problem and īśasya hi vaśe loko, yoṣā dārumayī yathā. Non different from Krishna. Bhagavatam is not different, Bhagavad Gita is not different. So any problem and go to Bhagavatam, go to Krishna. That is how Krishna is here. This is the thing to be understood. And as soon as you do this, you are off the worries.

Devotee: Did the Vrajavasis know that Krishna has come as a child?

Maharaj: He was a child. But they didn’t see Him as a child. They knew that He is powerful, He is all powerful. Because as a child, He could lift the Govardhan hill. How can He be a child?

Devotee: In the beginning you said they didn't know?

Maharaj: No, no, no but that is the thing, He did super-human acts. And to kill demons as a child ! Man! He was 3 days old and Putana was killed. So they knew that He is the child, but He is not the child. And He relieved them, when He drank the whole fire, when He was only 4 years old. He purified the poison water. Who can do it? Even now we can’t do it. With all our advancement, you cannot purify the river which is poisoned. Please…And that’s why we are, we are really advised by Bhagavatam  jīvanti san-mukharitāṁ bhavadīya-vārtām. You should stay your life hearing, His greatest activities through the mouth of bona fide sources - san-mukharitāṁ bhavadīya-vārtām. How nice these sentences are from Bhagavatam! And it gives you anxiety free life.

Devotee: (Referring to some one who visited the temple) Yesterday that parent came. So the mother was very much in anxiety. She was very worried about her daughter. But after hearing all these kirtan, katha, seeing the Deity, she admitted that after seeing these things, she felt good now.

Maharaj: See. When she came she was really afraid of.. That was the thing. And she said that I rang you very peacefully and then sent her to you and whatever you had told, she was very pleased. This is Bhagavad Gita and Bhagavatam. What we have? We don’t have anything. I told you that if you have Bhagavatam everything, very means of conquest jayam udirayet. This, if you want to conquer anything, Bhagavatam is the thing. No, don’t run here and there. And as I told you always in our life, knowingly or unknowingly, many times we don’t want to do false things. But even then we do. It happens. And then we have to suffer for that, to that extent. But while suffering also, if you have Bhagavatam with you, then suffering will not be there. This is how you know people have to go to prison. Yesterday I told, that this world is so very complicated now that today we are sitting here nicely, tomorrow we don’t know who have to go to prison or whatever, because we are breaking so many laws. We are caught and we are punished and we don’t know even that we are punished. We end up in jail. This is a very complex society. But wherever you are, the advice is very clear from Prabhupada, that you carry Bhagavatam with you. And Bhagavatam means only one sentence with you. More shlokas if you can carry, that will be like a Vaikuntha. But at least one line here and there you carry, even then you are liberated, liberated from the anxiety, anxious life. You have to remember this. This is the result we have to put up into practice for ourself and guide the world in this way. And not to go here and there and beat about the bush regarding the courts and solicitors.  That should not be there. That's not our way, not our way. Always the Vedic culture was that if you lose, lose it. Don’t use good money after bad money they called it. We, we don’t do it at all, nothing. Nothing! We better prefer to loose it.

It so happened that we had a field near the village you know, very near to, on the outskirts of village, we had a nice field. So, I was hardly twelve, thirteen years old. So one man, my father had given him for tiling and he won’t vacate. And he would not give anything  also. So, when I understood I told, “Why don’t you kick him out? He’s not giving anything.” He said, “Don’t worry, just be patient. Krishna will do something.” I told, “What Krishna will do?” I was angry with my father and after a month he (tenant) died. (Everyone laughs). "You just see, he was gone now. If I would have kicked him out, I would have to spend to give solicitor, court order and this and that. Forget about this." These are the simple things. They were waiting. He doesn’t go. Eventually he will go away. And he (father) had a faith. Something went wrong and the fellow died. And the field was vacated. This is how, so many incidents are there in my life.

 My father will never, he advised strongly that don’t climb two stairs. One is doctor and other is solicitor (laughs). My younger sister had a bit of lump here. So, she was crying you know. She was young, she was hardly two years old. So, my mother was very anxious. She said, “You don’t take her to doctor and you don’t care for the children.” And this and that. Father felt upset. "Now we are going to Bombay, there is a specialist. We will show her to specialist." We went to Bombay. Bombay, that time specialist charge was twenty rupees. He said, “this rascal is taking twenty rupees”. (laughter) Anyway, he paid fee and went there. Doctor advised. "This is very bad, this and that and that."  And he took some blood to check infection. He (father) said, "Blood ? Why should we take the blood?" He (doctor) said, “I want to check everything. I want to have a report.” That time blood report means, it was like a bypass operation. It was so difficult. So, somehow or other reports were there in 15 minutes and then the diagnosis came.

So, in the diagnosis the doctor told that you have to get her operated. So, my father asked, “And then after operation do you guarantee that she’ll be cured?”

He said “No guarantee.” He said, "Rascal is asking two thousand rupees. Twenty rupees was difficult, two thousand was sky-high you know."  So he said he’s not guaranteeing that she will be cured. So, he said, “If you don’t operate, she will die within six months.” My father told, “Let her die. As it is you are not giving guarantee. So at least let her die peacefully without cutting.” So, we didn’t do anything at all. And that girl is now grandmother and the doctor died. And nothing is wrong with her. This is how. Man! These things are very clear in front of our eyes and even then like a mad person, we are leaving this Bhagavad Gita and Bhagavatam, and running after this phantasmagoria. So many things are going on. Please don’t be victimized. And to the best of our abilities we should shout that people should never be victimized by these things.

He is an example (pointing to a devotee). His kidney would have been gone. One kidney was dead, his kidney you know and all the doctors advised him that take out the kidney. He said, “No! Let it be.” (Laughs). He said, "Bad? Alright! let it be." And only with ginger powder, his kidney is working now. The doctor was surprised. “Your kidney is working?” And they advised, all the doctors, all the doctors at the Wockhardt doctors, altogether they advised him to take it out.

Devotee : Take it out and it will help the hospital. So they will do all kinds of things.

Maharaj: They do all kinds of things. (laughter)

Devotee : They would even steal the kidneys.

Maharaj: (Laughs) Steal the kidney? (Speaks in Gujarati). Please… No! He would have lost otherwise. His one kidney was working alright. He said, "With one kidney he would survive." And he said, “If that also contaminate then what happen?” It’s Krishna mercy. And he didn’t take out. And just by walking and bit careful diet, with ginger and this. This ginger is the best thing. If the dead kidney can be live by ginger, which disease cannot be cured? Please, this is the proof. Living proof. Forget about anything and everything, This is Bhagavatam. If some juice from our land cures our body, how much this Bhagavatam will cure? Please, try to remember these things. These are eternal facts nobody can change. And if they want to change, the horrible circumstances is duḥkham auṣadhaṁ, what is that line - duḥkham atad-dhiyāhaṁ. (SB 7.9.17)

Whatever remedy we administer, is more horrible than the disease. That is by-pass. Man! If there is something wrong here, it will be eventual cured. The curing force is inside. This is not that it has to be administered by outside. And again what they do, they want to widen the valves or change the valve or put another plastic valve or whatever. It's all to facilitate the flow. The living force is already inside the body to create the valves or to clear the valves. There is no need of our, angioplasty they call it. They widen the valves and put something. And this our, what is his name, Yashomati had. I told him, "Why should you do?". He said “No, I have to have it.”

Please, instead of Bhagavatam, we are going for this. Suppose you don’t do angioplasty and you may have to die, what's the big deal, deal in it? Anyway we have to go. And as it is in India, sixty years is too much. Sixty years, people get ready to depart. Please, this we are unnecessarily beating about the bush. We have a jewel in our hand and we are running after the glass pieces. Bhagavatam is with you. So many instances are here. Man! Ginger can cure this boy, why, why can’t it cure everybody? The patience is required. Tolerance and patience will clean (your) any sickness you have. And sickness is the main problem now in this age. Half of the population, more than half of the population are running mad to the hospitals. As I told you before sixty years, when we were children, hospital was not a common thing. There was only one government hospital in the whole of the village. Only one government. And because government can maintain. Ordinary people can't maintain. So, there was only one, one hospital. And that was meant for shudras. No vaishnavas went to the hospital. Never. All the deliveries were at home. Everything was at home. This hospital, hospital is started then like a wildfire now. Here in Rajkot, the whole lane is hospital lane. One area is full hospital. And everywhere there are hospitals. How much degraded we’ve become because we have stopped Bhagavad Gita and Bhagavatam? That was the... Only this saint (Srila Prabhupada) could diagnose properly that we've forgotten Krishna and that's why you're suffering. The whole world is helped by this one sentence. It is His diagnosis.

Formerly there were big belly gurus were there. Nobody could diagnose. Everybody has different therapy and so many different panth, paths were there, pantheism. This is the use of Bhagavatam. Please, the clear buddhi, the purified intelligence is nothing else but fully depend upon Krishna. That is purified intelligence. And the explanation is given in Bhagavad Gita, how the intelligence is purified. What is the symptom of it. Those three verses are very nice. But the thing is, we are not after purifying our intelligence. We are after more contaminating the intelligence. Prabhupada started book distribution because the people were ignorant. They didn’t know anything. So, books must be distributed. So, he was asking for the printing money. In the beginning, you might remember. It was just, some little donation. Books were not sold, they were given and just print money. I remember in England Prabhupada was there. Hardly somebody gives him ten pence, somebody twelve pence. And then 10 pounds or twenty pounds are there, printing is there, that’s it. He said alright. And then it started and then completely now, it’s changed completely. Now our Bhagavatam set is four thousand rupees and our Gorakhpur Bhagavatam set is two hundred rupees. Now general public doesn’t know what is the difference. They say, "your Bhagavatam four thousand, Gorakhpur two hundred. Why should not I buy Gorakhpur?" Your Bhagavad Gita is 150 rupees, Asha ram Bhagavad Gita is 2 rupees (laughter). I told them, "Baba, what you are doing with all the money? Reduce the prices." "No! No! No, You don’t know." "Arey, I don't know , you don't know ." You don't know means..? "Prabhupada said," it’s alright. When Prabhupada was in London, Jayasheela might be a young man, young boy. So he might have put on this kurta. So he said, "Jayasheela, this kurta is beautiful. So put on this kurta." So Jayasheela took this as order and said, "Alright. I will put this kurta." Now Jayasheel is 60 years old, same kurta again and again. Why? "Srila Prabhupada said." Arrey man, Prabhupada said, "you must have kurta." Your kurta must be according to your body. Kurta may change. We are just sticking to his words and not changing at all according to circumstances. Formerly the collection was not the main thing, distribution was the main thing. That we forgot. Prabhupada wanted the books to go to them and printing cost should be there. Now the cost is more important than the books and that's why the whole muddle is there. The collection becomes the main goal, not the distribution. And because Prabhupada's idea was distribution, in his presence so much distribution was going on.

Big parties there were of Tamal Krishna Goswami. Who was running that? What all big party was running, Tamal Krishna Goswami. Radha Damodara, yeah 10 buses he had. This is distribution, it was not collection. And now, instead of distribution, this is (going on). Please try to have some intelligence somewhere. At least if not anything else, we do food distribution or this or that. Why can't we do the book distribution? Somewhere some purified intelligence must prevail, but we are not going to Bhagavatam. That is our really defect. Nobody is interested. Please whether somebody is interested or not, we are going to go away. Our time is passing away. So please don’t pass your time and you be serious. Don’t worry about the whole world. But we should put into practice. At least we should print whatever we have and distribute it.

Devotee: (Inaudible voice)

Maharaj: ...because the general, there is no guidance needed. Prabhupada's disciples, they are now nearly 60 years, in and out, they are in and out of the hospital and this and that. So again the guidance is absent. The crude stuff is coming, they don't know what is happening. So they can’t guide you. So society has become completely guiding less. There is no guiding point. And we don't go to Prabhupada. Prabhupada is still alive in his literature, we don’t go to him. We don’t try to learn from him, this is our defect. Please we have to remove this defect. Don’t depend upon anything except Prabhupada. And do take Prabhupada from his books. Always eternally you will have the guidance. And pure guidance. Please those who run after Prabhupada, they cannot go wrong. Instead of depending on only collection or this or that. This is Kaliyuga, no doubt we do require funds, but not to that extent. Automatically it comes. To that extent we don’t require. But we require Bhagavatam. And if we are not doing this, we better vacate the place and give the place for somebody who does Bhagavatam.

This place is only meant for Bhagavatam. And then for Bhagavatam, we have got 10, 50 or 30 acres or whatever. If you don’t know Bhagavatam, we would have only 2 acres. If you do Bhagavatam, you will have everything. For our survival, we have to have Bhagavatam. So, please….And our school is running at seven o clock. So after four o’clock we must have half an hour for Bhagavatam at least. Bhagavatam must be there. Daily, in the evening everybody, those who are here, must come here for Bhagavad Gita. Whether I’m here or not please Bhagavad Gita must go on. Bhagavatam must go on. Otherwise we lose. Whatever we have gained, within no time we lose. Bhagavatam is the main source. jayam udīrayet the means of conquest. If you don’t do this, your place is not here. You do these activities first.

School or hospital or cow protection or distribution or whatever it is, is the byproduct of devotional service. So, devotional service must be first. Other things are useless without devotional service. One thing, one rule we should make, that after 9 pm, we’re not out anywhere. There is maya. 9 pm is our limit, we should be inside. And after 3:30 – 4’o clock, we are not in bed. That is it. This will save us in whatever condition we are in. We have so much big projects on our thāli (plate) and it would also be completed, provided we follow this. If you don’t follow this, please vacate and the let the other people come who do this. No other means will work. That is definite. This means, already well tested and well proved. It has worked. And at least it has worked regarding us. Since last twelve months, twelve years you are with me and we are doing this only. I’m invalid, even then the things are going on. Why? Because Bhagavatam is there. I was moving every year around the globe you know. And they were inviting me because I was with Prabhupada. They said, "when you come Prabhupada is there." So, even now Prabhupada saves us. And our, for our devotional service, we require him. So, follow yourself and the same thing will be useful for anybody who sees you.

Don’t waste your breathe or waste your time. As it time is running out. Everybody is getting older and older. Do these things first. And this is only one sentence I want you to remember this. Any one sentence you pick up from Bhagavatam and just repeat that one and organize your life on that sentence and it will be alright. Otherwise all the things you do, is completely zero. ṛte ’rthaṁ yat pratīyeta, na pratīyeta cātmani, tad vidyād ātmano māyāṁ (SB 2.9.34)tad vidyād - "you must know it that this is My illusory energy if it is not connected to Me." And even now, the times may change. Kaliyuga is there and again Satyuga will be there. It doesn’t matter but the values of life does not change. Never change. You have to do this, you have to do this. And wherever you are, on this planet you are. You are not going out of the planet any way. And this planet is meant for Bhagavatam. Our Prabhupada with his hard labor he has established these eternal values. Man! If you want to brush away the values, values will not be brushed away, but we will be brushed away. Please don't do that. And this viśuddhaya bhakti or budhi again if you want to understand, Bhagavad Gita is clear. See, viśuddhayā what is it? Viśuddhayā buddhyādhṛtyātmānaṁ niyamya ca, śabdādīn viṣayāṁs

Read, read…….(Maharaj recites the verses and devotees repeat after him)

BG 18.51-53
buddhyā viśuddhayā yukto, dhṛtyātmānaṁ niyamya ca
śabdādīn viṣayāṁs tyaktvā, rāga-dveṣau vyudasya ca

vivikta-sevī laghv-āśī, yata-vāk-kāya-mānasaḥ
dhyāna-yoga-paro nityaṁ, vairāgyaṁ samupāśritaḥ

Maharaj: In all this symptoms are given. See viśuddhayā buddhyā yukto - you have to arm yourself with viśuddh bhakti from un-contaminated intelligence. And, and what is to be done? dhṛtyātmānaṁ read, read dhṛtyātmānaṁ 

Devotee: dhṛtyātmānaṁ niyamya ca. niyamya ca, niyamya is the word. Regulate your life. In any difficult times, you can regulate. Otherwise in difficult times, our life is irregulated. Always remember devotional service doesn’t depend upon any circumstances. That is why devotional service is non different from Krishna and being non different, it is transcendental. So, whichever is your circumstances, don’t worry at all. Devotional service must be there. And that is niyamya regulation. Who stops you from getting up at 4 ‘o clock? Whichever circumstances you are in? Why should you force yourself to sleep like a hog? No, there is no need of it. No need. Any circumstance, devotional service must go on. And suppose circumstances are completely opposite vipareet, even then we require devotional service, more during that time. We may end up in prison as I told you. Prison sentence also may be there, because we are daily breaking the laws. And somebody is going to catch us. And somebody is going to put us in the prison. Even then who stops us getting up at 4 o’ clock in prison? I mean to say that our circumstances, don’t change the devotional service. Devotional service must be there. And Prabhupada has given very nice definition to the devotional service that you please read my books, chant your rounds and whatever seva you can do, do it. That’s it. Nothing more is needed. Nothing more. Very simple. Very simple it is. But he insists, he was simple and he has insisted that we should also be simple. How long does it take to wash your own half a sleeve kurta? I was putting on full sleeve kurta in the beginning, but because I was washing, so they were dirty, here and there dirty. Then I thought that it is better to cut off. So, since years together I am only putting on half sleeve kurta. And in England also I put the half. And there cold is there, we will wear chadar or whatever. But it was saved, I was saved from washing the whole thing. And since then it is very convenient. Now I don’t want full sleeve kurta. Please, somehow or the other we have to adjust this. But because I don’t have to wash, then I will put on full sleeves. Then maybe long sleeves. (laughter) Please, the more you try to test yourself, you’ll have to be simple. Without kurta also we can survive. In Rajkot particularly, in summer season. How much here? It is very hot here.  You can never put on kurta here. Without kurta we can do.

Please try to decrease your material fever and increase your this. I don’t know how to insist. But this is the way. That’s the meaning of niyamya ca yes, and then second line.

Devotee: śabdādīn viṣayāṁs tyaktvā

Maharaj: śabdādīn viṣayāṁs tyaktvā . viṣayā there is sense objects. Which are the sense objects? Yes, sense objects? How many? Sense, sense object.

Sense objects. How many? (Devotees trying to figure out.) Yes shabda, I want shabda. That is sense object, sound, touch, form? Arey man you’re fool? I want vishayan sound, touch, form, taste and smell. These are the sense objects. In Sanskrit it is very easy to remember. shabda sparsha roop rasa gandhashabda sparsha roop rasa gandha these are sense objects. tyaktvā leave it. We have, see we have purified these sense objects. Our shabda is mahamantra - so it’s purified. There is no harm in it, that is  shabdasparsha - our sparsha is purified. We only touch Krishna’s lotus feet. We don’t touch anywhere else. Apart from lotus feet, anywhere you touch and Bhagavad Gita warns you…

BG 5.22
ये हि संस्पर्शजा भोगा दु:खयोनय एव ते ।
आद्यन्तवन्त: कौन्तेय न तेषु रमते बुध: ॥ २२ ॥

ye hi saṁsparśa-jā bhogā, duḥkha-yonaya eva te
ādy-antavantaḥ kaunteya, na teṣu ramate budhaḥ

Always other touch, it is ye hi saṁsparśa-jā bhogā we wanted to touch the woman and the children were born and whole of life span… (great laughter) duḥkha-yonaya (Maharaj is referring to some devotee) This is your touch?  (laughter)  Go, go after touch and for anybody, me also. Here is a touch and here is yoni, duḥkha-yoni. The source of whole misery is there. Please, as you go advance with age, you will know what the children are. This is touch. Then you touch the rasgulas. That’s also very pleasing touch. But limited you can do. You cannot have a whole stomach full of rasgulas. And you have to suffer, indigestion is there, diabetes is there, insulin. And five injections man (laughter) , can you imagine? Then, what is his name, this one big business man came from Los Angeles and we prepared nice prasadam for him. And as soon as he sat for prasadam, It was indigestion, through his trousers it went down. 

Devotee: (Inaudible speech)

Maharaj:Anyway! (Inaudible speech) Injection was a very big thing in our childhood. There was only one doctor in the village. And if he has to inject, oh god. We have to light the stove, then hot water, then same needle will go anywhere and everywhere. So that needle was to be boiled and the doctor, five people will be running for injection. (great laughter)

They said, “What is happening?”

Doctor is injecting. Injection, injection, injection. Such a…(laught). Five people man. Two people who will carry the stove, and somebody bring kerosene, put kerosene (makes pouring sounds) The pot and water and needle into it. And then he will take the needle with some fang and put the needle into it and now (mockingly) Injection is ready and now doctor will be ready. It was like a bypass operation (laugh). And now injection is so easy. Man! Never we thought about it.

Devotee:  Inaudible speech

Maharaj: No, no, sunshine is here. This tract of land has everything regarded. I don’t know how long does it continues, the way we are organizing sinful life you know. We are also heading for the same thing. Because the more the cows are killed, the more reaction will be there. Please, do Bhagvatam and if we get money automatically, do something for cows. That’s it. Something for nature cure, these things should be used. Only for these things. Instead of making the commercial center it should be completely religious center. That is difference between the.., And that is śabdādīn viṣayāṁs tyaktvā our all sense objects are purified. śabdā we don’t have any contamination. Anybody comes here, they are pleased because there is no bad vibration at all. That’s śabdā purification. Then roop shabda sparsha the touch, we don’t have any touch at all. We have only touch of Krishna and that is very welcoming. Sparsha, roop. roop only we see Krishna. We don’t see any lady here, really. We view the lady’s we don’t see. There’s a difference between view, view and see. We don’t stare at one lady continuously. Ladies coming and going.. there is nothing concentrated on that. This is a purification. The taste we have purified. We don’t have any taste really. Ah man, our khichadi is there we don’t what taste it is because we are very hungry, so khichadi is nourishing. That’s it, that’s the only taste. Or some sabji is there, don’t know really what he is, how he is cooking.... No taste at all. That is how, we have won the taste. Smell also we have completely purified. All the sense objects are purified. Tyaktvā He says. We should completely leave this. Otherwise the tape recorders are there, so many pop songs are there, so many things are there, whole śabdā is completely contaminated. Sparsha is always contaminated. And the advancement, the sign of advancement in the whole world here now is that, prostitution is very free. That is advancement. Which is regarded as sin, religiously. There is no, there is no place for prostitution. In order to keep the society pure, formerly it was allowed to have three four prostitutes in the village, so that those sex mongers may have their satisfaction there.

Devotee: regulated prostitute

Maharaj: Regulate yeah. No, they have to have the permission you know, from the society. And they, the sex mongers, they were entertained by them. So they did not meddle into the society. Now sex mongers they visit prostitutes also and they contaminate the society also. Because, now the money is the important thing. Formerly money was not important. In our childhood, we didn’t see money. One rupee if you take and if you buy the bhoga, three children would have to carry your bhoga, in one rupee. And now if you buy five thousand rupees, one child can pick up. So much difference, we have degraded like anything. Leaving these things we have completely gone here and there. The whole thing is completely destroyed. As I told you many times, in this place, when we came, we were staying in that house there. There was nothing here. And we had one chowkidar with us. So, his wife, they did roam out here and collect the firewood and cook. And now we roam over the whole thing and we don’t find a stick even. In this five years, it’s completely dry now. Otherwise in this area, only she was able to cook. Life was so (simple), The earth was so very producing and now the traffic in field roads are increased. The vegetation is completely gone. Now we cannot repair these things. We cannot go back, we have gone so way ahead. So, now we have to manage in these things, making our life as simple as possible. And the same time, utilizing our free time for Bhagavatam, in reading Bhagavad Gita or Bhagavatam. Yes, we are fortunately here that we are here for two hours or so and you are ready to sit here. (Maharaj jokes about 2 devotees) The thing is, the message is clear and the unlimited discussion is there.

You have any questions? One sentence we have remembered today īśasya hi vaśe loko, yoṣā dārumayī yathā the whole world is under the full control of the lord and therefore every living entity is like a wooden doll in the hands of a puppet master. That’s, you have remembered that.

Maharaj: tu bhul jata hai, bol, repeat. (Maharaj says that the devotee tends to forget and so he wants him to repeat)

Devotee: īśasya hi vaśe loko, yoṣā dārumayī yathā - The world is under the full control of the Supreme Lord; therefore everyone is like a wooden doll in the hands of a puppet master

Maharaj : That’s it. Jai. Jai Murli ki jai, repeat bhagvatam.

Maharaj : So, He is the cause of all causes. That is the meaning of cause of all causes. This, Prabhupada writes in one purport in a very nice sentence that if we only know that the supreme Lord, He is cause of all causes, we are sane. If you don’t know this then we are insane. And really it is. If you see Krishna everywhere, you are coming out of what the enmity end, envy end, greed end, lust end, everything is completely gone. This is the effect of name of Krishna and if we really concentrate on Him being the cause of all causes, then we are completely transcendental. In the sense, that material inebriety don’t touch us. Magnanimous attitude is there and we are ready to go along the flow of the time. Otherwise everywhere you get stuck. The stones in the flow of the river you know, they are round, they are forced to be round. In the beginning the stone is not round, it has corners. But as it flows, it is banged from every side because of the corners. So, the more corners we have in our life, we’ll be banged, till you get round.

Round is īśasya hi vaśe loko, yoṣā dārumayī yathā, the round shape that is. The whole world is under His control. What can you do? Whatever is happening, is Him. Don’t take any credit yourself. How in Narsinh Mehta sings very nicely that we are just like that dog in between the bullocks. And he thinks that I’m driving the cart. We are not the cause at all, we’re not doing. It’s happening, that’s it. And that is the always clear vision that Krishna is doing. And you are at ease. Krishna is doing what can we do? Good or bad He’s doing. Finish. Completely out of anxiety. Now you can, you should have as long as possible, please if you are lucky, you have one sleep. One sleep, unbroken. You go to bed at 10, and within few minutes you should be off. That is the nature of your sleep must be. Within few minutes you should be off. Because anxiety is not there, and because you don’t have any corners, you, you are not stuck anywhere. So, there is no need of breaking the sleep. Then you get up, and you get up. That’s it. That’s it. This is the test of your īśasya hi vaśe loko, yoṣā dārumayī yathā

The more you depend upon the vision of Krishna in everything, you will be free completely to have a healthy life. Please take it from me whatever little experience I have. That is speaking otherwise, there is no other way. Otherwise all other ways are dangerous. Man-made ways are dangerous. This, this is the best path. How to insist I don’t know, but please in whatever condition I am surviving, because of this, you will also be very happy with it. You have the age, you have body, you have time, you have everything. You are younger. Please be sharp in (your thinking) our atma writes. Our intelligence should be sharp and what is it, what is the sentence ... and then what is further? ... thinking sharp,  it is something after, doesn’t matter.

Please, ‘Thinking sharp is Bhagavatam thinking’ and Bhagavatam thinking is only one īśasya hi vaśe loko, yoṣā dārumayī yathā that’s it. And that is the nature of Bhagavatam that as soon as you follow this one line, you are completely anxiety free. brahma-bhūtaḥ prasannātmā na śocati na kāṅkṣati. This is brahma-bhūtaḥ. There is nothing else. You don’t have to change your lifestyle at all. You just have to change the approach to the material life. Lifestyle, you continue but approach should be changed. Approach should depend upon, Bhagavad Gita and Bhagavatam and that will be very auspicious, very auspicious. Auspicious in the sense that it release us, completely release us. Relief, we want you know, the famine relief they call. If there is a famine, they organize a famine relief. This is our great relief you know from our anxiety. Anxiety is the main thing which is troubling this now, to the society. Everywhere we are afraid, everywhere we are afraid. The things are not that very suitable. And that’s why we are getting rid of fear, anxiety, everything.  śoka-moha-bhayāpahā what is it?

SB 1.7.7
यस्यां वै श्रूयमाणायां कृष्णे परमपूरुषे ।
भक्तिरुत्पद्यते पुंस: शोकमोहभयापहा ॥ ७ ॥

yasyāṁ vai śrūyamāṇāyāṁ, kṛṣṇe parama-pūruṣe
bhaktir utpadyate puṁsaḥ, śoka-moha-bhayāpahā

This is the way to bhayāpahā, śoka-moha-bhayāpahā lamentation, illusion and fear completely stops āpahā destroyed by only hearing about Krishna. And here we are seeing him īśasya hi vaśe loko, yoṣā dārumayī yathā everything is under His control so He is the reason of the reason. He’s the cause of the causes. So we are seeing Him. As soon as yasyāṁ vai śrūyamāṇāyāṁ, seeing means śrūyamāṇāyāṁ He is shruta ikshita..He can be seen by ears and not by eyes. So, as soon as we hear about Him bhaktir utpadyate immediately bhakti is developed. And bhakti is there, then there śoka-moha-bhayāpahā immediately śoka-moha-bhayāpahā vanish. And daily we are consumed by these three things. Lamentation is there, illusion is there and bhayā fear is there, completely gone. I don’t know how to insist more. Please take…..

Hare Krishna!

Hare Krishna!

Jai!  Srila Prabhupada ki Jai!

Devotee: HH Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj ki Jai !