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Preach to Reach

Verse Number
SB 1.2.18

(Maharaj begins the class by reciting Srimad Bhagavatam verse 1.2.18 - Devotees repeat along with him)

naṣṭa-prāyeṣv abhadreṣu nityaṁ bhāgavata-sevayā
bhagavaty uttama-śloke bhaktir bhavati naiṣṭhikī

By regular attendance in the classes on Srimad Bhagavatam, and by rendering sevice to the pure devoees, all that is troublesome to the heart is almost completely destroyed and loving service unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead who is praised with the transcendental songs, is firmly eshtablished, is firmly eshtablished, as an irrevocable fact, as an irrevocable fact.

Maharaj: 'Irrevocable' is very nice word. Cannot be revoked. Revoke means strike off. This service, devotional service can never be revoked. Because, it is fixed by the naṣṭa-prāyeṣv abhadreṣu. Our, almost all the inebrities are destroyed by nityaṁ bhāgavata-sevayā. Daily we are studying book Bhagavatam. And daily we are serving the devotees. These two things are needed. And that's why this verse, Prabhupada always chanted you know with the translation. Two things are very important. On one hand, we must have the full idea of our own position, and our own goal of existence in the human life. And the second thing we require, is service. Pure devotees - the question now comes, as to how to find out the pure devotee? That is our question. We see all inebrities everywhere. Always, we ponder on the bad things about the living entites. Once somebody asked Prabhupada that how to find a pure devotee to serve or whatever. So he said, "Rascal, except you, everybody is pure." (laughter) So we don't see any bad thing in anybody. But at the same time, we should not be 'naive'. You know the word 'naive' is best in English. 'Naive' means 'without understanding really'.

We may know everything. So we guard our own behavior. But otherwise we should never ponder over the bad defects of the others. If we want to ponder over, then always ponder over the good things about others. There must be some good things. They may be all bad, but there must be some good. So try to find out some good."
(Referring to Srimad Bhagavatam verse 4.4.12 Maharaj said) You know, bahulī-kariṣṇav, that verse is very nice in Bhagavatam. Sati says to Daksha in the yajna that, "Shiva is so very elevated living entity, that he finds out good quality in somebody and magnifies the good quality. Whereas you find the defect and magnify the defects." So the demons always find out the bad thing in you and magnify it. The sadhu, the simple people, they always find out bit, bit of good quality and magnify the good quality. So we are habituated to good things only. So if you see everywhere good, good, good, good, you become good. If you see everywhere, bad, bad, bad, bad you become bad. So please, generally we don’t ponder over the defects of others. We ignore. When the question of defects comes in front of us, we find out the defects in ourselves. And try to improve. We are full of defects. So we don't point out fingers at others. If I point out a finger at you, one finger is towards you, and three are towards me.  So why to worry about one, worry about three (laughter). Always defects should be found out, from our own being and try to improve. That is the best way to find out the defects. And don't point out any defects of the others, unless you are in a position. Many times I have to tell them that, "this is not the way to behave. This is how." But the authority is not there, so unnecessarily we should not bother our mind. Mind is bothered, if you find out the defects. And the worst effect of bothered mind is, your whole mechanical set up of the body goes wrong. We don’t know this. There is a subtle connection between always looking bad and your mind. Even mind doesn't like it. So it has to undergo a punishment sort. Mind doesn't like. Good things - mind like. So in good things, there is no, nothing really worrying about. Good thing is natural for the mind. Now if you see anything good, your mind is pleased really. If I see a good in you, my mind is pleased. As soon as I find some defect, my mind has to struggle. And the struggle of the mind has effect on the body. We always should remember - these things have got to be studied very nicely and put into practice 100%.
Devotee: Maharaj, (speaks in Gujarati)

Maharaj: Speak out in English.

Devotee: Maharaj, if we know that someone is doing wrong, should we tell or not? 

Maharaj: Unless and until it affects us, we should not do that. Whole world is doing wrong (laughs). Am I to beat the bush? What we can do? And everywhere the corruption is rampant. Everybody is doing everything wrong. But I am not the authority. Who has given the authority to tell? It is said nicely in English - what is it? "Those who stay in the glass house, don’t throw stone at others" (laughter). He himself is in a glass house. You have defects. So if you tell him, he will tell, "You shut up, you are like this." (laughter) So without the authority, we should not open the mouth. And in authority also, very tactfully we have to deal with. We should not be open. Please, always remember, nobody hears, nobody wants to hear any bad thing about him. But he does everything bad. But he doesn’t want to hear bad. He wants to hear good. That is human nature. They do bad things. But they don't want to hear their bad thing. They do bad things. But they don’t want to have the results of the bad things. By doing bad things, they want to have the good results. That is human nature. You can't change. It is mode of darkness. Because they are in the mode of darkness, they do all bad and they want good, which is not possible. And sadhus are the simple people, they have less mode of darkness. So fortunately they have come to mode of raja, passion or goodness. And they do all good, and they don't expect any result. Results are submitted to Krishna. That's how sadhus behave. And sadhu is not somebody who has changed the dress or whatever. Sadhu means simple minded innocent people - he is sadhu. Innocence. Innocence is the main quality. And as soon as the bodily consciousness is there, innocence is absent. Because, I am worried about my body. The thing is, the point is, that the people are what people are. And generally kalau drsha shudra sambhavah - In Kali yuga, everybody is shudra. So how many defects you are going to find out and why? Should not do that. Let them do. Eventually, those bad things will have the reaction on them. Why should we have reaction, their reaction on us? samja (did you understand)? If they are doing something bad, why should I worry about it? (laughter) Worrying about them, about the bad thing, that is affecting me. So I don't want that. Our mind is completely engaged in remembrance of Krishna. And that's why fortunately our minds are clean. Where Krishna is there, all auspiciousness are there. mangalam maṅgalebhyo 'pi maṅgalam

madhuraṁ madhurebhyo 'pi maṅgalebhyo 'pi maṅgalam
pāvanaṁ pāvanebhyo 'pi harer nāmaiva kevalam

These three things madhuraṁ madhurebhyo 'pi - "Of all the sweet thing, this is the sweetest." madhuraṁ madhurebhyo 'pi maṅgalebhyo 'pi maṅgalam - "Of all the auspicious thing, this is the most auspicious thing." pāvanaṁ pāvanebhyo 'pi - "Of all purifying thing, this is the most purifying thing." harer nāmaiva kevalam -- Only name, these things are very much needed. How nice verse this is ! madhuraṁ madhurebhyo 'pi - From all the madhurs, this is the most madhur.

Devotee: Where is this verse from?

Maharaj: no, this verse is from one sage. It is unknown. The name of the sage is unknown. But he has complied 8 verses. And the ashtakam is beautiful. This is the first verse into it. madhuraṁ madhurebhyo 'pi - madhuraṁ madhurebhyo 'pi. You want the spelling? I will spell it for you. madhuraṁ m-a-d-h-u-r-e-b for ball-h for horse,y-o- 'p for peter-i for India. madhurebhyo 'pi - madhuram madhurebhyo 'pi

Devotee: madhuraṁ madhurebhyo 'pi

Maharaj: Ah..The first word is madhuraṁ. madhuraṁ madhurebhyo 'pi The second line is maṅgalebhyo 'pi maṅgalam. 

Devotee: mangalebhyo 'pi

Maharaj: Same. maṅgalebhyo 'pi maṅgalam. (Looking at a devotee who is in search of a bride, Maharaj says) Hey, you look very nice today. Your clothes are very nice! (laughter) He is mad after the girl. Everything is arranged. Now the girl is awaited. That's it. Then the chapter is closed.

Devotee: (inaudible)

Maharaj: Everything, everything is ready. He is ready for everything. Only wife should come. That's it. (laughter) I remember, there was once very wild girl. She was in soho street you know. And everybody knew that the girl is very wild. But one devotee wanted to marry that girl. I told him that, "baba, this is a wrong step." (laughter) He said, "If she stays with me one night, my marriage is successful (laughter)." To that extent we are so very attached you know. Even, marriage for one night is enough. How much attachment is there? And the thing is, our culture how nice it is. That once we are married, we are locked up the whole of lifetime. How nice it is! Again and again, again and again, carvita carvanaanaam, and living entities are suffering beyond our conception powers by the repetition. And marrying anybody for sense gratification, how long you have sense gratification?  Both are going to get fed up - Enough of sense gratification. How long? 

Only they can stay together, if Krishna Bhakti is there. If there is some attraction to Krishna in transcendence, then the pair may continue. All the body, bodily relationships, how long you are going to continue. Both the bodies are getting old. That is the fact. And we want at the age of 50 also, we want to enjoy as if I was enjoying at 25. That is our way. (more even more) more, ya. And then she gets fed up, we get fed up. Don't want to look at (each other). Eventually, if she smiles, we run after her body. So she stops smiling. Anytime she smiles, then gone. Then the marriage is failure. Please please, this bodily marriages can never continue. But transcendence will help you to continue. In transcendence, both the souls are satisfied. As soon as Krishna Bhakti is there, both the souls are satisfied. And by that time, the children are growing up. So you already have children. Again you have to worry about. According to vedic culture, you want to find out suitable mate for them. So that worry is there, education is there. We are very busy really. So slowly bodily attraction must decrease. And the attraction to transcendence must increase. Then only the pairs will survive. Otherwise pairs will never survive. That's why, in western world, nowadays here, in India also, divorce rate is horrible. Otherwise in our, I remember, in our whole society, the word "divorce", is regarded as impure word. Never it was uttered. I stayed with my parents so many years. Never I heard, "you mind yourselves, I go away and you go away." Nothing. They were very peaceful. They might be fighting amongst themselves, but not in front of us atleast. There must be some misunderstanding, somewhere. But they will adjust without our knowledge. 

Devotee: Every second, some marriage is divorced in western world. Every second

Maharaj: Because there is no Vedic standard. When Vedic standard is there, may be the pairs may survive. The Vedic standards, as soon as it reduces, these things are rampant. In India also, now the Vedic standards are reducing. Deteriorating. So we have all the contract marriages, and temporay marriages, and this and that. You know in cities, we have these call centers - the American gift to us.  So these boys and girls, they are working in call centers. And they have to work at night, because when there is night here, that is day in America. So they only run in night. And they have to stay together. In Bombay, cities like Bombay, they can’t stay separately, because they have to pay horrible rent. So they share the rooms. So till the service goes on, they are married. As soon as the service gone, marriage is gone. These things, these things are going completely anti-vedic way. And in our country, now the things are very horrible here. 

Here one thing, one advantage is there whether we like it or not, the weather is very good (laughter). And that's why, we are very clever. Sunshine is there daily. So cleverness is there. And now we are following these things and we think that we are very clever. But we are fastly deteriorating. In the marital relationships, we are deteriorating. In our health we are deteriorating. And everything is falling apart.  In the marital relationships, we are deteriorating. In our health we are deteriorating. And everything is falling apart. Whatever my father’s health was, I am not (having) that. The size also is reducing. (Referring to the Kinder Garden Students of Sri Prahlad International school, Rajkot Maharaj says) See, these boys you see. Those boys... We can't see them. And when she joined, that girl, she was hardly 2 kilo. Now at least she is 5 kilo I think. This is the thing. Children, they are becoming smaller and smaller in size. They are in play group. I can't even see them. And the other day, I asked him, "why you did not do it (homework)?” He said, "I slept."  He was correct. He goes home, he is tired and he can't do anything. Why you did not do your writing? He said, "I slept." Slept. Everything is deteriorating. Kali yuga you know.  shakti-hraasam ca tat-krtam

bhautikānāṁ ca bhāvānāṁ śakti-hrāsaṁ ca tat-kṛtam
aśraddadhānān niḥsattvān durmedhān hrasitāyuṣaḥ
durbhagāṁś ca janān vīkṣya munir divyena cakṣuṣā
sarva-varṇāśramāṇāṁ yad dadhyau hitam amogha-dṛk

Very nice verse. It is in first canto. (SB 1.4.17-18) The more you are attached to the material thing, the deterioration is very fast.  And one thing is definite. That man cannot live happily on his own. Woman cannot live happily on her own. And they don't want to stay together. Man requires woman. Woman requires definitely, man. And we cannot survive together. So everybody is miserable, because of this. We don't come to shastras. And we have our own concoctions. Women liberation. And women liberations are nonsense idea. She has to be protected. And men also wants to consult. Women are bit steady in their behavior. Man is like a monkey. He requires women to steady him. She says, "you please cool down." (laughter) And he has to hear, because he is attracted to her. There is one couple in Minneapolis – Jimmy and Terry. The wife is nurse. And Jimy is labourer, ordinary labourer. So I asked them, "how, how your pair is surviving very nicely? She is educated, she is earning very nice." He said, "I have one mantra." I said, "what is you mantra?" "Yes lady, yes lady (laughter). Whatever she says, yes lady. She will say, now it's night. Yes lady (laughter)."  I mean to say that there was some submission somewhere. Then the things may continue. The thing is, there is no time for anybody to sit like this and think about these things. Apart from Bhagavatam, these practical things has got to thought over and hammered. Then our minds will be engrossed in Bhagavatam. That's why many times, my classes are, more than half, is a practical class. Unless you are settled practically, you cannot understand anything. I may speak Bhagavatam loudly, my hands will go in the air and down. (every lila). Then nobody is interested. Their interest is in their own lilas.

Devotee: Krishna lila

Maharaj: No no no. Krishna lila is far away. Golok Vrindavan. Not here. Please the thing is, anything you do, try to see the hearers, what standard they are. 

Devotee: Preach to reach?

Maharaj: To reach, we must be like them you know. Unless you reach the hearers, your preaching is useless. So preach, take out p, and always reach. And criticism will not do. But try to find out their genuine way of living and see whether that living conditions are Krishna conscious way, how far they are coming near Krishna conscious way. And sort out those things.That's the real preaching. And in order to sort out, you must have full idea, of the vedic way. That is definite. And the full idea of the vedic way, you can get from the pages of Srila Prabhupada. He has stayed the whole life, not as a sannyasi. He was very much committed grahastha. He has seen his own childhood as a brahmacari. Afterwards he was married. He has his own business or whatever. Whole life was full of challenges. Then sannyasa, it is really very very great post. Very very great. Unless the man is thoroughly roast, thoroughly tested through all these fire, he cannot be sannyasi, can never be sannyasi. And if you give sannyas or he insists or you give sannyas to him, it is the chaos. The motivation is not bhakti. Motivation is all attractions. "I must have followers. I must have my mutt or whatever. I must have my own thing. I will develop like this, like that." Bhakti is not there at all. The motivation is so very many branched. And then he will pose as a sannyasi. People will believe that he is a sannyasi and I don't know really what will happen. This is very clear. And as it is we are sannyasis. You are not watching tv. That's why you are sitting here. karmanām nyāsam - Whatever you desire, you have stopped. So till the time, you are sannyasi. And why you are happy here? Because you have alternative engagement. Only stopping certain things, will not help you. You may not watch tv, provided you are going to do something. You must be engaged otherwise. And that is Prabhupad. Prabhupada came to the west. Your people were so very passionate. He controlled you. And alternatively he gave you the engagement. Service was there. And can you imagine? Only from book distribution, he built all the temples like Juhu. Juhu temple is on book distribution. Vrindavan temple is on book distribution. Mayapur first building is on Juhu Sankirtan. And now with all the donations, we are not able to build. So there must be some defect in us. So the first thing, first duty, we should maintain the purity so far as possible. Mangal, but we are now forced nashta mangal. Because, Krishna is absent. And Krishna says here in this verse, "As soon as I leave this planet, the whole auspiciousness will be destroyed." And we are seeing the effect here.

(Phone ringing - alarm) 9'o clock? Anyways, this is the point. That really if you understand these things, then we should think the other way that why this auspiciousness is destroyed? And this is how Prabhupada taught that all the difficulties, the root is only one - Forgetfulness of Krishna and our own constitutional position. He shouted that, "you have so much money in the west, why you are not satisfied? Because Krishna was not with you. If Krishna is with you, with less money also, you can be satisfied." (Referring to a devotee, Maharaj said) Mata was here. Our Lakshman juda. She knows that with a very little money, she can survive. If you can work out these things, even now in India, the simple life is possible, because Krishna is there. If you just see the Himalaya mountain, then you are shocked. Such a great mass of stone. That is Krishna. In 10th chapter of Bhagavad Gita, (warning children who were talking Maharaj said - Stop talking! Ajay..) (Krishna says in verse 25 - sthāvarānām himālayah - "of immovable things I am the Himalayas.") This is the point. Auspiciousness - Krishna gives so many symptoms. That, "Of all the water bodies, I am the ocean", He says, sarasām asmi sāgarah - verse 10.24 of Gita. That's why we are going to beaches. It is not for fresh air. But you see the mass of water. And you have Krisna darshan. Unknowingly, they are running after Krishna. People go all the way from England, they leave all the beaches in England, and go to Spain to see the beaches. You are relaxed. This is Krishna darshan according to Bhagavad Gita. And as soon as they are in the beaches, they are rejuvenated. They don't know that Krishna is rejuvenating them. Only saint like Prabhupada found out this root cause. That you please remember Krishna. And you will be happy without money also. With minimum necessities, we can go on our human life. But with Krishna you will go on. Without Krishna you will get fed up. 

Devotee: (inaudible)

Maharaj: (Responding to that devotee) I am here. This verse, I can't finish. This fourth verse. It is only nashta mangala, we have discussed. And so many phrases are there. Please think from the practical point of view. People should be at rest in their minds, and in their own circumstances. They have to have income. That is definite. They have to marry, they have to have the parents. They have to have the children. All these things are natural. So in their own atmosphere, how to proceed with the devotional service? This is the problem. How to have the auspicious life?

Devotee: Difficult.

Maharaj: Difficult, but not impossible. This is the main duty of the scriptures and those who study the scriptures. I pondered over. For nearly 8 years, I didn't speak, I was in Soho street. I was just studying. I didn't know really. When I left my grhasthashram, I was just like you, completely blank. So I didn't know, these people were speaking so nice. So I was thinking that from where they know everything. So they said that one very nice Hare Krishna das was there. He was speaking very good. I was going to Soho street you know. So before my work started, daily I used to go to Mangala arati there. And he was speaking very good. I asked, "From where did you know all these things?" He said, "From Bhagavatam." So I took out one month from my duties. And I went to Manor daily. And from morning 8 'o clock, till night 8 'o clock, I was reading Bhagavatam. And making notes, and this and that. One brahmacary was there. I was grahastha and a congregation member. In London Manor temple, Prabhpada’s room is nice. And they had kept the whole Bhagavatam set there. So I, I always went there. And cover to cover I read. The whole set was available there. Even now that room is there. They are maintaining that room where Prabhupada translated the scriptures immaculately.  Daily I was going for 12 hours and reading. Then I thought that once reading is enough. So again that somehow or the other I had this one volume Bhagavatam. And then again I read when I was in Soho street. So that time I understood bit more. So then in Soho street, I used to chant my rounds 8 rounds first and then start reading. So I was the only one in the temple. I didn't go for sankirtan. I told that President that, "I want to study, I don't want to do anything. If you allow me to eat, I will eat and stay. If you don't allow, I will manage my staying and eating". So he said, "No no, it's alright. Go on. So this how, for 8 years, I didn't do anything else." 

The key of the preaching is that you should really sincerely feel for the hearers. And as soon as, the hearers know that you are very easily approachable, or you are quite, loving relationship is there, then something will come out. And if there is nothing, so far so good. If everybody is happy in their own situation, we don't worry about it. But if there is any trying situation, then we should be approachable. That is the key of the preaching. What is the verse, nice verse:

priya vākya pradānena sarve tuṣyanti jantavaḥ
tasmāt tadeva vaktavyam vacane kim daridratā

Just you speak them very nice, and all the living entities are satisfied. Even the dog also, you just try to love. Cow, all the cows very amicable. Cow will like to stand in front of you, you just rub her back or something. And cow will see that you are not troublesome man. And she will stand near you. She will allow you to milk her very easily. Because the loving relationship is there. priya vaakya pradaanena sarve tushyanti jantavah - All living entities are pleased. (Maharaj tells to children in strict tone - Don't speak. Sit right. Sit right.) The thing is if priyavakya, only good sentences, just a bit of smile, and talk you know, they will feel homely. Any living entity will feel. Whereas the, any bitter speech - will create the enemies. This is to be understood. 

Devotee: Maharaj, in Girnar, once lion came, all cows assembled together and kicked the lion and saved the man's life.

Maharaj: Kicked the lion? Ah. Yes. All the cows together. Oh. He says, In Girnar, in Jhunagad there is a big mountain. So there are always cowherd boys there. So one cowherd boy had nearly 100 cows. So the cowherd boys love the cows. Here the man who paid me obeisances, that old man, in cowherd, he is real, by nature he is cowherd. Since we have the cows here, he comes here and he milks the cows and looks after them. And we didn't fix any salary for him. Now we are paying something for him. Otherwise he was just doing his service. This is his nature. So cows are very familiar with him. He says that in Girnar that cowherd boy, who has nearly 100s of cows, so once the lion came, so cows kicked the lion out to save the cowherd boy. Otherwise lion could have easily killed him. And cows also. All the cows together, they kicked him. Lion was afraid. Or he should be vegetarian lion. (laughter)  Anyways, the thing is that unless you create some relationship between you and the hearers, they will not get anything from you, neither you will (not) be benefitted of the satisfaction of your preaching. But as soon as the amical relationship is there, both the way satisfaction is there. And even then, the kaliyuga is raging ahead. So people will not find time to come to you. People will always be disturbed. That is kaliyuga you know. upadrutāh – always, mandāh sumanda matayo mandabhāgya hi upadrutāh (Srimad Bhagavatam 1.1.10) These are the symptoms of Kaliyuga. mandaah means lazy, and we want our preaching to be effective. On one hand, we must be very well versed with Srimad Bhagavad Gita and Bhagavatam. Bhagavatam is nothing else but Bhagavad Gita magnified. The preliminary principles are given in Bhagavad Gita. Bhagavatam is magnified Bhagavad Gita. So if you master Bhagavad Gita, then it is very easy to understand Bhagavatam. And once you are familiar with these two scriptures, you have the full idea of the vedic culture with Prabhupada's comments. Because he has stayed the life. He has passed his whole life, doing everything what the vedic culture requires. Just we were talking about satisfaction. The living entities should be completely satisfied before they start any spiritual quest. Satisfaction is not our goal of existence. But it is a very important step to go ahead spiritually. And in that I was going to tell you that verse, is very important.

priya vākya pradānena sarve tuṣyanti jantavaḥ
tasmāt tadeva vaktavyam vacane kim daridratā

priya vākya - Only good sentences will satisfy all the living entities.

Devotee: Is it from Bhagavatam?

Maharaj: No, it is not from Bhagavatam. The thing is good sentences, without any attachement to the living entity. I am good. That’s it. No attachment. And in order to have the pure lifestyle, you should definitely follow one thing, that with woman, alone, in a secluded place, we should never see her. Never see or talk to her. This should be your guideline. Male living entities are nasty. We are all very demoniac in nature. We should never be alone. You can speak in group. Otherwise, no, no attachment to any. But even then we should be good. Anybody comes, according to her age, either woman is with her mother or daughter or sister or whatever, because these relatioships are very pure. Daughter is nice relationship, sister is nice relationship, mother is definitely nice. So please this is our culture. Don't have nasty feelings. And satisfaction will be at the top. If you follow only this instruction, you will be very satisfied with your own self. We are not really in good terms with our own body. We are just destroying the body, by not following the Vedic way. So don't destroy your health, unnecessarily following nasty things. And try to be very lovingly dealing with every living entity, but minus lust. Love minus lust is Pure love - it should be. There is no word for (pure love in English). But in Sanskrit there are different words. Prem is love, but preeti is pure love. We should really like the living entities. And that is how, the main thing is we are going to preach. As soon as you know something, you are going to tell it to somebody. So the relationships should be established first. Even you go to lecture, and you see the crowd you know, within no time, you evaluate what type of crowd it is. And then you smile, just give them something here and there and you establish the relationship. Once you establish the relationship then you can preach them and they will hear you. 

And again by your preaching, you are reaching them. That we have understood. And reaching them means, their own problems. They are not satisfied in Bhagavatam or they don't do only hear Bhagavat Katha. But you have to reach them - what is their practical problems. And they are plenty in every country. The problems may differ, but problems as such must be there. And this is how, the whole wave of satisfaction, rules over the crowd that they are with you, they are with speaker. Speaker should be very humble, without a tinge of any pride. People hate pride you know. Krishna smashes (pride) but people also hate. General people don't like very proud man you know, or proud woman, whatever. Pride is always destructive. As soon as you cultivate these quality in you, because of the deep study you have in Bhagavatam, nityam Bhagavata sevaya, as soon as you decide that 'bhakti is my own goal', so apart from bhakti, you are not interested again in anything. And disinterest in all the dirty things is the main ingredient you require, to go ahead in spiritual field.
Devotee: If we have to do other things than bhakti, what should be our attitude? I know that bhakti is more important than everything. But I have to do other activities for maintenance.

Maharaj: But you are doing, isn't it? You are doing something. So whatever you are doing, do it very good. That is Bhakti. Always you are doing something. na hi kaścit kṣaṇam api jātu tiṣṭhaty akarma-kṛt (Bhagavad Gita 3.5) Not a single moment passes without us doing anything.  So you may not chant, you may not read Bhagavatam. But you are doing some action, activity. So whatever you are doing, you should be completely, immaculately good, and people will be pleased with you. "Is that Purvish? Whatever he does, he may do immaculately well." That should be your fame. And you are following bhakti. So there is no need of broadcasting that I am following Bhakti. But in your activities you should be sure. Always good activities. Anything you do, do it very excellent. All excellent things are Krishna. Whatever good thing you find, that is Krishna. You know in Bhagavad Gita, there is a verse: (10.41)

yad yad vibhūtimat sattvaṁ śrīmad ūrjitam eva vā
tat tad evāvagaccha tvaṁ mama tejo-’ṁśa-sambhavam

Know that all opulent, beautiful and glorious creations spring from but a spark of my splendour.