Transcendental Reminiscences – Part 8

Transcendental Reminiscences – Part 8

2nd Aug 2018
Uma Prathap

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis,

Please accept our humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev!

The following is a humble effort to transcribe some of the reminiscences of HH Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj that he has shared in his classes around the world. In the previous offering, we heard from Maharaj about the importance of friendly dealings with others. Maharaj also had his own unique way to attract other living entities towards him and Krishna. He always had a nice word to say to everyone. He used to smile at them with love and enquire about their family, their health, etc. Maharaj said in one of his lectures that it is not that he was inquisitive to know about their personal lives, but to understand the circumstances in their home, whether it is conducive for their spiritual progress and how he can help them improve their situation for their betterment spiritually.

8. Glorify the Lord with devotion: "We have come to our Lord with devotion. Lord is very dear to us. And we have to glorify Him very nicely. When you are alone, you try to recite some verses glorifying the Lord with devotion. You have to try reciting them with devotion. Without the devotion everything becomes dry. (Maharaj shows how to recite with devotion, vibrating each word of the verse.) This is the way you should recite. When you are alone, try to do it and if you are really sincere in devotion, the lyrics will come. When we come to the Lord, the Lord should be glorified very nicely. Very peacefully, very calmly, and the verses become very beautiful which we recite with devotion.

This is the way, we have to take help of the material words and go to the transcendental reality. We are material. We are taking the help of the material words. And at the same time we go to the transcendental realm, while we are in material body. And this is the beauty of our devotional service. We don't want to be just imitating something. Or just putting on tilak and wearing dhotis and just coming to the temple for outward show. No, we are sincerely, very much attached to the Lord. At least you enjoy that. And if you are really sincere, you will definitely enjoy. Stop being hypocrite. If we are doing that, we are committing our own suicide, atma-ha.  (Maharaj with great devotion sings the below shloka)

shaantakaaram bhujaga shayanam / padmanaabham suresham
vishwaadhaaram gagana sadrsham / meghavarnam shubhaangam

lakshmikaantam kamala nayanam / yogihrd dhyaana gamyam

vande vishnu bhava bhaya haram / sarva lokaika naatham

bhava bhaya haram, it is the greatest qualification of our Lord. bhava bhaya haram - bhaya means fear. bhavameans sansaar, the fear of our sansaar, and sansaar is nothing else but our business of accepting this material bodies again and again. That is sansaar. We don't have time, factually speaking. We are very busy. As soon as we accept this body, again we are ordering the next body by our own activities. Again you accept next, again you are busy to accept next. Again you accept next, again you are busy to accept next. This is going on for innumerable births, innumerable births. And our real problem is to get out of this species of life. Unless you come to the Lord, He is the only bhava bhaya haram. He can only take away this bhaya. Otherwise we are completely lost, completely lost. There is no refuge. There is no shelter."

Krishna willing, we shall continue in the ensuing offering.

Thank you very much.
Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev,

Uma Prathap

Abu Dhabi