Sukrtajnam - Lord is Grateful to Sincere Devotees - Part 4

Sukrtajnam - Lord is Grateful to Sincere Devotees - Part 4

Anuradha devi dasi

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva.

This offering is the concluding part of the series "Sukrtajnam - Lord is Grateful to Sincere Devotees", based on the transcription of the wonderful class given by HG Vaijayantimala Mataji onSrimad Bhagavatam verse 5.19.8

suro 'suro vaapy atha vaanaro narah 
sarvaatmanaa yah sukrtajnam uttamam 
bhajeta raamam manujaakrtim harim 
ya uttaraan anayat kosalaan divam iti

"Therefore, whether one is a demigod or a demon, a man or a creature other than man, such as a beast or bird, everyone should worship Lord Ramachandra, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who appears on this earth just like a human being. There is no need of great austerities or penances to worship the Lord, for He accepts even a small service offered by His devotee. Thus He is satisfied, and as soon as He is satisfied, the devotee is successful. Indeed, Lord Sri Ramachandra brought all the devotees of Ayodhya back home, back to Godhead [Vaikunta]."

In the previous offerings we saw how Lord Rama was grateful to 

1. Squirrel
2. Vibhishana
3. Sugriva
4. Hanumanji
5. Jataayu.
6. Horses.
7. All the monkeys.

In this offering we will see the remaining 2 characters. 

8. Bharata 
Bharata was not the cause for Lord Rama going to the forest. But everybody was against him. Everybody thought that Bharata was a part of the plan of Kaikeyi. But Bharata decided to go tothe forest and request Lord Rama to come back and take over the kingdom. At that time, Bharata did not force his request upon the Lord. Our Maharaj always says that "not to force our request to Krishna". Initially when Lakshmana said that he will also come to the forest with the Lord, Lord refused and told Lakshmana to be in the kingdom and take care of their father and mothers. Being an eternal servitor of the Lord, Lakshmana forced his request and followed Rama. 

In case of Bharata, he requested Rama to come to the kingdom. But Rama refused and also said that Bharata cannot come to the forest. Bharata accepted this instruction of Lord. He completely sacrificed his independence. Rama told Bharata to rule the kingdom and he agreed. He could have also forced Rama that he will also come to forest to stay with Him. But he did not do that. He said listening to Rama is the best service than forcing his own will and request to Lord. Bharata came back and lived his life by just taking barley water and cow's urine for all the 14 years. He was not staying with his wife. He was not having any sense gratification and lived in Nandigram with full austerity. He was sleeping on the floor only. In the forest, one early morning, Lord Rama went to take bath. That time while taking the bath, He felt very cold. That time He thought that Bharata will also be feeling very cold, because he is also staying outside the kingdom. In this way, Lord Rama was always concerned about Bharata. 

In the incidence when Vibheeshana surrendered to Lord Rama, Sugriva was having doubt. He thought that Vibheeshana may be a spy. Sugriva reminded the Lord that Vibheeshana had left his own brother, that too in a very difficult situation. He is not a fitting brother. We very well know the Sugriva's relationship with Vaali. But he conveniently forgot the same and was commenting on Vibheeshana. He told the Lord what is the assurance that he may not leave us in a crucial situation. At that time Lord Rama told Sugriva that all brothers may not have similar qualities like Bharata, who although was ready to sacrifice every worldly pleasure for the sake of Lord Rama and to follow him to the forest, accepted whatever Rama advised him to do and went back to Nandigram. Lakshmana was also standing with Rama. Though Lakshmana sacrificed everything and came with Lord Rama to forest, Lord Rama did not give the example of Lakshmana but rather took the example of Bharata. This shows how much gratitude Lord Rama had towards Bharata.

9. Khakasura
Once Lord Rama and Sita were in the forest and they were sitting in the banks of the river. Lord Rama was keeping His head on the lap of Sita Mata and sleeping.

At that time Khakasura came in the form of a crow to tease Sita Mata. With his beak he started hurting the chest portion of Sita Mata. Sita Mata did not wave her hand to stop this because Lord will get disturbed from His sleep. So blood was coming and she was having so much pain. Yet she tolerated. After some time, Lord Rama got up and saw Sita bleeding and the crow hurting her. He got very angry and sent an arrow on him. Immediately Khakasura started flying. He went all over the world, but he couldn't find any shelter. When Lord Rama is angry and trying to kill, nobody can give shelter. Then he came back to the same place where Sita and Rama were there. The arrow hit his body and he fell down near Lord Rama. He fell down in such a position that his leg was facing Rama and head was facing other direction. Sita mata thought that he should not be punished, so she immediately turned his body to make his head facing the Lord and leg in the other direction. So seeing Khakasura falling at His feet, Lord Rama thought he had surrendered to Him and He gave him the shelter. Even for the small unintentional activity also Lord Rama is very much merciful.

We should also try to imbibe this wonderful quality. Our beloved Maharaj says that we should be grateful to the living entities who have helped us and who are helping us knowingly or unknowingly

With this we are completing Hanumanji's prayers to Lord Ramachandra. Our heartfelt thanks to HG Vaijayanti mataji, HG Sajjanpriya Krishna prabhuji, HG Kalacakra prabhuji, HG Sudarshana mataji and HG Radha Ramana prabhuji for their inspiration, support and encouragement in compiling the same. 

Thank you very much.
Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva, 
Anuradha devi dasi,
Abu Dhabi.