Saving Ourselves From Spiritual Suicide

Saving Ourselves From Spiritual Suicide

Kalacakra Krsna das

Dear Prabhujis and Mathajis,

Hare Krishna. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva.

After an exhausting day's work I came home and mumbled the reminder of my daily japa. Already frustrated with the day's exhaustion being absorbed in the mundane gymnastics, I was looking for some relief. Normally people would divert their minds by watching some TV programs or go out to drink or smoke and release the stress. Unfortunately, having taken to Krishna consciousness (willingly or unwillingly), we do not have the luxury for all these kinds of 'so-called' relaxations. Our entertainment is either listen to some kirtans, read Srila Prabhupada's books or talk to some devotees etc. Normally in such stressful situations we would want to hear some pleasing news about ourselves or about this world. We always want to hear people saying good things about us, we want to hear good news about economy, we want our jobs to be secure, we want to stay young for the lifetime, we want people to praise us. The whole world cheats us by telling us what we like to hear, not what is actually there.

1. We have so many anarthas but nobody points that out to us. Everyone inorder to fulfill their own motives, glorify us eventhough we are not at all worthy of these praises. (Of course, inspite of this, we still feel that we are not adequately glorified).

2. The world economy is heading for a head-long crash, but all the news agencies gives rosy picture about how the economy will improve in the coming days.

3. The undeniable truth is that we have to definitely become old and finally die one day. But everywhere there are advertisements as to how one can 'look' young (not actually feel young) and handsome.

When I opened Srimad Bhagavatam to do my daily reading, I found this inspiring verse in the chapter titled "Prayers by the Personified Vedas" wherein I could see the real truth being revealed to us in black and white. In SB 10.87.22, the Personified Vedas prays to the Supreme Lord thus:

tvad-anupatham kulaayam idam aatma-suhrt-priya-vac
carati tathonmukhe tvayi hite priya aatmani ca
na bata ramanty aho asad-upaasanayaatma-hano
yad-anushayaa bhramanty uru-bhaye ku-shareera-bhrtah

"When this human body is used for Your devotional service, it acts as one's self, friend and beloved. But unfortunately, although You always show mercy to the conditioned souls and affectionately help them in every way, and although You are their true Self, people in general fail to delight in You. Instead they commit spiritual suicide by worshiping illusion. Alas, because they persistently hope for success in their devotion to the unreal, they continue to wander about this greatly fearful world, assuming various degraded bodies."

The real problem is that we do not enjoy devotional service. We do not delight (ramanti) in Krishna. We do chanting or hearing Krishna's names and pastimes as a daily ritual but not with pleasure. On the other hand, we work hard day-in and day-out to maintain our status quo. I might be having 1 lakh rupees in the bank today. I will work very hard to make sure that that 1 lakh does not go down even by a penny. Or I may be supervising a department in a company. I will do all possible things to make sure that I do not lose that position. Infact, I will do everything to go to the next higher position. This is called maintaining our status quo. But in this process we madly run after unreal things such as money, property, status, designation and so on. Infact we worship these things to be our savior. The result is nothing but we wander (bhramanti) in this world with great fear (uru-bhaya) carrying obnoxious and degraded material bodies (ku-sharira-bhrtah). We are afraid of anything and everything. We are afraid that our investments will disappear. We are afraid that our position in our organization will be lost. In this way we think of all these illusions as our life and soul and spend all our time and energy in safeguarding them. The result is spiritual suicide (atma-hanah).

Instead if we utilize this same body and mind to realize the harsh truth about this material world that it is temporary and full of miseries and accept it, and perform bhakti with some genuine taste towards Krishna, then the same obnoxious and degraded body (ku-sharira) becomes atma-suhrt-priya, one's friend and beloved.

I pray unto the Supreme Lord and my dear spiritual master to make me realize the above prayer and implement it in my daily life so that instead of running after the illusion every moment, I shall run after performing some genuine devotional service to the Lord and His devotees.

Thank you very much.
Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva,
Kalacakra Krsna das

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