The Lord of the Devotees

The Lord of the Devotees

Hrshikesh Krsna das

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Mathajis,

Please accept my humble pranams. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Gurudev.

When we study Srimad Bhagavatam, we can realize the unlimited mercy of the Lord and His devotees, even in this age of Kali where we are so much involved in maya and ungrateful to Lord and are not inclined to remember or respect Him.

In Srimad Bhagavatam 9.4.63, Krishna says to Durvasa Muni who offended His pure devotee Ambrish Maharaj that

sri bhagavan uvaaca
aham bhakta paraadhino / hy asvatantra iva dvija
saadhibhir grasta hrdayo / bhaktair bhakta-jana priyah

The Supreme Personality of Godhead said to the brahmana, "I am completely under the control of My devotees. Indeed, I am not at all independent. Because My devotees are completely devoid of material desires, I sit only within the cores of their hearts. What to speak of My devotee, even those who are devotees of My devotee are very dear to Me".

Krishna helps even those who are not so fortunate to have human body. He came to help His devotee who was born in the animal yoni (Gajoddhar lila).

I wish to share one of the recent pastimes of Lord Krishna in this age of kali. It happened around 7 years back in Vrindavan with the old mother of a mataji living in our house in Gurgaon. The old mataji from Gujarat went to Vrindavan with a large group for pilgrimage. She was doing her 84 kros parikrama and was to visit one of the temples. But she started to have stomach ache and vomiting. She was old and sick so the group leader advised her to return back to dharmshala or wait there under a tree till the rest of the group return after darshan.

The group leader with other members reached the gate of the temple to have darshan and he was astonished to see that the old and sick mataji was returning after darshan of the Lord. He was so much surprised that how can a old lady, who was sick and could not even walk a short while ago, could come so fast and had darshan also. He stopped and asked her how could she come there.

She told that she was crying under the tree and a small boy came near her and asked her the reason for crying. She told that she has come so far for Lord's darshan and due to her misfortune she is sick now and cannot go to the temple. The small boy asked her to hold his hand he would take her to the temple. As soon as she held his hand she felt better and he brought her here and asked to go for darshan. The group leader realized that he is standing in front of a pure devotee who saw Krishna just now. This mataji is a pure devotee and has so much love and bhaava for Krishna that even we cannot imagine. Krishna sees the bhaava and not our grand arrangements, which are many times done mechanically without bhava. She has her laddugopal and takes care of her laddugopal like a small baby. She would try to feed Him with her best ability, bathe Him according to seasons, put cloths according to seasons and put a fan in summer and if there is no electricity, she would fan with her own hands. Her son would give her some money sometimes to buy something for her and she would buy rice and donate it to Krishna's temple. She will save money even from small items and use it for Krishna. She was later diagnosed with cancer at third stage and was admitted in the hospital. Her only worry in the hospital was for the care of her laddugopal. She used to return home from hospital to serve Krishna whenever she got chance. To doctor's surprise she has almost recovered from such a terminal disease.

So we can see that even today Krishna comes to help His devotees who love Him. Devotees would ask Srila Prabhupada if he can show Krishna to them and Prabhupada would answer "yes", if they have qualification and deserve it. We can see in the above story that Krishna is everywhere present at all times ready to help us. The only condition is that we should love Him and serve Him unconditionally as stated in SB. 1.2.6 "ahaituky apratihataa".

I pray at the lotus feet of our Guru maharaj and Srila Prabhupada to show mercy on us to have real love and bhaava for Krishna.

Thank you very much,
Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Gurudev,
Hrshikesh Krsna das
Abu Dhabi

Moderator's Note: H G Hrishikesh Krsna prabhu is a very sincere, simple and humble devotee living in the Abu dhabi. He and mataji are performing tremendous service in Abu dhabi, running regular satsang programs. Prabhu is very learned in scriptures and gives nice classes and mataji helps with the services. The devotees gather regularly to listen to Krishna katha, sing bhajans and kirtans on the Lord and serve and honour Krsna prasadam. Prabhu's children are grown up and are working in high-profile IT firms at the same time imbibing devotional service seriously into their lives.