Meeting is his Mercy

Meeting is his Mercy

Kalacakra Krsna das

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Mathajis,

Please accept our humble pranams. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Gurudev.

While explaining the significance of their meeting after the birth of Lord Krishna, Vasudev tell Nanda Maharaj in Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 5 verse 24,

dishtyaa sam´saara-cakre 'smin / vartamaanah punar-bhavah
upalabdho bhavaan adya / durlabham´ priya-darshanam

"It is also by good fortune that I am seeing you. Having obtained this opportunity, I feel as if I have taken birth again. Even though one is present in this world, to meet with intimate friends and dear relatives in this material world is extremely difficult."

Vasudev and Nanda Maharaj were long time friends but they could not meet each other for a long time due to various circumstances. Vasudev was imprisoned by Kamsa and hence he could not meet Nanda Maharaj for quite some time. Later when Krishna was born, Vasudeva went stealthily to Nandagram and placed Krishna next to the sleeping Yashoda matha and then returned back to the prison unnoticed. After this also when Krishna was growing, Vasudeva was not able to meet his dear friend fearing that it will create doubts in the mind of Kamsa as to the whereabouts of Krishna. Finally by providential arrangement, Nanda Maharaj came to Mathura to pay the taxes to Kamsa and Vasudeva took this opportunity to secretly meet Nanda Maharaj to enquire their well-being and Krishna's well-being. Finally when he was able to meet his dear friend, he was thankful that Krishna had given them the opportunity to meet each other. 

It is important that we understand the significance of Vasudev's words. In this busy mechanical life, many a times we fail to even meet people living in our neighbour-hood. We think that. "Oh, this person is staying near by only. I can always meet him any time." Familairity breeds contempt and sometimes we take people and situation for granted. We always think that we could meet them later and postpone it only to repent later when that person has gone to a place where we might not be able to go.

Once when we met our spiritual master, H.H. Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj in Sri Sri Radha-NeelaMadhava dham in Rajkot, Maharaj said, "This meeting is His blessing. Anything could have happened to us, either to you while you were travelling or something could have happened to us here. But by the mercy of Lord we are all alive and are able to meet each other." Every day, every moment is His mercy. If we remember this truth, then we will not unnecessarily  find faults in others, speak harshly or show a frowny face when we meet with other people.  This not only hold goods for friends and relatives - this holds good for our relation with our Supreme Father Krishna who lives within our hearts. Every time when we try to meet Him, either in the form of chanting, reading scriptures, seeing the Deities or performing any form of devotional service, we should remember that it could be the last meeting and hence perform it with care and an undeviated mind.

By constantly reminding ourselves of this last moment, we will be able to save ourselves from the pitfall of sins and perform our duties carefully. With the recent bomb-blasts, terrorist attacks and tsunamis Krishna has given us so many reminders that this place is not permanent residence for us. Moreover this is not the first time we are getting these reminders nor is this going to be the last time. Hence with a thankful heart, we should lead our life with a sense of gratitude to the Supreme Lord and all the living entities who might have knowingly or unknowingly helped us in understanding our constitutional position.

Thankyou very much,
Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Gurudev,
Kalacakra Krsna das & Sudarshana devi dasi