Intensive Prayers - Part 3

17th Sep 2009
Vaijayantimala devi dasi

Dear Prabhujis and Matajis,
Hare Krishna! Please accept my humble obeisances! All Glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva!

This is in continuation of the mail on the transcription of the lecture given by our beloved Guru Maharaj on the subject of ‘Intensive prayers’. The three prerequisites for intensive prayers or ‘ārādhana’, as spoken by our beloved Guru Maharaj is summarized under the following three heads:

1. Always see the good in others and cut short the material things not wasting any time.
2. Understand the importance of Krishna.
3. Understand the futility of our bodily existence. 

The transcription on the first two points was posted in the earlier mails. In this posting the instructions of Maharaj on the third point is included.

3. Understanding the futility of our bodily existence: We do not see the futility of material existence. We do not remember that. There is one nice verse which instructs us how to cultivate this knowledge that this bodily existence is full of miseries only.

deho 'sthi-māṁsa-rudhire 'bhimatiṁ tyaja tvaṁ 
jāyāsutādiṣu sadā mamatāṁ vimuñca 
paśyāniśaṁ jagad idaṁ kṣaṇa-bhaṅga-niṣṭhaṁ
vairāgya-rāga-rasiko bhava bhakti-niṣṭhaḥ

Give up the thought that this body is you. It is nothing but a collection of bones, flesh and blood. Give up the ownership on wife, children etc., realize that this world is very temporary. Show interest and relish (become a rasika) detachment from everything by performing devotional service unto the Primeval Lord Govinda, with great determination.

Whether we believe it or not, this is the fact. That is why our scriptures are above any sectarian things. They are correct for everybody. Nobody can deny this. Let us understand the above verse more deeply.

a) Don’t get attached to your body: (deho 'sthi-māṁsa-rudhire 'bhimatiṁ tyaja tvaṁ)
Our body is made of bones, flesh and blood. Why should we not love this body? Because this body is granted to you by Krishna and it is on lease. Material lease could be renewed but this lease is not going to be renewed. It only finishes. It is only one way. There is no return ticket. We don’t realize that this body is on non-renewable lease. That is why wasting time is no good and too much attachment is also no good. The body is going to drop down dead. So how can you get attached to it? If you get attached to the non-permanent things, misery is the result. 

Again, we have to be very careful about understanding this sloka. Seemingly it says you should not get attached to your body. But actually, the meaning is very deep. Please do not neglect the body. We have to be very careful. Every austerity should be very sincerely performed. Then this body works nice. It should be in a working condition. By neglecting it, it won’t be in a working condition. We must give full care. Cleanliness is the first thing. Our body must be immaculately clean outside inside. Otherwise diseases will be there. The full care is required but at the same time, we should always be conscious that it is going. It is the matter of consciousness, not the actual thing. Don’t take the face value of the words. Go deep there. You don’t have to be careless about the body but we have to know very sincerely that it is going to go away. Then you will not waste your time. 

Blood is also His gift. Till He wishes, it has the capacity of giving you the motive force and that is why the blood is the most important thing which is supplied by heart to the limbs and again dirty blood is collected, again purified and again supplied. It is a very important ingredient. But we should not get attached because one day the blood flow is going to stop. The circulation is going to stop. Don’t be afraid. They do angiogram and tell that your veins are blocked. They are going to be blocked. Don’t panic. Remember Krishna. If at all you are dying, remembering Krishna is beneficial. Please do not meditate on these bodily disturbances. The body is continuously changing. Till the blood report comes, your blood already changes and the doctor recommends drugs according to the report and foolishly thinks that he is an expert doctor. That is why in Ayurvedic shāstra one important sutra is there and that we should remember. – Ganges water is our medicinevaidyo nārāyano harih - Lord Hari is the doctor who can cure our disease. Whether you believe it or not, it is the fact. In the olden days, dealings with the doctor was very sweet and no money was involved. This is ‘abhimati tyajasva’. The government taxes now are so very high and unseen difficulties are innumerous that without money we cannot survive. Whether we want or not, we have to squeeze money from others. Everywhere money is there. Minimum money you must have. There is no other go. In this way, we have to understand this verse that we have to be careful with everything and that is ‘abhimati tyajasva’. That is the sign of detachment from the body. Carelessness is not the detachment. 

The other points on understanding the futility of our bodily existence shall be posted in the ensuing mail, Krishna willing.

Thank you very much.
Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva,
Vaijayantimala devi dasi
Abu Dhabi.