Expanding the Influence by Devotional Service - Part 6

Expanding the Influence by Devotional Service - Part 6

10th Apr 2014
Sajjanapriya Krishna das

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva.

We are continuing on the topic, "Expanding the influence by devotional service" based on the verse 3.14.48 in Srimad Bhagavatam. We were meditating on the transcendental quality of Prahlad Maharaj which enabled him to expand his infuence amidst his demoniac colleagues in devotional service. This expanded influence quality manifested in him because of his 

1. Expanded intelligence and
2. Matured devotional service.

In the previous offerings we saw few of the symptoms of expanded intelligence and we began to see the first symptom of matured devotional service (pravrrdha bhaktyaa) which is to remember our constitutional position. Now we will continue to see the other symptoms of matured devotional service. 

b. The Six Vows: The second symptom of matured devotional service is that we take the six vows which our beloved spiritual master H H Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj gave us through this wonderful verse from the shastras.

nānyam vadāmi na śṛṇomi na cintayāmi
nānyam smarāmi na bhajāmi na ca āśrayāmi
kṛṣṇa tvadīya caraṇāmbujam antareṇa
śrī    śrīnivāsa puruṣottama dehi dāsyam

Prahlad Maharaj was the personification of this verse and he simply obeyed this verse in his life. Maharaj says that we should take one verse and apply in our lives, we will become free of all  material inebrieties.

1. naanyam vadaami - I will not speak of anything other than Krishna's topics. Our tendency is to speak everything else other than Krishna once the Krishna katha is over. This needs to be overcome. Maharaj said that we linger on that place and that leads to useless talks resulting in agitation. We have to resolve ourselves on this and it requires lot of sincere introspection and contemplation on our part.

2. na shrnomi - I will not hear of any topics other than Krishna's. Our tendency is to hear the defamity of others but when it is against us then we are unable to tolerate and we counteract and behave badly. This is  really true for me. We should cut short the material topics immediately and that can be obviated by our own resolute determination.

3. na cintayaami - I will not meditate on any subject other than Krishna's. Our meditation is most of the times on others' faults or on our bank accounts and properties. Mind is like a prostitute which hankers for everything other than Krishna. We should take some verse and meditate on the words, translation and purports and preaching is essential for developing meditation on Krishna's subject. 

4. naanyam smaraami I will not think of anybody except Krishna. Since our bodily conception is very high we always remember all the activities of our body and its relationship and no time for remembering the Lord. Prahlad Maharaj remembered the Lord so well that even the material elements like fire could not harm him as he became transcendental.

5. na bhajaami I will not worship anyone but Krishna. Whenever we are encountered with some problems and Krishna does not resolve we may worship other gods for material solution or go for jyothish and others for our future. This  is due to our faith being very weak and this can be corrected by studying the scriptures. 

6. na ca aashrayaami I will not take shelter of anyone but Krishna. Because of our material conceptions and perceptions, our tendency is that we take shelter of fallible living entities. We forget that in crisis situations, it is human nature that each one tries to save one's own self and would not have the interest or willingness to help others. Also even if they want to help us, they are also limited and not all powerful and so sometimes can't help us or give us shelter. But Krishna and Guru are only infallible. So we should always take firm shelter of them only.

When we take these six vows seriously and try to follow it as much as we can, then we will definitely get lasting peace and bliss in this life itself. It is the lack of hearing, speaking and meditating of the transcendental topics of Krishna, that is making us weak spiritually and go mental. We spend lot of time to talk about our own katha but not a few minutes in a day to talk about Krishna-katha. This is the defect we have to work on and take this verse as our life saving verse. I am completely rebellious to this matured devotional service and I am praying hard to Maharaj to whack my mind and intelligence to accept these things as life saving medicine for this bhava roga (disease of the material world).

Krishna willing we will continue with the other symptoms of maturity in devotional service in the ensuing mail.

Thank you very much
Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva,
Sajjanapriya Krishna das
Abu Dhabi