The Indefatigable Time - Part 23

The Indefatigable Time - Part 23

Amogha-drk Krishna dasa

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva.

Time is deceptive and tends to bring vice if we do not utilize it in Krishna's service or see Krishna's hand in challenging times. Therefore one has to be wise not to be deluded by its waves. This is often portrayed in scriptural accounts like that of the Pandava’s gambling match with the Kauravas, which agitated many to the point of madness, while others did not lose their composure. Those who are really wise understand that somehow the plan of Krishna is unveiling even trough inauspicious scenes, and thus remain un-agitated despite every reason to be so. And that is the Vedic definition of a wise man (dhira) in Krishna consciousness. Because the Supreme Lord, Krishna, sanctions both fortunate and unfortunate results of our karma brought about by the wheel of time.

In the Ashvamedha Parva of the Mahabharata (MB 14.45.3-8), Krishna depicts the wheel of time in all its horrific glory.

ahoraatraparikshepam / shitoshnaparimandalam
sukhaduhkhaantasamklesham / kshutpipaasaavakilanam

chaayaatapavilekham ca / nimeshonmeshavihvalam
ghoramohajanaakirnam / vartamaanam acetanam

maasaardhamaasaganitam / vishamam lokasamcaram
tamonicayapankam ca / rajovegapravartakam

sattvaalamkaaradiptam ca / gunasanghaatamandalam
svaravigrahanaabhikam / shokasamghaatavartanam

kriyaakaaranasamyuktam / raagavistaaram aayatam
lobhepsaaparisamkhyaatam / viviktajnaanasambhavam

bhayamohaparivaaram / bhutasammohakaarakam
aanandapritidhaaram ca / kaamakrodhaparigraham

"Day and Night are the rotations of that wheel. It is encircled by heat and cold. Pleasure and pain fire its joints, and hunger and thirst are the nails fixed into it. Sun-shine and shade are the ruts (it causes). It is capable of being agitated during even such a short space of time as is taken up by the opening and the closing of the eyelid. It is enveloped in the terrible waters of delusion. It is ever revolving and void of consciousness. It is measured by months and half-months. It is not uniform (being ever-changing), and moves through all the worlds. Penances and vows are its mud. Passion's force is its mover. It is illuminated by the great egoism, and is sustained by the qualities. Vexations (caused by the non-acquisition of what is desired) are the fastenings that bind it around. It revolves in the midst of grief and destruction. It is endued with actions and the instruments of action. It is large and is extended by attachments. It is rendered unsteady by cupidity and desire. It is produced by variegated ignorance. It is attended upon by fear and delusion, and is the cause of the delusion of all beings. It moves towards joy and pleasure, and has desire and wrath for its possession."

There are many teachings to derive from this. We tend to think what we got at the moment in terms of family, friends, social position, economic development etc. makes us somewhat secure. But we forget that it is completely illusory, and will be taken away from us whenever the time factor sees it fit.

To begin with our very conception of ourselves is illusory, what to speak of our bodily relations and belongings. For example, in a fight between Bali and Indra, Indra takes foothold over Bali and utters many proud statements in the mood of a victor. But Bali as the great seer he is, replies that, “Why you are so proud of your supposed position over me? By the course of time, what I am now, you will become.” And surely so, later on Bali was able to conquer Indra, and so indeed their positions were swapped as forecasted by Bali.

By learning to know the deluding nature of time we can come more easily transcend it’s whirlpools for the sake of turning to Krishna consciousness. And this can only be done by being firmly serious in always trying to increase our giving in the service of the devotees of Krishna.

Krishna willing we shall relish more nectar from the Bhagavatam in regards to time, in the subsequent offering.

Thank you very much.
Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva,
Amogha-drk Krishna dasa,