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Obey the Elders

The children should unequivocally obey the elders. There should be no arguments and rude replies. You cannot even see them with anger in your eyes. By money, you cannot borrow the elders. Money will be there but when father and mother are gone, you are orphaned. Orphanage is very bad.

Obey Your Parents

The general way of the children today is that till they are young, they will obey. Once they are in tenth standard, the son thinks that the father does not know anything. Once they go to college they think that father is nonsense. He does not pay any attention at all. They are treated like money vending machines. Once they try to find out a job, and they are finding difficulties, they feel that father was a bit okay. Once they are married and have children, they feel that father was really struggling and later they feel that father was the best. But by that time, father may not be there or he may be on the way out.

Our scriptures insist ‘mātru devo bhava’, ‘pitru devo bhava’. Don’t be nonsense regarding father and mother. Don’t underrate them. Without them we could not have seen the light of the day. Till parents are alive, take care of them and it doesn’t matter if you are not able to come to Krishna because of this duty. Pundarik was serving his father in Pandarpur. He was very busy serving his father. Krishna was very pleased and He came all the way from Vaikunta to give darshan to Pundarik. Pundarik said that at the moment he was busy and he threw a brick and asked Krishna to stand on that brick. In Marathi ‘Vitt’ means brick and Krishna became Vittala. Even now He is standing on the brick. Rukmini was worried and She came searching for Krishna and another brick was there for Her. They are still waiting. So at any age you should completely fall flat before the parents. The replica of selfless love in the material world can be seen only in the mother and father.

One Who Helps is Brave

It is in ordinary human nature to look with contempt on lower levels of conduct in ability. The rich scorn the poor, the beautiful hate the plain, the strong hate the weak and brave men despise cowards. A great soul and a true hero is one who feels that his duty as a strong brave man is to help others to rise above their weakness.

Our Business & Krishna’s Business

Our business is to chant Krishna’s names and Krishna’s business is to sort out our problems.

Overeating and Over-endeavoring

Your devotional service is being destroyed by overeating and over-endeavouring. Over-endeavor brings you trouble. Over endeavoring with Bhagavatam is allowed. By not following Bhagavatam, we are killing ourselves.

Over-endeavor Only with Bhagavatam

We should never endeavor beyond our capacity. If we have Rs.10, then we should try to do what is possible with Rs.8. That is allowed. Over endeavor always puts you in trouble. Our greedy and fruitive mentality always pushes us to over- endeavor. If you want to over-endeavor, take Srimad-Bhagavatam in your hand and do over-endeavor. That is allowed and you will be respected everywhere. In the worldly activities, over-endeavor is condemned.