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Power of Attachment (Hindi) Fiji Story 31-May-2023
Monkey and the Crocodile (Hindi) Fiji Story 30-May-2023
Recitation - Slokas Glorifying Lord Rama Calcutta Recitation 29-May-2023
Krishna Resides where His Devotees Glorify Him (Hindi) Fiji Story 28-May-2023
We Must Suffer our Karma without Exception Kuala Lumpur Story 27-May-2023
Attachment - Story of Chandulal (Gujarati) Nakuru Story 26-May-2023
We Cannot Hide from Yamaraj (Gujarati) Nakuru Story 25-May-2023
The Hen-Pecked King (Gujarati) Rajkot Story 24-May-2023
Make Bhagavatam Palatable to the General Public Rajkot SB 7.15.22 23-May-2023
Sickness will Vanish by doing Hard Work Rajkot Discussion 22-May-2023
Unflinching Bhakti Facilitates the Activities of Soul Rajkot BG 2.13 21-May-2023
Always take Shelter of Good Side in Life - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.5.15 20-May-2023
Always take Shelter of Good Side in Life - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.5.15 19-May-2023
Everything about Krishna is Wonderful - Part 3 Rajkot SB 3.31.17 18-May-2023
Everything about Krishna is Wonderful - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.6.25 17-May-2023
Everything about Krishna is Wonderful - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.6.25 16-May-2023
Bhakti Implies Living in Harmony with Transcendence Rajkot SB 8.3.1 15-May-2023
Bhagavatam takes us from Complication to Simplicity Rajkot SB 1.7.4 14-May-2023
Everything is Krishna Krpa Penang Story 13-May-2023
As Sure as Death Kuala Lumpur Story 12-May-2023
Fashion and the Monkey Tail Singapore Story 11-May-2023
The Nurse and the Ring Auckland Story 10-May-2023
The Most Effective Weapon of the Demon Rajkot Story 09-May-2023
Krishna Sankirtanam Thoroughly Cleanses our Heart Rajkot Discussion 08-May-2023
Heart can be Cleansed Only by Unflinching Bhakti Rajkot SB 1.6.25 07-May-2023
Every Activity is Successful when Dovetailed with Krishna Rajkot BG 6.13-14 06-May-2023
Our Nourishment Comes from Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot BG 4.13 05-May-2023
Jubilance is a Result of Krishna Appearing in our Heart Nashik SB 10.14.8 04-May-2023
Krishna can be Purchased only with Sincere Bhakti Rajkot Discussion 03-May-2023
Preaching should Release us from Illusion Rajkot Discussion 02-May-2023
Devotional Environment Spiritually Nurtures the children Rajkot Discussion 01-May-2023
Be Practical in Applying the Principles of Bhakti Rajkot Discussion 30-Apr-2023
Temple is Built by our Sincere Chanting Rajkot Discussion 29-Apr-2023
Our Advancement is Hampered by our Attachment (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 28-Apr-2023
Aim of Bhakti is to Purity Ourselves Rajkot Discussion 27-Apr-2023
Recitation - BG 10.8-14 (Catur Sloki Bhagavad-gita) San Diego Recitation 26-Apr-2023
Recitation - SB 10.1.1-69 Rajkot Recitation 25-Apr-2023
Krishna Reciprocates According to our Intentions Abu Dhabi KB 10 24-Apr-2023
Cleanliness is Godliness Abu Dhabi SB 7.4.25-26 23-Apr-2023
Recitation - SB 8.3.2-32 (Gajendra Prayers) Rajkot Recitation 22-Apr-2023
Pleasing Attitude is our Birthright Rajkot Discussion 21-Apr-2023
Preaching Strengthens our Bhakti (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 20-Apr-2023
Impatience is the Symptom of Passion (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 19-Apr-2023
Importance of Prayers in Bhagavatam Rajkot Discussion 18-Apr-2023
Superficial Bhagavatam Preaching will be Rejected Abu Dhabi Discussion 17-Apr-2023
Always Keep yourself Happy Rajkot Phone Call 16-Apr-2023
Only Sincere Bhakti can Burn our Karma Rajkot SB 3.1.44 15-Apr-2023
Reminiscence of Childhood days London Discussion 14-Apr-2023
Keshav Keshav Kukiye - Bhajan Rajkot Bhajan 13-Apr-2023
Passion will Never Allow you to be Peaceful (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 12-Apr-2023
Depend Fully on Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 11-Apr-2023
Recitation - SB 4.9.6-17 (Dhruva Maharaj Prayers) Rajkot Recitation 10-Apr-2023
Vyasa Puja 2005 - Part 3 Rajkot Vyasa Puja 09-Apr-2023
Vyasa Puja 2005 - Part 2 Rajkot Vyasa Puja 08-Apr-2023
Vyasa Puja 2005 - Part 1 Rajkot Vyasa Puja 07-Apr-2023
Our Sanatana Values Never Change - Part 2 Rajkot Discussion 06-Apr-2023
Our Sanatana Values Never Change - Part 1 Rajkot Discussion 05-Apr-2023
Devotees Never Criticize - Part 2 Rajkot Discussion 04-Apr-2023
Devotees Never Criticize - Part 1 Rajkot Discussion 03-Apr-2023
Never Leave the Bhagavatam Shelter Rajkot Initiation 02-Apr-2023
Material Wealth is the Cause of our False Ego - Part 2 Rajkot SB 3.5.25 01-Apr-2023
Material Wealth is the Cause of our False Ego - Part 1 Rajkot SB 3.5.25 31-Mar-2023
Be Always Happy in Bhakti (Hindi) Rajkot BG 13.20 30-Mar-2023
Recognizing the Reality is called Realization - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.15.32 29-Mar-2023
Recognizing the Reality is called Realization - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.15.32 28-Mar-2023
Darshan of Krishna Vanquishes all Inebrieties - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.15.37 27-Mar-2023
Darshan of Krishna Vanquishes all Inebrieties - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.15.37 26-Mar-2023
Parents Love their Children at all Cost Rajkot SB 3.13.7-9 25-Mar-2023
Till we Remember Krishna we are Alive - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.15.21 24-Mar-2023
Till we Remember Krishna we are Alive - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.15.21 23-Mar-2023
Always Remember Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 22-Mar-2023
Recitation - Sikshashtakam Rajkot Recitation 21-Mar-2023
Recitation - SB 2.7.26-35 (Krishna Lila) Rajkot Recitation 20-Mar-2023
Irregulated Life is the Cause of all our Problems Rajkot SB 7.15.24 19-Mar-2023
Always Keep your Bag Ready Rajkot SB 1.15.33 18-Mar-2023
We Remember Everything Except our Death Rajkot SB 1.15.22-23 17-Mar-2023
Never Neglect your Prescribed Duties Rajkot Discussion 16-Mar-2023
Eternal Time is Indefatigable (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.13.19 15-Mar-2023
Holy Name is our Only Savior (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 14-Mar-2023
In Kali Yuga Everything Deteriorates Rajkot SB 1.4.17-18 13-Mar-2023
Increase the Velocity of your Bhakti - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.15.29 12-Mar-2023
Increase the Velocity of your Bhakti - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.15.29 11-Mar-2023
With Krishna we are Enlivened (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 10-Mar-2023
Insanity Never Touch the Devotees - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.15.31 09-Mar-2023
Insanity Never Touch the Devotees - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.15.31 08-Mar-2023
Courage Gives us the Incentive Rajkot Phone Call 07-Mar-2023
Without Gratitude there is no Devotional Service Rajkot SB 1.13.34-35 06-Mar-2023
Without Bhakti we cannot be Successful in any Activity Rajkot SB 5.18.8 05-Mar-2023
Killing Tendency Increases when Spiritual Culture Decreases Rajkot SB 1.13.47 04-Mar-2023
Recitation - SB 3.1.15-45 Rajkot Recitation 03-Mar-2023
Bhakti is the Easiest way to Associate with God Rajkot BG 12.1 02-Mar-2023
When we Keep Quiet Miseries Decrease Rajkot SB 1.9.14 01-Mar-2023
Intensive Prayer is the only Remedy for Time Rajkot SB 1.9.14-15 28-Feb-2023
Anything done Against the Will of Lord is Inauspicious Rajkot SB 1.13.49 27-Feb-2023
Prabhupada has Built Oasis for the Entire World Rajkot Discussion 26-Feb-2023
Be Practical in Devotional Service (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.13.24 25-Feb-2023
Material Body means Destruction (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.13.26 24-Feb-2023
Our Every Breath is meant for Krishna Rajkot BG 10.8 23-Feb-2023
Discontent can Never Give Happiness Rajkot SB 8.19.21-26 22-Feb-2023
If we Ignore Chanting we are Destroyed Rajkot Discussion 21-Feb-2023
I do not Know Anything other than Krishna Rajkot Discussion 20-Feb-2023
Jaya Radha Madhava & He Govinda He Gopal Rajkot Bhajan 19-Feb-2023
Regulating your Life Reduces the Bondage Rajkot Discussion 18-Feb-2023
Gita Mahatmyam - Recitation and Explanation Rajkot Discussion 17-Feb-2023
Relish His Presence at Every Stage of Bhakti Dwarka BG 14.26 16-Feb-2023
When Pride Enters Preaching Vanishes Rajkot SB 1.6.25 15-Feb-2023
Lust and Anger are our Greatest Enemies Rajkot BG 3.36-37 14-Feb-2023
Devotees see Mercy of Krishna Everywhere Rajkot Discussion 13-Feb-2023
Never Give up your Duties in Household Life Rajkot SB 7.14.2 12-Feb-2023
Pour Bhagavatam through the Throats of the Hearers Nashik Phone Call 11-Feb-2023
Everyone is Afraid of his Last Day Nashik Discussion 10-Feb-2023
Give up Which you do not Have Panvel SB 8.2.33 09-Feb-2023
Good Behavior Bestows Blessings of the Lord Nashik SB 1.5.40 08-Feb-2023
If Character is Lost Everything is Lost Abu dhabi BG 2.55 07-Feb-2023
Bhakti is the only Medicine that Works Nashik Discussion 06-Feb-2023
Take Care of the Services Diligently Mumbai Discussion 05-Feb-2023
Real Leader does not Pose as a Leader Nashik Discussion 04-Feb-2023
We should not be a Disturbance to Others Mumbai Discussion 03-Feb-2023
Be Selfless in Devotional Service Mumbai Discussion 02-Feb-2023
Glorification of Krishna will Give you Everything Mumbai Discussion 01-Feb-2023
Except Bhakti Nothing will Come with you Panvel Discussion 31-Jan-2023
Mourning does not Help us in Anyway Nashik SB 1.5.40 30-Jan-2023
With Humility we will always Win Mumbai Discussion 29-Jan-2023
The Two Effects of Glorifying Krishna Mumbai SB 1.5.40 28-Jan-2023
Glorification of Krishna Satisfies all Living Entities Mumbai SB 1.5.40 27-Jan-2023
Reminiscence of Nashik days Nashik Discussion 26-Jan-2023
We Preach one thing and Follow another thing Nashik Discussion 25-Jan-2023
Bhaja Hu Re Mana & Dasavatara Stotra - Bhajan Nashik Bhajan 24-Jan-2023
Great Souls are Ready to be Addicted to Krishna Nashik SB 1.5.40 23-Jan-2023
Sincerity to Krishna will Give you the Nourishment Nashik Discussion 22-Jan-2023
Transcendental Glories Never Deteriorate Nashik SB 1.5.11 21-Jan-2023
Initiation means to See Krishna Everywhere Nashik Initiation 20-Jan-2023
Leader means a Far-sighted Personality Nashik SB 2.9.33 19-Jan-2023
Chanting will Improve your Understanding Rajkot Discussion 18-Jan-2023
Never Feel Short of Anything Rajkot Discussion 17-Jan-2023
Simplicity will give you Prideless Life Rajkot Discussion 16-Jan-2023
Lack of Urgency Decreases the Velocity of our Bhakti Rajkot Discussion 15-Jan-2023
You can Study only when you are Steady - Part 3 Rajkot BG 4.34-35 14-Jan-2023
You can Study only when you are Steady - Part 2 Rajkot BG 4.34-35 13-Jan-2023
You can Study only when you are Steady - Part 1 Rajkot BG 4.34-35 12-Jan-2023
Bad Ideas lead to Bad Association - Part 2 Rajkot SB 11.26.26 11-Jan-2023
Bad Ideas lead to Bad Association - Part 1 Rajkot SB 11.26.26 10-Jan-2023
Democracy does not work in Krishna Consciousness (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 09-Jan-2023
Natural Life always Gives us the Incentive (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 08-Jan-2023
Study and Discuss Bhagavatam Verses Rajkot Phone Call 07-Jan-2023
Real Ease is the Offshoot of Satisfaction - Part 2 Rajkot SB 8.16.19 06-Jan-2023
Real Ease is the Offshoot of Satisfaction - Part 1 Rajkot SB 8.16.19 05-Jan-2023
Devotees are Immaculate in their Duties Rajkot SB 1.6.25 04-Jan-2023
Recitation - Garbha Stuti Rajkot Recitation 03-Jan-2023
You are Never Wrong when you are Conscious of Krishna Rajkot SB 3.26.16 02-Jan-2023
Krishna Lovingly Blesses us in His Personal Form (Gujarati) Rajkot BG 12.1 01-Jan-2023
Prabhupada is our only Savior (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 31-Dec-2022
Krishna Always Protects His Devotees (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 30-Dec-2022
Our Anxiety Increases when our Demands Increase Rajkot SB 1.1.11-12 29-Dec-2022
Always take care of your Parents (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 28-Dec-2022
Simple Life Gives us Good Health Rajkot Discussion 27-Dec-2022
Invest your Money and Time Wisely Rajkot Discussion 26-Dec-2022
Artificial Medicines Destroy our Health (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 25-Dec-2022
Dig into your own Heels before you Preach - Part 2 Rajkot BG 2.64 24-Dec-2022
Dig into your own Heels before you Preach - Part 1 Rajkot BG 2.64 23-Dec-2022
Only by Bhakti we can Preserve Vedic Culture (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 22-Dec-2022
Real Goal of Life is to Develop Love of God - Part 2 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 2.2.3 21-Dec-2022
Real Goal of Life is to Develop Love of God - Part 1 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.2.2 20-Dec-2022
Krishna is the Reservoir of all Good Qualities (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 19-Dec-2022
Clarity and Honesty are the Main Symptoms of Serious Sadhana Rajkot Discussion 18-Dec-2022
We are all Factually Alone Rajkot SB 10.9.10 17-Dec-2022
Prabhupada Revived the Lost Vedic Culture - Part 3 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.1.1-3 16-Dec-2022
Prabhupada Revived the Lost Vedic Culture - Part 2 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.1.1-3 15-Dec-2022
Prabhupada Revived the Lost Vedic Culture - Part 1 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.1.1-3 14-Dec-2022
The Science of Bhakti - Part 2 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.2.1-15 13-Dec-2022
The Science of Bhakti - Part 1 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.2.1-15 12-Dec-2022
If Krishna Neglects No one can Save us (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 7.9.19 11-Dec-2022
Wasting Time is the Greatest Crime (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.2.2 10-Dec-2022
Bhakti Preserves our Vedic Culture (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 09-Dec-2022
Bhakti is the Only Remedy for Everything - Part 2 Rajkot Discussion 08-Dec-2022
Bhakti is the Only Remedy for Everything - Part 1 Rajkot Discussion 07-Dec-2022
The General Mass is only Interested in Entertainment (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 06-Dec-2022
Studying Bhagavatam Daily Destroys Crores of Sins Rajkot SB 9.4.68 05-Dec-2022
Be Ready to Face any Situation till you are Alive Rajkot SB 10.20.15 04-Dec-2022
Without His Sanction Nothing Works (Gujarati) Rajkot Phone Call 03-Dec-2022
Keep Chanting in your Mind Always Rajkot Phone Call 02-Dec-2022
Be Careful to Avoid Bad Association Rajkot Phone Call 01-Dec-2022
Holy Names of Krishna Destroys all Evil Rajkot Discussion 30-Nov-2022
Deities will Teach you how to Decorate Them Rajkot Phone Call 29-Nov-2022
Only by Remembering Krishna we can Transcend the Modes Rajkot BG 14.1-27 28-Nov-2022
One Obnoxious Act will Destroy your Whole Sadhana Rajkot SB 2.5.20 27-Nov-2022
Harinam is the Easiest way to Bring back Prabhupada Rajkot SB 2.2.6 26-Nov-2022
When you Obey Krishna Pain Becomes Pleasure - Part 2 Rajkot SB 7.6.1 25-Nov-2022
When you Obey Krishna Pain Becomes Pleasure - Part 1 Rajkot SB 7.6.1 24-Nov-2022
Unmotivated Devotional Service gives us Everything Rajkot Phone Call 23-Nov-2022
Devotee takes Krishna with him (Hindi) Rajkot Phone Call 22-Nov-2022
Your Tulsi Worship Represents your Bhakti (Gujarati) Rajkot Phone Call 21-Nov-2022
Spiritual Activity will give us Prosperity Rajkot Phone Call 20-Nov-2022
If we have Krishna we do not Lack Anything Rajkot BG 3.36-37 19-Nov-2022
Without Bhakti Everything is Useless Rajkot Discussion 18-Nov-2022
Whatever Krishna Arranges is for our Good (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 17-Nov-2022
Money not used for Krishna is Lost (Gujarati) Rajkot Phone Call 16-Nov-2022
Will of Krishna is Replicated through the Mother Rajkot SB 1.7.22 15-Nov-2022
With Frank Nature we can Learn More Rajkot Phone Call 14-Nov-2022
Krishna will help you Implement your Ideas Rajkot Phone Call 13-Nov-2022
Verses to Glorify Govardhan (Hindi) Rajkot Phone Call 12-Nov-2022
Soul is Satisfied only by Unmotivated Bhakti - Part 3 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.2.2-6 11-Nov-2022
Soul is Satisfied only by Unmotivated Bhakti - Part 2 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.2.2-6 10-Nov-2022
Soul is Satisfied only by Unmotivated Bhakti - Part 1 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.2.2-6 09-Nov-2022
Forgiveness is the Greatest Virtue (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 08-Nov-2022
We should Habituate ourselves to Renunciation Rajkot Phone Call 07-Nov-2022
Good Behavior is the only Remedy for Envy Rajkot SB 4.21.37 06-Nov-2022
Anything Separated from Krishna is Illusion - Part 2 Rajkot SB 2.9.33 05-Nov-2022
Anything Separated from Krishna is Illusion - Part 1 Rajkot SB 2.9.33 04-Nov-2022
Sanity will give us Satisfaction - Part 2 Rajkot BG 3.36-37 03-Nov-2022
Sanity will give us Satisfaction - Part 1 Rajkot BG 3.36-37 02-Nov-2022
Devotionalization should Replace Commercialization Rajkot Discussion 01-Nov-2022
Renunciation Improves our Health - Part 2 Rajkot SB 2.5.19 31-Oct-2022
Renuniciation Improves our Health - Part 1 Rajkot SB 2.5.19 30-Oct-2022
Our Every Activity must be Linked with Krishna Rajkot BS 5.57-61 29-Oct-2022
Darshan of the Lord gives us the Greatest Bliss Rajkot BG 12.1-2 28-Oct-2022
Money Spent for Krishna is Safe (Gujarati) Rajkot Phone Call 27-Oct-2022
Parishrama - Our Hard Struggle for Survival Rajkot Discussion 26-Oct-2022
Never Lose Faith in Krishna (Hindi) Rajkot Phone Call 25-Oct-2022
Do your Work in Bhagavatam Way (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.2.7 24-Oct-2022
Role of Spiritual Preceptors - Part 2 (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 23-Oct-2022
Role of Spiritual Preceptors - Part 1 (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 22-Oct-2022
Love your Work not the Fruits Rajkot Discussion 21-Oct-2022
Preaching is the Best Use of our Knowledge Rajkot SB 2.6.34 20-Oct-2022
Be Attached to Krishna and Take Shelter of Him Rajkot BG 7.1 19-Oct-2022
Holy Name is the Ultimate Solution to all Miseries Rajkot Discussion 18-Oct-2022
The Holy Name is Feared by Fear Personified - Part 3 Rajkot SB 1.1.19 17-Oct-2022
The Holy Name is Feared by Fear Personified - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.1.14 16-Oct-2022
The Holy Name is Feared by Fear Personified - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.1.14 15-Oct-2022
Laziness is the Greatest Enemy of Time Rajkot SB 4.21.51 14-Oct-2022
Obedience gives us an Organized Life Rajkot SB 5.1.11 13-Oct-2022
Honesty gives us Agitation-free Life Rajkot Discussion 12-Oct-2022
Be Bold Enough to Always Remember Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot BG 9.22 11-Oct-2022
Simple Devotion Attracts Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 10-Oct-2022
Secrets of Dwarka Dham Rajkot Discussion 09-Oct-2022
Transcendence is Interwoven in Everything Rajkot SB 3.25.34 08-Oct-2022
In this World Everything is Buried into the Past Rajkot SB 1.6.25 07-Oct-2022
Doing Work without Proprietorship is Renunciation Rajkot BG 5.2 06-Oct-2022
Clean Habits Attract us to Bhagavatam Rajkot Discussion 05-Oct-2022
Widely Propogate the Auspiciousness (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 4.24.66 04-Oct-2022
Sanskrit Basics Rajkot Discussion 03-Oct-2022
Get Rid of Envy to Obtain Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot BG 12.13-14 02-Oct-2022
Be Awake to the Reality of Life Rajkot Discussion 01-Oct-2022
Krishna Katha Transcends Everything Material (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 30-Sep-2022
Transcendence is the Monopoly of Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 29-Sep-2022
Serve Krishna Incessantly Rajkot Initiation 28-Sep-2022
Perform Welfare Activities as Devotional Service Rajkot SB 6.16.24 27-Sep-2022
Sacrifice your Time for the Welfare of Others - Part 2 Rajkot SB 4.9.15 26-Sep-2022
Sacrifice your Time for the Welfare of Others - Part 1 Rajkot SB 4.9.15 25-Sep-2022
Lust is the Root Cause of our Sins (Gujarati) Rajkot BG 3.36-37 24-Sep-2022
Krishna is the Property of His Pure Devotees Rajkot SB 3.10.10-11 23-Sep-2022
Material World means Deterioration Rajkot Discussion 22-Sep-2022
Without Devotional Service we are Dead Rajkot SB 1.4.26 21-Sep-2022
Our Whole Life must be Saturated with Krishna Rajkot BG 3.17 20-Sep-2022
Nothing in this World can make us Morose (Gujarati) Rajkot BG 12.17 19-Sep-2022
Retirement means Work Harder for Krishna Rajkot NOI 7 18-Sep-2022
Clear Conscience is God Consciousness Rajkot Discussion 17-Sep-2022
Bhagavatam is the Best Medicine to Purify the Mind Rajkot SB 2.5.12 16-Sep-2022
Without Penance our Bhakti is only Entertainment Rajkot SB 1.1.17 15-Sep-2022
The Five Symptoms of Material Life Rajkot SB 1.2.9-10 14-Sep-2022
Polluted Ideas Pollute our Life (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 13-Sep-2022
Friends and Enemies are Identified by their Behavior Surat SB 2.2.37 12-Sep-2022
Damodarashtakam - Bhajan Rajkot Bhajan 11-Sep-2022
Glorify the Lord with Bhava (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 10-Sep-2022
Those who are with Bhagavatam See Good Everywhere Rajkot SB 1.6.31 09-Sep-2022
Relish Bhagavatam to Re-establish your Relation with Krishna Rajkot SB 2.9.34 08-Sep-2022
We can Touch Krishna only when we are Time Conscious Rajkot BG 13.19 07-Sep-2022
Shed off your False Identity Rajkot SB 3.12.2 06-Sep-2022
Glorify Krishna with Bhakti Bhava Rajkot SB 7.7.37 05-Sep-2022
Peace is Possible only with Krishna Rajkot SB 1.6.25 04-Sep-2022
We can do Bhakti only by His Mercy (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 6.3.29 03-Sep-2022
Art of Studying Srila Prabhupada Books Rajkot SB 1.6.37 02-Sep-2022
Purity means Being Considerate to Others Rajkot SB 11.10.20 01-Sep-2022
See the Lord by Persistent Chanting Rajkot SB 1.6.25 31-Aug-2022
Allow Bhagavad Gita to take Birth in our Life Rajkot BG 10.8-11 30-Aug-2022
We cannot be Humble without His Mercy Rajkot Discussion 29-Aug-2022
Pride Stops us from Performing Austerity Rajkot Discussion 28-Aug-2022
Devotees are Seriously Inquisitive Rajkot SB 2.3.10 27-Aug-2022
Subtle Sins Reduce our Lifespan Rajkot SB 12.3.51 26-Aug-2022
All our Scriptures Stress on Improving our Behavior Rajkot BG 6.28 25-Aug-2022
Bhagavatam Banishes all Problems (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 2.7.32 24-Aug-2022
Minimize Necessities to Maximize Bhakti Rajkot SB 2.2.4 23-Aug-2022
See the World with Transcendental Eyes Rajkot SB 1.4.17-18 22-Aug-2022
Everything is meant to Satisfy Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.7.2 21-Aug-2022
Allow Krishna to Walk into your Life Rajkot SB 3.31.12 20-Aug-2022
Everything is Practical in Vedic Culture (Gujarati) Rajkot BG 3.43 19-Aug-2022
Contaminated Intelligence Results in Discrimination Rajkot SB 6.16.41 18-Aug-2022
Recitation - Sri Krishna Karnamrtam Fiji Recitation 17-Aug-2022
Recitation - Isopanishad Fiji Recitation 16-Aug-2022
Isopanishad Recitation with Translation Fiji Recitation 15-Aug-2022
Story of Sage Valmiki (Hindi) Fiji Discussion 14-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 7B - We are Destroyed by Bad Association (Hindi) Fiji SB 3.3.13 13-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 7A - Never leave the Shelter of Krishna (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.2.21 12-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 6B - Humility Attracts Mercy of the Lord (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.9.8 11-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 6A - Only Bhakti will make our Life Peaceful (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.6.24 10-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 5B - Have Unflinching Faith in Krishna (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.6.1 09-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 5A - Blind cannot lead the Blind (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.5.30 08-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 4B - Escape the Blind Well of Illusion (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.5.5 07-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 4A - All Relations in this World are Temporary (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.2.37 06-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 3B - Pure Devotees have no Enemies (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.2.20-21 05-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 3A - Introspect on your own Defects (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.2.20-21 04-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 2B - Devotees Conquer Anger (Hindi) Fiji SB 1.8.36 03-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 2A - Hearing Sows the Seed of Bhakti (Hindi) Fiji SB 1.8.36 02-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 1B - The Real Meaning of Detachment (Hindi) Fiji SB 4.9.6 01-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 1A - Krishna is Realized by Hearing (Hindi) Fiji SB 4.9.6 31-Jul-2022
Be Serious about your Spiritual Life (Hindi) Fiji BG 10.8 30-Jul-2022
Krishna Orchestrates everything by His Energies (Hindi) Fiji BG 9.26 29-Jul-2022
Giving Krishna Bhakti to Others is Humility (Hindi) Fiji SB 2.9.33-36 28-Jul-2022
Delay in Bhakti is Dangerous (Hindi) Fiji BG 10.8-11 27-Jul-2022
Perform Bhakti with Full Heart (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.3.24 26-Jul-2022
Fire of Envy Burns us Completely (Hindi) Fiji SB 5.18.9 25-Jul-2022
Overcome Pavarga by Sincere Bhakti (Hindi) Fiji BG 10.8-11 24-Jul-2022
Demons can never Win (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.3.26-27 23-Jul-2022
Lust Disappears when Lord Rama Appears (Hindi) Fiji Discussion 22-Jul-2022
Touch of Krishna gives us Unlimited Joy (Hindi) Fiji SB 2.9.13 21-Jul-2022
Knowledge must Transform our Life (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.3.32 20-Jul-2022
Conquered Mind is our Best Friend (Hindi) Fiji BG 6.6 19-Jul-2022
Save yourself from the Doggish Mentality Fiji SB 7.3.33 18-Jul-2022
Krishna is the Center of our Existence (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.3.31 17-Jul-2022
Time is Insurmountable and Imperceptible (Hindi) Fiji SB 1.13.20 16-Jul-2022
Do not Waste your Time in Counteracting Miseries (Hindi) Fiji SB 1.13.19 15-Jul-2022
We all have to Die (Hindi) Fiji SB 12.13.23 14-Jul-2022
Control your Senses to Advance in Self-realization (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.3.25 13-Jul-2022
From Birth till Death we are in Hellish Condition (Hindi) Fiji BG 4.10 12-Jul-2022
Devotion without Austerity is Sentimentality (Hindi) Fiji SB 5.5.1 11-Jul-2022
Science of Material Elements (Hindi) Fiji SB 2.9.17 10-Jul-2022
Only with Purity we can Approach Krishna (Hindi) Fiji SB 2.9.14 09-Jul-2022
Understand the Purpose of your Existence (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.6.14 08-Jul-2022
Be Sheltered under Bhagavatam - Part 3 (Gujarati) London Discussion 07-Jul-2022
Be Sheltered under Bhagavatam - Part 2 (Gujarati) London Discussion 06-Jul-2022
Be Sheltered under Bhagavatam - Part 1 (Gujarati) London Discussion 05-Jul-2022
Do not Succumb to Lust (Gujarati) London BG 3.36-37 04-Jul-2022
Lust is the Root of all Sins London BG 3.36-37 03-Jul-2022
Have Unflinching Faith in Krishna - Part 2 (Gujarati) London BG 16.19 02-Jul-2022
Have Unflinching Faith in Krishna - Part 1 (Gujarati) London BG 16.19 01-Jul-2022
Saintly Behavior Intensify our Bhakti (Gujarati) London BG 7.15 30-Jun-2022
Always Remember that We have to Go (Hindi) Dwarka Initiation 29-Jun-2022
Realization comes from Krishna (Hindi) Dwarka Discussion 28-Jun-2022
Q and A on Pushti Marg and Sentimental Devotion London Discussion 27-Jun-2022
Everything is His Mercy (Bhakti Shastri) London Discussion 26-Jun-2022
Cultivate Vedic Values in your Life - Part 2 (Gujarati) London SB 1.1.1 25-Jun-2022
Cultivate Vedic Values in your Life - Part 1 (Gujarati) London SB 1.1.1 24-Jun-2022
Everything Related to Krishna is Beautiful (Hindi) Dwarka Discussion 23-Jun-2022
Genuine Symptoms of Bhakti Attracts Krishna Rajkot Discussion 22-Jun-2022
Do not Deviate from Bhakti under the name of Religion Rajkot SB 1.5.15 21-Jun-2022
Learn to Experience Krishna in Everything (Hindi) Dwarka MM 14 20-Jun-2022
Give Loving Atmosphere to the Suffering Souls Rajkot SB 1.14.35-36 19-Jun-2022
Perfection is the Monopoly of Bhagavatam Rajkot SB 3.24.42 18-Jun-2022
Riches with Unflinching Devotion is Opulence Rajkot BG 2.41 17-Jun-2022
In any Body we have to Suffer in this World (Hindi) Rajkot BG 13.4 16-Jun-2022
Unflinching Bhakti leads to Improvement in Behavior Rajkot BG 14.26 15-Jun-2022
Handover the Responsibilities to Younger Generation (Hindi) Dwarka BG 3.36 14-Jun-2022
A Vaishnava is one who Feels Others Pain (Hindi) Dwarka Discussion 13-Jun-2022
Experience the Taste of the Holy Names - Part 2 (Hindi) Rajkot SB 1.6.26 12-Jun-2022
Experience the Taste of the Holy Names - Part 1 (Hindi) Rajkot SB 1.6.26 11-Jun-2022
Everything is Wonderful with Krishna Dwarka SB 1.10.27 10-Jun-2022
Maharaj Glorifying Devotees Behind Various Projects Rajkot Discussion 09-Jun-2022
Surrender to Krishna is the Solution to all Problems Rajkot BG 13.3 08-Jun-2022
Bhagavatam is the Supreme Medicine Dwarka SB 7.15.22 07-Jun-2022
Bhagavatam Brings Positive Transformation in our Life Rajkot SB 1.14.34 06-Jun-2022
Carry Bhagavatam in one Hand and Duster in Another Rajkot Discussion 05-Jun-2022
Krishna Speaks Less and Teaches More (Gujarati) Dwarka SB 1.9.36 04-Jun-2022
Relish Krishna in His Transcendental Sound Rajkot BS 5.57-61 03-Jun-2022
Nourish the Active Principle in your Heart Rajkot SB 8.19.21-26 02-Jun-2022
Krishna Reciprocates when we Recognize His Mercy Rajkot BG 7.8-11 01-Jun-2022
Penance is a Must to Conquer Anything Rajkot SB 1.14.37 31-May-2022
We are Destroyed by our own Unfaithful Attitude Rajkot SB 1.5.15 30-May-2022
Appearance Lila of Sri Sri Radha Neel Madhav Rajkot Discussion 29-May-2022
Be Satisfied with your Lot - Part 2 Rajkot Discussion 28-May-2022
Be Satisfied with your Lot - Part 1 Rajkot Discussion 27-May-2022
Enjoy the Sound Vibration of Krishna - Part 2 Rajkot BG 7.8 26-May-2022
Enjoy the Sound Vibration of Krishna - Part 1 Rajkot BG 7.8 25-May-2022
Krishna Recognizes Sincere Efforts (Hindi) Delhi Discussion 24-May-2022
Do not Leave Krishna (Hindi) Dwarka Discussion 24-May-2022
Realize His Causeless Mercy - Part 2 (Hindi) Dwarka Initiation 23-May-2022
Realize His Causeless Mercy - Part 1 (Hindi) Dwarka Initiation 23-May-2022
Steady Mind takes us to Krishna (Hindi) Dwarka BG 2.56 22-May-2022
The Real Meaning of Initiation (Hindi) Dwarka Initiation 21-May-2022
VIHE - Qualification to Approach Seed Verses - Part 2 Vrindavan SB 2.9.33 20-May-2022
VIHE - Qualification to Approach Seed Verses - Part 1 Vrindavan SB 2.9.33 20-May-2022
Bhagavatam Glorifies the Sankirtan Movement (Hindi) Vrindavan Discussion 19-May-2022
Our Thoughts are Transformed into Actions (Hindi) Dwarka BG 7.28 18-May-2022
No Expectation is the only way to be Peaceful (Hindi) Dwarka SB 2.9.33 17-May-2022
Krishna is our Safest Shelter in this World (Hindi) Dwarka SB 3.5.2 16-May-2022
Service Attracts Krishna (Hindi) Dwarka SB 3.16.7 15-May-2022
Quality Chanting is the Standard of Initiation Rajkot Discussion 14-May-2022
Do not run away from your Prescribed Duties (Hindi) Dwarka BG 4.7 14-May-2022
Krishna Katha Destroys the Jaundice of Sense Enjoyment Dwarka NOI 7 13-May-2022
The Transcendental Wrath of Lord Nrsimhadev Rajkot Discussion 12-May-2022
Krishna Attracts Everyone (Hindi) Delhi BG 7.16 11-May-2022
Chanting Holy Names does not Cost a Penny (Hindi) Delhi Discussion 10-May-2022
Experience Krishna through His Glorification (Hindi) Dwarka SB 1.2.3 09-May-2022
Krishna Katha Mitigates all Miseries (Hindi) Dwarka SB 1.5.40 08-May-2022
Leave Everything in His Hands (Hindi) Dwarka BG 18.78 07-May-2022
Everything Emanates from Lord Krishna (Hindi) Dwarka BG 10.8 06-May-2022
Lusty Mind is our Greatest Enemy (Hindi) Dwarka SB 5.11.4 05-May-2022
Assimilate Bhagavatam by Practice Govardhan SB 1.2.3 04-May-2022
The Way to Attain Real Happiness (Hindi) Dwarka SB 3.5.2 03-May-2022
Be Ready to Face any Situation in Life (Gujarati) London SB 2.3.12 02-May-2022
Bhakti is the Perfect Solution for all Problems (Gujarati) London SB 1.1.1 01-May-2022
Remember that we have to Face our Last Day (Gujarati) London SB 12.13.18 30-Apr-2022
Sound is the Root Cause of all Manifestations London SB 1.6.26 29-Apr-2022
Utilize your Time in Understanding Krishna Radhadesh SB 5.19.26 28-Apr-2022
Understand the Transcendental Qualities of the Soul London SB 7.7.19 27-Apr-2022
Satisfaction is the Symptom of Increasing Bhakti - Part 2 London SB 1.8.21 26-Apr-2022
Satisfaction is the Symptom of Increasing Bhakti - Part 1 London SB 1.8.21 25-Apr-2022
Remembrance of Lord Regulates our Life (Gujarati) Radhadesh Discussion 24-Apr-2022
Preserve your Life Substance Manor SB 10.25.18 23-Apr-2022
Do not Give yourself Time to Relax Houston Discussion 22-Apr-2022
Recitation SB 1.1.1 to 1.1.23 (Gujarati) Dwarka SB Recitation 21-Apr-2022
Train yourself to always Depend on Transcendence Minneapolis BG 2.41 20-Apr-2022
Samadhi is Remembrance of Krishna Nashik Discussion 19-Apr-2022
Everything should be Utilized in His Service Nashik Discussion 18-Apr-2022
Obedience to Elders will give all Opulence Rajkot Discussion 17-Apr-2022
Austerity is Good for our Spiritual Life Rajkot Discussion 16-Apr-2022
Brahma Prayers of Repentance - Reading Nashik SB 10.14.1-40 15-Apr-2022
No Counteraction is the Best Counteraction Rajkot SB 7.6.2 14-Apr-2022
Teach the Prayers from Bhagavatam Rajkot Phone Call 13-Apr-2022
Always Stick to our BBC (Gujarati) Rajkot Phone Call 12-Apr-2022
Visit us in your Free Time Rajkot Phone Call 11-Apr-2022
Lord Rama is our Supreme Protector Antwerp SB 9.10.53 10-Apr-2022
Conquer the Unconquerable Lord (Hindi) Mumbai SB 6.16.34 09-Apr-2022
Engagement in Bhakti Saves us from Envy (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 08-Apr-2022
Lord Rama Bestows Unlimited Bhakti (Gujarati) Ahmedabad Discussion 07-Apr-2022
Our Plans do not Work (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 06-Apr-2022
Reciting Sanskrit is non-different from Meditation (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 05-Apr-2022
Krishna is Always with us Chennai BG 10.8 04-Apr-2022
Approach Scriptures just like you Approach Krishna Radhadesh SB 2.6.34 03-Apr-2022
Recitation of Prayers from 1st Canto Singapore Recitation 02-Apr-2022
Realize the Potency of Imperceptible Time Singapore SB 1.13.17 01-Apr-2022
History and Vision for Dwarka Singapore Discussion 31-Mar-2022
Satisfaction arises from Purified Goodness Sydney SB 7.2.24 30-Mar-2022
Payo Ji Maine Ram Ratan - Meera Bhajan Bamnia Bhajan 29-Mar-2022
By Envy we Kill Ourselves Singapore SB 10.1.44 29-Mar-2022
Without His Sanction we cannot even Breathe (Hindi) Singapore BG 10.8 28-Mar-2022
Experience Krishna in His Energies Singapore BG 7.8 27-Mar-2022
Bhakti does not depend on Material Qualifications (Hindi) Bamnia SB 5.19.7 26-Mar-2022
Devotees are Expert in their Work Singapore SB 5.5.1 25-Mar-2022
Fire of Bhakti Extinguishes all Anarthas (Gujarati) London SB 10.31.1 24-Mar-2022
Good Consciousness gives us Good Life Abu Dhabi BG 13.8-12 23-Mar-2022
Only Devotees can Relish Srimad Bhagavatam Alachua SB 12.13.18 22-Mar-2022
Solve your Problems with Transcendental Intelligence Brisbane SB 3.22.28 21-Mar-2022
Story of Bilva Mangala Thakur Antwerp Discussion 20-Mar-2022
Holy Names Purify our Existence - Part 2 Minneapolis Discussion 19-Mar-2022
Holy Names Purify our Existence - Part 1 Minneapolis Discussion 18-Mar-2022
Sanctify your Home by your Sincere Bhakti Minneapolis SB 1.8.21-22 17-Mar-2022
Bhakti Bestows Good Behavior Minneapolis BG 2.55-72 16-Mar-2022
Sustain the Vedic Culture through Bhakti (Hindi) Fiji Discussion 15-Mar-2022
Inculcate Devotional Qualities in your Life Minneapolis SB 4.12.37 14-Mar-2022
Be Conscious of all your Activities Singapore SB 6.9.22 13-Mar-2022
Holy Name is our Only Shelter Abu Dhabi SB 10.2.28 12-Mar-2022
All Good Qualities Reside in a Devotee Ahmedabad SB 10.7.15 11-Mar-2022
Bhakti Transcends Everything Antwerp Discussion 10-Mar-2022
Bhagavatam Teaches us to Steer Clear Radhadesh SB 10.8.21 09-Mar-2022
Sincere Bhakti Pleases the Lord (Gujarati) Nakuru SB 4.22.39 08-Mar-2022
Do not Make a Mockery of your Bhakti (Hindi) Surat SB 9.4.41 07-Mar-2022
Krishna does not Reveal Himself to Atheists (Gujarati) Nakuru BG 7.25 06-Mar-2022
Christianity and Vedic life Antwerp Discussion 05-Mar-2022
Purify your Existence through the Holy Name Durban SB 2.2.37 04-Mar-2022
Learn to Perceive Krishna Everywhere Penang BG 7.4 03-Mar-2022
Krishna Reciprocates to Sincere Bhakti Minneapolis Discussion 02-Mar-2022
Bhagavatam is the Amala Purana (Gujarati) Nakuru SB 12.13.18 01-Mar-2022
Simplicity Attracts Krishna Auckland Discussion 28-Feb-2022
Mind has no Factual Existence Singapore BG 7.4 27-Feb-2022
Faith in Guru is the Source of all Knowledge (Hindi) Vrindavan SB 1.8.9 26-Feb-2022
Devotees have no Fear (Hindi) Vrindavan Discussion 25-Feb-2022
Bad Association Kills our Sanity Manor SB 3.7.16 24-Feb-2022
Be Pleasing to all the Living Entities Auckland SB 1.8.28 23-Feb-2022
Summary Study of Bhagavad-Gita 12th Chapter Auckland BG 12.1-20 22-Feb-2022
Bhagavatam is the only Remedy to all Miseries Auckland SB 1.5.40 21-Feb-2022
Envy Kills us Auckland BG 10.8-11 20-Feb-2022
Glorification of Krishna Satisfy our Soul Auckland SB 2.8.6 19-Feb-2022
Devotional Service Keeps us Alive Auckland BG 2.61 18-Feb-2022
We can Experience Krishna only with a Clean Heart Auckland SB 1.6.21 17-Feb-2022
Be a Live Wire in Krishna Consciousness Auckland SB 1.4.31 16-Feb-2022
Hearing Krishna-Katha bestows all Auspiciousness Auckland SB 3.9.7 15-Feb-2022
Solutions to Challenges in Grhastha Ashrama Alachua Discussion 14-Feb-2022
We Belong to the Glorious Parampara Auckland BG 4.1-3 13-Feb-2022
Sankirtan Movement is Authorized by Bhagavatam Auckland SB 7.10.15-18 12-Feb-2022
Blame yourself and end the Matter Auckland SB 7.10.19 11-Feb-2022
Krishna Protects His Devotees at all Costs Auckland SB 7.10.12 10-Feb-2022
A Devotee Manages his Life Expertly Auckland SB 7.10.14 09-Feb-2022
Instructions for Deity Worship Dwarka Discussion 08-Feb-2022
Devotional Service is Total Welfare Rajkot SB 1.4.26 08-Feb-2022
Become Purna by Associating with the Supreme Purna Rajkot SB 7.9.11 08-Feb-2022
Everything is Temporary Here - Part 2 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 11.7.7 08-Feb-2022
Everything is Temporary Here - Part 1 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 11.7.7 08-Feb-2022
Quietly Sacrifice your Life for Krishna Rajkot Discussion 07-Feb-2022
Prasadam is the Best Hygenic Food Rajkot Discussion 07-Feb-2022
Purity in our Character gives a Satisfied Life Rajkot BG 16.1-3 07-Feb-2022
Govardhana - the Best Servant of Krishna Rajkot SB 10.21.18 07-Feb-2022
Train yourself to See Krishna in Everything (Gujarati) Rajkot BG 6.30 06-Feb-2022
Do Bhakti to the Best of your Capacity (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.5.17 06-Feb-2022
Do Service and Chant Continuously (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 2.2.37 06-Feb-2022
Please do your Service Incessantly (Gujarati) Rajkot Initiation 05-Feb-2022
Be Merciful to Everyone Except yourself Rajkot SB 4.31.19 05-Feb-2022
Bhagavatam will keep everything Alright Rajkot Phone Call 05-Feb-2022
Radha word is in Bhagavatam Rajkot Phone Call 05-Feb-2022
Bhakti means Stopping Extravance (Marathi) Rajkot SB 2.2.3 05-Feb-2022
VP Lecture - Renunciation is Useless without Bhakti Rajkot BG 5.6 05-Feb-2022
VP Lecture - Utilize your Time for Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 4.24.66 04-Feb-2022
Bhagavatam takes us directly to Goloka - Part 3 Rajkot SB 2.3.17 04-Feb-2022
Bhagavatam takes us directly to Goloka - Part 2 Rajkot SB 2.3.17 04-Feb-2022
Bhagavatam takes us directly to Goloka - Part 1 Rajkot SB 2.3.17 04-Feb-2022
Sacrifice your Time to Satisfy Krishna - Part 2 Rajkot SB 3.16.6 04-Feb-2022
Sacrifice your Time to Satisfy Krishna - Part 1 Rajkot SB 3.16.6 04-Feb-2022
Our Glories Increase by Glorifying Krishna (Marathi) Rajkot SB 10.31.1 04-Feb-2022
Rajkot Temple - Plan and Vision Rajkot Discussion 04-Feb-2022
Chant at least One Round Rajkot Phone Call 04-Feb-2022
Bhagavatam Elevates us from Karma to Seva (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 3.23.56 04-Feb-2022
Always keep Krishna with you Rajkot Discussion 04-Feb-2022
The Verses are Solidified Krishna Rajkot SB 12.13.1 04-Feb-2022
Each Verse is equal to Whole Bhagavatam (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 2.8.5 04-Feb-2022
Devotees are never Despondent - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.9.12 04-Feb-2022
Devotees are never Despondent - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.9.12 04-Feb-2022
Anti-Vedic activities Destroy our Body Rajkot BG 3.5 04-Feb-2022
Devotees do not lack Anything Rajkot SB 10.31.1 04-Feb-2022
Time does not Touch Surrendered Devotees Rajkot SB 8.2.33 03-Feb-2022
Quietness Connects us with Krishna - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.5.14 03-Feb-2022
Quietness Connects us with Krishna - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.5.14 03-Feb-2022
Bhakti and Pride Go ill Together Rajkot Discussion 03-Feb-2022
Only Pure Bhakti will Please the Lord - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.4.31 03-Feb-2022
Only Pure Bhakti will Please the Lord - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.4.31 03-Feb-2022
Better to be Misfits in this World Rajkot Phone Call 02-Feb-2022
Surrender to the Supreme is our Ultimate Success Rajkot SB 2.4.20 02-Feb-2022
Bhakti is more Vital than Breathing - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.5.8 02-Feb-2022
Bhakti is more Vital than Breathing - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.5.8 02-Feb-2022
Our Spiritual Potency Increases with our Practice Rajkot SB 1.6.21 02-Feb-2022
Knowledge should Translate into Practice Rajkot Phone Call 02-Feb-2022
Illusion can be Conquered only by coming to Reality Rajkot Discussion 02-Feb-2022
Steer Clear of all Activities in the Lower Modes Rajkot ISO 8 02-Feb-2022
Our Planet is Intact due to the Harinam Sankirtan Rajkot Discussion 02-Feb-2022
Our Relation with Krishna is the only Fact (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 2.9.34 02-Feb-2022
We are Helplessly Attracted to the Eternity of Krishna Rajkot SB 2.8.4 02-Feb-2022
Devotees are Wide-hearted by Nature Rajkot SB 4.29.39 01-Feb-2022
Krishna Creates Everything by His Personal Effulgence Rajkot SB 2.5.11 01-Feb-2022
Purify your Senses to Access the Spiritual Domain Rajkot Discussion 01-Feb-2022
Cut Short your Material Accounts Rajkot Discussion 01-Feb-2022
Farming is the Sanest Occupation Rajkot Discussion 01-Feb-2022
Bring the Purifying Force of Krishna in your Lives Rajkot Discussion 01-Feb-2022
Conquer Envy and be Merciful to Everyone Rajkot BG 12.13-14 01-Feb-2022
Do not Doubt Krishna Rajkot Discussion 31-Jan-2022
Be Pleasing to Everyone Rajkot BG 12.15 31-Jan-2022
International Society for Nabholingam Consciousness - Part 4 Rajkot SB 1.2.4 30-Jan-2022
International Society for Nabholingam Consciousness - Part 3 Rajkot SB 1.6.25 30-Jan-2022
International Society for Nabholingam Consciousness - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.1.1 30-Jan-2022
International Society for Nabholingam Consciousness - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.6.25 30-Jan-2022
Material Modes Destroy our Bhakti Bhava (Hindi) Fiji SB 8.16.6 30-Jan-2022
Constant Touch of Krishna will give us Everything Rajkot BG 6.28 30-Jan-2022
The word Ikshanam covers the whole Bhagavatam Rajkot SB 2.4.15 29-Jan-2022
Everyone needs Personal Love and Care Rajkot Phone Call 29-Jan-2022
Plan and Study Bhagavatam Continuously Rajkot Phone Call 29-Jan-2022
Satisfaction gives us Everything Rajkot Phone Call 29-Jan-2022
Krishna takes care of His work Himself (Hindi) Rajkot Phone Call 29-Jan-2022
Faith in Krishna Destroys all our Doubts Rajkot Discussion 29-Jan-2022
Time is the Greatest Purifying Force Rajkot SB 10.5.4 28-Jan-2022
Krishna always Arranges what we Need Rajkot Phone Call 28-Jan-2022
Bhagavatam Sanctifies the Whole Universe Rajkot SB 1.5.10-11 28-Jan-2022
Initiation Promises - Granthraj Article Rajkot Discussion 28-Jan-2022
Krishna drives away all Anxieties Rajkot SB 5.19.24 28-Jan-2022
Prabhupada Impells our Intelligence Rajkot Phone Call 28-Jan-2022
Only Krishna can Eradicate all our Miseries (Hindi) Rajkot Phone Call 28-Jan-2022
Those who Give they Get Rajkot Discussion 28-Jan-2022
The More you Have the More you Suffer (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 28-Jan-2022
Always tell I am OK Rajkot Phone Call 28-Jan-2022
The Lord and His Service are Identical Rajkot SB 1.6.22 28-Jan-2022
Touch of Krishna Spiritualizes Everything Rajkot SB 6.4.29 27-Jan-2022
Sanction of the Lord is our Protection - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.10.5 27-Jan-2022
Sanction of the Lord is our Protection - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.10.5 27-Jan-2022
Tresspassing Elders Destroys all our Opulence Rajkot SB 10.4.46 27-Jan-2022
Bhakti is the Root of all Manifestations Sydney Discussion 27-Jan-2022
Humility makes us Grateful Wellington Discussion 27-Jan-2022
We are all Dying Lump Auckland MM 14 27-Jan-2022
Ashrama is meant for Performing Austerities Auckland Initiation 26-Jan-2022
Sankirtan is the Foundation of our Bhakti Auckland SB 12.13.23 26-Jan-2022
Utilize your Opulence to do Good to Others Wellington SB 2.3.17 26-Jan-2022
Always Magnify the Good Qualities in Others Wellington SB 4.26.11 26-Jan-2022
Scriptures Strengthen our Faith in the Holy Names Auckland Discussion 26-Jan-2022
Krishna is our only Shelter - Part 2 Wellington SB 2.9.34 25-Jan-2022
Krishna is our only Shelter - Part 1 Wellington SB 2.9.34 25-Jan-2022
We are Surviving by the Mercy of His Energies Wellington BG 7.8 25-Jan-2022
Convince the Mind about our Precarious Condition Wellington SB 5.11.4 25-Jan-2022
Glorify Krishna with Love (Gujarati) Singapore BG 2.69 25-Jan-2022
Procrastination is the Greatest Impediment for Bhakti Singapore Discussion 24-Jan-2022
Dig into your own Heels to Perfect yourself Singapore SB 12.13.23 24-Jan-2022
Sincere Bhakti Saves us from all Inebrieties - Part 2 Singapore SB 1.8.36 24-Jan-2022
Sincere Bhakti Saves us from all Inebrieties - Part 1 Singapore SB 1.8.36 24-Jan-2022
Trick the Mind with Sincere Chanting - Part 2 Singapore SB 1.8.21 24-Jan-2022
Trick the Mind with Sincere Chanting - Part 1 Singapore SB 1.8.21 24-Jan-2022
Illusion increases by Anti-Vedic activities Rajkot SB 5.10.5 23-Jan-2022
Sincere Bhakti Destroys all Perplexities - Part 2 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 3.9.8 23-Jan-2022
Sincere Bhakti Destroys all Perplexities - Part 1 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 3.9.8 23-Jan-2022
Bhagavatam is non-different from Bhagavan (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 23-Jan-2022
Resolute Determination will Strengthen our Bhakti (Gujarati) Rajkot BG 2.44 23-Jan-2022
Reminiscing early days of Rajkot yatra Rajkot Discussion 23-Jan-2022
Krishna Consciousness gives us Real Peace (Gujarati) Rajkot BG 9.18 23-Jan-2022
Material Relationships will always have Frictions Rajkot Discussion 23-Jan-2022
Stop Worrying Rajkot Phone Call 23-Jan-2022
Followers of Bhagavatam are always Peaceful Rajkot SB 1.13.41 22-Jan-2022
Vibrations of the Vedic Verses are Transcendental Rajkot BG 2.51 22-Jan-2022
Add Krishna to your Life and make it Sublime Rajkot Discussion 22-Jan-2022
Krishna is our only Shelter in all Circumstances Rajkot Discussion 22-Jan-2022
Krishna is Immensely Pleased by Unmotivated Service Rajkot SB 10.14.3 22-Jan-2022
Studying Bhagavatam is the Best Investment of Time Rajkot SB 3.30.1 21-Jan-2022
Straight-forward Life is Krishna Consciousness Rajkot SB 7.6.19 21-Jan-2022
Krishna is the Reservoir of all Religious Principles Rajkot SB 7.9.28 21-Jan-2022
Whatever you Study you Put into Practice Rajkot SB 2.7.31 20-Jan-2022
Bhagavad-gita Teaches us the Real Yoga (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 20-Jan-2022
Unflinching Faith in Krishna gives Healthy Life Rajkot Discussion 20-Jan-2022
Rajkot Ratha Yatra Lecture - 2008 (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 19-Jan-2022
We should Drink Bhagavatam through the Ears Rajkot SB 2.2.37 19-Jan-2022
Devotees Dedicate all their Activities to Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.10.21 19-Jan-2022
We can be Healthy only if we are Spiritually Active Rajkot SB 8.24.50 19-Jan-2022
Always Smile and be Enthusiastic Rajkot BG 2.44 18-Jan-2022
Exploiting Tendency Destroys our Relationships Rajkot SB 2.3.12 18-Jan-2022
Our Goal of Existence is to become a Sincere Devotee Rajkot SB 1.2.3 18-Jan-2022
Kali Appears when Krishna Disappears from our Life Rajkot SB 1.17.38 17-Jan-2022
Never take Loan (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.8.28 16-Jan-2022
Be Awake to the Ultimate Goal of Life Singapore SB 3.30.2 16-Jan-2022
Delay in taking up Spiritual life is Dangerous Singapore BG 2.51 15-Jan-2022
The Root of all Good Qualities is Bhakti Singapore BG 13.8-12 14-Jan-2022
Pure Bhaki Extinguishes the Forest Fire of Miseries Singapore SB 4.7.28 14-Jan-2022
Mutual Relationships Survive only through Sacrifice Singapore BG 3.17 14-Jan-2022
Knowledge Vanquishes Anger and Attachment Kuala Lumpur BG 4.10 13-Jan-2022
Glories of Lord Caitanya Kuala Lumpur CC 1.1.14 13-Jan-2022
Incessantly Chant the Holy Names Kuala Lumpur SB 4.13.25 13-Jan-2022
Neglecting living entities is equal to Killing them Singapore Discussion 13-Jan-2022
Give Real Mother and Father to your Children Singapore Discussion 13-Jan-2022
We have Value only in Relation with Krishna Singapore SB 2.9.33-36 13-Jan-2022
See Krishna in Everything Singapore BG 7.8 12-Jan-2022
Both Desirable and Undesirable makes us Miserable Singapore Discussion 11-Jan-2022
Devote your Attention to Krishna Singapore BG 18.58 11-Jan-2022
Kirtan Nourishes our Bhakti Singapore Discussion 11-Jan-2022
Vedic Life is Simple and Pure Singapore SB 11.2.49 11-Jan-2022
Control the Situation by Controlling yourself Singapore SB 4.7.28 11-Jan-2022
Knowledge and Austerity Purify us Penang BG 4.10 11-Jan-2022
Envious cannot Tolerate to see others Happy Singapore SB 4.3.21 11-Jan-2022
Krishna Reciprocates to our Unflinching Faith Singapore SB 4.7.9 10-Jan-2022
Taste the Sugar Candy of Krishna-katha Singapore SB 2.3.17 10-Jan-2022
Bhagavatam Culture is Eternal and Universal Kuala Lumpur SB 4.7.6 09-Jan-2022
Adjust your Life in line with the Scriptures Kuala Lumpur Discussion 09-Jan-2022
Regulated Life is better than Hypocrite Life Kuala Lumpur BG 3.6-7 09-Jan-2022
Perform Devotional Service with Full Heart Kuala Lumpur SB 2.9.33-36 08-Jan-2022
Bhaja Hu Re Mana - Vaishnava Bhajan Kuala Lumpur Bhajan 08-Jan-2022
Renunciation is Complete only with Bhakti London BG 3.4-8 07-Jan-2022
Always Depend on the Mercy of the Lord Johannesburg SB 4.6.50 07-Jan-2022
By Hook or Crook Improve the Quality of your Life (Hindi) Singapore Discussion 07-Jan-2022
Faith in Krishna Strengthens our Sadhana Johannesburg SB 4.6.49 06-Jan-2022
Krishna Protects us when we Obey Him Singapore BG 10.12 06-Jan-2022
The Soul is Nourished only by Bhakti Auckland BG 2.62-63 05-Jan-2022
Chastity in Devotion Attracts Krishna Singapore BG 14.26 05-Jan-2022
No Expectation is the Best Expectation Singapore SB 11.14.16 05-Jan-2022
The Real Meaning of Jaya Singapore SB 10.31.1 04-Jan-2022
Story of Gajendra Moksha Rajkot Discussion 03-Jan-2022
Chant the Names of Krishna Sincerely (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 03-Jan-2022
Slight Deviation can create Havoc Rajkot Discussion 03-Jan-2022
Study Krishna Book Seriously Rajkot SB 10.51.45 03-Jan-2022
Purify the Motive of our Bhakti Rajkot SB 2.3.10 03-Jan-2022
Remembrance of Krishna is the Best Remedy Rajkot SB 1.5.40 02-Jan-2022
Purify your Hearing to Attain Krishna Rajkot BG 7.1 02-Jan-2022
Attachment always lead to Misery - Part 2 Rajkot SB 11.7.62-74 01-Jan-2022
Attachment always lead to Misery - Part 1 Rajkot SB 11.7.53-61 01-Jan-2022
Avoid Grabbing Tendency at any Cost Rajkot Discussion 10-Oct-2021
Krishna is the Source of Everything (Gujarati) Rajkot BG 10.8-12 10-Oct-2021
Have Unflinching Faith in the Holy Names of Krishna Rajkot SB 4.12.37 08-Oct-2021
Intense Sadhana is the only way to Destroy Duality Rajkot BG 15.5 07-Oct-2021
Simplicity Brings us Closer to Krishna Rajkot BG 13.8-12 07-Oct-2021
H H Mahavishnu Goswami Chanting Japa Dwarka Japa 07-Oct-2021
Be Addicted to the Literatures of Prabhupada Rajkot SB 11.7.17-20 06-Oct-2021
Satisfaction is an Outcome of Sincere Sadhana Rajkot BG 18.69-70 05-Oct-2021
Read and Research the Scriptures Rajkot BG 4.18 05-Oct-2021
Broadcast the Sublime and Spotless Glories of Krishna Rajkot SB 1.5.8 03-Oct-2021
Bhagavatam is the only means of Conquest Rajkot SB 1.2.4 02-Oct-2021
Austerity is Required for Everybody Rajkot BG 13.8-12 01-Oct-2021
History of Rajkot and Dwarka Temples Rajkot Discussion 30-Sep-2021
Collection is a Symptom of Greed Rajkot Discussion 30-Sep-2021
Recitation - Prayers by Brahma for Creative Energy Rajkot Recitation 27-Sep-2021
Bhakti Destroys all the Layers of Illusory Coverings Rajkot SB 3.9.1 27-Sep-2021
Our Real Wealth is Krishna Bhakti (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 27-Sep-2021
Fifteen Places to See Krishna Rajkot BG 7.8-12 27-Sep-2021
Carry Krishna in your Heart Rajkot SB 1.5.40 26-Sep-2021
Glories of Bhagavad-Gita Rajkot Discussion 26-Sep-2021
Devotional Service Pulls us out of Impiety Rajkot Discussion 25-Sep-2021
The Real Meaning of Renunciation Rajkot Discussion 25-Sep-2021
Take Complete Shelter of Srila Prabhupada Books Rajkot SB 3.5.32-36 24-Sep-2021
Simple Living is a must for Krishna Consciousness Rajkot Discussion 24-Sep-2021
Utilize your Time in Preaching Everyday Rajkot SB 11.7.5-6 23-Sep-2021
Our Preaching must be Bona fide Rajkot SB 10.2.37 23-Sep-2021
Preaching is a Manifestation of our Bhakti Rajkot SB 10.2.37 23-Sep-2021
Sanity without Krishna Consciousness is Impossible Rajkot BG 1.1 23-Sep-2021
Be more Miserly with Time than Money Rajkot SB 11.7.48-49 22-Sep-2021
Temples of Krishna must be Traditional and Opulent Rajkot SB 11.7.50 22-Sep-2021
Everything is Auspicious in Krishna Consciousness Rajkot BG 4.24 21-Sep-2021
Inside the Temple too we can fall Prey to Illusory Energy Rajkot Discussion 20-Sep-2021
Our Inebrieties Extinguish the Fire of our Bhakti Rajkot BG 12.6-7 20-Sep-2021
Only Bhakti can Stop the Current of Birth and Death Rajkot BG 18.51-53 20-Sep-2021
Equal Vision Rajkot SB 11.7.6 17-Sep-2021
Mode of Goodness Enables us to go to Krishna Rajkot SB 1.5.40 17-Sep-2021
Work Hard to stop the Wandering Mind Rajkot SB 11.7.44 14-Sep-2021
Concoctions Carry away our Intelligence Rajkot SB 1.5.40 14-Sep-2021
Making Plans without Krishna is Madness Rajkot Discussion 12-Sep-2021
We should be Ready to Die Anytime Rajkot SB 10.2.26 10-Sep-2021
Wasting Time is Suicidal Rajkot BG 15.18 09-Sep-2021
Conditional Faith does not Attract Krishna Rajkot SB 11.7.47 08-Sep-2021
Our Material Activities also Bloom by our Sincere Devotion Rajkot SB 3.1.9 07-Sep-2021
The Scriptures are our Intravenous Injections Rajkot SB 11.7.8 06-Sep-2021
Patience is a must to Progress in Bhakti Rajkot SB 11.7.12-16 05-Sep-2021
Body functions properly only with Service Attitude Rajkot SB 11.7.10 04-Sep-2021
Envy Stops us from Feeling Pains of Others Rajkot SB 11.7.9 03-Sep-2021
Worry Kills our Time Rajkot Discussion 02-Sep-2021
Devotional Service is the only Guaranteed Path to Success Rajkot BG 18.70 02-Sep-2021
Bhagavatam Mitigates the Miseries of the Whole World Rajkot SB 1.5.40 31-Aug-2021
Love Studying Bhagavatam and Bhagavad-gita Rajkot SB 11.7.8-9 30-Aug-2021
Any Service to Krishna is Hari Kirtan Rajkot Discussion 29-Aug-2021
Saints should always Move and Preach Rajkot BG 5.26 28-Aug-2021
Audience should feel Sheltered in our Association Rajkot Discussion 28-Aug-2021
Neutralize the Effects of Kali (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.15.36 26-Aug-2021
Krishna is the Supreme Controller (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.8.18 26-Aug-2021
Read Srila Prabhupada Books Intensely (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.2.15 26-Aug-2021
Our Source of Maintenance is Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 26-Aug-2021
Use this Body to Understand the Philosophy (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 26-Aug-2021
In Assisting Krishna we Enjoy Rajkot Discussion 25-Aug-2021
Dissatisfaction Diminishes our Spiritual Potency Rajkot SB 10.1.4 25-Aug-2021
Highest Devotion is Attained by Constant Endeavor Rajkot BS 5.59 25-Aug-2021
Krishna is the Source of all Truths Rajkot SB 10.2.26 24-Aug-2021
Everything Belongs to Krishna Rajkot Discussion 23-Aug-2021
True Well-wisher sees Krishna in Everyone Rajkot SB 1.8.43 21-Aug-2021
Do Bhakti Earnestly on your own Endeavor Rajkot SB 2.8.4