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Greeting Visitors for Prasadam (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 19-May-2024
Beware of the Materialistic Mind (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 5.11.6 18-May-2024
Always Perform Sincere Bhakti (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 17-May-2024
Jaya Radha Madhava - Bhajan Singapore Bhajan 16-May-2024
Simple Living Rejuvenates our Bhakti Sharjah Discussion 15-May-2024
Glory of Lord Damodara (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 14-May-2024
Recitation and Important Verses - SB 1.5-6 Rajkot Recitation 13-May-2024
Please be Always Engaged in Service (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 12-May-2024
Recitation - SB 2.4.20 Rajkot Recitation 11-May-2024
Never Leave Srila Prabhupada Rajkot Others 10-May-2024
Everything is Under the Control of Krishna Abu Dhabi Initiation 09-May-2024
Our Real Disease is Faithlessness (Hindi) Abu Dhabi SB 4.24.66 08-May-2024
The Four Types of Envy - Part 2 Abu Dhabi SB 3.32.39-42 07-May-2024
The Four Types of Envy - Part 1 Abu Dhabi SB 3.32.39-42 06-May-2024
Our Devotion is Mercy of Krishna Rajkot Discussion 05-May-2024
Devotees do not Demand Anything (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 04-May-2024
Holy Name is the only Shelter in Kali Yuga (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 03-May-2024
Utilize your Wealth Generously for Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 02-May-2024
Sikshashtakam with Translation Rajkot Bhajan 01-May-2024
Throw away your False Ego (Gujarati) Rajkot BG 3.27 30-Apr-2024
Maharaj Teaching Sloka Recitation - SB 2.7.1-13 Singapore SB 2.7.1-13 29-Apr-2024
Scrutinizingly Study the Lord's Pastimes Singapore SB 2.7.27 28-Apr-2024
Krishna Enjoys Serving His Devotees Singapore SB 3.16.7 27-Apr-2024
Austerity is the Root of Bhakti (Gujarati) Sydney SB 1.9.32 26-Apr-2024
Q & A - How to Perform Duty to Parents in Bhakti? Auckland Q & A 25-Apr-2024
Soul can be Happy only with Krishna Auckland SB 6.11.27 24-Apr-2024
Arrival Lila of Jagannath in Rajkot Rajkot Discussion 23-Apr-2024
Recitation - Sri Natha Narayana Vasudeva Dwarka Recitation 22-Apr-2024
Bhakti is the Only Way to Vanquish Sins (Gujarati) London BG 3.36 21-Apr-2024
Recitation - SB 1.1 (With Translation) Rajkot Recitation 20-Apr-2024
We are Attached to Family Life (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 19-Apr-2024
Explanation of Hare Krishna Mahamantra Sydney Discussion 18-Apr-2024
Be at Peace with your Situation - Fighting Couple Story Chicago Story 17-Apr-2024
We Should Follow Parampara - Fiji Temple Story Chicago Story 16-Apr-2024
There is no Concept of Divorce in Vedic Culture Costa Rica Others 15-Apr-2024
Q & A - How is Krishna's Action Different from Ours? Sydney Q & A 14-Apr-2024
Q & A - Can we Hear Krishna Katha from Anywhere? Sydney Q & A 13-Apr-2024
Verse Explanation - SB 1.13.41 Sydney SB 1.13.41 12-Apr-2024
Verse Explanation - SB 12.13.18 Costa Rica SB 12.13.18 11-Apr-2024
Respect Elders - Story of Dwarka Landlord Singapore Story 10-Apr-2024
Be Focussed in your Goal of Bhakti Singapore Others 09-Apr-2024
Verse Explanation - SB 10.1.44 Singapore SB 10.1.44 08-Apr-2024
Verse Explanation - Vamsi Vibhushita Karan Auckland Verse 07-Apr-2024
The Function of Ten Airs in our Body Sydney Others 06-Apr-2024
Definition of Material Life Singapore Others 05-Apr-2024
Verse Explanation - SB 10.14.8 Houston SB 10.14.8 04-Apr-2024
Verse Explanation - Matravat Para Dareshu Abu Dhabi CNS 03-Apr-2024
Q & A - Should we Ask Questions or Avoid it? Rajkot Q & A 02-Apr-2024
Q & A - Do we Require Devotee Appreciation? Rajkot Q & A 01-Apr-2024
Q & A - What is Questioning and Submissive Inquiry? Rajkot Q & A 31-Mar-2024
Q & A - How to be Self-Satisfied? Rajkot Q & A 30-Mar-2024
Q & A - What is Regulated Sense Gratification? Rajkot Q & A 29-Mar-2024
Q & A - How to Identify Reservations in our Behavior? Rajkot Q & A 28-Mar-2024
Q & A - In what Mood Should we Serve the Spiritual Master? Rajkot Q & A 27-Mar-2024
Q & A - Should we Retaliate or not Retaliate? Rajkot Q & A 26-Mar-2024
Verse Explanation - BG 3.17 Auckland BG 3.17 25-Mar-2024
Verse Explanation - Namnam Akari (Sikshashtakam) Rajkot CS 2 24-Mar-2024
Verse Explanation - SB 1.6.26 Rajkot SB 1.6.26 23-Mar-2024
Maharaj Reminiscence - Importance of Harinam Rajkot Memories 22-Mar-2024
Q & A - Can I Wear Karmi Clothes to Temple? Rajkot Q & A 21-Mar-2024
Q & A - Do the Type of Cloth I Wear Matter? Rajkot Q & A 20-Mar-2024
Verse Explanation - SB 4.21.44 Rajkot SB 4.21.44 19-Mar-2024
Death Forces us to be Humble - Old Man Story Rajkot Story 18-Mar-2024
Verse Explanation - Bhoge Roga Bhayam London VS 31 17-Mar-2024
Verse Explanation - SB 2.4.15 Rajkot SB 2.4.15 16-Mar-2024
Maharaj Appreciating Contributions of Yashomati Prabhu Rajkot Others 15-Mar-2024
Verse Explanation - SB 11.26.26 Rajkot SB 11.26.26 14-Mar-2024
Verse Explanation - SB 4.9.6 Sydney SB 4.9.6 13-Mar-2024
Magic of Prabhupada Books - Russian Devotee Story Sydney Story 12-Mar-2024
He Govinda He Gopal - Bhajan Rajkot Bhajan 11-Mar-2024
Raghupathi Raghava Raja Ram - Bhajan Fiji Bhajan 10-Mar-2024
Procrastination - Dwarka Sweeper Story (Gujarati) Rajkot Story 09-Mar-2024
Verse Explanation - SB 1.19.16 Rajkot SB 1.19.16 08-Mar-2024
Verse Explanation - SB 3.3.13 Manor SB 3.3.13 07-Mar-2024
Do not be Careless in your Prescribed Duties Singapore Story 06-Mar-2024
Verse Explanation - SB 1.2.3 (Hindi) Dwarka SB 1.2.3 05-Mar-2024
With patience, we can make progress Minneapolis BG 2.60 04-Mar-2024
Regulated Activities are Beneficial Activities Abu Dhabi BG 3.41 03-Mar-2024
If you Dye you will Die - Veerappan Story (Gujarati) Rajkot Story 02-Mar-2024
If you Counteract Time you will be Destroyed (Gujarati) Rajkot Story 01-Mar-2024
Verse Explanation - Satam Vihaya Bhoktavyam (Gujarati) Rajkot Subhashitam 29-Feb-2024
Lakshmi Svayamvara Story London Story 28-Feb-2024
Nahin Rahiya Mann me Dhor - Bhajan Auckland Bhajan 27-Feb-2024
Verse Explanation - Kasturi Tilakam Singapore KK 2.108 26-Feb-2024
Verse Explanation - SB 7.9.17 (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.9.17 25-Feb-2024
Verse Explanation - SB 6.11.26 (Hindi) Fiji SB 6.11.26 24-Feb-2024
Remedy is More Miserable than the Miseries (Hindi) Fiji Story 23-Feb-2024
Fear of Death is the Impetus for Sincere Chanting Sydney Story 22-Feb-2024
The Sadhu and the Horse Story Sydney Story 21-Feb-2024
Q & A - Are Material Energies of Krishna too Spiritual? Detroit Q & A 20-Feb-2024
Q & A - How can a Devotee Liberate his Family? (Gujarati) London Q & A 19-Feb-2024
The Story of Sweeper in Dwarka (Hindi) Fiji Story 18-Feb-2024
Follow the Golden Rule - Never Waste your Time Rajkot Story 17-Feb-2024
We Behave Well as soon as we Remember our Last Day Sydney Story 16-Feb-2024
Hoarding will Kill us - Marvadi Merchant Story Sydney Story 15-Feb-2024
Be Determined in Bhakti - Surdas and Akbar Story (Hindi) Rajkot Story 14-Feb-2024
Visualize your Sufferings Rajkot Story 13-Feb-2024
Death is Better than Medication - Krishna Swami Story Rajkot Story 12-Feb-2024
Q & A - How to Improve our Consciousness? Rajkot Q & A 11-Feb-2024
Story of Sanatana Goswami and the Touch Stone Singapore Story 10-Feb-2024
Bhakti is the Only Way for Satisfaction Sydney Story 09-Feb-2024
Maharaj Memories by H G Yashomatinandan Prabhu Rajkot Memories 08-Feb-2024
Maharaj Reminiscence - Remembering School Days Singapore Memories 07-Feb-2024
The Transcendental Forty Rupees Rajkot Story 06-Feb-2024
Om is the Sound Form of Krishna - Africa Temple Story Rajkot Story 05-Feb-2024
Q & A - How to Understand Krishna is Transcendental? Kampala Q & A 04-Feb-2024
Story of Krishna Lifting Govardhan Hill Singapore Story 03-Feb-2024
Too much Treatment Hastens our Death (Hindi) Fiji Story 02-Feb-2024
Bad Association Destroys us - Story of Duryodhan Sydney Story 01-Feb-2024
Children can Survive only in Vedic Culture Rajkot Story 31-Jan-2024
Seriously Endeavor to Study Bhagavatam - Marvadi Seth Story Rajkot Story 30-Jan-2024
Earnestness is a Must for Bhakti Rajkot Story 29-Jan-2024
Queen Kunti - The Personification of Prescribed Duty Dwarka Story 28-Jan-2024
You have to be Fiery to Remain with Fire London Story 27-Jan-2024
Prabhupada Created ISKCON by Chanting the Holy Names London Story 26-Jan-2024
Destruction Awaits if we Deviate London Story 25-Jan-2024
Do not Cross the Lakshman Rekha London Story 24-Jan-2024
You Shout or Scream but Take Shelter of Bhagavatam Dwarka Story 23-Jan-2024
If you are Ready to Die you will Never Die Dwarka Story 22-Jan-2024
See the Hand of Krishna - Prabhupada Pastime Dwarka Story 21-Jan-2024
Maharaj Reminiscence - Benefit of Getting up Early Singapore Memories 20-Jan-2024
Q & A - What is the Definition of Vaishnavism? New Vrindavan Q & A 19-Jan-2024
London Harinam Builds Mauritius Temple New Vrindavan Story 18-Jan-2024
We are Just a Palmful of Ash Rajkot Story 17-Jan-2024
Maharaj Reminiscence - History of Rajkot Ratha Yatra (Hindi) Rajkot Memories 16-Jan-2024
Maharaj Reminiscence - Initial Days in Dwarka (Hindi) Rajkot Memories 15-Jan-2024
Maharaj Reminiscence - History of Dwarka Ratha Yatra (Hindi) Rajkot Memories 14-Jan-2024
Q & A - How can we Chant while Sleeping? Johannesburg Q & A 13-Jan-2024
Q & A - What is the Benefit of Chanting Prayers? Johannesburg Q & A 12-Jan-2024
The Previous Life Story of Bilvamangala Thakur Johannesburg Story 11-Jan-2024
The Sadhu and the Goat Story Johannesburg Story 10-Jan-2024
Maharaj Reminiscence - Austerity Gives us the Tejas Rajkot Memories 09-Jan-2024
Change is the only Permanent Thing in this World Rajkot Story 08-Jan-2024
With Krishna our Life is Instantly Purified Rajkot Story 07-Jan-2024
Q & A - How to Lead a Regulated Life? Rajkot Q & A 06-Jan-2024
Maharaj Reminiscence - Conditioning Increase our Disturbances Rajkot Memories 05-Jan-2024
Maharaj Reminiscence - Our Life is a Hard Struggle Rajkot Memories 04-Jan-2024
Maharaj Reminiscence - Honesty Always Attracts People Rajkot Memories 03-Jan-2024
The Supreme Medicine - Fiji Billionaire Story Dwarka Story 02-Jan-2024
Q & A - How to do Bhakti when there is no Association? Rajkot Q & A 01-Jan-2024
Maharaj Reminiscence - Do not Lend Do not Borrow Rajkot Memories 31-Dec-2023
If you do not Follow Vedic Culture you will be Destroyed Singapore Story 30-Dec-2023
Pass on the Vedic Culture to Younger Generation Rajkot Story 29-Dec-2023
Recitation - Nrsimha Kavacam Rajkot Recitation 28-Dec-2023
Power of Sound Vibration - Japanese Water Experiment Rajkot Story 27-Dec-2023
Krishna has His own ways to Shun our Attachment Rajkot Story 26-Dec-2023
Power of Chanting - Russian Devotee Story Auckland Story 25-Dec-2023
As Soon as we are in the Modes we Miss Mangala Arati Rajkot Story 24-Dec-2023
Do not Increase your File with Yamaraj Sydney Story 23-Dec-2023
Krishna Reciprocates to Pure Bhakti - Draupadi Story (Gujarati) London Story 22-Dec-2023
Krishna will Definitely Help you Rajkot Phone Call 21-Dec-2023
Krishna Reciprocates to Honest Endeavor Rajkot Others 20-Dec-2023
Bhakti is Rare - Narada Muni and Krishna Story (English) Auckland Story 19-Dec-2023
Cows Reciprocate to our Love and Care Radhadesh Story 18-Dec-2023
Walking Keeps us Hale and Healthy Rajkot Story 17-Dec-2023
Chant your Rounds Sincerely Rajkot Phone Call 16-Dec-2023
Simple Life is Loan-free Life Rajkot Story 15-Dec-2023
All I Want is that you be Blissful (Gujarati) Rajkot Phone Call 14-Dec-2023
Q & A - What Happens after Death? (Gujarati) London Q & A 13-Dec-2023
Q & A - How Generations of a Devotee Get Liberated? London Q & A 12-Dec-2023
Q & A - How did Bhishmadev get Benediction of Iccha Mrtyu? London Q & A 11-Dec-2023
Q & A - How to Avoid Suffering for our Past Sins? London Q & A 10-Dec-2023
Q & A - Can Fate be Changed through Bhakti? London Q & A 09-Dec-2023
Q & A - How does the Lord Control our Death? (Gujarati) London Q & A 08-Dec-2023
Maharaj Reminiscences - Purity of our Ancestors Rajkot Memories 07-Dec-2023
World of Unlimited Miseries - BCC Bank Story San Diego Story 06-Dec-2023
Maharaj Reminiscences - Survival is Possible only with Honesty Rajkot Memories 05-Dec-2023
Q & A - Does Devotee Go to Goloka or Vaikuntha? (Hindi) Rajkot Q & A 04-Dec-2023
Q & A - How to Manage Expectations from Life Partner? Rajkot Q & A 03-Dec-2023
Bhakti Improves our Health - Story of Mother Kulangana London Story 02-Dec-2023
Q & A - Is Chanting More Important or Reading (Gujarati)? London Q & A 01-Dec-2023
Q & A - Difference Between Selfish and Self-Attracted Person? Singapore Q & A 30-Nov-2023
Q & A - What is Austerity of Speech? Singapore Q & A 29-Nov-2023
We are Bound to Suffer - Madhav Swami Story Singapore Story 28-Nov-2023
Q & A - How to Earnestly Serve Krishna? Rajkot Q & A 27-Nov-2023
Q & A - How to Deal with Demigod Worship? Rajkot Q & A 26-Nov-2023
We will Get what we are Destined - Vamsi Seth Story Rajkot Story 25-Nov-2023
Inviting for Rajkot Ratha Yatra (Gujarati) Rajkot Phone Call 24-Nov-2023
Q & A - Why do we Wear Neck Beads? Marundera Q & A 23-Nov-2023
Q & A - What is the Role of ISKCON? Marundera Q & A 22-Nov-2023
Q & A - What is Real Gopi Bhava? Sydney Q & A 21-Nov-2023
Q & A - Does Dying under the Rath Cart Liberate us? Sydney Q & A 20-Nov-2023
Our Spice Box is our Medicine Box San Diego Story 19-Nov-2023
Discussion about Flight Timings and Meeting (Gujarati) San Diego Phone Call 18-Nov-2023
Q & A - How to Control our Mind and Senses? Kuala Lumpur Q & A 17-Nov-2023
Secret Mantra for a Happy Married Life Rajkot Story 16-Nov-2023
Use Lone Moments for Krishna - George Stevenson Story London Story 15-Nov-2023
Maharaj Reminiscence - Love is the Key to Preaching Rajkot Memories 14-Nov-2023
Do not Depend upon Anything Except Prabhupada Rajkot Story 13-Nov-2023
Bad Consciousness Turns Auspicious into Inauspicious Rajkot Story 12-Nov-2023
People Hate Liars - Story of a Boy and his Brother Rajkot Story 11-Nov-2023
Touch Sensation Kills us Rajkot Story 10-Nov-2023
Maharaj Reminiscence - Krishna will Sort out Everything Rajkot Memories 09-Nov-2023
Maharaj Reminiscence - Avoid Unnecessary Checkups Sydney Memories 08-Nov-2023
We Cannot Defy Laws of Krishna - Prisoner Story Singapore Story 07-Nov-2023
Greed Should Never Enter Devotional Service Rajkot Story 06-Nov-2023
Bhakti Improves our Health - Gopal Krishna Maharaj Story Rajkot Story 05-Nov-2023
Prasadam is a Necessity Rajkot Story 04-Nov-2023
Maharaj Reminiscence - Avoid Narrow Mindedness Rajkot Memories 03-Nov-2023
Chanting will Keep you Happy Rajkot Phone Call 02-Nov-2023
Health Deteriorates where Krishna is Absent (Gujarati) London Story 01-Nov-2023
Be Good See Good - Vrindavan Temple Incident Rajkot Story 31-Oct-2023
Our Ignorance is Unlimited - Story of Fiji Businessman Rajkot Story 30-Oct-2023
We Cannot Escape Death - Story of Baghdad Merchant Costa Rica Story 29-Oct-2023
Medicines Neither let us Live Nor Die (Gujarati) Rajkot Story 28-Oct-2023
Our Situations are Always Changing Every Moment London Story 27-Oct-2023
Ambarisha Maharaj and Durvasa Muni Story London Story 26-Oct-2023
Krishna Resides where His Devotees Glorify Him (Gujarati) London Story 25-Oct-2023
Secret of Capturing Krishna Houston Story 24-Oct-2023
Conquering Anger - Ethiopia Couple Story (Gujarati) London Story 23-Oct-2023
The Brahmana and the Cobbler Story (Gujarati) London Story 22-Oct-2023
Childhood Story of Narada Muni (Gujarati) London Story 21-Oct-2023
Power of Bhagavatam - Story of Hasmukh Bhai Singapore Story 20-Oct-2023
Mental Concoction - Glassware Seller Story (Gujarati) Radhadesh Story 19-Oct-2023
Maharaj Reminiscence - Story of an Old Friend (Gujarati) Radhadesh Memories 18-Oct-2023
Tribulations are Mercy of Krishna - London Temple Story Rajkot Story 17-Oct-2023
Do not Procrastinate in Bhakti - Chandulal Story Auckland Story 16-Oct-2023
Maharaj Reminiscence - Purity of his Brother Singapore Memories 15-Oct-2023
Consciousness at Death - Goldsmith Story Rajkot Story 14-Oct-2023
Sufferings are Unavoidable - Karna Story Auckland Story 13-Oct-2023
Nature of this World - Story of Sisyphus (Hindi) Fiji Story 12-Oct-2023
Power of Holy Name - Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Story Auckland Story 11-Oct-2023
Hearing thoroughly Cleanses our Heart Alachua Others 10-Oct-2023
The Story of Three Saints (Hindi) Alachua Story 09-Oct-2023
Our Vedic Tradition is Spread all over the World Alachua Others 08-Oct-2023
Maharaj Reminiscence - Early Dwarka Days Alachua Memories 07-Oct-2023
Conquering Anger - Ethiopia Couple Story Singapore Story 06-Oct-2023
Treatment is Worse than Disease - Aditya Birla Story Sydney Story 05-Oct-2023
Krishna Serves His Devotees - Narsingh Mehta Story Rajkot Story 04-Oct-2023
Renunciation - Story of Dwarka Sadhu Rajkot Story 03-Oct-2023
Do not Die before you Die Alachua Story 02-Oct-2023
Continuous Attachment to Krishna is Real Detachment Rajkot Story 01-Oct-2023
Power of Prabhupada Books Rajkot Story 30-Sep-2023
Brush off your Past - Story of Atma Prasad Prabhu Rajkot Story 29-Sep-2023
Krishna Controls Everything - Story of Sridhar Swami Rajkot Story 28-Sep-2023
Ravana and his Curses Sydney Story 27-Sep-2023
Ignore the Difficulties in the Spiritual Path Rajkot Phone Call 26-Sep-2023
Tolerance of Srila Prabhupada - Nairobi Temple Story Columbus Story 25-Sep-2023
Prabhupada and the Butcher Story Rajkot Story 24-Sep-2023
Stay Alone - The Story of Unmarried Girl Rajkot Story 23-Sep-2023
Regulated Life - Narada Muni and Girl Story Rajkot Story 22-Sep-2023
Our Life is Fickle - Story of Greek Tycoon (Hindi) Dwarka Story 21-Sep-2023
Maharaj Reminiscence - Working Days Experience Rajkot Memories 20-Sep-2023
Jai Govinda Jai Gopal - Bhajan Singapore Bhajan 19-Sep-2023
Secret of Success at Work (Gujarati) London Story 18-Sep-2023
Effect of Envy - Citraketu Story Radhadesh Story 17-Sep-2023
Safeguard your Marital Relationship by Bhakti Penang Story 16-Sep-2023
The Power of Mahamantra - Story of a Devotee Penang Story 15-Sep-2023
Magnify the Good Qualities - Man and his Ghost Story Houston Story 14-Sep-2023
Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram - Bhajan Bamnia Bhajan 13-Sep-2023
Faith of Unflinching Devotee - Story of Muslim (Gujarati) Rajkot Story 12-Sep-2023
Bhakti is Rare - Narada Muni and Krishna Story (Gujarati) Rajkot Story 11-Sep-2023
Easy Wealth Spoil the Children Rajkot Story 10-Sep-2023
By Duplicity we Lose our Credibility Rajkot Story 09-Sep-2023
Narayana Astra - Mahabharata Story (Gujarati) Rajkot Story 08-Sep-2023
Attachment does not Leave us even at Death (Hindi) Fiji Story 07-Sep-2023
Mahabharat - Duryodhan and Yudhishtir Story (Gujarati) Rajkot Story 06-Sep-2023
Lesson from Vibhishana and Draupadi (Gujarati) Rajkot Story 05-Sep-2023
Krishna Jinka Naama Hai - Bhajan Sydney Bhajan 04-Sep-2023
Maharaj Reminiscence - Secret to Get Wealthy Penang Memories 03-Sep-2023
Marriage is a Gamble Rajkot Phone Call 02-Sep-2023
Give Time for Krishna - Doctor Ansari Story New Vrindavan Story 01-Sep-2023
Potency of the Holy Name - Manmohan Travels Story Wellington Story 31-Aug-2023
The Reciprocation of Krishna New Vrindavan Story 30-Aug-2023
The Story of Prostitute and Pativrata Singapore Story 29-Aug-2023
The Three Effects of Singing Verses and Holy Names New Vrindavan Story 28-Aug-2023
Krishna Resides where His Devotees Glorify Him New Vrindavan Story 27-Aug-2023
The Perfect Service Mood - Hanuman and Spider Story Rajkot Story 26-Aug-2023
Effect of Modes - Duryodhan and Pandavas Story Wellington Story 25-Aug-2023
Maharaj Reminiscence - Austerities in Childhood days Rajkot Memories 24-Aug-2023
Destiny Smashes all our Plans - Ramayana Story Radhadesh Story 23-Aug-2023
Manifestation Pastime of Sri Sri Radha-Londonishwara Penang Story 22-Aug-2023
Destiny is Invincible - Story of Karna Radhadesh Story 21-Aug-2023
Maharaj Reminiscence - Journey in Krishna Consciousness Kuala Lumpur Memories 20-Aug-2023
Inquisitiveness take us to Krishna - Story of Bhakta Mark Auckland Story 19-Aug-2023
Maharaj Reminiscence - The Dental Treatment Durban Memories 18-Aug-2023
Krishna and the Old Lady Story Rajkot Story 17-Aug-2023
Prabhupada and the Snoring Devotee Story Radhadesh Story 16-Aug-2023
Austerity is a must for Bhakti - Tulsi das Story Radhadesh Story 15-Aug-2023
The Goldsmith Story Sydney Story 14-Aug-2023
Envy - Birbal and Barber Story Auckland Story 13-Aug-2023
The Story of Three Saints Auckland Story 12-Aug-2023
Greed Kills us - Dhundukari Story Singapore Story 11-Aug-2023
Humility and Tolerance - Krishna and Sudama Story Marundera Story 10-Aug-2023
Material Attachment is Very Strong - Chandulal Story Boston Story 09-Aug-2023
Envy Destroys us - Duryodhana and Pandavas Story Manor Story 08-Aug-2023
Uncontrolled Senses - Vyasadev and Jaimini Story Zurich Story 07-Aug-2023
The Blind Well of Illusion Story Singapore Story 06-Aug-2023
Futility of Material Achievements - Alexander Story Rajkot Story 05-Aug-2023
Krishna Reciprocates to Unflinching Faith - Draupadi Story Sydney Story 04-Aug-2023
The Story of Pradhruk Mumbai Story 03-Aug-2023
Tolerance - Shivaji and the Poor Lady Story Marundera Story 02-Aug-2023
Krishna is the Supreme Controller - Shivaji and Ramdas Story Singapore Story 01-Aug-2023
Bhima and Duryodhana Story Singapore Story 31-Jul-2023
The Benedictions of Lord Rama Singapore Story 30-Jul-2023
The Four Fools - Akbar and Birbal Story Sydney Story 29-Jul-2023
The Story of Lalu Joshi Rajkot Story 28-Jul-2023
Pride - The Story of Three Ladies Singapore Story 27-Jul-2023
The Brahmana and the Cobbler Story Sydney Story 26-Jul-2023
The Pastime of Durvasa Cursing Krishna and Rukmini Sydney Story 25-Jul-2023
Sadhu and the Goat Story (Hindi) Fiji Story 24-Jul-2023
Never Reject your Parents - The Old Man Story (Gujarati) Rajkot Story 23-Jul-2023
Victory Follows Krishna - Mahabharata Story (Gujarati) Rajkot Story 22-Jul-2023
Greed - Man and the Coconut Story (Hindi) Fiji Story 21-Jul-2023
The Power of Determination - Kaca and Sukracarya Story Sydney Story 20-Jul-2023
We are Re-conditioned Souls - Sunflower Airlines Story Rajkot Story 19-Jul-2023
One-Pointed Attention - Arjuna and Drona Story Singapore Story 18-Jul-2023
Mental Concoction - Glassware Seller Story Rajkot Story 17-Jul-2023
The Syamantaka Jewel Story (Hindi) Fiji Story 16-Jul-2023
Premature Renunciation is Destructive - Sadhu and Rat Story Sydney Story 15-Jul-2023
The Sadhu and the Rat Story (Hindi) Fiji Story 14-Jul-2023
Never Reject your Parents - Old Man Story Sydney Story 13-Jul-2023
The Akshaya Patra Story (Hindi) Sydney Story 12-Jul-2023
Our Strength Comes from Krishna (Hindi) Fiji Story 11-Jul-2023
The Monkey Fashion Story (Gujarati) Nakuru Story 10-Jul-2023
Hypocrisy - The Busy Solicitor Story Rajkot Story 09-Jul-2023
Purification by Remembrance - Ravana and Kumbakarna Story Sydney Story 08-Jul-2023
Serve your Parents - Pundarik Story (Hindi) Fiji Story 07-Jul-2023
The Blind Well of Illusion - Mahabharat Story (Hindi) Fiji Story 06-Jul-2023
The Rat Race - Sunanda Vidyadhar Story (Hindi) Fiji Story 05-Jul-2023
The Sadhu and the Dog Story Rajkot Story 04-Jul-2023
Demoniac Tendency - Ravana and Bali Maharaj Story (Hindi) Fiji Story 03-Jul-2023
Parampara - Nurse and the Ring Story (Hindi) Fiji Story 02-Jul-2023
Power of Chastity - Anasuya Story Houston Story 01-Jul-2023
Lust Kills us - Kichak Story (Hindi) Dwarka Story 30-Jun-2023
Lust Destroys even the Most Powerful - Nahusha Story (Hindi) Dwarka Story 29-Jun-2023
Greed - Beggar and Kuber Story Sydney Story 28-Jun-2023
Envy - Birbal and Barber Story (Hindi) Bamnia Story 27-Jun-2023
The Supreme Lord is Impartial - Ram Setu Story (Hindi) Bamnia Story 26-Jun-2023
Power of Tolerance - Valmiki Story (Hindi) Calcutta Story 25-Jun-2023
Krishna Naam Ke Heere Moti - Bhajan Fiji Bhajan 24-Jun-2023
Obedience to Guru is the Key to Bhakti (Hindi) Vrindavan Story 23-Jun-2023
Krishna Smashes our Pride Singapore Story 22-Jun-2023
Devotional Service Should be our Only Goal of Life Rajkot SB 1.4.31 21-Jun-2023
Waiting Time is Preaching Time Rajkot SB 1.6.25 20-Jun-2023
Madhurashtakam - Bhajan Fiji Bhajan 19-Jun-2023
We can Achieve Anything by Unbroken Devotional Service Rajkot SB 1.6.31 18-Jun-2023
Prayer by the Unborn Soul Rajkot SB 3.31.12-21 17-Jun-2023
Determination - The Sparrow and the Ocean Story Fiji Story 16-Jun-2023
Uncontrolled Senses - Vyasadev and Jaimini Story (Hindi) Fiji Story 15-Jun-2023
We can Understand Krishna Only by His Mercy - Part 2 Rajkot BG 8.9 14-Jun-2023
We can Understand Krishna Only by His Mercy - Part 1 Rajkot BG 8.9 13-Jun-2023
The Supreme Lord is Perfect and Complete (Gujarati) Rajkot ISO Invocation 12-Jun-2023
Bhagavatam Teaches us the Way to Love Krishna Rajkot SB 1.6.35 11-Jun-2023
Never Get Discouraged in Devotional Service - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.6.36-38 10-Jun-2023
Never Get Discouraged in Devotional Service - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.6.36-38 09-Jun-2023
Grabbing Tendency Leads to Enmity - Part 2 Rajkot Initiation 08-Jun-2023
Grabbing Tendency Leads to Enmity - Part 1 Rajkot Initiation 07-Jun-2023
Devotees do not Deviate Under any Circumstances - Part 2 Rajkot SB 6.16.34 06-Jun-2023
Devotees do not Deviate Under any Circumstances - Part 1 Rajkot SB 6.16.34 05-Jun-2023
Do not Get Thrown Away by the Lord Houston Story 04-Jun-2023
Without Gratitude we cannot Succeed in Bhakti Houston Story 03-Jun-2023
Everything Happens for Good (Hindi) Fiji Story 02-Jun-2023
Saints are Compassionate by Nature (Hindi) Fiji Story 01-Jun-2023
Power of Attachment (Hindi) Fiji Story 31-May-2023
Monkey and the Crocodile (Hindi) Fiji Story 30-May-2023
Recitation - Slokas Glorifying Lord Rama Calcutta Recitation 29-May-2023
Krishna Resides where His Devotees Glorify Him (Hindi) Fiji Story 28-May-2023
We Must Suffer our Karma without Exception Kuala Lumpur Story 27-May-2023
Attachment - Story of Chandulal (Gujarati) Nakuru Story 26-May-2023
We Cannot Hide from Yamaraj (Gujarati) Nakuru Story 25-May-2023
The Hen-Pecked King (Gujarati) Rajkot Story 24-May-2023
Make Bhagavatam Palatable to the General Public Rajkot SB 7.15.22 23-May-2023
Sickness will Vanish by doing Hard Work Rajkot Discussion 22-May-2023
Unflinching Bhakti Facilitates the Activities of Soul Rajkot BG 2.13 21-May-2023
Always take Shelter of Good Side in Life - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.5.15 20-May-2023
Always take Shelter of Good Side in Life - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.5.15 19-May-2023
Everything about Krishna is Wonderful - Part 3 Rajkot SB 3.31.17 18-May-2023
Everything about Krishna is Wonderful - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.6.25 17-May-2023
Everything about Krishna is Wonderful - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.6.25 16-May-2023
Bhakti Implies Living in Harmony with Transcendence Rajkot SB 8.3.1 15-May-2023
Bhagavatam takes us from Complication to Simplicity Rajkot SB 1.7.4 14-May-2023
Everything is Krishna Krpa Penang Story 13-May-2023
As Sure as Death Kuala Lumpur Story 12-May-2023
Fashion and the Monkey Tail Singapore Story 11-May-2023
The Nurse and the Ring Auckland Story 10-May-2023
The Most Effective Weapon of the Demon Rajkot Story 09-May-2023
Krishna Sankirtanam Thoroughly Cleanses our Heart Rajkot Discussion 08-May-2023
Heart can be Cleansed Only by Unflinching Bhakti Rajkot SB 1.6.25 07-May-2023
Every Activity is Successful when Dovetailed with Krishna Rajkot BG 6.13-14 06-May-2023
Our Nourishment Comes from Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot BG 4.13 05-May-2023
Jubilance is a Result of Krishna Appearing in our Heart Nashik SB 10.14.8 04-May-2023
Krishna can be Purchased only with Sincere Bhakti Rajkot Discussion 03-May-2023
Preaching should Release us from Illusion Rajkot Discussion 02-May-2023
Devotional Environment Spiritually Nurtures the children Rajkot Discussion 01-May-2023
Be Practical in Applying the Principles of Bhakti Rajkot Discussion 30-Apr-2023
Temple is Built by our Sincere Chanting Rajkot Discussion 29-Apr-2023
Our Advancement is Hampered by our Attachment (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 28-Apr-2023
Aim of Bhakti is to Purity Ourselves Rajkot Discussion 27-Apr-2023
Recitation - BG 10.8-14 (Catur Sloki Bhagavad-gita) San Diego Recitation 26-Apr-2023
Recitation - SB 10.1.1-69 Rajkot Recitation 25-Apr-2023
Krishna Reciprocates According to our Intentions Abu Dhabi KB 10 24-Apr-2023
Cleanliness is Godliness Abu Dhabi SB 7.4.25-26 23-Apr-2023
Recitation - SB 8.3.2-32 (Gajendra Prayers) Rajkot Recitation 22-Apr-2023
Pleasing Attitude is our Birthright Rajkot Discussion 21-Apr-2023
Preaching Strengthens our Bhakti (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 20-Apr-2023
Impatience is the Symptom of Passion (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 19-Apr-2023
Importance of Prayers in Bhagavatam Rajkot Discussion 18-Apr-2023
Superficial Bhagavatam Preaching will be Rejected Abu Dhabi Discussion 17-Apr-2023
Always Keep yourself Happy Rajkot Phone Call 16-Apr-2023
Only Sincere Bhakti can Burn our Karma Rajkot SB 3.1.44 15-Apr-2023
Reminiscence of Childhood days London Discussion 14-Apr-2023
Keshav Keshav Kukiye - Bhajan Rajkot Bhajan 13-Apr-2023
Passion will Never Allow you to be Peaceful (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 12-Apr-2023
Depend Fully on Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 11-Apr-2023
Recitation - SB 4.9.6-17 (Dhruva Maharaj Prayers) Rajkot Recitation 10-Apr-2023
Vyasa Puja 2005 - Part 3 Rajkot Vyasa Puja 09-Apr-2023
Vyasa Puja 2005 - Part 2 Rajkot Vyasa Puja 08-Apr-2023
Vyasa Puja 2005 - Part 1 Rajkot Vyasa Puja 07-Apr-2023
Our Sanatana Values Never Change - Part 2 Rajkot Discussion 06-Apr-2023
Our Sanatana Values Never Change - Part 1 Rajkot Discussion 05-Apr-2023
Devotees Never Criticize - Part 2 Rajkot Discussion 04-Apr-2023
Devotees Never Criticize - Part 1 Rajkot Discussion 03-Apr-2023
Never Leave the Bhagavatam Shelter Rajkot Initiation 02-Apr-2023
Material Wealth is the Cause of our False Ego - Part 2 Rajkot SB 3.5.25 01-Apr-2023
Material Wealth is the Cause of our False Ego - Part 1 Rajkot SB 3.5.25 31-Mar-2023
Be Always Happy in Bhakti (Hindi) Rajkot BG 13.20 30-Mar-2023
Recognizing the Reality is called Realization - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.15.32 29-Mar-2023
Recognizing the Reality is called Realization - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.15.32 28-Mar-2023
Darshan of Krishna Vanquishes all Inebrieties - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.15.37 27-Mar-2023
Darshan of Krishna Vanquishes all Inebrieties - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.15.37 26-Mar-2023
Parents Love their Children at all Cost Rajkot SB 3.13.7-9 25-Mar-2023
Till we Remember Krishna we are Alive - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.15.21 24-Mar-2023
Till we Remember Krishna we are Alive - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.15.21 23-Mar-2023
Always Remember Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 22-Mar-2023
Recitation - Sikshashtakam Rajkot Recitation 21-Mar-2023
Recitation - SB 2.7.26-35 (Krishna Lila) Rajkot Recitation 20-Mar-2023
Irregulated Life is the Cause of all our Problems Rajkot SB 7.15.24 19-Mar-2023
Always Keep your Bag Ready Rajkot SB 1.15.33 18-Mar-2023
We Remember Everything Except our Death Rajkot SB 1.15.22-23 17-Mar-2023
Never Neglect your Prescribed Duties Rajkot Discussion 16-Mar-2023
Eternal Time is Indefatigable (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.13.19 15-Mar-2023
Holy Name is our Only Savior (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 14-Mar-2023
In Kali Yuga Everything Deteriorates Rajkot SB 1.4.17-18 13-Mar-2023
Increase the Velocity of your Bhakti - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.15.29 12-Mar-2023
Increase the Velocity of your Bhakti - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.15.29 11-Mar-2023
With Krishna we are Enlivened (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 10-Mar-2023
Insanity Never Touch the Devotees - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.15.31 09-Mar-2023
Insanity Never Touch the Devotees - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.15.31 08-Mar-2023
Courage Gives us the Incentive Rajkot Phone Call 07-Mar-2023
Without Gratitude there is no Devotional Service Rajkot SB 1.13.34-35 06-Mar-2023
Without Bhakti we cannot be Successful in any Activity Rajkot SB 5.18.8 05-Mar-2023
Killing Tendency Increases when Spiritual Culture Decreases Rajkot SB 1.13.47 04-Mar-2023
Recitation - SB 3.1.15-45 Rajkot Recitation 03-Mar-2023
Bhakti is the Easiest way to Associate with God Rajkot BG 12.1 02-Mar-2023
When we Keep Quiet Miseries Decrease Rajkot SB 1.9.14 01-Mar-2023
Intensive Prayer is the only Remedy for Time Rajkot SB 1.9.14-15 28-Feb-2023
Anything done Against the Will of Lord is Inauspicious Rajkot SB 1.13.49 27-Feb-2023
Prabhupada has Built Oasis for the Entire World Rajkot Discussion 26-Feb-2023
Be Practical in Devotional Service (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.13.24 25-Feb-2023
Material Body means Destruction (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.13.26 24-Feb-2023
Our Every Breath is meant for Krishna Rajkot BG 10.8 23-Feb-2023
Discontent can Never Give Happiness Rajkot SB 8.19.21-26 22-Feb-2023
If we Ignore Chanting we are Destroyed Rajkot Discussion 21-Feb-2023
I do not Know Anything other than Krishna Rajkot Discussion 20-Feb-2023
Jaya Radha Madhava & He Govinda He Gopal Rajkot Bhajan 19-Feb-2023
Regulating your Life Reduces the Bondage Rajkot Discussion 18-Feb-2023
Gita Mahatmyam - Recitation and Explanation Rajkot Discussion 17-Feb-2023
Relish His Presence at Every Stage of Bhakti Dwarka BG 14.26 16-Feb-2023
When Pride Enters Preaching Vanishes Rajkot SB 1.6.25 15-Feb-2023
Lust and Anger are our Greatest Enemies Rajkot BG 3.36-37 14-Feb-2023
Devotees see Mercy of Krishna Everywhere Rajkot Discussion 13-Feb-2023
Never Give up your Duties in Household Life Rajkot SB 7.14.2 12-Feb-2023
Pour Bhagavatam through the Throats of the Hearers Nashik Phone Call 11-Feb-2023
Everyone is Afraid of his Last Day Nashik Discussion 10-Feb-2023
Give up Which you do not Have Panvel SB 8.2.33 09-Feb-2023
Good Behavior Bestows Blessings of the Lord Nashik SB 1.5.40 08-Feb-2023
If Character is Lost Everything is Lost Abu dhabi BG 2.55 07-Feb-2023
Bhakti is the only Medicine that Works Nashik Discussion 06-Feb-2023
Take Care of the Services Diligently Mumbai Discussion 05-Feb-2023
Real Leader does not Pose as a Leader Nashik Discussion 04-Feb-2023
We should not be a Disturbance to Others Mumbai Discussion 03-Feb-2023
Be Selfless in Devotional Service Mumbai Discussion 02-Feb-2023
Glorification of Krishna will Give you Everything Mumbai Discussion 01-Feb-2023
Except Bhakti Nothing will Come with you Panvel Discussion 31-Jan-2023
Mourning does not Help us in Anyway Nashik SB 1.5.40 30-Jan-2023
With Humility we will always Win Mumbai Discussion 29-Jan-2023
The Two Effects of Glorifying Krishna Mumbai SB 1.5.40 28-Jan-2023
Glorification of Krishna Satisfies all Living Entities Mumbai SB 1.5.40 27-Jan-2023
Reminiscence of Nashik days Nashik Discussion 26-Jan-2023
We Preach one thing and Follow another thing Nashik Discussion 25-Jan-2023
Bhaja Hu Re Mana & Dasavatara Stotra - Bhajan Nashik Bhajan 24-Jan-2023
Great Souls are Ready to be Addicted to Krishna Nashik SB 1.5.40 23-Jan-2023
Sincerity to Krishna will Give you the Nourishment Nashik Discussion 22-Jan-2023
Transcendental Glories Never Deteriorate Nashik SB 1.5.11 21-Jan-2023
Initiation means to See Krishna Everywhere Nashik Initiation 20-Jan-2023
Leader means a Far-sighted Personality Nashik SB 2.9.33 19-Jan-2023
Chanting will Improve your Understanding Rajkot Discussion 18-Jan-2023
Never Feel Short of Anything Rajkot Discussion 17-Jan-2023
Simplicity will give you Prideless Life Rajkot Discussion 16-Jan-2023
Lack of Urgency Decreases the Velocity of our Bhakti Rajkot Discussion 15-Jan-2023
You can Study only when you are Steady - Part 3 Rajkot BG 4.34-35 14-Jan-2023
You can Study only when you are Steady - Part 2 Rajkot BG 4.34-35 13-Jan-2023
You can Study only when you are Steady - Part 1 Rajkot BG 4.34-35 12-Jan-2023
Bad Ideas lead to Bad Association - Part 2 Rajkot SB 11.26.26 11-Jan-2023
Bad Ideas lead to Bad Association - Part 1 Rajkot SB 11.26.26 10-Jan-2023
Democracy does not work in Krishna Consciousness (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 09-Jan-2023
Natural Life always Gives us the Incentive (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 08-Jan-2023
Study and Discuss Bhagavatam Verses Rajkot Phone Call 07-Jan-2023
Real Ease is the Offshoot of Satisfaction - Part 2 Rajkot SB 8.16.19 06-Jan-2023
Real Ease is the Offshoot of Satisfaction - Part 1 Rajkot SB 8.16.19 05-Jan-2023
Devotees are Immaculate in their Duties Rajkot SB 1.6.25 04-Jan-2023
Recitation - Garbha Stuti Rajkot Recitation 03-Jan-2023
You are Never Wrong when you are Conscious of Krishna Rajkot SB 3.26.16 02-Jan-2023
Krishna Lovingly Blesses us in His Personal Form (Gujarati) Rajkot BG 12.1 01-Jan-2023
Prabhupada is our only Savior (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 31-Dec-2022
Krishna Always Protects His Devotees (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 30-Dec-2022
Our Anxiety Increases when our Demands Increase Rajkot SB 1.1.11-12 29-Dec-2022
Always take care of your Parents (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 28-Dec-2022
Simple Life Gives us Good Health Rajkot Discussion 27-Dec-2022
Invest your Money and Time Wisely Rajkot Discussion 26-Dec-2022
Artificial Medicines Destroy our Health (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 25-Dec-2022
Dig into your own Heels before you Preach - Part 2 Rajkot BG 2.64 24-Dec-2022
Dig into your own Heels before you Preach - Part 1 Rajkot BG 2.64 23-Dec-2022
Only by Bhakti we can Preserve Vedic Culture (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 22-Dec-2022
Real Goal of Life is to Develop Love of God - Part 2 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 2.2.3 21-Dec-2022
Real Goal of Life is to Develop Love of God - Part 1 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.2.2 20-Dec-2022
Krishna is the Reservoir of all Good Qualities (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 19-Dec-2022
Clarity and Honesty are the Main Symptoms of Serious Sadhana Rajkot Discussion 18-Dec-2022
We are all Factually Alone Rajkot SB 10.9.10 17-Dec-2022
Prabhupada Revived the Lost Vedic Culture - Part 3 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.1.1-3 16-Dec-2022
Prabhupada Revived the Lost Vedic Culture - Part 2 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.1.1-3 15-Dec-2022
Prabhupada Revived the Lost Vedic Culture - Part 1 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.1.1-3 14-Dec-2022
The Science of Bhakti - Part 2 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.2.1-15 13-Dec-2022
The Science of Bhakti - Part 1 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.2.1-15 12-Dec-2022
If Krishna Neglects No one can Save us (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 7.9.19 11-Dec-2022
Wasting Time is the Greatest Crime (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.2.2 10-Dec-2022
Bhakti Preserves our Vedic Culture (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 09-Dec-2022
Bhakti is the Only Remedy for Everything - Part 2 Rajkot Discussion 08-Dec-2022
Bhakti is the Only Remedy for Everything - Part 1 Rajkot Discussion 07-Dec-2022
The General Mass is only Interested in Entertainment (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 06-Dec-2022
Studying Bhagavatam Daily Destroys Crores of Sins Rajkot SB 9.4.68 05-Dec-2022
Be Ready to Face any Situation till you are Alive Rajkot SB 10.20.15 04-Dec-2022
Without His Sanction Nothing Works (Gujarati) Rajkot Phone Call 03-Dec-2022
Keep Chanting in your Mind Always Rajkot Phone Call 02-Dec-2022
Be Careful to Avoid Bad Association Rajkot Phone Call 01-Dec-2022
Holy Names of Krishna Destroys all Evil Rajkot Discussion 30-Nov-2022
Deities will Teach you how to Decorate Them Rajkot Phone Call 29-Nov-2022
Only by Remembering Krishna we can Transcend the Modes Rajkot BG 14.1-27 28-Nov-2022
One Obnoxious Act will Destroy your Whole Sadhana Rajkot SB 2.5.20 27-Nov-2022
Harinam is the Easiest way to Bring back Prabhupada Rajkot SB 2.2.6 26-Nov-2022
When you Obey Krishna Pain Becomes Pleasure - Part 2 Rajkot SB 7.6.1 25-Nov-2022
When you Obey Krishna Pain Becomes Pleasure - Part 1 Rajkot SB 7.6.1 24-Nov-2022
Unmotivated Devotional Service gives us Everything Rajkot Phone Call 23-Nov-2022
Devotee takes Krishna with him (Hindi) Rajkot Phone Call 22-Nov-2022
Your Tulsi Worship Represents your Bhakti (Gujarati) Rajkot Phone Call 21-Nov-2022
Spiritual Activity will give us Prosperity Rajkot Phone Call 20-Nov-2022
If we have Krishna we do not Lack Anything Rajkot BG 3.36-37 19-Nov-2022
Without Bhakti Everything is Useless Rajkot Discussion 18-Nov-2022
Whatever Krishna Arranges is for our Good (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 17-Nov-2022
Money not used for Krishna is Lost (Gujarati) Rajkot Phone Call 16-Nov-2022
Will of Krishna is Replicated through the Mother Rajkot SB 1.7.22 15-Nov-2022
With Frank Nature we can Learn More Rajkot Phone Call 14-Nov-2022
Krishna will help you Implement your Ideas Rajkot Phone Call 13-Nov-2022
Verses to Glorify Govardhan (Hindi) Rajkot Phone Call 12-Nov-2022
Soul is Satisfied only by Unmotivated Bhakti - Part 3 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.2.2-6 11-Nov-2022
Soul is Satisfied only by Unmotivated Bhakti - Part 2 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.2.2-6 10-Nov-2022
Soul is Satisfied only by Unmotivated Bhakti - Part 1 (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.2.2-6 09-Nov-2022
Forgiveness is the Greatest Virtue (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 08-Nov-2022
We should Habituate ourselves to Renunciation Rajkot Phone Call 07-Nov-2022
Good Behavior is the only Remedy for Envy Rajkot SB 4.21.37 06-Nov-2022
Anything Separated from Krishna is Illusion - Part 2 Rajkot SB 2.9.33 05-Nov-2022
Anything Separated from Krishna is Illusion - Part 1 Rajkot SB 2.9.33 04-Nov-2022
Sanity will give us Satisfaction - Part 2 Rajkot BG 3.36-37 03-Nov-2022
Sanity will give us Satisfaction - Part 1 Rajkot BG 3.36-37 02-Nov-2022
Devotionalization should Replace Commercialization Rajkot Discussion 01-Nov-2022
Renunciation Improves our Health - Part 2 Rajkot SB 2.5.19 31-Oct-2022
Renuniciation Improves our Health - Part 1 Rajkot SB 2.5.19 30-Oct-2022
Our Every Activity must be Linked with Krishna Rajkot BS 5.57-61 29-Oct-2022
Darshan of the Lord gives us the Greatest Bliss Rajkot BG 12.1-2 28-Oct-2022
Money Spent for Krishna is Safe (Gujarati) Rajkot Phone Call 27-Oct-2022
Parishrama - Our Hard Struggle for Survival Rajkot Discussion 26-Oct-2022
Never Lose Faith in Krishna (Hindi) Rajkot Phone Call 25-Oct-2022
Do your Work in Bhagavatam Way (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.2.7 24-Oct-2022
Role of Spiritual Preceptors - Part 2 (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 23-Oct-2022
Role of Spiritual Preceptors - Part 1 (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 22-Oct-2022
Love your Work not the Fruits Rajkot Discussion 21-Oct-2022
Preaching is the Best Use of our Knowledge Rajkot SB 2.6.34 20-Oct-2022
Be Attached to Krishna and Take Shelter of Him Rajkot BG 7.1 19-Oct-2022
Holy Name is the Ultimate Solution to all Miseries Rajkot Discussion 18-Oct-2022
The Holy Name is Feared by Fear Personified - Part 3 Rajkot SB 1.1.19 17-Oct-2022
The Holy Name is Feared by Fear Personified - Part 2 Rajkot SB 1.1.14 16-Oct-2022
The Holy Name is Feared by Fear Personified - Part 1 Rajkot SB 1.1.14 15-Oct-2022
Laziness is the Greatest Enemy of Time Rajkot SB 4.21.51 14-Oct-2022
Obedience gives us an Organized Life Rajkot SB 5.1.11 13-Oct-2022
Honesty gives us Agitation-free Life Rajkot Discussion 12-Oct-2022
Be Bold Enough to Always Remember Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot BG 9.22 11-Oct-2022
Simple Devotion Attracts Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 10-Oct-2022
Secrets of Dwarka Dham Rajkot Discussion 09-Oct-2022
Transcendence is Interwoven in Everything Rajkot SB 3.25.34 08-Oct-2022
In this World Everything is Buried into the Past Rajkot SB 1.6.25 07-Oct-2022
Doing Work without Proprietorship is Renunciation Rajkot BG 5.2 06-Oct-2022
Clean Habits Attract us to Bhagavatam Rajkot Discussion 05-Oct-2022
Widely Propogate the Auspiciousness (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 4.24.66 04-Oct-2022
Sanskrit Basics Rajkot Discussion 03-Oct-2022
Get Rid of Envy to Obtain Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot BG 12.13-14 02-Oct-2022
Be Awake to the Reality of Life Rajkot Discussion 01-Oct-2022
Krishna Katha Transcends Everything Material (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 30-Sep-2022
Transcendence is the Monopoly of Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 29-Sep-2022
Serve Krishna Incessantly Rajkot Initiation 28-Sep-2022
Perform Welfare Activities as Devotional Service Rajkot SB 6.16.24 27-Sep-2022
Sacrifice your Time for the Welfare of Others - Part 2 Rajkot SB 4.9.15 26-Sep-2022
Sacrifice your Time for the Welfare of Others - Part 1 Rajkot SB 4.9.15 25-Sep-2022
Lust is the Root Cause of our Sins (Gujarati) Rajkot BG 3.36-37 24-Sep-2022
Krishna is the Property of His Pure Devotees Rajkot SB 3.10.10-11 23-Sep-2022
Material World means Deterioration Rajkot Discussion 22-Sep-2022
Without Devotional Service we are Dead Rajkot SB 1.4.26 21-Sep-2022
Our Whole Life must be Saturated with Krishna Rajkot BG 3.17 20-Sep-2022
Nothing in this World can make us Morose (Gujarati) Rajkot BG 12.17 19-Sep-2022
Retirement means Work Harder for Krishna Rajkot NOI 7 18-Sep-2022
Clear Conscience is God Consciousness Rajkot Discussion 17-Sep-2022
Bhagavatam is the Best Medicine to Purify the Mind Rajkot SB 2.5.12 16-Sep-2022
Without Penance our Bhakti is only Entertainment Rajkot SB 1.1.17 15-Sep-2022
The Five Symptoms of Material Life Rajkot SB 1.2.9-10 14-Sep-2022
Polluted Ideas Pollute our Life (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 13-Sep-2022
Friends and Enemies are Identified by their Behavior Surat SB 2.2.37 12-Sep-2022
Damodarashtakam - Bhajan Rajkot Bhajan 11-Sep-2022
Glorify the Lord with Bhava (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 10-Sep-2022
Those who are with Bhagavatam See Good Everywhere Rajkot SB 1.6.31 09-Sep-2022
Relish Bhagavatam to Re-establish your Relation with Krishna Rajkot SB 2.9.34 08-Sep-2022
We can Touch Krishna only when we are Time Conscious Rajkot BG 13.19 07-Sep-2022
Shed off your False Identity Rajkot SB 3.12.2 06-Sep-2022
Glorify Krishna with Bhakti Bhava Rajkot SB 7.7.37 05-Sep-2022
Peace is Possible only with Krishna Rajkot SB 1.6.25 04-Sep-2022
We can do Bhakti only by His Mercy (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 6.3.29 03-Sep-2022
Art of Studying Srila Prabhupada Books Rajkot SB 1.6.37 02-Sep-2022
Purity means Being Considerate to Others Rajkot SB 11.10.20 01-Sep-2022
See the Lord by Persistent Chanting Rajkot SB 1.6.25 31-Aug-2022
Allow Bhagavad Gita to take Birth in our Life Rajkot BG 10.8-11 30-Aug-2022
We cannot be Humble without His Mercy Rajkot Discussion 29-Aug-2022
Pride Stops us from Performing Austerity Rajkot Discussion 28-Aug-2022
Devotees are Seriously Inquisitive Rajkot SB 2.3.10 27-Aug-2022
Subtle Sins Reduce our Lifespan Rajkot SB 12.3.51 26-Aug-2022
All our Scriptures Stress on Improving our Behavior Rajkot BG 6.15 25-Aug-2022
Bhagavatam Banishes all Problems (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 2.7.32 24-Aug-2022
Minimize Necessities to Maximize Bhakti Rajkot SB 2.2.4 23-Aug-2022
See the World with Transcendental Eyes Rajkot SB 1.4.17-18 22-Aug-2022
Everything is meant to Satisfy Krishna (Gujarati) Rajkot SB 1.7.2 21-Aug-2022
Allow Krishna to Walk into your Life Rajkot SB 3.31.12 20-Aug-2022
Everything is Practical in Vedic Culture (Gujarati) Rajkot BG 3.43 19-Aug-2022
Contaminated Intelligence Results in Discrimination Rajkot SB 6.16.41 18-Aug-2022
Recitation - Sri Krishna Karnamrtam Fiji Recitation 17-Aug-2022
Recitation - Isopanishad Fiji Recitation 16-Aug-2022
Isopanishad Recitation with Translation Fiji Recitation 15-Aug-2022
Story of Sage Valmiki (Hindi) Fiji Discussion 14-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 7B - We are Destroyed by Bad Association (Hindi) Fiji SB 3.3.13 13-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 7A - Never leave the Shelter of Krishna (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.2.21 12-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 6B - Humility Attracts Mercy of the Lord (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.9.8 11-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 6A - Only Bhakti will Give us Peace (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.6.24 10-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 5B - Have Unflinching Faith in Krishna (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.6.1 09-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 5A - Blind cannot lead the Blind (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.5.30 08-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 4B - Escape the Blind Well of Illusion (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.5.5 07-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 4A - All Relations in this World are Temporary (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.2.37 06-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 3B - Pure Devotees have no Enemies (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.2.20-21 05-Aug-2022
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Delay in Bhakti is Dangerous (Hindi) Fiji BG 10.8-11 27-Jul-2022
Perform Bhakti with Full Heart (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.3.24 26-Jul-2022
Fire of Envy Burns us Completely (Hindi) Fiji SB 5.18.9 25-Jul-2022
Overcome Pavarga by Sincere Bhakti (Hindi) Fiji BG 10.8-11 24-Jul-2022
Demons can never Win (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.3.26-27 23-Jul-2022
Lust Disappears when Lord Rama Appears (Hindi) Fiji Discussion 22-Jul-2022
Touch of Krishna gives us Unlimited Joy (Hindi) Fiji SB 2.9.13 21-Jul-2022
Knowledge must Transform our Life (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.3.32 20-Jul-2022
Conquered Mind is our Best Friend (Hindi) Fiji BG 6.6 19-Jul-2022
Save yourself from the Doggish Mentality Fiji SB 7.3.33 18-Jul-2022
Krishna is the Center of our Existence (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.3.31 17-Jul-2022
Time is Insurmountable and Imperceptible (Hindi) Fiji SB 1.13.20 16-Jul-2022
Do not Waste your Time in Counteracting Miseries (Hindi) Fiji SB 1.13.19 15-Jul-2022
We all have to Die (Hindi) Fiji SB 12.13.23 14-Jul-2022
Control your Senses to Advance in Self-realization (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.3.25 13-Jul-2022
From Birth till Death we are in Hellish Condition (Hindi) Fiji BG 4.10 12-Jul-2022
Devotion without Austerity is Sentimentality (Hindi) Fiji SB 5.5.1 11-Jul-2022
Science of Material Elements (Hindi) Fiji SB 2.9.17 10-Jul-2022
Only with Purity we can Approach Krishna (Hindi) Fiji SB 2.9.14 09-Jul-2022
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Riches with Unflinching Devotion is Opulence Rajkot BG 2.41 17-Jun-2022
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