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SB 1.10.27

Everything is Wonderful with Krishna



Maharaj starts with singing very lovingly the below bhajan and devotees follow,

He Govinda, He Gopal, Kesava Madhava, Deena Dayal
He Govinda, He Gopal, Kesava Madhava, Deena Dayal

If we feelingly chant His names, that itself is Krishna. So, this sound vibrations, again and again we should try to hear and instead of hearing others, we are in the habits of tapes or this or that now you (referring to the devotees) should chant. If you eat Ladoo, you would be nourished. Somebody eats laddu and Kinakra (referring to a devotee) gets nourished is not possible.

You don’t understand Kinkara. (laughter) Krishna Kinkara is a very great person from Singapore. SIN, SIN, Singapore. (laughter), See your name is SIN-gapore, you don’t want gapore, SIN. SIN is the worst. (laughter). You commit sins you know. Please feelingly, always chant little, but feelingly chant and that is devotional service, otherwise our mind is just wondering here and there, here and there and then we don’t chant. Or if we chant is half hearted.

Whatever your activities maybe, it doesn’t matter. There is no condition for the devotional service. That’s why it is knows as unconditional, transcendental. Everything in the material world is conditional, we have to come out of this conditioning. māṁ ca yo 'vyabhicāreṇa, devotee at the background says bhakti-yogena sevate, Maharaj says Jai, then Maharaj continues, sa guṇān samatītyaitān brahma-bhūyāya kalpate. Please relish these sound vibrations also. This is nice transcendental sound vibration. māṁ ca yo, mām – to me only, those – yo, māṁ ca yo 'vyabhicāreṇa, this is nice word, and these are all our words, from Indian languages. Fortunately, our languages are very near, all of the languages are coming out of Sanskrit. But ours is the nearest one. This avyabhicāreṇa, vyabhicār means to run around here and there for sense gratification. Avyabhicār means no running around. Ananya ananya -cetāḥ this is how it results, bhakti-yoga, this bhakti-yoga, very correctly translated by Prabhupada’s - devotional service, is not only devotion. Without service, only devotion becomes the Sahajia. (Maharaj imitates the Shahajia’s actions) There is no place for Shahajia. You come to Prabhupada and you will get up at 3 o clock, if not 3.30, if not 3.45, if not 4.00 at least 4.15.  After that no getting up. Then you are dead. Jivan api mṛtyur hi sah, he is breathing dead. Those caracaras are without breath, but we are beathing dead, because we don’t relish Him in every stage. In the transcendental matters, we should always remember that the goal of existence and the process to reach the goal, they both are same. We forget this point. Because we are habituated in the material world, that the process is always different from the goal. It is nothing like that in transcendence. As soon as you decide to come to the temple, or to chant His name, you are already knowing Him. And because we forget this point, that’s why we are not serious about chanting or reading or attending the aratis or having darshan or whatever. Please always relish it, you will start relishing it.  From the beginning to the end, we are experiencing Him. He is to be experienced and not like a mad person you go after Him to see Him or whatever. The thing is, He should be experienced by us every minute and every hour of our existence. That is the supreme gift of Srila Prabhupada to the world, to the whole world, whole planet and maybe beyond also. māṁ ca yo 'vyabhicāreṇa bhakti-yogena sevate and when you are engaged in devotional service, what is the result? sa guṇān samatītyaitān – sa means those people who are engaged in the devotional service, with all the sincerity. We should not feel that it’s a tragedy, That’s the thing.

Prabhupada never liked devotees running around with hanging hands. He said, “Hey on your carcass your hand are hanging.” So dead carcass also two hands. If you stand him (carcass) the hands will move. It’s just dead carcass. Please, avoid this. Sevate with all sincerity, if we can come to this point, then only He maybe merciful to us. And unless He is merciful to us, He will not allow us to taste Him. This is the matter to be experienced and peace of mind is required. Please, know that whatever you do, that unless we are peaceful in mind, these things will never touch us. And peace of mind is very difficult in this age. The fact is, that we are all living entities, without exception, are conditioned. This is a fact. There is natural conditioning - Baddha jiva,.and how? We cannot avoid taking birth, we cannot avoid death, we can never avoid old age, and we can never, never ever avoid sickness many times. These are the natural conditioning. And in that again, we have again introduced the conditioning. Again, we are increasing this conditioning. That I would only like to stay in Yugoslavia. This is conditioning. I only like to stay in Bombay – Conditioning. I want this, I want this, I must get up in the morning late – Conditioning. I must have a cup of tea or whatever, without washing my teeth. Bed tea, they call it. Carcass also drinks tea without brush. (laughter) Please, avoid this conditioning. Any extra conditioning, then the natural conditioning, will eat between us and Krishna. That is the message Prabhupada wanted to convey. Please try to understand. And as soon as you come to this point of understanding, then you may be able to remove the conditioning. Don’t increase the conditioning. Otherwise, I will put on only suite, dhoti is impossible. Again conditioning. I will only stay in hotels, not in the temple. The temple is austere, ashram.

Maharaj speaking to a devotee: Maharaj saying Jai to a devotee. You are the target. (laughter) How is Radha group? Radhadhes group is alright? So nice to see you.

Maharaj continues- We always relish increasing conditioning, and this is completely barred in the devotional literature which is the king of the literatures like Bhagavatam. Please, we are the group, we teach by our own following. We, we, follow first and then show the people we are very sincere about the devotional service. Otherwise, anything apart from this, becomes a sahajiya meeting. All the literatures you please studied already. And remember always one thing, that in any scripture, including Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita, and if there are genuine scriptures, the ninety percent verses, are on our behaviour and very few slokas, give us the insight, in the nature of Krishna. Otherwise, there is no other mentioned. Please remember only this. And because we are completely misguiding ourselves therefore peace of mind is absent. And if there is no peace, you feelingly you cannot go to Him. As soon as you understand this point, then this is the starting point of the sincerity, otherwise, we are lost and herein we go wrong. Once Srila Prabhupada was in Radha Kund and everybody was waiting that he will speak about Radha, they were very eager to hear as they were there for seven days, one week, so they thought it would be Radha or some nice seminar, instead he took the class on vāco vegaṁ manasaḥ krodha-vegaṁ etc. Please, this is the point. As soon as we come to this point, then we are winning, otherwise, everywhere we are losing. First, the behaviour pattern must be Krishna conscious way, and that is the gift of Srila Prabhupada. We are all going astray here and there, and under the name of religion, we are doing so many nonsensical things, fortunately, Srila Prabhupada came, among us, and he peeled our ears, ‘What are you doing son? You want to do this? You should do this, otherwise, you are misled’. So, the behaviour must improve. And to improve the behaviour, we must have peace of mind so that we can think where we are, where we are going, unless we come to this, feelingly you cannot chant even. We have fully well understood, that prakrteh kriyamanani gunaih karmani sarvasah according to the modes of material nature, prakrti, all the activities are going on, ahankara-vimudhatma, unnecessarily we become proud, we think that I am doing, I am doing, This, is the eternal law, we cannot change this law. Everything is happening, so why are you adding to it smoking, and like a mad person, we stop again we again take, we stop again we take. This smoking is the example, our mind is a devil’s workshop, as soon as it is left vacant, and that’s why, every minute, we should try to improve our behaviour first. As and soon as you come to this point, the inquisitive nature, the serious inquisitive nature is there. And unless the devotee seriously is inquisitive, he will never realise the supreme absolute truth. Please, Jai Sri Sri Rukmini Dwarkadish Ji Ki Jai. Jaganath, Baladev, Subdhara ji ki Jai.

As soon as you come to this point, then the feeling will be there. But if your conditioning is increasing, to that extend, the feeling will be less. You must be free of the additional conditions. I don’t know how to stress this point, but this is the requirement. Devotional service can never be conditioned by any material conditioning. This is the serious condition, that you should be out of extra conditioning which you have added foolishly to your life. Unless you remove those coverings, it is impossible. To the bare minimum we should have the conditioning in our lives. Bare minimum. And that’s why we are very simple, very simple. And it’s not simplicity, it’s not to just show off, but we very well know, that nothing else belongs to us here. And eventually without exception, everybody has to depart, here you are for two days, you are going to go, that’s it. That idea is very clear in our mind, so hotel maybe very good, the arrangements maybe very good or whatever, but we are not worried about it. Just you want to come to the temple and hear about Him (Krishna) and see Him, that’s it. These extra conditioning please, those who can remove, they are the great persons. They maybe be in their trade be whatever, even the butches, they can also be great. They have to do butches according to their past karma. It is the law that he has to open the butcher shop. But in the butcher shop also, he could be very well Vaishnava. Prabhupda was once giving the lecture, and he might have told about-

Maharaj speaking to a devotee: Jay mataji, are you alright? (Speaking in Hindi, Kaise ho, Aache hai?)

Maharaj continues the class: Please remember these points and then feelingly you will chant. And if you stick to the conditioning, then people will also find fault with us. That these people are preaching, and they are not following. So that is the suicide of preaching. Then your preaching has no effect. Because we are not following. So please sincerely try to understand this conditioning we are adding to - extra condition. And then our mind is very clever results that we are so tired, we should sleep, don’t come for Mangal Arati, and he says yes, yes, very tired yesterday. And he is not tired at all, even then. And concoctions go on. The result of the conditioning, extra conditioning is that the concoctions increase. Please, do not do this and try to feelingly chant the names and you will be alright with Bhagavatam or Bhagavad Gita or whatever. This is the point please remember.

From today, if we have any extra conditioning, please remove them. This is our lot, otherwise, the very open life or so many condition lives, so much condition live goes ill together with Prabhupada. We accept him as a Guru, once and for all. So now we have to follow his instructions. This is how, no other conditioning at all. And one thing we should be very clear about, that we are not the Lord running after riches, money, no, our conditionings are completely gone. Except natural condition, birth, death, disease and old age, which we cannot really help, so it should be there, and it will be there, but even then, birth is alright we are maybe ignorant at that time, but the death, old age and sickness, could be very nicely tolerated or it could be disappeared also with the continuous engagement with Krishna’s names. This is our experience. Unnaturally we should not run to the material conditioning, we talk about but again we run back, so this should be avoided. As soon as this is avoided, even the death personified would be afraid of it. SB 1.1.14 āpannaḥ saṁsṛtiṁ ghorāṁ yan-nāma vivaśo gṛṇan. āpannaḥ saṁsṛtiṁ ghorāṁ all the saṁsṛtiṁ is thrust upon us. Janma, mrtyu, jara, viyadi. These four things, we don’t want them, and they are there. And the living entities who are dependent on us, maybe our children or brothers or sisters or parents or whatever, they also should be reminded of this. And they may not hear you because you are young, so by your own example you teach. Don’t speak, speaking is no value, following is the value. And as soon as you come to this then, feelingly the sound vibration will come to your heart. Mind will be absent. Don’t bring mind in these vibrations. And that’s why please lovingly chant.

Maharaj starts with singing very lovingly the below bhajan followed by Kirtan and devotees follow:

He Govinda He Gopal Kesava Madhava Deena Dayal
Deena Dayal Prabhu Deena Dayal, Deena Dayal Prabhu Deena Dayal
Shyam Sundar Kanayalal Radha Madhava Nanda Dhulal
Nanda Dhulal Prabhu Nanda Dhulal Nanda Dhulal Nanda Dhulal

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Maharaj continues: We will read the verse from Srimad Bhagavatam First Canto Tenth Chapter, about Dwarka Dham,

Maharaj leads the chanting and devotees follow: Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya (three times), all the mantras are breathing exercise. So, if you chant very peacefully and nicely, then breathing is there, and if the breathing is alright, then the diseases will keep away. (Maharaj now demonstrates how the chanting should be by chanting deeply and devotees follow): Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya, that’s why our saint, sages and all the devotees, they used to go to the bank of the river and chant nice mantras. And we are regarding them as mad persons, “Why, why is he going there to chant?” It is our traditions, and from the beginning, the Sindhu river is there (Indus) River Indus. So, when these Persians, tried to cross the river, so they inquired about the name (missing audio). That anybody staying that side of Sindhu, are Hindus. This is how the Hindu word came into being. Hindu doesn’t have existence in all the literature, never, cannot find Hindu word. But somehow or other, Hindu word is very popular, because these Persians, they regarded anybody staying on that side, whatever faith they might follow, they are known as Hindus. And this eventually, that time the culture should be very powerful. Even when Britishers were there, our culture was very intact. But now, I am sorry after the independence, the so-called independence, we are losing everything. The other day, we were in Gandhi Nagar, that is our capital of Gujrat (Ahmadabad) and there were all these legislative members, Dada and this and that. So many Nethas were there, nobody had the Dhoti. Everybody had bigown. I was surprised, are we Pakistan or India. (laughter). To this extend we have lost our consciousness. Except Prabhupada, there is nobody to save us from this crime.

Jai Sri Sri Rukmini Dwarkadish Ji Ki Jai. Jaganath, Baladev, Subdhara ji ki Jai. These deities somehow the other from the beginning of Ratha Yatra. We had put them in this trolley. (Not clear) In the beginning, our Dina was here from Singapore, so he wanted to take out Ratha Yatra, so there was no arrangement. So, deities were here, so he put in the cart, and they were pushed. (laughter). Nobody came, only three, four devotees. (This is our Ratha Yatra) This is the beginning; these deities are from the beginning. And now they are opulently being worshiped. This is culture. And this is Naam. We will be surprised to know, that Ratha Yatra started from Dwarka, this is the place for Ratha Yatra really. Krishna was here, Baladev was here, Subhadra was here. And for eclipse snaan, they wanted to go to Kurushetra, so they started from here. And all these area, associated areas should be trampled by Krishna and his family many times. That’s why even now in these regions, the religiosity is really best, people are really religious. And religiosity and prosperity, they go together. Krishna consciousness and prosperity, they go hand in hand. Prosperity must be there, as soon as Krishna is there, all six opulence are there. Without any doubt, you get all these things.

And as soon as you come to this conclusion, then you know the place where you are standing now, it’s impossible to come here, unless Dwarkadish allows you to. This is Dwarkadish’s kingdom. Here there is no factory, no other business. There was one cement factory, eventually it couldn’t function, so they closed. And all the land, which was possessed by the cement factory, now it’s occupied by the temples. Here Krishna does. Here only Dwarkadish is in control so far. I don’t know in future. So far, it’s beautiful. As soon as Dwakadish is there, everything falls in its own place, nothing is wrong. These vibrations are going on, kirtans are going on, Ram Dhun is continuous 24 hours a day since last so many years is going on. Please, come to this conclusion and that is Dwarka. Otherwise, your coming has no value here. Coming here means you are coming to Dwarka. Gopis came when Krishna came here, Gopis could not survive there, so the group of the Gopis came here and they were locked in some palace here, hereabout. So, in the morning, they got up and they wanted to come to see Krishna, so they couldn’t find the door to get out, so they were shouting DWARKA, DWARKA, DWARKA, where are you, where are you. (laughter) and it doesn’t work. This place, as soon as you step in here, you are in His consciousness. Knowingly or unknowingly. And it doesn’t matter what faith you follow, everybody is Dwarkadish conscious, there is no difference at all. The Sanathan culture which Srila Prabhupada very mercifully spread all over the world, has this speciality, that these standards of Bhagavat dharma, nobody can deny, it’s all the same for the humankind, if not all the living entities. Caitanya Mahaprabhu went step further, Krishna tried to attract the living entities, He tried to attract all the living entities, whole living kingdom. Here, this is the place. And then we are near here, we are in Dwarkadish after Poorbhandar, wherein He leaves the planet. And we have a nice picture in our Bhagavatam when He tries to leave the planet. Please, these are the places, still here. Since last six years we are here, we didn’t get much of time to excavate the places here, but now we are at ease, so we will try to have the suitable environment.

Maharaj speaking to a devotee in Gujarati.

Maharaj continues: This is the reality, please, whenever you get time, you are welcomed here, as I told you, austerity is there, in Dwarkadish.

Maharaj speaking to a devotee: What is happening? Are you alright? Nice to see you. You are glowing man. (laughter)

Maharaj continues: This is the thing. Please, please, try to remember, that the first point, as I told you. That conditioning should be nil. Only the natural conditioning, we cannot forgo anything, so that should be there, otherwise, the conditioning should be nil. ‘I want this, I want that, I want this, No I want.’ In Sindhi, they shave very nicely, In Sindhi language, ‘I want, I want means - Khape, Khape, Khape, Khape, I want this, I want this, I want this, I want this’. And then they say, again there is another word - Kape, Khape means I want.’ KH, KH, Khape, means I want, and KA, Kape means to cut. Kape Khape , Khape, Khape Khape, I want, I want, those who can cut, chant his name  (Hindi) The world will chant your names. You are completely free of this Khape, Khape. This is done to remove the conditioning. We should have some clothes on our body, and we should have something, some humble thing to eat, and some shelter. That’s it.  And Krishna provides the minimum necessities. But our Kinkara is in the habit of having extra clothes.

Maharaj asking Kinkara Prabhu: What is this? What is your idea? Is it, hearing is best? I don’t agree with you. (laughing).

Maharaj continues: As soon as you increase your conditioning then, Dwarka is absent. Here in, hundred years He has passed and all lila is performed here. Married 16,108 times. You married 1 isn’t it Jay Krishna? I heard your lila. (laughter). Without our permission you are doing son. Remember (laughter) So, this is the place that you should concentrate. He (Krishna) was in Vrindavan for nearly 11 years, that was the best time, He was a child, so there were no inebrieties. So Vrindavan best from there He had to go Mathura for 14 years to fight out the daemons etc. Then the rest of the 100 years, He was only 25 years in those areas. Then He wanted to have a peaceful life. He didn’t want to have any disturbance. Get rid of Jarasanda and Kaliyavan and etc. So, He came all the way to the coast here. And from the sea He just requested please give me 100 jana squares on lease. See, Krishna begging sea. And sea says alright, but as soon as You leave the planet, return me the land back. He says alright. So, it was only 100-year lease. And in that time, he constructed a nice Nagari here, and then eventually all the past times were run here. And in between those 100 years, this Ratha Yatra pastime was there. The Rath had started from here (Krishna)Jaganath, Baladev and Subhadra. So this is really the place where Ratha Yatra always should be performed. And somehow or the other, our experience is, every year we perform Ratha Yatra on the 26th of January. But this time, because of opening of Temple, we had to move it a week further. Please, remember this pastime and this Dham that’s why, is a special one. In Bhagvatam it says, aho bata svar-yaśasas tiraskarī S.B. 1.10.27, those who have Bhagavatam.

(Maharaj chants the below verses and devotees repeat):

aho bata svar-yaśasas tiraskarī
kuśasthalī puṇya-yaśaskarī bhuvaḥ
paśyanti nityaṁ yad anugraheṣitaṁ
smitāvalokaṁ sva-patiṁ sma yat-prajāḥ

Now sing nicely.

kaviṁ purāṇam anuśāsitāram
aṇor aṇīyāṁsam anusmared yaḥ
sarvasya dhātāram acintya-rūpam
āditya-varṇaṁ tamasaḥ parastāt

Same, same lyric.

aho bata svar-yaśasas tiraskarī
kuśasthalī puṇya-yaśaskarī bhuvaḥ
paśyanti nityaṁ yad anugraheṣitaṁ
smitāvalokaṁ sva-patiṁ sma yat-prajāḥ

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishan Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Now we go to the first line, please repeat the equivalence aho bata—how wonderful it is. Everything regarding Krishna is wonderful, anything you take, He walks, His style, Madhuram, Madhuram Gamanam, His Gaman is also beautiful, Madhuram Hasitham, His smiling is also beautiful. We smile and our face becomes like a monkey. (Laughter) He smiles, He always is smiling, and people say, how nice Diety you know. I am smiling, look at me. ‘No No’, Please we are no-where, and then I claim, I am Krishna. Please, can never do that, that is aho bata—how wonderful it is. His residences are wonderful, His any action you take, because he doesn’t have the fruitive action, this is the secret of His activities. And that’s why His activities are rightly termed as transcendental, transcendental. He was beaten by Yashoda using a stick and He is worshipped. Oh, how nice, You getting tied - Damodar. (laughter), He steals the butter and no need choor that we lovingly call. And you try to repeat, and you will end up in police hands. (laughter). Please remember this. And then, with all these limitations, I claim that I am Krishna, and I must be worshipped. Prabhupda very correctly said, that whoever says I am God, at the best they are the reverse of it. (laughter). God, G-O-D, but they are reverse, D-O-G. Prabhupada’s gift to the world. This is the speciality, nobody has told. Aare, at the best he is kutta (dog in Hindi). (laughter) And kutta is very ridiculous word. Our language depicts them really. See, if somebody eats fish, in our language we say that machi khatta hai(hindi). Machi khatta hai means he is ridiculous. No, without sea food I can’t go on. (See Food).

Maharaj speaking lovingly one devotee in Hindi (asking if he is married), so nice to see you and glorifying him.

Maharaj continues: To hide the sins, we always use the English language, maas khatta hai(hindi) (he eats flesh), it’s a ridiculous word. Saachi baat kaitha hai, maas khatta hai (hindi) (I tell you the truth, he eats flesh). Daaru peetha hai (hindi) (he drinks alcohol), Maharaj translates to English (Without whisky I can’t go on.) (laughter), it’s the dignity. In English language the sins are dignity. In Hindi language its so very nasty. And in Rajkot, without exceptions, all the schools, are named after princes. Saint George, Saint this, Saint that. And our Narsi Mehta is completely forgotten. Our tragedy you know, aho bata, we don’t know this word. aho bata is everything is wonderful. Everything is wonderful. So, how wonderful Dwarka must be, and those who stay continuously here, they are really graced by His mercy but even then, the ignorant souls, they have not realised, our Badrisha (referring to a devotee) stays in Haridwar,

Maharaj speaks in Hindi to a devotee and then Maharaj continues:  He is coming from Haridwar. And he can give lectures for hours together. He is very experienced. Up down, up down, up down. (laughter).

Maharaj ask the devotee - How many years?

Devotee replies and Maharaj repeats 15 years, aho bata—how wonderful (laughter) We like to see him. Otherwise, the living entity we hate really. This is aho. Just you meditate on 1 word, that is Prabhupada’s gift. Only 1 word from this, we don’t go through the rest of the things. Here everything is wonderful and that’s why, wherever we see, the wonderful things, we should always remember Him. What is that: bahunam janmanam ante jnanavan mam prapadyate, bahunam after many, many, many births, Badrisha (referring to a devotee) can do this.

Maharaj speak to a devotee in Hindi. See, very nice devotee and he has brought so many rivers Jal. 108 rivers and so much of water he brought. Maharaj continues to speak in Hindi to the devotee. He is wonderful, so for his bath, he has 108 river’s waters, and we don’t even get a bucket of His water. (laughter) And we are staying in Dwarka. Bucket is absent. See, His things are wonderful. He arranges.  All the dresses there are coming from Vrindavan all the way. 2-3 parcels are coming. I told Him; You are really selfish. Mahraj speaks in Hindi. And only 1 quality He has, that He is not attracted to the fruits. In His opulence, 5 opulence are extra ordinary. But the 6th one is tyaag (renunciation). That is the best opulence He has. He leaves everything. We on the contrary, we grab everything, this is the difference, and then I claim that I am Krishna. Dhrit, that fellow was catching arashtra. Dhritarashtra, he wanted to catch the territory of Pandavas and hand over to his sons. And eventually, Krishna’s wonderful arrangement, all the 100 sons, except 1, were killed. This is the result. Anything you think about, is really wonderful. Draupadi was in difficulty, then she thought, that Bhishma was sitting there, so Bhishma will help, so she looked at Bhishma, Bhishma placed his head down, so she was completely morose. So, grandsire, he is also not able to help. Then she saw Dronacharya, he was a nice guru, he must help now, he also couldn’t do anything. Then the 5 husbands were there, they are all powerful, she looked at them, they also couldn’t do anything. It’s all Krishna’s arrangement and lastly, she shouted GOVINDA, GOVINDA, somehow or other, helplessly, and immediately Krishna came. So, she complained to Him, why did You wait so late to come, do You want to see me in this position for long, He said I am not late, you were depending on so many other things, so that’s why as soon as you remember Me, I am here. So, this is how, Krishna must be caught always, don’t depend upon any other things, depending on the other things, means we increase the conditioning. This is the thing. Please, this extra conditioning, has a very intimate relationship, in this aho bata. Anything regarding Him is wonderful. That’s why this verse also, they are wonderful because they are regarding Him. Anything. Bhakdrisha (Maharaj referring to a devotee) has 2 legs and 2 hands, he is just like us, we cannot do anything, and he does miracles.

Maharaj speaking to Bhakdrisha prabhu in Hindi.


Maharaj continues: Please, this is how, it depends upon Him, so anything, aho bata, just remember this thing, and Dwarka must be very beautiful, wonderful. And how is it wonderful, is explained in the rest of the things. Please remember these 2 words only. aho bata- how wonderful it is, if you devote yourself, to Krishna, definitely you would be wonderful. Without Him, we are verily dead. Jivan hi mrythu hi sah he is seen that he is living, but he is as good as dead. You devote yourself to Him, and you become wonderful. Only 2 words from Bhagavatam, describes the whole 10th Canto – how wonderful He is. So many, so many of his transcendental activities are there, to proof how wonderful He is. The Kaliayavan came and attacked Him, with a tremendous, large army, and that Jarasanda was waiting. Jarasanda had lost his battle so many times, so 18th times he thought that Kaliayavan is my partner, so this time is good to strike, and they both came, their armies were standing outside Mathura. Then Krishna decided that my relatives must go to Dwarka and then we will see what to do. So, He dispatched everybody to Dwarka and here within no time the golden city was constructed on the sea, and we construct on the land, and we are so proud of the 10, 12 story building. Please, we are worried about so many things, and with Him, everything is wonderful. We had only 2 and the half acres of land in Rajkot and it was barren, no water. People say that we are mad to go to that land, I thought that aho bata, everything thing regarding Him is wonderful. So, we somehow or other, we went with Krishna’s arrangement, we had some residence there, then water was difficult. Rajkot is the only one city on the planet that can survive without water. And everybody is very happy. (laughter) I don’t know, and there is no water, except Bhumi devi, except Bhori, there is no water. And everybody gets it 3, 4 times not more, but requirements are there. So that is how we tried to have 3 Bhori - 1000 feet down and even then, there was no water. So, I thought we had to go from here now. It’s the time to migrate. So, we were just planning, in the meantime we thought we see the port maybe. And in 250 feet, we got the nice water. Our Ganges is there. Unlimited water and we could finish our construction and even then, the water is plenty. This is aho bata. Regarding Him, everything is wonderful. We are completely limited, we don’t have any capacity, but He supplies. When He supplies, it is abundant, wonderful. Every activity regarding Him, you can see, Prabhupada went to America with 40 rupees, what is 40 rupees there, maybe 7 dollars or something, and he didn’t know anybody. He did not want to take help from anybody because his philosophy was completely pure, so he didn’t want to touch any material activity and he was successful beyond our imagination. How great is Radhadesh, it is coming from Radha. The building you see and if you are not careful, you will fall down. (laughter) So very big building. And again, some other building here we are building. His health is beautiful. You build the building here and all your all effulgence will go away (laugter) We are doing for Him and so many things are going on, and nobody is worried. And they think, oh you got 8 acres of land, and 2 and the half acres of land, He was not satisfied. So, somehow or other, the government has hesitantly given us 5 and the half acres land. Valuable land. Otherwise, in that place, to buy a 100 yards of land is difficult for the ordinary person. It is very difficult. But regarding Him, everything is wonderful. Just remember this aho bata. If you really want to be wonderful, then we have to be related with Him. We should have direct contact without stop, unbroken. And why we are becoming mad, I don’t know. Leaving this connection, we are completely thrown into a ditch, but we enjoy the ditch. We are hogs. Hogs cannot survive on the ground; they have to go to the ditch. (Maharaj describes in Hindi) Please, these hoggish mentality Prabhupada called, when are we going to come out of it. And we are just a few yards away, just 3 kilometres away, from our boy Cintan. He is only a few feet away from our place and he claims that the place is his. One day I asked him his address, he said it’s in front of Cosmoplex, ISKCON. He gives his address, but he never comes, he is never there. That’s because we are always there you know. Please, this half-hearted, surrender, then wonderful is not there. As soon as you have direct contact with Him, the wonderful thing is there. His house is beautiful, but he is not satisfied, he wants more beautiful house, made by somebody else. Please, regarding Him, He requires sincerity, sincerity of purpose. And as soon as with very innocent heart, we approach Him completely stopping any material inebrieties. We should not have any material inebriety. It is very difficult. We are already in the material atmosphere, we are already there getting rotten, and we enjoy the rotten thing. So instead of that, just come out of it and remember this, only 2 words aho bata. What is the translation read Prabhupada’s translation. Devotee reads and Maharaj repeats, aho bata – how wonderful this is. And you have come to the wonderful place. So, please from here, from this day, this hour, you should resolve, that always I will try to be wonderful, remembering Him continuously. And one very nice secret about this is, that you don’t have to stop your activities. This. we must convey this message to the public at large. Nobody should stop their own activities according to their age and varna. They have to do activities. If you are lucky to be in the temple community, then to the best of your ability, you have to serve Him. And then this aho bata- how wonderful this is will be with you. Without Him, we are losing everything. Frankly speaking, before we appear, before we see each other, we have to pass minimum 2 hours in the bathroom. That how am I looking, please this is not wonderful. Immediately, you should come out. Within 3 mins bath is over. However water you pour on your body, its not going to be there always, be simple. If we are only following the minimum necessities, you are barely taking your own necessities. You will be very healthy. We don’t have to have the artificial makeup for coming out. Please, this is the reality. And then aho bata – how wonderful it is, that within 2 minutes you came out. How wonderful it is that you put on the simple clothes whatever. Everything regarding Him is wonderful. So, we should always really, with the closed eyes we should follow Him. And how to follow Him, just come to Prabhupada. He is still in his books. We are extremely fortunate, that we are very near to his time, very near to his time. Otherwise in future, people will never believe, that the personality like him existed and did so many wonderful things. How wonderful it was, a living example, Prabhupada example he struggled. And not only that, when he was alive, the things were clearing, but after he had left the things are multiplying. The whole Russia is Krishna conscious. They are surprised, for the Bhagavatam class, they have to have the stadium. That is real Bhagavatam class. Please, you try and the same thing will be repeated here unlimitedly. But, only one thing is required, that on one hand, we should have completely minimum necessities, and the other hand, we have sincerity. And then how wonderful is such a person. I told you, we don’t have any capacity, but because we are connected to Him, everything wonderful is happening.

Maharaj speaking in Hindi to a devotee. How many rooms do you have, you should be careful about these things. Please, how wonderful. He can bring the water from 108 rivers, how wonderful. Try to understand these two words. We don’t go further. Whole Bhagavatam is understood in these aho bata. Just remember these two words and you are completely free from all the cares and anxieties and everything. Please remember. We will stop here, is there any question. Maharaj asking in Hindi (is there anything to ask?) We will stop here. Hare Krishna. Jay Srila Prabhupada Ki Jai.