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With patience, we can make progress Minneapolis BG 2.60 04-Mar-2024
Regulated Activities are Beneficial Activities Abu Dhabi BG 3.41 03-Mar-2024
We can Understand Krishna Only by His Mercy - Part 2 Rajkot BG 8.9 14-Jun-2023
We can Understand Krishna Only by His Mercy - Part 1 Rajkot BG 8.9 13-Jun-2023
Unflinching Bhakti Facilitates the Activities of Soul Rajkot BG 2.13 21-May-2023
Every Activity is Successful when Dovetailed with Krishna Rajkot BG 6.13-14 06-May-2023
Bhakti is the Easiest way to Associate with God Rajkot BG 12.1 02-Mar-2023
Our Every Breath is meant for Krishna Rajkot BG 10.8 23-Feb-2023
Relish His Presence at Every Stage of Bhakti Dwarka BG 14.26 16-Feb-2023
Lust and Anger are our Greatest Enemies Rajkot BG 3.36-37 14-Feb-2023
If Character is Lost Everything is Lost Abu dhabi BG 2.55 07-Feb-2023
Initiation means to See Krishna Everywhere Nashik Initiation 20-Jan-2023
You can Study only when you are Steady - Part 3 Rajkot BG 4.34-35 14-Jan-2023
You can Study only when you are Steady - Part 2 Rajkot BG 4.34-35 13-Jan-2023
You can Study only when you are Steady - Part 1 Rajkot BG 4.34-35 12-Jan-2023
Dig into your own Heels before you Preach - Part 2 Rajkot BG 2.64 24-Dec-2022
Dig into your own Heels before you Preach - Part 1 Rajkot BG 2.64 23-Dec-2022
Only by Remembering Krishna we can Transcend the Modes Rajkot BG 14.1-27 28-Nov-2022
If we have Krishna we do not Lack Anything Rajkot BG 3.36-37 19-Nov-2022
Sanity will give us Satisfaction - Part 2 Rajkot BG 3.36-37 03-Nov-2022
Sanity will give us Satisfaction - Part 1 Rajkot BG 3.36-37 02-Nov-2022
Darshan of the Lord gives us the Greatest Bliss Rajkot BG 12.1-2 28-Oct-2022
Be Attached to Krishna and Take Shelter of Him Rajkot BG 7.1 19-Oct-2022
Doing Work without Proprietorship is Renunciation Rajkot BG 5.2 06-Oct-2022
Our Whole Life must be Saturated with Krishna Rajkot BG 3.17 20-Sep-2022
We can Touch Krishna only when we are Time Conscious Rajkot BG 13.19 07-Sep-2022
Allow Bhagavad Gita to take Birth in our Life Rajkot BG 10.8-11 30-Aug-2022
All our Scriptures Stress on Improving our Behavior Rajkot BG 6.15 25-Aug-2022
Lust is the Root of all Sins London BG 3.36-37 03-Jul-2022
Riches with Unflinching Devotion is Opulence Rajkot BG 2.41 17-Jun-2022
Unflinching Bhakti leads to Improvement in Behavior Rajkot BG 14.26 15-Jun-2022
Surrender to Krishna is the Solution to all Problems Rajkot BG 13.3 08-Jun-2022
Krishna Reciprocates when we Recognize His Mercy Rajkot BG 7.8-11 01-Jun-2022
Enjoy the Sound Vibration of Krishna - Part 2 Rajkot BG 7.8 26-May-2022
Enjoy the Sound Vibration of Krishna - Part 1 Rajkot BG 7.8 25-May-2022
Steady Mind takes us to Krishna (Hindi) Dwarka BG 2.56 22-May-2022
Do not run away from your Prescribed Duties (Hindi) Dwarka BG 4.7 14-May-2022
Train yourself to always Depend on Transcendence Minneapolis BG 2.41 20-Apr-2022
Krishna is Always with us Chennai BG 10.8 04-Apr-2022
Experience Krishna in His Energies Singapore BG 7.8 27-Mar-2022
Good Consciousness gives us Good Life Abu Dhabi BG 13.8-12 23-Mar-2022
Bhakti Bestows Good Behavior Minneapolis BG 2.55-72 16-Mar-2022
Learn to Perceive Krishna Everywhere Penang BG 7.4 03-Mar-2022
Mind has no Factual Existence Singapore BG 7.4 27-Feb-2022
Summary Study of Bhagavad-Gita 12th Chapter Auckland BG 12.1-20 22-Feb-2022
Envy Kills us Auckland BG 10.8-11 20-Feb-2022
Devotional Service Keeps us Alive Auckland BG 2.61 18-Feb-2022
We Belong to the Glorious Parampara Auckland BG 4.1-3 13-Feb-2022
Purity in our Character gives a Satisfied Life Rajkot BG 16.1-3 07-Feb-2022
VP Lecture - Renunciation is Useless without Bhakti Rajkot BG 5.6 05-Feb-2022
Anti-Vedic activities Destroy our Body Rajkot BG 3.5 04-Feb-2022
Conquer Envy and be Merciful to Everyone Rajkot BG 12.13-14 01-Feb-2022
Be Pleasing to Everyone Rajkot BG 12.15 31-Jan-2022
Constant Touch of Krishna will give us Everything Rajkot BG 6.28 30-Jan-2022
We are Surviving by the Mercy of His Energies Wellington BG 7.8 25-Jan-2022
Vibrations of the Vedic Verses are Transcendental Rajkot BG 2.51 22-Jan-2022
Always Smile and be Enthusiastic Rajkot BG 2.44 18-Jan-2022
Delay in taking up Spiritual life is Dangerous Singapore BG 2.51 15-Jan-2022
The Root of all Good Qualities is Bhakti Singapore BG 13.8-12 14-Jan-2022
Mutual Relationships Survive only through Sacrifice Singapore BG 3.17 14-Jan-2022
Knowledge Vanquishes Anger and Attachment Kuala Lumpur BG 4.10 13-Jan-2022
See Krishna in Everything Singapore BG 7.8 12-Jan-2022
Devote your Attention to Krishna Singapore BG 18.58 11-Jan-2022
Knowledge and Austerity Purify us Penang BG 4.10 11-Jan-2022
Regulated Life is better than Hypocrite Life Kuala Lumpur BG 3.6-7 09-Jan-2022
Renunciation is Complete only with Bhakti London BG 3.4-8 07-Jan-2022
Krishna Protects us when we Obey Him Singapore BG 10.12 06-Jan-2022
The Soul is Nourished only by Bhakti Auckland BG 2.62-63 05-Jan-2022
Chastity in Devotion Attracts Krishna Singapore BG 14.26 05-Jan-2022
Purify your Hearing to Attain Krishna Rajkot BG 7.1 02-Jan-2022
Intense Sadhana is the only way to Destroy Duality Rajkot BG 15.5 07-Oct-2021
Simplicity Brings us Closer to Krishna Rajkot BG 13.8-12 07-Oct-2021
Satisfaction is an Outcome of Sincere Sadhana Rajkot BG 18.69-70 05-Oct-2021
Read and Research the Scriptures Rajkot BG 4.18 05-Oct-2021
Austerity is Required for Everybody Rajkot BG 13.8-12 01-Oct-2021
Fifteen Places to See Krishna Rajkot BG 7.8-12 27-Sep-2021
Sanity without Krishna Consciousness is Impossible Rajkot BG 1.1 23-Sep-2021
Everything is Auspicious in Krishna Consciousness Rajkot BG 4.24 21-Sep-2021
Our Inebrieties Extinguish the Fire of our Bhakti Rajkot BG 12.6-7 20-Sep-2021
Only Bhakti can Stop the Current of Birth and Death Rajkot BG 18.51-53 20-Sep-2021
Wasting Time is Suicidal Rajkot BG 15.18 09-Sep-2021
Devotional Service is the only Guaranteed Path to Success Rajkot BG 18.70 02-Sep-2021
Saints should always Move and Preach Rajkot BG 5.26 28-Aug-2021
Never Neglect your Prescribed Duty Rajkot BG 3.8 19-Aug-2021
Everything in this World is Temporary Auckland BG 15.3 07-Aug-2021
We are Trustees of Krishna Alachua BG 5.20 04-Aug-2021
Without Celibacy we cannot Progress an Inch in Bhakti Rajkot BG 5.22 04-Aug-2021
Till you are with Bhagavad-gita you are Alive Marundera BG 7.28 01-Aug-2021
Krishna is the Source of our Existence Kampala BG 10.12 01-Aug-2021
Counteract Bad Vibrations with Holy Names Johannesburg BG 4.1 01-Aug-2021
Problems can be Solved only with a Peaceful Mind London BG 15.3-4 31-Jul-2021
Those who Sleep they Slip Nashik BG 2.14 31-Jul-2021
Read and Research before you Preach Rajkot BG 4.18 31-Jul-2021
The Eighteen Symptoms of Knowledge Antwerp BG 13.8-12 30-Jul-2021
Our Shastras have Answers to all our Doubts Columbus BG 4.1 30-Jul-2021
Krishna is One without a Second Kampala BG 7.28 30-Jul-2021
Bad Mind leads to Bad Ideas Antwerp BG 6.26 30-Jul-2021
Secret of Initiation Abu Dhabi BG 2.7 30-Jul-2021
Art of Thinking about Krishna Sydney BG 16.16 29-Jul-2021
Attachment gives us a Horrible Death Sydney BG 16.23 29-Jul-2021
Shun Unnecessary Sense Gratification Minneapolis BG 13.8-12 29-Jul-2021
Chastity is a must in Devotional Service Kuala Lumpur BG 8.14 28-Jul-2021
Krishna likes those who are Best Sydney BG 7.28 28-Jul-2021
Polluted Consciousness is the cause of all Miseries Zurich BG 7.13 28-Jul-2021
Ingrates are Rejected by Everyone Houston BG 6.35 28-Jul-2021
Miseries cannot Stand before Krishna Radhadesh BG 2.56 28-Jul-2021
Scriptures Should be Connected to our Life Sydney BG 9.26 26-Jul-2021
There is no Alternative to Devotional Service Antwerp BG 2.69 26-Jul-2021
Do not Complicate Devotional Service Minneapolis BG 5.22 17-Jul-2021
Be Fixed in Devotional Service Singapore BG 7.28 01-Jul-2021
Tolerance is the Essence of Bhakti Marundera BG 10.10 13-Mar-2021
Surrender Gives Satisfaction Radhadesh BG 10.12 30-May-2020
I Have to Go Singapore BG 4.35 21-Apr-2020
The Verses Should Touch Our Heart Singapore BG 7.13 03-Feb-2020
Seeing Krishna Everywhere Rajkot BG 7.8 24-Jan-2020
You Cannot Hide the Old Age Rajkot BG 5.22 13-Dec-2018
Dig into your own Heels Rajkot BG 13.1-3 13-Dec-2018
Tsunami is the Gift of our Advancement Rajkot BG 12.20 13-Dec-2018
Till You Die You Are Destined to See the Death Rajkot BG 12.13-14 13-Dec-2018
Develop Friendship with Krishna Rajkot BG 12.13-14 13-Dec-2018
Fresh View Gives Us Pleasing Attitude Rajkot BG 10.8 13-Dec-2018
Meaning of Renunciation Rajkot BG 5.6 09-Aug-2018
How to become a Devotee Rajkot BG 9.34 30-Apr-2018
Associate with Krishna Detroit BG 5.20 30-Apr-2018
Transcendental Pills Radhadesh BG 2.20 28-Apr-2018