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Intoxication Blinds us Singapore Discussion 11-Jul-2024
Give Place for Krishna in your Existence Minneapolis Discussion 18-Jun-2024
Bhakti is the Engine that Drives our Life Dwarka Discussion 16-Jun-2024
Vedic Culture is the Source of all Religions Antwerp Discussion 14-Jun-2024
Modernization is Detrimental to Bhakti Singapore Discussion 02-Jun-2024
Simple Living Rejuvenates our Bhakti Sharjah Discussion 15-May-2024
Our Devotion is Mercy of Krishna Rajkot Discussion 05-May-2024
Arrival Lila of Jagannath in Rajkot Rajkot Discussion 23-Apr-2024
We are Attached to Family Life (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 19-Apr-2024
Explanation of Hare Krishna Mahamantra Sydney Discussion 18-Apr-2024
Grabbing Tendency Leads to Enmity - Part 2 Rajkot Initiation 08-Jun-2023
Grabbing Tendency Leads to Enmity - Part 1 Rajkot Initiation 07-Jun-2023
Sickness will Vanish by doing Hard Work Rajkot Discussion 22-May-2023
Krishna Sankirtanam Thoroughly Cleanses our Heart Rajkot Discussion 08-May-2023
Krishna can be Purchased only with Sincere Bhakti Rajkot Discussion 03-May-2023
Preaching should Release us from Illusion Rajkot Discussion 02-May-2023
Devotional Environment Spiritually Nurtures the children Rajkot Discussion 01-May-2023
Be Practical in Applying the Principles of Bhakti Rajkot Discussion 30-Apr-2023
Temple is Built by our Sincere Chanting Rajkot Discussion 29-Apr-2023
Aim of Bhakti is to Purity Ourselves Rajkot Discussion 27-Apr-2023
Pleasing Attitude is our Birthright Rajkot Discussion 21-Apr-2023
Importance of Prayers in Bhagavatam Rajkot Discussion 18-Apr-2023
Superficial Bhagavatam Preaching will be Rejected Abu Dhabi Discussion 17-Apr-2023
Reminiscence of Childhood days London Discussion 14-Apr-2023
Vyasa Puja 2005 - Part 3 Rajkot Vyasa Puja 09-Apr-2023
Vyasa Puja 2005 - Part 2 Rajkot Vyasa Puja 08-Apr-2023
Vyasa Puja 2005 - Part 1 Rajkot Vyasa Puja 07-Apr-2023
Our Sanatana Values Never Change - Part 2 Rajkot Discussion 06-Apr-2023
Our Sanatana Values Never Change - Part 1 Rajkot Discussion 05-Apr-2023
Devotees Never Criticize - Part 2 Rajkot Discussion 04-Apr-2023
Devotees Never Criticize - Part 1 Rajkot Discussion 03-Apr-2023
Never Neglect your Prescribed Duties Rajkot Discussion 16-Mar-2023
Prabhupada has Built Oasis for the Entire World Rajkot Discussion 26-Feb-2023
If we Ignore Chanting we are Destroyed Rajkot Discussion 21-Feb-2023
I do not Know Anything other than Krishna Rajkot Discussion 20-Feb-2023
Regulating your Life Reduces the Bondage Rajkot Discussion 18-Feb-2023
Gita Mahatmyam - Recitation and Explanation Rajkot Discussion 17-Feb-2023
Devotees see Mercy of Krishna Everywhere Rajkot Discussion 13-Feb-2023
Everyone is Afraid of his Last Day Nashik Discussion 10-Feb-2023
Bhakti is the only Medicine that Works Nashik Discussion 06-Feb-2023
Take Care of the Services Diligently Mumbai Discussion 05-Feb-2023
Real Leader does not Pose as a Leader Nashik Discussion 04-Feb-2023
We should not be a Disturbance to Others Mumbai Discussion 03-Feb-2023
Be Selfless in Devotional Service Mumbai Discussion 02-Feb-2023
Glorification of Krishna will Give you Everything Mumbai Discussion 01-Feb-2023
Except Bhakti Nothing will Come with you Panvel Discussion 31-Jan-2023
With Humility we will always Win Mumbai Discussion 29-Jan-2023
Reminiscence of Nashik days Nashik Discussion 26-Jan-2023
We Preach one thing and Follow another thing Nashik Discussion 25-Jan-2023
Sincerity to Krishna will Give you the Nourishment Nashik Discussion 22-Jan-2023
Chanting will Improve your Understanding Rajkot Discussion 18-Jan-2023
Never Feel Short of Anything Rajkot Discussion 17-Jan-2023
Simplicity will give you Prideless Life Rajkot Discussion 16-Jan-2023
Lack of Urgency Decreases the Velocity of our Bhakti Rajkot Discussion 15-Jan-2023
Simple Life Gives us Good Health Rajkot Discussion 27-Dec-2022
Invest your Money and Time Wisely Rajkot Discussion 26-Dec-2022
Clarity and Honesty are the Main Symptoms of Serious Sadhana Rajkot Discussion 18-Dec-2022
Bhakti is the Only Remedy for Everything - Part 2 Rajkot Discussion 08-Dec-2022
Bhakti is the Only Remedy for Everything - Part 1 Rajkot Discussion 07-Dec-2022
Holy Names of Krishna Destroys all Evil Rajkot Discussion 30-Nov-2022
Without Bhakti Everything is Useless Rajkot Discussion 18-Nov-2022
Devotionalization should Replace Commercialization Rajkot Discussion 01-Nov-2022
Parishrama - Our Hard Struggle for Survival Rajkot Discussion 26-Oct-2022
Love your Work not the Fruits Rajkot Discussion 21-Oct-2022
Holy Name is the Ultimate Solution to all Miseries Rajkot Discussion 18-Oct-2022
Honesty gives us Agitation-free Life Rajkot Discussion 12-Oct-2022
Secrets of Dwarka Dham Rajkot Discussion 09-Oct-2022
Clean Habits Attract us to Bhagavatam Rajkot Discussion 05-Oct-2022
Sanskrit Basics Rajkot Discussion 03-Oct-2022
Be Awake to the Reality of Life Rajkot Discussion 01-Oct-2022
Serve Krishna Incessantly Rajkot Initiation 28-Sep-2022
Material World means Deterioration Rajkot Discussion 22-Sep-2022
Clear Conscience is God Consciousness Rajkot Discussion 17-Sep-2022
We cannot be Humble without His Mercy Rajkot Discussion 29-Aug-2022
Pride Stops us from Performing Austerity Rajkot Discussion 28-Aug-2022
Always Remember that We have to Go (Hindi) Dwarka Initiation 29-Jun-2022
Q and A on Pushti Marg and Sentimental Devotion London Discussion 27-Jun-2022
Everything is His Mercy (Bhakti Shastri) London Discussion 26-Jun-2022
Genuine Symptoms of Bhakti Attracts Krishna Rajkot Discussion 22-Jun-2022
Maharaj Glorifying Devotees Behind Various Projects Rajkot Discussion 09-Jun-2022
Carry Bhagavatam in one Hand and Duster in Another Rajkot Discussion 05-Jun-2022
Appearance Lila of Sri Sri Radha Neel Madhav Rajkot Discussion 29-May-2022
Be Satisfied with your Lot - Part 2 Rajkot Discussion 28-May-2022
Be Satisfied with your Lot - Part 1 Rajkot Discussion 27-May-2022
Quality Chanting is the Standard of Initiation Rajkot Discussion 14-May-2022
The Transcendental Wrath of Lord Nrsimhadev Rajkot Discussion 12-May-2022
Do not Give yourself Time to Relax Houston Discussion 22-Apr-2022
Samadhi is Remembrance of Krishna Nashik Discussion 19-Apr-2022
Everything should be Utilized in His Service Nashik Discussion 18-Apr-2022
Obedience to Elders will give all Opulence Rajkot Discussion 17-Apr-2022
Austerity is Good for our Spiritual Life Rajkot Discussion 16-Apr-2022
History and Vision for Dwarka Singapore Discussion 31-Mar-2022
Story of Bilva Mangala Thakur Antwerp Discussion 20-Mar-2022
Holy Names Purify our Existence - Part 2 Minneapolis Discussion 19-Mar-2022
Holy Names Purify our Existence - Part 1 Minneapolis Discussion 18-Mar-2022
Bhakti Transcends Everything Antwerp Discussion 10-Mar-2022
Christianity and Vedic life Antwerp Discussion 05-Mar-2022
Krishna Reciprocates to Sincere Bhakti Minneapolis Discussion 02-Mar-2022
Simplicity Attracts Krishna Auckland Discussion 28-Feb-2022
Solutions to Challenges in Grhastha Ashrama Alachua Discussion 14-Feb-2022
Instructions for Deity Worship Dwarka Discussion 08-Feb-2022
Quietly Sacrifice your Life for Krishna Rajkot Discussion 07-Feb-2022
Prasadam is the Best Hygenic Food Rajkot Discussion 07-Feb-2022
Rajkot Temple - Plan and Vision Rajkot Discussion 04-Feb-2022
Always keep Krishna with you Rajkot Discussion 04-Feb-2022
Bhakti and Pride Go ill Together Rajkot Discussion 03-Feb-2022
Illusion can be Conquered only by coming to Reality Rajkot Discussion 02-Feb-2022
Our Planet is Intact due to the Harinam Sankirtan Rajkot Discussion 02-Feb-2022
Purify your Senses to Access the Spiritual Domain Rajkot Discussion 01-Feb-2022
Cut Short your Material Accounts Rajkot Discussion 01-Feb-2022
Farming is the Sanest Occupation Rajkot Discussion 01-Feb-2022
Bring the Purifying Force of Krishna in your Lives Rajkot Discussion 01-Feb-2022
Do not Doubt Krishna Rajkot Discussion 31-Jan-2022
Faith in Krishna Destroys all our Doubts Rajkot Discussion 29-Jan-2022
Initiation Promises - Granthraj Article Rajkot Discussion 28-Jan-2022
Those who Give they Get Rajkot Discussion 28-Jan-2022
Bhakti is the Root of all Manifestations Sydney Discussion 27-Jan-2022
Humility makes us Grateful Wellington Discussion 27-Jan-2022
Ashrama is meant for Performing Austerities Auckland Initiation 26-Jan-2022
Scriptures Strengthen our Faith in the Holy Names Auckland Discussion 26-Jan-2022
Procrastination is the Greatest Impediment for Bhakti Singapore Discussion 24-Jan-2022
Reminiscing early days of Rajkot yatra Rajkot Discussion 23-Jan-2022
Material Relationships will always have Frictions Rajkot Discussion 23-Jan-2022
Add Krishna to your Life and make it Sublime Rajkot Discussion 22-Jan-2022
Krishna is our only Shelter in all Circumstances Rajkot Discussion 22-Jan-2022
Bhagavad-gita Teaches us the Real Yoga (Gujarati) Rajkot Discussion 20-Jan-2022
Unflinching Faith in Krishna gives Healthy Life Rajkot Discussion 20-Jan-2022
Neglecting living entities is equal to Killing them Singapore Discussion 13-Jan-2022
Give Real Mother and Father to your Children Singapore Discussion 13-Jan-2022
Both Desirable and Undesirable makes us Miserable Singapore Discussion 11-Jan-2022
Kirtan Nourishes our Bhakti Singapore Discussion 11-Jan-2022
Adjust your Life in line with the Scriptures Kuala Lumpur Discussion 09-Jan-2022
Story of Gajendra Moksha Rajkot Discussion 03-Jan-2022
Slight Deviation can create Havoc Rajkot Discussion 03-Jan-2022
Avoid Grabbing Tendency at any Cost Rajkot Discussion 10-Oct-2021
History of Rajkot and Dwarka Temples Rajkot Discussion 30-Sep-2021
Collection is a Symptom of Greed Rajkot Discussion 30-Sep-2021
Glories of Bhagavad-Gita Rajkot Discussion 26-Sep-2021
Devotional Service Pulls us out of Impiety Rajkot Discussion 25-Sep-2021
The Real Meaning of Renunciation Rajkot Discussion 25-Sep-2021
Simple Living is a must for Krishna Consciousness Rajkot Discussion 24-Sep-2021
Inside the Temple too we can fall Prey to Illusory Energy Rajkot Discussion 20-Sep-2021
Making Plans without Krishna is Madness Rajkot Discussion 12-Sep-2021
Worry Kills our Time Rajkot Discussion 02-Sep-2021
Any Service to Krishna is Hari Kirtan Rajkot Discussion 29-Aug-2021
Audience should feel Sheltered in our Association Rajkot Discussion 28-Aug-2021
In Assisting Krishna we Enjoy Rajkot Discussion 25-Aug-2021
Everything Belongs to Krishna Rajkot Discussion 23-Aug-2021
Preach with Feeling to the Hearers Rajkot Discussion 18-Aug-2021
Practice before you Preach Rajkot Discussion 18-Aug-2021
Reduce the Necessities and Concentrate on Purity Rajkot Discussion 15-Aug-2021
Introduce Vedic Tradition in our Education System Rajkot Discussion 15-Aug-2021
Dependency destroys our Peace and Happiness Rajkot Discussion 14-Aug-2021
Inconceivable cannot be Conceived Rajkot Discussion 14-Aug-2021
Steer Clear of all Material Inebrieties Rajkot Discussion 13-Aug-2021
We should have the Purifying Force in our Society Rajkot Discussion 10-Aug-2021
Concocted desires stops us from Sleeping Rajkot Discussion 08-Aug-2021
Clean Relationship is a Gift from Krishna Rajkot Discussion 08-Aug-2021
Simplicity Leads to Prosperity Rajkot Discussion 05-Aug-2021
Concoction Destroys Relationships Rajkot Discussion 05-Aug-2021
Come to Simple Life Rajkot Discussion 05-Aug-2021
Depend Only on Krishna Rajkot Discussion 05-Aug-2021
Spend Money for Prasadam Cow School and Temple Rajkot Discussion 05-Aug-2021
A Peek into the Life-style Hundred Years Ago Rajkot Discussion 05-Aug-2021
If you have to Die Die in Mangala Arati Rajkot Discussion 05-Aug-2021
Uplift yourself by Following the Scriptures Amsterdam Discussion 04-Aug-2021
Description of our Body in Scriptures Rome Discussion 04-Aug-2021
Science of God Rome Discussion 04-Aug-2021
Krishna Resides where His Devotees Glorify Him Auckland Discussion 04-Aug-2021
If you Tolerate you will be Worshiped Amsterdam Discussion 04-Aug-2021
Forgiveness is the Greatest Virtue Rajkot Discussion 04-Aug-2021
Only with Bhakti we can develop Real Tolerance Rajkot Discussion 04-Aug-2021
Confidence is a Product of our Theistic Attitude Minneapolis Discussion 04-Aug-2021
Interview - Memories of Srila Prabhupada Alachua Discussion 03-Aug-2021
Our Ego stops us from Clean Consciousness Rajkot Discussion 02-Aug-2021
Marriage is Two Souls Functioning as One Mind Minneapolis Wedding 02-Aug-2021
Do not Waste your Time Rajkot Discussion 01-Aug-2021
Three types of Fools Costa Rica Discussion 25-Jul-2021
Three Principles of Wisdom Marundera Discussion 18-Jul-2021
Krishna is the Perfect Creator Vrindavan Discussion 30-Mar-2021
Come to Your Senses Rajkot Discussion 02-Jun-2019
Excite Your Spiritual Experience Rajkot Discussion 14-Dec-2018
Unless Krishna Wishes We Cannot Survive Rajkot Discussion 13-Dec-2018
Be Determined to Chant Your Rounds Rajkot Discussion 13-Dec-2018
Develop Good Qualities Rajkot Discussion 09-Aug-2018
Why 16 Rounds Singapore Discussion 04-Jun-2018