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SB Saptah Day 2 - Qualities of Lord Rama (Hindi) Kolkata SB 5.19.4 22-Jul-2024
SB Saptah Day 1B - Remembering Krishna is His Gift (Hindi) Kolkata SB 8.3.1 21-Jul-2024
SB Saptah Day 1A - Counteraction Complicates our Life (Hindi) Kolkata SB 1.18.48 20-Jul-2024
Taste the Aroma of His Lotus Feet (Hindi) Abu Dhabi SB 3.9.5 20-Jun-2024
Our Behavior Should Follow our Shastras (Hindi) Dwarka Discussion 17-Jun-2024
Be Thankful to Krishna for our Situation (Hindi) Rajkot SB 1.6.32 05-Jun-2024
Our Real Disease is Faithlessness (Hindi) Abu Dhabi SB 4.24.66 08-May-2024
Our Advancement is Hampered by our Attachment (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 28-Apr-2023
Be Always Happy in Bhakti (Hindi) Rajkot BG 13.20 30-Mar-2023
Krishna Always Protects His Devotees (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 30-Dec-2022
Artificial Medicines Destroy our Health (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 25-Dec-2022
Bhakti Preserves our Vedic Culture (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 09-Dec-2022
The General Mass is only Interested in Entertainment (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 06-Dec-2022
Krishna Katha Transcends Everything Material (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 30-Sep-2022
Story of Sage Valmiki (Hindi) Fiji Discussion 14-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 7B - We are Destroyed by Bad Association (Hindi) Fiji SB 3.3.13 13-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 7A - Never leave the Shelter of Krishna (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.2.21 12-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 6B - Humility Attracts Mercy of the Lord (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.9.8 11-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 6A - Only Bhakti will Give us Peace (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.6.24 10-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 5B - Have Unflinching Faith in Krishna (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.6.1 09-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 5A - Blind cannot lead the Blind (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.5.30 08-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 4B - Escape the Blind Well of Illusion (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.5.5 07-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 4A - All Relations in this World are Temporary (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.2.37 06-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 3B - Pure Devotees have no Enemies (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.2.20-21 05-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 3A - Introspect on your own Defects (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.2.20-21 04-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 2B - Devotees Conquer Anger (Hindi) Fiji SB 1.8.36 03-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 2A - Hearing Sows the Seed of Bhakti (Hindi) Fiji SB 1.8.36 02-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 1B - The Real Meaning of Detachment (Hindi) Fiji SB 4.9.6 01-Aug-2022
SB Saptah Day 1A - Krishna is Realized by Hearing (Hindi) Fiji SB 4.9.6 31-Jul-2022
Be Serious about your Spiritual Life (Hindi) Fiji BG 10.8 30-Jul-2022
Krishna Orchestrates everything by His Energies (Hindi) Fiji BG 9.26 29-Jul-2022
Giving Krishna Bhakti to Others is Humility (Hindi) Fiji SB 2.9.33-36 28-Jul-2022
Delay in Bhakti is Dangerous (Hindi) Fiji BG 10.8-11 27-Jul-2022
Perform Bhakti with Full Heart (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.3.24 26-Jul-2022
Fire of Envy Burns us Completely (Hindi) Fiji SB 5.18.9 25-Jul-2022
Overcome Pavarga by Sincere Bhakti (Hindi) Fiji BG 10.8-11 24-Jul-2022
Demons can never Win (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.3.26-27 23-Jul-2022
Lust Disappears when Lord Rama Appears (Hindi) Fiji Discussion 22-Jul-2022
Touch of Krishna gives us Unlimited Joy (Hindi) Fiji SB 2.9.13 21-Jul-2022
Knowledge must Transform our Life (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.3.32 20-Jul-2022
Conquered Mind is our Best Friend (Hindi) Fiji BG 6.6 19-Jul-2022
Krishna is the Center of our Existence (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.3.31 17-Jul-2022
Time is Insurmountable and Imperceptible (Hindi) Fiji SB 1.13.20 16-Jul-2022
Do not Waste your Time in Counteracting Miseries (Hindi) Fiji SB 1.13.19 15-Jul-2022
We all have to Die (Hindi) Fiji SB 12.13.23 14-Jul-2022
Control your Senses to Advance in Self-realization (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.3.25 13-Jul-2022
From Birth till Death we are in Hellish Condition (Hindi) Fiji BG 4.10 12-Jul-2022
Devotion without Austerity is Sentimentality (Hindi) Fiji SB 5.5.1 11-Jul-2022
Science of Material Elements (Hindi) Fiji SB 2.9.17 10-Jul-2022
Only with Purity we can Approach Krishna (Hindi) Fiji SB 2.9.14 09-Jul-2022
Understand the Purpose of your Existence (Hindi) Fiji SB 7.6.14 08-Jul-2022
Realization comes from Krishna (Hindi) Dwarka Discussion 28-Jun-2022
Everything Related to Krishna is Beautiful (Hindi) Dwarka Discussion 23-Jun-2022
Learn to Experience Krishna in Everything (Hindi) Dwarka MM 14 20-Jun-2022
In any Body we have to Suffer in this World (Hindi) Rajkot BG 13.4 16-Jun-2022
Handover the Responsibilities to Younger Generation (Hindi) Dwarka BG 3.36 14-Jun-2022
A Vaishnava is one who Feels Others Pain (Hindi) Dwarka Discussion 13-Jun-2022
Experience the Taste of the Holy Names - Part 2 (Hindi) Rajkot SB 1.6.26 12-Jun-2022
Experience the Taste of the Holy Names - Part 1 (Hindi) Rajkot SB 1.6.26 11-Jun-2022
Krishna Recognizes Sincere Efforts (Hindi) Delhi Discussion 24-May-2022
Do not Leave Krishna (Hindi) Dwarka Discussion 24-May-2022
Realize His Causeless Mercy - Part 2 (Hindi) Dwarka Initiation 23-May-2022
Realize His Causeless Mercy - Part 1 (Hindi) Dwarka Initiation 23-May-2022
The Real Meaning of Initiation (Hindi) Dwarka Initiation 21-May-2022
Bhagavatam Glorifies the Sankirtan Movement (Hindi) Vrindavan Discussion 19-May-2022
Our Thoughts are Transformed into Actions (Hindi) Dwarka BG 7.28 18-May-2022
No Expectation is the only way to be Peaceful (Hindi) Dwarka SB 2.9.33 17-May-2022
Krishna is our Safest Shelter in this World (Hindi) Dwarka SB 3.5.2 16-May-2022
Service Attracts Krishna (Hindi) Dwarka SB 3.16.7 15-May-2022
Krishna Attracts Everyone (Hindi) Delhi BG 7.16 11-May-2022
Chanting Holy Names does not Cost a Penny (Hindi) Delhi Discussion 10-May-2022
Experience Krishna through His Glorification (Hindi) Dwarka SB 1.2.3 09-May-2022
Krishna Katha Mitigates all Miseries (Hindi) Dwarka SB 1.5.40 08-May-2022
Leave Everything in His Hands (Hindi) Dwarka BG 18.78 07-May-2022
Everything Emanates from Lord Krishna (Hindi) Dwarka BG 10.8 06-May-2022
Lusty Mind is our Greatest Enemy (Hindi) Dwarka SB 5.11.4 05-May-2022
The Way to Attain Real Happiness (Hindi) Dwarka SB 3.5.2 03-May-2022
Conquer the Unconquerable Lord (Hindi) Mumbai SB 6.16.34 09-Apr-2022
Engagement in Bhakti Saves us from Envy (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 08-Apr-2022
Our Plans do not Work (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 06-Apr-2022
Reciting Sanskrit is non-different from Meditation (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 05-Apr-2022
Without His Sanction we cannot even Breathe (Hindi) Singapore BG 10.8 28-Mar-2022
Bhakti does not depend on Material Qualifications (Hindi) Bamnia SB 5.19.7 26-Mar-2022
Sustain the Vedic Culture through Bhakti (Hindi) Fiji Discussion 15-Mar-2022
Do not Make a Mockery of your Bhakti (Hindi) Surat SB 9.4.41 07-Mar-2022
Faith in Guru is the Source of all Knowledge (Hindi) Vrindavan SB 1.8.9 26-Feb-2022
Devotees have no Fear (Hindi) Vrindavan Discussion 25-Feb-2022
Material Modes Destroy our Bhakti Bhava (Hindi) Fiji SB 8.16.6 30-Jan-2022
Rajkot Ratha Yatra Lecture - 2008 (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 19-Jan-2022
By Hook or Crook Improve the Quality of your Life (Hindi) Singapore Discussion 07-Jan-2022
Our Real Wealth is Krishna Bhakti (Hindi) Rajkot Discussion 27-Sep-2021
How to Attain Real Happiness? (Hindi) Dwarka SB 3.5.2 17-Dec-2019
Devotee is Compassionate (Hindi) Dwarka SB 1.2.3 17-Dec-2019
Giving Bhakti to Children Part - 2 (Hindi) Singapore Hindi 04-Jun-2018
Giving Bhakti to Children Part - 1 (Hindi) Singapore Hindi 04-Jun-2018