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Krishna Reciprocates According to our Intentions Abu Dhabi KB 10 24-Apr-2023
Our Every Activity must be Linked with Krishna Rajkot BS 5.57-61 29-Oct-2022
Retirement means Work Harder for Krishna Rajkot NOI 7 18-Sep-2022
Relish Krishna in His Transcendental Sound Rajkot BS 5.57-61 03-Jun-2022
Krishna Katha Destroys the Jaundice of Sense Enjoyment Dwarka NOI 7 13-May-2022
Bhakti means Stopping Extravance (Marathi) Rajkot SB 2.2.3 05-Feb-2022
Our Glories Increase by Glorifying Krishna (Marathi) Rajkot SB 10.31.1 04-Feb-2022
Steer Clear of all Activities in the Lower Modes Rajkot ISO 8 02-Feb-2022
We are all Dying Lump Auckland MM 14 27-Jan-2022
Glories of Lord Caitanya Kuala Lumpur CC 1.1.14 13-Jan-2022
Highest Devotion is Attained by Constant Endeavor Rajkot BS 5.59 25-Aug-2021
We are Initiated into Bhagavatam (Marathi) Rajkot SB 8.2.33 15-Aug-2021
Sri Caitanya Lila is like Ganges in the Desert Zurich CC 2.15.42 06-Aug-2021
Scriptures Force Open our Eyes to Reality Radhadesh CC 1.2.117 06-Aug-2021
Reject Everything Unfavorable to Devotional Service Auckland Initiation 05-Aug-2021
Never be Satisfied with your Scriptural Study Minneapolis Initiation 05-Aug-2021
Durban Ratha Yatra - Worship Krishna with your Duties Durban Ratha Yatra 03-Aug-2021
Durban Ratha Yatra - Holy Name Unifies us Durban Ratha Yatra 03-Aug-2021
Your Preaching Potency is a Result of your Behavior Minneapolis NOI 1 03-Aug-2021
Satisfaction Does Not Stop Progress Rajkot ISO 4 13-Dec-2018