Glorify the All-Glorious - Part 2

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev.

We are continuing with the transcription of the beautiful lecture that H H Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj gave in Boston, Australia on 23rd May 1997.

In the last offering we saw:

1. Glorify the all-glorious to become glorious.

Today we will continue with the subsequent points,

2. Without Krishna we are living dead: If you want to have yasha, everybody wants to be glorious you know. If you want to be glorious, you have to go to the reservoir of yasha. This light is shining because it is connected through the meters to the power house. If it is disconnected from the powerhouse, there may be bulbs and everything, but they won't shine, they will just look like bulbs. So the human beings also, if they are cut off from the reservoir of yasha, ie., Krishna, they look like dead persons walking. Completely dead. You can see. People walk and talk, but if they are not with Krishna, they are just like dead people moving. Srila Prabhupada has introduced this living principle in our life. Otherwise without him we would be completely destroyed. As soon as he came, we got his transcendental touch. This transcendental touch gives us the glory. (Pointing to a devotee Maharaj says) "Hey you are not a common man, you are extraordinary man. He touches you, through the books also he touches you and you become glorious immediately." So, this is how we should come to these things. And how this Vraja also, Vrindavan, what is special about it? Krishna was walking there all the time. Krishna was living there and so many pastimes are there. That's why that place is glorious now. Wherever Srila Prabhupada went or wherever Krishna is established, those places have become pilgrim centers. Here also there are so many temples and we always like to go to the places, you know. This is how, wherever Krishna is, it becomes glorious. If Krishna comes in your life, then your life also becomes glorious. Otherwise as it is we are dead. In order to reduce this living-death, we have to come to Krishna.

3. Krishna is not the object of Mind and Intelligence: We have to Forget about this spiritual progress. The only thing we want is the continuous service of Krishna. That's all. Nothing else. We should never think if we are spiritually progressing or not. Thinking means the mind comes in. Thinking is the process which definitely belongs to the mind. And this thinking separates us from Krishna. As soon as you stop thinking, you are with Krishna. As soon as you ignore your mind, you are with Krishna. Many times people ask this question that, "I want to know how am I chanting. My chanting is offensive or what?" But as soon as they try to think about the chanting, they are on the material level. Thinking is on the material level. As soon as you skip your mind and intelligence, then you are with Krishna. Krishna is not the object of mind and intelligence. Mind and intelligence, they are material. That's why when we chant, we should only chant, that's it! Never think that whether my chanting is alright or not. As soon as the thinking comes, you become materialist. So as soon as the thinking stops, then you are very much linked with Krishna. This is how the glories are spread everywhere.

4. Be Touched by Krishna and Become Enlivened: It is very nicely said that when Dhruva Maharaj performed so nice austerities, being a five year old boy, in 6 months he wanted to complete the whole business. His austerities are uncomparable. He was not eating even. He was just surviving on the leaves of the trees, then he thought that eating leaves also comes in the way between Krishna and himself. So he stopped eating the leaves also. Then he was surviving on water. Then he thought that drinking water is also between me and Krishna. So he stopped that also. Then eventually, it is just breathing and meditating. In the end he thought that the breathing is also in between me and Krishna. He then stopped breathing also. He was always engrossed with Krishna. When Krishna was pleased, He appeared before him. Dhruva Maharaj didn't know what to tell. He saw Krishna first in his heart and then standing in front of him. He was completely lost. So he said, "Now I don't know Lord what to speak. You please do something." Krishna then touched his forehead with His conchshell. And immediately he started praying to Krishna. Immediately his intelligence glew. As soon as we are also touched by Krishna katha, our everything becomes enlivened. That verse Dhruva Maharaj speaks. It is brahma samhita lyric. It is beautiful. We should understand these verses word by word you know. And as soon as you study verses word by word then slowly you get into it, (Maharaj sings the verse SB 4.9.6),

dhruva uvāca
yo ’ntaḥ praviśya mama vācam imāṁ prasuptāṁ
sañjīvayaty akhila-śakti-dharaḥ sva-dhāmnā
anyāṁś ca hasta-caraṇa-śravaṇa-tvag-ādīn
prāṇān namo bhagavate puruṣāya tubhyam

yo ’ntaḥ praviśya, we use this word praviśya. Pravesh means 'to enter'. Please somehow or the other You enter. Where? vācam - In my speech. (Maharaj keeps reciting the verse repeatedly and enjoys it very much). See how nice it is to sing! yo ’ntaḥ praviśya mama vācam imāṁ prasuptāṁ. My vāca is sleeping. My speech is sleeping at the moment. So You please enter into it. Very nice! Full of meaning you know! One line you take and you enjoy that line! (Maharaj sings again). You should engross in these things. That is the main thing. Because we are getting contaminated throughout the day by our material activities, it is very difficult to come to this stage. So what we should do is that these material activities cannot be ignored. They have to be done. But somehow or the other, don't get too much brushed off by that. Otherwise the whole mind becomes completely contaminated. We have to do, Krishna will give you the expertise. You will do your material activities very nicely. But that's it. As soon as you come home, you please take shower, take some prasadam and instead of wasting time here and there, you just go to Bhagavatam. Bhagavatam will give you everything.

Krishna willing, we will continue with this transcendental lecture of Maharaj in the subsequent offering.

Thank you very much.
Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev,
Kalacakra Krsna das.