Transcendental Reminiscences – Part 9

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis,
Please accept our humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev!

The following is a humble effort to transcribe some of the reminiscences of HH Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj that he has shared in his classes around the world. In the previous offering, Maharaj was explaining how we should sing to the Lord with bhāv, with love. Maharaj sings some of the verses, in his unique transcendental voice, vibrating the syllables so lovingly, and thereby teaches us how to do. Maharaj says that the beauty of devotional service lies in using the material words to transcend ourselves to the transcendental realm. This happens when we recite the verses in front of the Lord with love and sincerity.

9. The beauty of glorification of the Lord: We take the shelter of our house. That is why we have nice buildings. We take shelter of our family. We think that they will be able to save us. We take shelter of our jobs, we think by money we will be saved. We have left our own country, came to this country, just to take shelter. And these shelters in the end prove completely false. Because we don't come to the right point, we are always frustrated. 

And this is the glorification of the Lord. Please learn few verses from Bhagavad Gita, there are innumerable verses in Srimad Bhagavatam, and be sincere in reciting them. And if you are sincere you will definitely remember the verses. And to remember the verses is really the perfection of our existence. Because you don’t know, at the time of death, we leave this body. This gross body, we can never take with us. Never. Even if you wish, you cannot take the body. But, according to our activities, our subtle body carries our soul to the next body. And our subtle body comprises of man, buddhi and ahankaar. There is mind, intelligence and ego. And that body carries us to another material body. And that is why whatever tendencies we cultivate in this life we unknowingly carry to the further bodies. And that is what is said in Srimad Bhagavad Gita 6.41,

prāpya puṇya-kṛtāṁ lokān uṣitvā śāśvatīḥ samāḥ
śucīnāṁ śrīmatāṁ gehe yoga-bhraṣṭo ’bhijāyate

The unsuccessful yogi, after many, many years of enjoyment on the planets of the pious living entities, is born into a family of righteous people, or into a family of rich aristocracy.

Bhraṣṭo, suppose our sadhana is not complete in this life, then at least these auspicious tendencies are with us. That is the reason why we daily get up at 3:30 in the morning. That is the reason why we daily come to mangala arati. That is why we perform the same bhajans again and again and same and same Maha mantra and even then we are not tired. Because these tendencies we have to from throughout our life. And take these tendencies with us. This is the beauty of the glorification of the Lord. Otherwise mere reciting the slokas will not help you. Unless you understand and get into it. Otherwise parrots also recite you know. Somewhere we went and as soon as we entered the house, "Hare Krishna", the parrot told in his own language. Even parrot was reciting. But parrot does not understand anything. He just imitates. We are not the parrots. We are really sincere devotees of the Lord. And being from South India, being from India, is itself a very high elevated position. Frankly speaking, all our Vaishnava acharyas of the four sampradayas, they are all coming from South India. The South is very great. It doesn't mean that north is not great. But the whole Bharata varsa is very auspicious bhūmi. Even now you go there, even without anything, you feel completely satisfied, you know. As soon as we get down on the soil, not only me, but all these people. That’s why again and again they go to Mayapur, again and again they go to Vrindavan, same Vrndavan. Same Mayapur, same building. Everything is the same, but we are not satisfied with going to Mayapur just once. Every time there is a chance we go to Mayapur, we go to Vrindavan. These things are very relishable.

Krishna willing, we shall hear more transcendental nectar from Maharaj in the subsequent offering.

Thank you very much.
Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev,
Uma Prathap
Abu Dhabi.