Proper Time, Proper Service and Proper Manner

Dear Prabhujis and Matajis,
Hare Krishna! Please accept my humble pranams! All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev!

In spiritual life it is very important, that we do not postpone service that needs to be done immediately. What we postpone for tomorrow needs to be done today and what could be done today should be done immediately because the snake of time is swallowing us very slowly and quickly (intelligently and imperceptibly). A stitch in time saves nine. Last week, in his wonderful class, HG Svayam Prabhuji was stressing the essence of time. He was telling that we have to respect time. Respecting time is categorized into three categories.

1. We have to do service in time. 
2. We have to do proper service in that time. 
3. Proper service is also to be done in a proper manner.

1. Do Service in time: Even if we fail to do the material service in time the boss would not be happy. It is therefore very important in devotional service that we should do our sadhana, and other devotional service in time or otherwise the service will not be useful. 

2. Proper Service in that time: It is very important not only we should be doing service in time but also do proper service in proper time. Suppose it is time of doing arati we should not be sleeping or gossiping or doing other service. 

3. Proper Service in time and in a proper manner:  For eg we are doing arati in proper time but we don't have our mind fully engaged in that service but going on thinking other things and then also we are not respecting time . Even though we may have the benefit of doing proper things in proper time but because of inattention in that service, it does not produce the desired effect on our progress in our devotional service. We may not have another opportunity available to perform that service at all and or we may not have the opportunity to do that service with full attention.

Every second of our existence should be done with respect of time or otherwise Krishna will take away all the idle time and then we cannot ask for him anymore. Krishna says, "I am time". Prabhuji added that it is easy to say that proper service in a proper manner and in a proper time but still difficult to practise in our daily life. It is incumbent on our part to the best of our ability to endeavour to do proper service in proper time and in a proper manner and leave it to the Lord to bestow his mercy. 

Chanakya Pandit very nicely illustrates the value of time in his Niti shastra as follows:

āyuḥ kṣana eko api - na labhya svarna koṭibhiḥ

Wasted time cannot be obtained even by giving millions of gold.

Prabhupada in his unparalleled purport to verse 1.19.4 in Srimad Bhagavatam says, "Parikshit Maharaja was fortunate to get a seven-day notice to meet his inevitable death. But for the common man there is no definite notice, although death is inevitable for all. Foolish men forget this sure fact of death and neglect the duty of preparing themselves for going back to Godhead. They spoil their lives in animal propensities to eat, drink, be merry and enjoy. Such an irresponsible life is adopted by the people in the age of Kali because of a sinful desire to condemn brahminical culture, God consciousness and cow protection, for which the state is responsible".

No definite notice is available for us. We forget the sure fact of death. Proper duty is to be engaged in the service of the Lord continuously without any stoppage. Service to the Lord in to be done with one pointed attention. Srimad Bhagavatam confirms this point in the verse 2.2.36

tasmāt sarvātmanā rājan hariḥ sarvatra sarvadā
śrotavyaḥ kīrtitavyaś ca smartavyo bhagavān nṛṇām

O King, it is therefore essential that every human being hear about, glorify and remember the Supreme Lord, the Personality of Godhead, always and everywhere.

I pray at the lotus feet of Sri Krishna, Srila Prabhupada and Gurudev to bestow their blessings to get rid me of the sinful habit of neglecting the real goal of life and do proper service in a proper manner and in proper time. Let me have the feeling of repentance for all the disrespect I have done to the invaluable time and become kovidaḥ (intelligent) to use it judiciously. 

Thank you very much.
Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev,
Sajjana Priya Krishna das
Abu Dhabi.