Original Cause of Disasters

Dear Vaishnavas,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev.

As I was reading the chapter of Jaya and Vijaya cursed by the sages, I came to these interesting verses which explain the reason behind the Tsunami and other disasters. Truly Bhagavatam once again proves that inside its pages rests the answer to every question.

Srila Prabhupada in purport of verse 3.17.4 explains the reason for appearance of disasters like Tsunami.

When natural disturbances occur on a planet, one should understand that a demon must have taken birth there. In the present age the number of demoniac people is increasing; therefore natural disturbances are also increasing. There is no doubt about this, as we can understand from the statements in 3.17.7 of the Bhagavatam:

cukrośa vimanā vārdhir udūrmiḥ kṣubhitodaraḥ
sodapānāś ca saritaś cukṣubhuḥ śuṣka-paṅkajāḥ

vārdhir -the ocean; udūrmiḥ -high waves; kṣubhita -agitated.

The ocean with its high waves wailed aloud (Tsunami) as if stricken with sorrow, and there was a commotion among the creatures inhabiting the ocean. The rivers and lakes were also agitated, and lotuses withered.

There were earthquakes along the mountains on the earth, and it appeared that there was fire everywhere. Many inauspicious planets like Saturn appeared, along with comets, meteors and thunderbolts.

There blew winds which were most uninviting to the touch, hissing again and again and uprooting gigantic trees. They had storms for their armies and clouds of dust for their ensigns.

Purport: "When there are natural disturbances like blowing cyclones, too much heat or snowfall, and uprooting of trees by hurricanes, it is to be understood that the demoniac population is increasing and so the natural disturbance is also taking place. There are many countries on the globe, even at the present moment, where all these disturbances are current. This is true all over the world. There is insufficient sunshine, and there are always clouds in the sky, (England and most of western European countries) snowfall and severe cold. These assure that such places are inhabited by demoniac people who are accustomed to all kinds of forbidden, sinful activity."

Somebody may ask what is the remedy to all these disasters?
In former days there were only two demons those born of Diti yet there were so many disturbances. At the present day, especially in this age of Kali, these disturbances are always visible, which indicates that the demoniac population has certainly increased.

To check the increase of the demoniac population, the Vedic civilization enacted so many rules and regulations of social life, the most important of which is the garbhādhāna process for begetting good children. In having sex life to beget children, one should observe the process for begetting nice children; if each and every householder in every family observes the Vedic system (devotional service), then there are nice children, not demons, and automatically there is peace in the world. If we do not follow regulations in life for social tranquility, we cannot expect peace. Rather, we will have to undergo the stringent reactions of natural laws.

This sankirtan movement initiated by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and His pure devotees has reduced all these disasters on this planet, but as scriptures advices us, the best solution to all the three miseries is buying of the one-way ticket to Spiritual abode. Srila Prabhupada once said, "Material world is like toilet, every intelligent person makes his business as short as possible in toilet".

Your humble servant,
Murlidhara das