Glorification of Lord Sri Rama - Part 12

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva.

This is the transcription of the wonderful class given by HG Vaijayantimala Mathaji on S.B.5.19.3.

oṁ namo bhagavate uttamaślokāya nama ārya-lakṣaṇa-śīla-vratāya nama upaśikṣitātmana upāsita-lokāya namaḥ sādhu-vāda-nikaṣaṇāya namo brahmaṇya-devāya mahā-puruṣāya mahā-rājāya nama iti

Let me please Your Lordship by chanting the bija-mantra omkara. I wish to offer my respectful obeisances unto the Personality of Godhead, who is the best most highly elevated personalities. Your Lordship is the reservoir of all the good qualities of Aryans, people who are advanced. Your character and behavior are always consistent, and You exhibit exemplary character to teach others how to behave. There is a touchstone that can be used to examine the gold, but You are like a touchstone that can verify all good qualities. You are worshipped by brahmanas who are the foremost of all devotees. You, the Supreme Person, are the King of Kings, and therefore I offer my respectfulo obeisances unto You.

In this verse Lord Rama is glorified in 8 ways by the devotees. In the previous mails we have seen the first 3 ways of glorifying Lord Sri Rama. In the third glorification upaśikṣitātmana - unto You whose senses are under control, (Glorification of Lord Sri Rama - Part 11) we saw, why should we control our senses and mind? If we do not control our senses and mind, the following will certainly happen:

1. Life is going to be miserable.
2. Squander away our wealth.
3. Dishonest means of earning money.
4. It keeps us in complete illusion.
5. Steals away all the time which is meant for self-realization.
6. Puts us again in material pool.
7. We cannot attain the mercy of the Lord.
8. Gives us very difficult time in old age.
9. Cannot give any peace or happiness.
10. Purification of existence is not possible.

We saw the first point in the previous mail. We will continue with the other effects of not controlling our senses and mind in the following mails.

2. Squander away our wealth.
Uncontrolled senses squander away our hard-earned money and property. From morning to evening we strive to earn money and if our senses are going to dictate in so many ways, then we are going to squander away all our property. We spend so much money on the things which is not at all necessary. That is why Maharaj says, we have created artificial necessities. We think that by having artificial necessities only, we have a very good standard of life. We always look for, I want this, I want that. In the name of devotee, we say it is for Krishna consciousness. Because of the artificial necessities our money is spent in buying that product and after utilizing that, we spend money in hospital also. We buy so many houses and take loans, and then we are worried of repaying the loans. We should maintain minimum things to keep our body and soul together. Regarding this there is a small story.

There were four brahmanas. They went to a sage. They were in poverty so they needed some money. The sage gave them one wick to each person. He told them to carry on with them and wherever the wick falls, dig that place and they will get something and they can use for their life. So the four of them took the wick and traveled together. First brahmana's wick fell in one place. Then he dug that place. There he found copper mine. So many copper vessels, jewels everything was there. He was so happy. He told everybody to come with him, so that we will sell this and share for our living. But the other fellows said that it is only copper, we may get something better than this so we will keep going ahead, and if you want you can remain there. Similar way, the second brahmana got silver mine and third one got gold mine. But the fourth brahmana said, that he will go some more distance where he will get something very precious than this. He was very greedy. In one particular place his wick was about to fall, there he found one man standing, he had a big wheel moving around his head and so much blood was coming. Fourth brahmana went to him and asked why this wheel is moving around his head and why he is suffering like this. The moment he went near that fellow and asked this question, the wheel went on the top of that brahmana's head and started rotating. It was so much painful and he asked that fellow, why it came on the top of him and what is happening. Then that fellow asked that brahmana whether he went to that particular sage, whether he gave them any wick. Brahmana said yes. Then that fellow asked the brahmana whether he was not happy with the things he got before. Brahmana again said yes. Then that fellow said that in the past he was also not satisfied with copper, silver and gold and had come here and saw someone standing there with a wheel rotating around his head. When he asked that man how he got the wheel on his head, the wheel came on his head and that persond said "if some other fellow greedier than you comes here, then you will be released. Till that time you please carry on with this wheel." He told that and ran away from that place.

Similarly we are also so greedy. If we get 100 Rs, we look for 1000 Rs, 1,00,000 Rs. We are not able to fix a target. Our target is going beyond our limitations and continuously expanding our requirements. With uncontrolled senses, we are not satisfied with whatever we have. It completely squanders our wealth.

3.Dishonest means of earning money:
Because the senses are uncontrolled it demands so many things. Whatever we are earning honestly doesn't satisfy the uncontrolled senses. To fulfill the demands, we go for dishonest means of earning the money. We feel that some how or the other we should get this house, which means some how or the other we must earn money. So we move away from the honest path and do sinful activities. Sinful activities mean papa account is opened and again birth and death is waiting. Prahlada Maharaja says in S.B.7.5.30. "Because of their uncontrolled senses, persons too addicted to materialistic life make progress toward hellish conditions and repeatedly chew that which has already been chewed. Their inclinations toward Krishna are never aroused, either by the instructions of others, or by their own efforts, or by a combination of both". We think that we are born to take care of our family members and satisfy them. But it is not at all possible to satisfy our family members and our own self. Bhagavatam says that the family members are thieves in different forms. A thief is coming in the form of son and grabbing the money for education. Another thief in the form of daughter is coming to grab money for marriage. If the senses are uncontrolled we have to enter into the hell called tamisra and again and again we are made to chew the already chewed. After we chew the sugarcane for once, all the juices are gone. If we take the same sugarcane and again we chew it, nothing will be there. But still we do the same thing. We are not frustrated with the material life. This is the quality of the person with uncontrolled senses.

4.It keeps us in complete illusion.
Uncontrolled senses don't allow us to go near Krishna . In uncontrolled senses our idea is "I am this body". Whatever the eyes are demanding, we feel like satisfying it. Whatever the ears are demanding, we feel like satisfying it. Because we are not aware that there is a spirit soul behind, which is enlivening all these senses. We are completely forgetting the spirit soul. Krishna's plan is that as soon as the living entity is promoted by gradual evolution to the platform of human life, he has to understand his spiritual position. This cannot be understood unless the senses and mind are in control. By enjoying more and not controlling the senses, we are putting more iron shackles in our body. Uncontrolled senses put us completely in illusion and make us continue in this material prison for years together and millions of janmas together.

We will see remaining points regarding the controlling of senses and mind in the ensuing mails, Krishna willing.

Thankyou very much.
Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva,
Anuradha devi dasi,
Abu Dhabi.