Answers from a Maha-Bhagavata - How to Really Cure Disease?

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev.

Recently I was going through the diary which contained my conversations with our beloved Gurudev, HDG Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj. I seek the permission of the devotees to allow me to share an excerpt from one of the conversations. I will try and list down the points which I had taken down on my note book.

Maharaj was speaking very powerfully on how each and every living entity can practically cure their material diseases. Maharaj was referring to Srimad Bhagavatam 4.21.31.

yat-pāda-sevābhirucis tapasvinām
aśeṣa-janmopacitaṁ malaṁ dhiyaḥ
sadyaḥ kṣiṇoty anvaham edhatī satī
yathā padāṅguṣṭha-viniḥsṛtā sarit

By the inclination to serve the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, suffering humanity can immediately cleanse the dirt which has accumulated in their minds during innumerable births. Like the Ganges water, which emanates from the toes of the lotus feet of the Lord, such a process immediately cleanses the mind, and thus spiritual or Krishna consciousness gradually increases.

"In you country we see, it's all about medicines. Please we must throw these medicines out of our lives. There is even something called water therapy. By drinking water or applying water we get cured. No medicines. Even though there is so much pollution the Ganges gets cleared within a distance of 200m. It has so much medicinal effects. The thing is if we really want to cure our disease we should try and follow at least one verse from Bhagavatam for the rest of our lives, if not we are useless. You are just wasting your time, you can't even follow one verse properly, that is why the diseases are always there. Then what you do? You run to the medicine. What is going to happen will happen, what will not happen will never happen. This we must understand. Please save yourself from these medicines.

In our food pipes and intestines and also our mouth we have antiseptic liquid. Our saliva itself is antiseptic. The taps in our mouth are automatically released when eating, but we don't have time to relish Krishna in our mouths. Then we complain and run to the medicines. The thing is we are completely artificial. We do Narasimha Kavaca then we go for treatment and when we are cured we call ourselves good devotees. We don't have faith at all. We ask Krishna to save us, but we don't accept when He comes. Our faith is artificial. We must have full faith. Even now we can save ourselves from these medicines. Taking medicine has become a habit, but even as a habit we should keep it to the minimum. Don't pour into your mouth more than required.

We should just take to Sankirtan. Sankirtan clears the dirt. When we wash the cloth it is clean, and when we wear it, we look nice. So when we do devotional service we become very nice looking. But you do artificial devotional service. Please don't lie about devotional service. The more clean our life is then Krishna willing we will live longer. Keep smiling if not Krishna will take the smile away. It's a horrible state when Krishna takes the life out of your limbs. The real medicine I tell you is there when you drink the nectarean juice of Bhakti through the pages of Bhagavatam. When you have time please go to Bhagavatam. Please don't go to the technology.

And also if we want to be healthy we should never pre-suppose living entities. One day that person will be bad and the next day he will be good. Everyone is a slave of maya. What can they do? Don't be bothered. When you are bothered you are anxious and the disease is there. And please in your heart of hearts you should always be completely detached. No attachment. May Lord Krishna bless you. So no more medicines and complete detachment. Please look to these things."

Prabhus and mathajis please kindly pray that i may be able to follow Gurudev's loving instructions. Sometimes living entities like myself are involved in self destruction by not following the orders of the spiritual master. Please kindly pray.

Thank you very much.
Your servant,
Madanmohan das