Blessings in disguise

Hare Krishna Prabhujis & Matajis,
Kindly accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev.

While I was reading the S.B. 1.18, titled "Maharaj Pariksit cursed by a Brahmana boy" and thereafter I read S.B. 1.19 The Appearance of Sri Sukhdev Goswami, and the way Maharaj Pariksit retires from family life and how he prepares for his few remaining days of life, and how on the bank of holy Ganga the Brahmrishi, Rajrishi, Dev rishi and best among the sages from all part of the universe assemble there and at last the best of the best Devotee of Lord Krishna, H.H. Shri Sukadev Goswami arrives there.. While thinking about this situation, I realized that how Lord Sri Krishna is so merciful on His devotees - those who have completely surrendered to Him, of such Devotees Lord Krishna directly takes the charge, and to such devotees whatever happens in their life good or bad( as it appears from the material point of view )is always auspicious and are welcomed by such exalted devotees like Pariksit Maharaj, and any inauspicious things in their life ultimately becomes a boon by the Mercy of Lord, as it happened with Pariksit Maharaj. For such surrendered Devotees Lord Krishna makes the plan, either during the life span or at the end, and He makes the best arrangement for them to return back to Him, that too with full of Glories as it happened with Maharaj Pariksit, and for those who are not his devotees, Maya Devi takes the charge of such souls who are bound by the action of three modes. Just because of the curse Maharaj Pariksit got the opportunity to be associated with such exalted Devotees who mercifully by their presence turn any place into a place of pilgrimage! and just from his curse, we fallen souls got the nectar in the form of Srimad Bhagavatam, which alone can deliver all the fallen souls just by its association, it all happened just by the curse of the Brahmana boy Srngi. How merciful is Lord !!!, What a glorious arrangement He made for His beloved devotee!?, Prabhupada Maharaj has written in His purport many times that those devotees who have taken the shelter of His lotus feet, will always be protected by Him not only them but also their family members even if they happen to be atheist, as in the case of Hiranyakasipu, he was awarded liberation even though he was envious of Lord Krishna, just because he was the father of Prahlad Maharaj, His sincere devotee.

Anything that happens in the life of a devotee is always auspicious and even by hearing such narration it gives pleasure and increases one's devotion toward Lord Krishna (because such topics are in relation to Lord's wonderful pastimes).

Hare Krishna!
Your aspiring servant,
Abu Dhabi.