Service to Ourselves or the Lord?

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CC Antya Lila Chapter 10:

Once after a long ecstatic kirtan, Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu lay down after prasada at the doorway. Govinda, the Lord's intimate associate came over to massage His legs, as was his daily service. It was a rule that after Govinda had massaged the Lord's feet and legs he would then proceed to take remnants (prasad) of Mahaprabhu. This time when the Lord lay down, He occupied the entire doorway. Govinda could not enter the room and therefore he requested Mahaprabhu to turn on one side so that he could pass to enter the room. The Lord replied He had no strength to move His body. Govinda informed the Lord that he could not cross over the Lord's body as it was an offence. The Lord replied "Do it or don't do it. It depends upon your mind." Govinda then spread the Lord's wrapper on the Lord's body and in this way he entered the room by crossing over Him.Govinda then massaged the Lord's feet until His fatigue left Him.The Lord slept very nicely for about 45 mins and when He woke up, He saw to His surprise that Govinda had not moved at all from his position. Why did you not take your meal after I slept, the Lord asked. Govinda replied that "You were lying down blocking the door and there was no way to go." The Lord said "How did you enter the room? Why did you not go out the same way?' Govinda mentally replied, "My duty is to serve, even if I have to commit offences or go to hell. I would not mind committing hundreds and thousands of offences for the service of the Lord, but I greatly fear committing even a glimpse of an offence for my own self." This story is so sweet because it shows the mood of the humble servant of the Lord - he is prepared to serve the Lord and in that process suffer anything. But he would not do that same action if it is only going to serve his own senses. It is also easy to initially fault Govinda for crossing over the Lord's body - but it was done for the Lord's satisfaction and the price was Govinda's "offence", for which he was more than ready to suffer as long as he could serve the Lord.

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Devakinandan das