Nectar from Maharaj Diary

Dearest Kalacakra Prabhu,

I have been busy of late and just logged in to my e-mail account and pleasantly surprised to come across your idea of this newsgroup. I think it's a fantastic idea and highly praiseworthy and commendable. It would be a great platform to exchange inspiring Krishna Conscious ideas and information for the advancement of our devotional lives. 

On my part, for a start I have a diary here with me of Gurudev's with his recorded writings dating way back to the months of August and September 1988. The location is mentioned herein as Whittington Hospital !! Most of the writings are in Gujarati(I think so) and the few English writings are interspersed with Gujarati words as well. But I have extracted some nice writings from the diary and am reproducing here for the benefit of all aspiring devotees. 

This piece is recorded as having been written on 29/08/1988, Monday, 9 a.m, which is a holiday in England and is referenced from the King of all Scriptures, Srimad Bhagavatam 1.9.26, Bhishmadeva's prayers.

Bhishmadeva advised for all human beings nine qualifications:

1)Not to become angry (The word angry is underlined)
2)Not to lie (The word lie is underlined)
3)To equally distribute wealth (The word equally is underlined)
4)To forgive (the word forgive is underlined)
5)To beget children only by one's legitimate wife (the word legitimate is underlined)
6)To be pure in mind and hygiene in body (the word pure is underlined)
7)Not to be inimical toward any one (the word inimical is underlined)
8)To be simple (the word simple is underlined)
9)To support-servants and subordinates (the words support and servants are underlined)

ALEF LP ISS - (Maharaj has formed this acronym by taking the first letter of the above underlined words)

NB: Gurudev likes to pick out the key words in verses and their first letters for easy rememberence of the key points in the verse and I guess that's what he has done here. Kindly refer to the purport of this verse which is very illuminating and enlightening. I will input the other writings in this diary in my following e-mails, Krishna willing.

Yours in service of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva,
Samanjas das (Singapore)