Re: Yatha Adhitam Yatha Matih

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis,
Dandavats to all devotees. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev.

It was a nice mail from Madan-mohan prabhu and Kalacakra prabhu. I just want to add some points to their mails. The highlighted word is "yathā-adhītam yathā-mati", meaning as far as my realization allows. The same thing is expressed by Prahlada Maharaj in his prayers to Lord Narasimha where he says,

tasmād ahaṁ vigata-viklava īśvarasya
sarvātmanā mahi gṛṇāmi yathā manīṣam

Therefore, although I was born in a demoniac family, I may without a doubt offer prayers to the Lord with full endeavor, as far as my intelligence allows.

This is because no one can fully exhaust the glories of the Lord as the Lord himself says in Gita, "nāsty anto vistarasya me" - "My opulence is limitless". However just because He cannot be glorified fully, we shouldn't stop glorifying the Lord. We should glorify to the best of our ability and when the Lord is pleased with the glorification, He bestows His mercy. This is what Prahlad Maharaj continues to say in the next words of the same above sloka.

nīco ’jayā guṇa-visargam anupraviṣṭaḥ
pūyeta yena hi pumān anuvarṇitena

Anyone who has been forced by ignorance to enter the material world may be purified of material life if he offers prayers to the Lord and hears the Lord's glories.

The word 'anuvarṇitena' is very significant. 'varṇitah' means describing and 'anu' means to follow. 'anuvarṇitah' means glorifying the Lord as the previous acharyas and devotees have glorified. As Bhagavatam is replete with glorification of the Lord by His great devotees, reading and discussing Bhagavatam is the perfect 'anuvarṇitah'.

Your servant,