Beautiful Intelligence

Dear devotees,
Hare Krishna. Dandavats. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev.

HG Kalacakra Prabhu wrote a nice mail a few weeks back on the deceiving nature of "Praise". In the sloka he mentioned(SB 4.15.24), the word 'kumatir' is very significant. Kumatiḥ means "crooked intelligence". So as long as our intelligence is crooked, we will always hunt for our own glorification and we'll tend to ignore our faults. We will also hate to glorify others and dig deep to find faults in them. The opposite of kumatiḥ is 'sumatiḥ'. Shastras say, "ṣobhanam yasya dhiyā iti sumatiḥ - One whose intelligence is beautiful (without any crookedness) is called sumatiḥ". When a person becomes sumatiḥ, what he does is he stops all non-sense talks and starts glorifying the Lord whole-heartedly. In other words, unless one's intelligence becomes purified, he cannot glorify the Lord whole-heartedly. However as the Lord is merciful, He accepts our glorification and purifies our intelligence. The Rigveda uses this word 'sumatiḥ.'

Rig Veda-2.2.26
tamu stotaarah purvyam yathaavida
rtasya garbham janushaa pipartana
asya jaananto naama cidvivaktana
mahas te vishno sumatim bhajaamahe

O hymnists! Put an end to your recurring births by attaining the real knowledge of that ancient being who is eternal and true. Understanding these names of Vishnu, repeat them always. O Vishnu, we, shall adore thy charming intelligence.

So the activity of persons endowed with beautiful intelligence is to chant the glories of the Supreme Lord, Whose intelligence is also charming!

Your servant,